By Lindsey Seavert, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minneapolis Park Board listened to a long line of angry pleas Wednesday night at a public hearing over a plan to put an dog park inside Minneapolis’ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park.

The park, located on Nicollet Avenue South and 42nd Street, is being considered by the Board as a possible site for an off-leash park. It’s in response to residents identifying a need for a dog park in the 6th park district.

“We could really use this dog park to lift up the whole neighborhood, which is the best honoring we can do of Dr. King,” said Rebecca Horton, who is part of the dog park task force.

However, many neighbors who lived through the civil rights era say it tarnishes King’s name. They point out that back then dogs were used to attack the black community.

“You turned the most savage vicious dogs you could on men, women and children, tearing on parts of our flesh. And those of us that survived, you sent us to jail,” said Spike Moss, who opposes the proposed dog park.

“I’m a dog lover. I got a dog. This is shameful. You should be ashamed of yourselves,” said Gregorry McMoore to the board, who also opposes the dog park.

The emotional testimony moved Park Board Commissioner Jon Olson to take the plan off the table.

“This is extremely offensive. Shouldn’t be a discussion. Not be taking place,” said Olson. “It blows me away we are even continuing this discussion, we should take action to exclude Martin Luther King park from consideration.”

But when the rest of the board didn’t agree in a 5 to vote, some protestors stood and sang the civil rights anthem, “We Shall Overcome.”

After divisive testimony, the two groups still have much to overcome — with conflicting visions of peace in their park.

The Minneapolis Park Board has designated $32,500 for a dog park and, in addition, added another $32,500 to make improvements to the legacy of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park.

The Board will now create a citizen advisory group that represents both sides of the argument. Board President John Erwin said he hopes the board makes a decision sometime in February.

Comments (140)
  1. Canine says:

    Don’t A. A. s have dogs? Do they (the dogs) defecate?

    1. tim says:

      what next? selling German beer in St Louis Park??!! Oh the humanity

      I agree, get over it.

  2. Julie says:

    Pull the race card to get what they want.
    When one’s head is always in the past, always looking at the past, you tend to stumble through the present and miss out on the future.

    I understand that dogs were used as a way to terrorize, but those dogs are long dead. The owners of said dogs are prolly dead too and if not prolly dang close to dying.

    Equality has come a long way, and it would get farther if people would just stop pulling the race card and crying discrimination because someone wants to put a dog park in MLK Park.

    You guys who play the race and discrimination tactic

    1. Todd says:

      I am a caucasion guy who adopted two bi-racial children and I can say very clearly that racism is still very much alive. When you use ‘you people’ it is as though you are elevating the white race to a special class which you ara not. All of us must become color blind in order for racism to end. I fear for my children because of stupid white people I read above.

      1. Foge says:

        It is you people that are the problem by making race the issue. I am a black man and I don’t experience any racism. Maybe it is the way I conduct myself. I am all for a dog park. It makes the city more livable and attracts residents from a broader spectrum of people.

      2. D says:

        “stupid white people” doesn’t sound like YOU are color blind as promoting!!

      3. Victim Du Jour says:

        The United States is the most civilized country in the world. Blacks experience mass murder, violence, slavery and human rights violations in Africa.

        Nerdy white liberals incite racial tension for political gain, that’s all.

        Like the USA is the worst place on earth to be black. That is pure ignorance.

    2. dphilips says:

      People like you ruin the world

    3. young at heart and disliking many says:

      me says to Julie >> you are discriminating against dogs by owning and keeping inside the city.
      Someday when the Apes rule the world they’ll have you enslaved and tied to a post or kept in a caged yard. Just wait as it is coming-wait. The Apes already rule the city and dog parks. I smell both every time I walk by one. So much for clean healthy air. Maybe a $500 a year surcharge should be paid by dog owners to clean up and pay for things. How’s ya like that Julie?

      1. Julie says:

        um… I dont have a dog.

        I don’t have a problem with the dog park either
        and I think you guys really mis-understood what I said,
        and put it into a skewed context. I didn’t generalize in the end of my big post.

        I said:
        “You guys who play the race and discrimination tactic

        Meaning I was talking TO the ones that trumped the race card yesterday when they didn’t get what they wanted. That is sad when they lose an argument, and have to end the conversations with something of a racial poor me song minus the dance.

        When I said “I SAY YOU PEOPLE …” I was talking to the people I was directing my comment to in the beginning of that sentence. Not deadpanning it to the general population.

        [sarcasm] Oh no, there is going to be a dog park in MLK, im gonna lament and sing songs that harken back to the Oppressive Days because I think dogs are evil because of all the things their DUMB OWNERS did to people. A dog is only as good as it’s owner. [/sarcasm]

  3. Julie says:

    Oh, they say that the Park Board is all white, why don’t some People of Color get off their hiney’s and get themselves elected and make change the right way instead of just making a public spectacle that makes people just shake their heads in sadness….

    1. Brittany says:

      Did you just say “people of color” and “you people”. That was just uncalled for. I am a African American and i say thats extremely offensive. I love dogs, i have one myself and work for a dog rescue and i still say NO.There has to be another area that the dogs are able to go and have fun. To me thats just saying that MLK jr. did not make a difference in the world and everything he did was for nothing.

      1. David the honkey says:


      2. Foge says:

        Brittany. My guess is that you are white. I’M BLACK. SHUT UP!!! I don’t need you or anyone else to defend me or any other black person in America. Go find another cause and grow some skin. Anyone who gets offend by simple words needs to go back to the third grad and whine to theo momma.

    2. dphilips says:

      you ma’am are a bigot!

      1. Sarah says:

        This is not a race issue. The first issue this is a park that is used to capacity during the nice months. A dog park would impede on the people currently using the park. Secondly it is a memorial park, be it MLK Park or JFK Park, it is a memorial park and that should be respected. Would it be okay to put a dog park at Lincoln Memorial? The fact that people can’t agree on how a Memorial Park is understandable but the hate that is being spread is not. It is clear that racism still exist today and if it isn’t evident in the system, it is now very evident in the comments shared about this story. For that I am very sad.

      2. Julie says:

        I sir, amnot a bigot.
        I just speak my mind.
        I was not rude to anyone, I did not toss any bad derogatory words nor did I insult with intent. I was upset because of the people who started singing the songs whenever they didn’t get their way.

        Singing songs won’t get anything done.
        If people want things to get done that only people on city councils or other governing bodies can get done then, they need to get out in politics and become advocates, or someone that can get things done the legal way.
        Making a spectacle of yourselves does not necessarily get the job done.
        What it does is allow politicians to brush it aside because it is an emotional outburst that will be forgotten in a week.

        p.s. I am an outspoken Kenyan American who does not sugarcoat things too often.

    3. Lock the kooks up says:

      julie = moron and 100% idiot. A real pooper

      1. Julie says:

        Lock the kooks up, your village just called and said that their idiot is missing.

  4. T says:

    Sounds like it is time to change the name of the park.

  5. Alert U says:

    Americans are worshipping dogs now; in the same manner Hindu India worships cows. Horses have their place in the American psyche as well. In the past of America a champion horse had more value than a human Negro. Makes me wonder if current Americans of such a racial diabolism is placing the dog above the Negro as well.

    1. M says:

      Yeah, and a human Negro was given safer jobs while Irish indentured servants were given jobs like….placing the dynamite. Stop wondering, you are over analyzing…work on your political correctness that is inhibiting rational thought.

    2. Ronnie in Mpls says:

      people put mutts above people and even their own family. not new – shows instead of evolution they are regressing. nothing new there either.
      God help us please

  6. M says:

    It is a more than a little odd that they chose the MLK park to hoste a dog park. Why that park? Were there other options? But Mpls “liberal” politicians are that way. They tend to be latte liberals who will throw the people UNDER the bus when they want their way on goofy projects.
    Food & medicine for kids OR “artistic water fountains that will expose the error of drinking water from plastic bottles”. Geez, that phonyness is why I can’t stand Mpls politicians. Good luck real people living in Mpls.

    1. AJ says:

      1, When you disagree with something is it always a liberals fault?
      2. If you have nothing to do with the city nor want anything to do with the city than let the people of the city run their city. Medical programs are run by the county not the city.

  7. George says:

    I don’t believe a dog park should be part of any other park where children play. Some of the best mannered pet dogs have frightened people even while simply being playful. An off-the-leash dog is a big responsibility, both to the community and the dog. I use to take my dog to the river bottoms not far from the rowing club. I don’t know if it’s still as spacious down there but worth considering. She used to “run for days”. ‘

    I’m white, but JULIE I can’t help thinking you’ve got some real racist issues. I’m sorry for you.

    1. lalie says:

      Actually they should just take out the basketball hoops and get rid of the playground equipment. It might help to clean up that area if they make it into a dog park. I grew up by that park. It is no place for kids. AT ALL!!! Drug deals and fighting it is just a place for the thugs to hang out. My brother was jumped by 7 or 8 guys at that same park cause he was wearing the wrong color t-shirt.

      And with most off leash dog parks, it’s still fenced in.

      1. Todd says:

        I strongly suggest that we completely ban dangerous dogs from Minneapolis. It has become a status symbol for many folks to harbor dangerous pit bull dogs with their spikes on their neck chaned to their front yard to keep people away. Away from what? drug deals? Let’s have a search and destroy for any dangerous dogs that exist in Minneapolis proper. Only until then will we have a safer city. If babies can be aborted then dangerousl animals can be destroyed.

    2. LaurieA says:

      AGREE George.
      Well stated and the last sentence is the Crown Jewel

      1. Julie says:


        AGREE George.
        Well stated and the last sentence is the Crown Jewel

        My my my, aren’t we being judgemental.
        You don’t even know me girl. In fact you all misunderstood.
        Keep on hatin.
        It makes the world go ’round.

  8. CJ says:

    This is an example of why we can’t get simple things done anymore. People it’s a freakin’ park, dogs are already allowed there as are white people. What’s my point, well you see white people enslaved blacks so what an abonishment to MLK to allow white people to tread on a park named in his honor.
    Yeah you’re argument against having this dog park is that stupid sounding to the rest of us.

    1. liam parrish says:

      blacks enslave themselves more than any white person ever could

  9. Tb says:

    These people don’t want equal treatment. They want exclusive treatment. If the park was named after Wellstone there would never have been a discussion.
    Let Bill Cosby decide.

    1. David the honkey says:

      Bill Cosby is an Uncle Tom, a sell out, an oreo cookey. He did somthing with his life. Those people will not be happy with his choice. Maby O,J. Simpsion”s desission would be better.

  10. Kevin says:

    This is the dumbest argument ever, its a park not his grave.

  11. David the honkey says:

    Good God, don’t let the doggie doodie on the grass. It’s disrespectful.

    1. Not Around Me You Don't says:

      actually it is. wanna roll in it David?

  12. JKB says:

    I dont know what the fuss is all about. We have two local dog parks and so far so good. after 3 years.There are rules, and one is each party is responsible for picking up their animals droppings. Of course, youll get some that dont abide by that though, but thats been the only complaint. The dogs have enjoyed running, and meeting new friends. There hasnt been any dog fights, or incidents of other bad behaviors. Check with other cities that have the parks, get their input before deciding to abandon the idea. There has been more praises than complaints here.

    1. Crystal says:

      Nobody is against a dog park. There are 19 parks in the district. Just pick another park, end of discussion.

  13. brett says:

    This “outrage” is far reaching. Should fire hoses then be removed for consideration in case of a fire within the park?

  14. liam parrish says:

    Are they offended by Michael Vick then too? In most US Cities, MLK Blvds are the most crime ridden & violent neighborhoods. The irony here is rich.

  15. GLM says:

    At the dogpark I go to, everyone enjoys each others company and dogs. We are all together sharing stories and laughing. Who care what race someone is. This is about enjoying the company of dogs and owners. For crying out loud! Get over it. I would imagine that MLK would have taken his dog to a park and enjoyed someone else’s dog and company. Good grief.

    1. Foge says:

      I think they should invite Michael Vick to do the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new dog park.

  16. liam parrish says:

    Better consult with Sharpton on this one

  17. liam parrish says:

    There seems to be more “outrage” over this Dog park than the Failed Neighborhood Schools that were closed for not educating children..Odd priorities for sure..but what’s new?

    1. Foge says:

      Exactally. I think this group that is whining about this needs to get their priorities straight.

  18. liam parrish says:

    How about the young child attacked & killed by the vicious Pit Bull that was chained in the basement of the garbage house in North Mpls? Where was Spike Lee when that happened?

  19. liam parrish says:

    MLK Park should be reserved for robberies,drug dealing & the saggy pants community, in honor of his good name.

    1. EasyNowPardner says:

      drinking some more Irish whiskey I see that liam. you be a piece of work. or doggy droppings

  20. Sam says:

    I think the solution here is that the dog park be placed in a park named after a white person. Would that be OK? I’m sure it would. Insofar as dogs being used during the riots, the dogs are color blind; they only do what they are trained to do. Trained just like the German Sheppard’s used in the Vietnam war (same time frame as the riots) to save the lives of our brave soldiers; both black and white. How is a person disrespected by placing a dog park within a park named after them? If there were a park named after me, would I then be disrespected by placing a dog park within it? If not, then why not? Am I any less of a human than MLK? Am I worth less than he? Am I less able to be disrespected? To be clear, I am not saying my personal accomplishments are anywhere even close to what Dr. King did or that I am worthy of having a park named after me. My question is why is it OK to have dog parks in other parks named after white people, but not OK to have one in a park named after a black hero?

    1. Mark in Waconia says:

      I think it would depend on what the Park currently is called. If it was named after a National Leader per se or a President I think there are better places to do it.
      Some things hold a great deal of meaning to some people. That is not rocket science, rather just using common sense.
      I am white and this is my opinion. Some could care less, some will care more. Human nature.
      Why create an issue by using something sensitive to others? Curious!?

  21. Steve says:

    I didn’t realize MLK park is owned by the negro community. Maybe if this is the case the negro community can take care of the upkeep instead of the city. And by the way NO WHITES ALLOWED!!

  22. jeff says:

    I think its a shame that the parks wanted to invest in this community and they denied it. They are trying to better your community not offend it.

  23. liam parrish says:

    You’d think that blacks would have more urgent Cultural Shortcomings to deal with..Say,80% HS Dropout rates,14 year olds becoming parents,self-inflicted poverty,saggy pants,the inability to speak clearly & intelligently,guys that have 13 kids & support none of them,Guns,Crack,Robberies,Drive Bys, Welfare, Violent neighborhoods,Poor parenting…I guess that’s just “keepin it real”.

    1. EasyNowPardner says:

      LMAO – liam, did you ever get past 1st grade? I’d wager a Bushnell that you didn’t. 😉

    2. Steve says:

      I agree 100% liam

  24. Joe Hanson says:

    Dogs chasing their white owners around a fenced in area located in a park named after Martin Luther King Jr.

    Oh the irony.

    1. Laughing in the 'burbs says:

      😉 I can see it now Joe.
      LOL – or maybe the owners on all 4’s chasing the dogs around saying take me home

  25. C says:

    This whole thing is stupid. Is anyone who is against this thinking about the poor dogs? Do you guys realize that dogs NEED to run and play to stay healthy? I have three dogs and we take them to another off leash dog park in the metro area and they LOVE it! It gives them a chance to run and exercise! If there is a dog park put into the park, how will it hurt anyone? This isn’t about equality or anything of that sort, it is about giving MAN’S BEST FRIEND a place to be happy! Besides, everyone who is calling “racism”, didn’t MLK work to make everyone equal? Why don’t you start acting like how he would’ve wanted instead of automatically calling someone a “racist”.

  26. jim says:

    Wow, please. How stupid to play the race card like this. Put the damn dog park in there. It has nothing to do with King’s name or black people being chased by dogs years ago.

  27. GLM says:

    I would agree completely!

    1. Nick says:

      Well put…unfortunately

  28. REALLY... says:



    Everyone just get over yourselves.

  29. roopdogg says:

    They left out the part where Mr. Moss shouted, and I quote, “I hope them kids shoot them dogs!”

    And the part where Mr. Flowers began shouting “Racist!” at the board while they were discussing a different issue.

    Bottom line is that spike moss is an opportunist who doesn’t live in the same district as the park and is just trying to get his name in the paper. pathetic.

  30. Shameeka Jones says:

    Moss is totally ignorant too. The moment he opens his ugly mouth, that becomes obvious. My dog is smarter than he is..Better looking too!

  31. JKB says:

    Ya know what will happen if they decide to put this dog park in after so much negative response, it wont be pretty. If the black community feels this strongly, then find a another location, after all, the park is dedicated to MLK. It doesnt seem like a likely place for a dog park fitting to his memory. In my community, theyve made use of the space next to fenced off-ramps, provided there is ample space. If our city can find space, yours can too.

    1. roopdogg says:

      This is actually the best place for a dog park in this district. What people who oppose the park fail to realize is that the vast majority of people who live in this neighborhood want a dog park here. The park belongs to the city and the people who use it. Not a race. But good luck convincing the “activists.” BTW, here’s a little info about Al Flowers.

  32. otis cuppins says:

    my dog is smarter than Spike Moss..Better looking too!

  33. Billy says:

    I have a black lab named spade who would love that dog park.

  34. Sharif Willis says:

    Spike Moss & his Girlfriend Al Flowers raise poodles together. They need a park to play in..Also the dogs need a park too!

  35. Billy says:

    My weiner dog is getting all excited about the new MLK doggy park.

    1. Stacy says:

      Bet you know how to take care of him Billy all by yourself

  36. Andrew likes dogs says:

    just forcing a dog to live in a city should be a crime people – it is sick.
    you want to live in a prison compound? if not – move the pet out to place it is free to walk around and smell air, not exhaust fumes

  37. tj says:

    I pay my taxes that keep these “suppressed” individuals from having to work, from having to pay for their school, from having to buy their own food… Who’s the slave now?

    1. Mariam Mpls says:

      @tj – you talking about the enslaved captured dogs confined to the city or at times a park I trust. Or maybe it’s the people that are living in the city that are balck, white , yellow and red skinned? The dogs and the people of all color are indeed supported by you.
      I am suspecting this based on the verbage used by you also. You most likely do not even pay in enough taxes to offset the cost to the city for yourself so it is irrelevant what complaining you have done. It would not surprise me if you are not indirectly, if not directly, a “taker” of others taxes. This is based on your comments – not ones that an intellegent individaual in a higher income profession would make. 😉

      1. Mariam Mpls says:

        Sorry for my typo – this tj riles up my soul with his ignorance

    2. Ugottabe kidding says:

      Are you serious here tj? What is your IQ?

  38. tj says:

    know that I have met great people from every race and we work together to overcome and accomplish goals. People that would P and moan about something as irrelevant as this have only a chip on their shoulder that they are trying to communicate. I DO NOT buy in to the “poor me” routine… you’re here, be part of the solution and be part of society. Be a parent to your kids, work hard, and learn… then you won’t care about trivial stuff like this when you realize that there is a higher purpose for us people as a society.

    As per your comments Mariam.. I am a single dad of three and make 200k/ year as an engineer in this town. You’re assumption only shows that you are another liberal bleeding hart hypocrite that couldn’t communicate her ass out of a parking ticket.

    As per your comments Mariam.. I am a single dad of three and make 200k/ year as an engineer in this town. You’re assumption only shows that you are another liberal bleeding hart hipocrite that couldn’t communicate her ass out of a parking ticket.

    1. Laughing in the 'burbs says:

      Say TJ – do I dare ask what school you flunked out from? Love your grammer. Totally brilliant and full of class and refinement. 😉 😉 😉 😮

  39. Drew says:

    Are people allowed to walk their dog in MLK park NOW? If so, I don’t see how establishing an off-leash area will be any more disrespectful…

  40. billy says:

    Us white people are taking over the MLK park and we are going to make it into a dog park wether you like it or not.

    1. KracktUp says:

      what hills did you come crawling outta billy?
      saw Deliverance again the other day ….. which one was you?

      1. Clint Make My Day says:

        Billy is still attempting to figure this out a day later. He’s now doubting his skin color too they say.

  41. Drew says:

    Here’s Moss’ quote:
    “You turned the most savage vicious dogs you could on men, women and children, tearing on parts of our flesh. And those of us that survived, you sent us to jail,” said Spike Moss, who opposes the proposed dog park.

    1. WE (either anyone there, or the Park Board) did no such thing. Could he be stereotyping?
    2. Was he even attacked by a police dog or jailed back in the 60s?

    Why are we even giving this guy a microphone or ink?

    1. Maria Lahti says:

      He’s pretty much known to be an imbecile. That said – what a dumb idea to grant him a reason to have a stage.
      I am sympathetic to a point with the black community – out of every park in the city this was the dumbest to use. How do you say spark or flashpoint?!
      Some of these posts are appalling. 30 seconds of skimming them and I was embarrassed to be a TC resident. It’s 2011 people.

  42. wane says:

    not sure where my qomment went : (

    1. Tom Da Man says:

      grammar police. white ones.

  43. Wane says:

    MLK was alabout people getting together and getting along. explain to me how haveing a dog park WONT DO EXACTLY THAT!!! MLK was for every race getting along. Im sure at any dog park you will see many differnt races owning and loving dogs all in one.
    Its time to quit using every reason in the book to pull out the RACE card.

    Im thinking MLK wouldnt have had a problem with the Dog park

  44. Jeff Hamell says:

    Holy Hot Dog;
    a professional shrink would make a killing working with the vast majority of the posters here today. Doesn’t anyone feel embarrassed?
    If the content was not bad enough the misspelling should be.
    Maybe it is time to grow up

  45. Hey Crime Ape! says:

    It’s ASK not Ax…find some white 4 year old to teach you how to pronounce that 3 letter, single syllable word..

  46. Jamal the Coon says:

    i be a dog oner, i be oning dem pit bulz cuz ima thug yo. wearz my hat allsideway, pantz be sagin & i gots 7 baby mamas. i got no job & dont suport dem kidz cuz dats not keepin it reel. ima be a rapper & git paid. buy phat jewry & rimz

    1. Billy Grahm says:

      Jamal you funny!!

  47. Dave says:

    The solution is to just allow black dogs. Be a no-brainer.

  48. AlW says:

    I’d think by now everyone would know when spike moss gets involved, racism gets brought up, no matter what’s going on.

    He has done more to harm equal rights than anybody I can think of, except maybe sharpton.


  49. MARK says:

    with the jew dogs?

  50. andre the baby daddy says:

    i wipe my ass with chumps like spike moss

    1. Lock 'em up says:

      sure you do stuppit

  51. andre the baby daddy says:

    i wipe my ass with chumps like spike moss..everyday

    1. Gary Meyers says:

      I highly doubt you wipe your ass at all Andre

  52. Tad G says:

    Listening to Spike Moss talking on wcco just a bit ago and he just blows my mind with the hate he spews, the race card he always uses and that word “disrespect” that he always throws about.

    I flip on the computer and try to get some more info on this whole affair.
    I read these posts by some of you pathetic individuals and honestly swear to God some of you dirt bags make Spike sound sane.
    Maybe they need to shut down these boards

  53. says:

    I see WCCO is doing some censoring

  54. Marco says:

    TAD G…stay off this board if you can’t handle the heat…you’re a lightweight

    1. Ben Likes This says:

      Marco – how many names you posting under? 😉
      They can toss your ISP and you one and done. Cya junior

  55. Ben Likes This says:

    I’ll toss you!

  56. Tommy Tripper says:

    time to subscribe to the paper and let the juvi’s play on the board. 😉

  57. billy says:

    We better not have a dog park in MLK park or there might be a riot like the one in L.A or somthing, let the babys have there way.

  58. MARK says:

    this is bull… why is it so much outrage.. its redicuolous,,,, by the way…. legalize marijuana,

  59. MARK says:

    this is crazy,,, legalize marijuana

  60. Palin Park says:

    white people are taking over that park. And we’re renaming it Palin Park. We’re gonna let our dogs run free.

  61. Mr.Gasso says:

    I’m heading down there tonight, smoke a J and leave a dump…………..see you there!

  62. MARK says:


  63. Snoopy says:

    Can’t we all just get along?
    Give Peace a chance!
    Make love, not war!
    All you need is love!
    Walk the dog…

  64. respect says:

    people its not a”race card” its a respect card! its about respecting dr. kings legacy please just put this park in another place and lets all live in the peaceful world dr king would be honored to see.

    1. reality check says:

      How is it disrespectful? Dogs are already allowed in the park. The proposed off leash area isn’t on park property, it’s on mdot property. Besides, the park is not a memorial park, otherwise it would be called MLK Memorial Park. Dr King would be ashamed of the opposition. It’s racism. FIf the opposition to the off leash area bothered to be involved in the community and neighborhood events they would have know about the park long before they found out. What’s really going on here is that a bunch of old geezers found something to do with their time. If it was up to them, the park would be over run with drug dealers, gang bangers and whores. Don’t worry, though. Your neighbors will make sure the park is a nice place, with no help from you of course.

    2. thinkaboutit says:

      There are many dog parks in the united states that are literally named “Dr Martin Luther King Memorial dogpark.” Seriously, google it. Now, if that’s the case-if others have though a dog park such a beneficial thing to a community that they dedicated them to MLK-how can you say an off-leash area would be disrespectful?

  65. Billy Grahm says:

    My dog says you can shove MLK park up your ass’s he doesn’t need it !!!

    1. at fluffy Billy says:

      My God says you a freak there junior. I still don’t get why you bag all that poop for your family either? Do you and the Mrs. have recipes?

      1. Billy Grahm says:

        Hell yes! and we got them from your mommy she said you were raised on it Fluffy.

      2. Minnesota says:

        Don’t you mean to say My god say’s you are a freak there junior ebonics are a bunch of uneducated mumbo jumbo?!?! Learn to speak the language you fool!!

      3. at fluffy Minnesota says:

        at fluffy Minnesota _ naaaaa dummy. I meant it as I stated it. My God … not yours.

    2. Todd says:

      You are a stupid fool since the only words in your vocabulary are vulgar and offensive. Go back to school and take classes tha will allow you to move up in this world. Let’s respect Martin Luther KIng Jr. and move the dog park. anyone who uses vulgar responses to this e mail I shall report it.

      1. Billy Grahm says:

        Maybe Todd should go back to school and learn how to spell T-H-A-T ! And by the way you friggin moron it’s not an e-mail it’s a comment! report that!

  66. charlotte says:

    issues in community are very difficult when emotion comes into play. if ppeople are sincere in their pleas for consideration ( as opposed to knee-jerking or protesting for the sake of protesting), then they should be heard and valued. I would personally use that dog park, and its existance would bring good activity and good use to the area. But if the emotiom is as high as it seems, perhaps another plan could be considered. i think that progress is supposed to be beneficial, not hurtful to any of our neighbors. thank you.

    1. Beware of Bias says:

      Your consideration of appeasement to someone who has exhibited hate speech is wrongheaded. 4% of the footprint not currently in use of MLK park is being thoughtfully considered for a dog park by the residents. there are soccer fields, baseball, etc. in the area. I have played soccer with people who I did not know from all over the world at that park. And yes, though it is completely irrelevant, some of them had dark skin. I think that sort of opportunity to bring people together at a new dog park far outweighs the nonsense being spewed by opponents about this being a divisive issue. I have yet to hear a well argued reason that this is not a good idea. Furthermore, the Board should be color blind on the issue and not succumb to some twisted Race-baiter like Spike Moss: “our young people will shoot those dogs.” Does he speak for young people of any skin tone?

  67. Billy Grahm says:

    I believe I will head down there right now and let Sparky drop a deuce! I hope the brothers don’t mistake it for a blunt.

  68. Beware of Bias says:

    Let’s stick with some facts.
    The portion of the MLK park that is being considered for the Dog Run is about 4% of the overall footprint, against the highway sound wall on the DOT easement for 35W. There is nothing else there, no soccer fields, just scrub. I’m not sure if opponents has heard that 4% figure. Look at the WCCO coverage and you’ll see that the use of that park in cold like today is minimal.

    Dogs are currently welcome and frequent the park now when leashed.
    Dog park users take their dogs out year-round.
    Black and Hispanics currently use dog parks elsewhere in our city, would we all, regardless of skin color, not invite another option particularly if we did not have to drive to get there?

    Our public parks should be considered available for change when residents want to make changes. Kingfield residents want to make a change. Many of the opponents, including the director of the Park Board, and possibly Spike Moss, do not live in the area.

    Is it not completely undemocratic and anathema to rule of law to make special concessions to anyone in this day and age based on “race” and volume ? I find the willingness of the board to cave into the Hate speech “our young people will shoot those dogs” of non-resident opponents and not fairly allow Residents to put together a committee (CAC) to work out differences a complete breach of duty.

    I live in the area and like thousands of others I pay additional annual fees for off-leash licenses for my dogs that are required for access to our city’s dog parks. This has been enforced heavily in the past year. If those fees collected are somehow insufficient to pay for upkeep and gradual expansion of our parks when an honest request has been made, well, again the Board is in not doing its duty.

    Has anyone heard a clear indication as to why this is offensive?
    Has anyone google’d MLK dog park recently to see that there are other MLK parks in the country with off-leash areas?

    I want opponents to articulate as many CLEAR and Logical reasons why this is not what you want at MLK. Thanks CCO for puttiung the dog-attack montage together. Very constructive to the debate — really bringing both sides of the issue to the table. The comparison is illogical and you know it. How about that 4% figure — where the hell was that ?

  69. Sue says:

    I would love to have a dog park at the park in my neighborhood – could we just select another park to have it at? What is so special about this location for a dog park? There are many other sites in Mpls.

    1. Beware of Bias says:

      Current Reality = dogs at MLK park, on leashes, relieving themselves on 100% of MLK park, usually getting feces picked up, not always.
      Desired Future state = dogs at MLK park, off leashes, doing their thing in 4% of MLK park that is currently unused against the sound wall of 35W.

      Sounds like progress to me, reducing the amount of feces dropping on other public areas of MLK park?
      Someone needs to articulate the problem between current state and desired future state.
      Someone needs to articulate how this absolutely respectful and considerate proposal is disrespectful to any person. Without a clear explanation this “disrespect” can only be interpreted as racially biased, bigoted, hogwash and we should not tolerate it from anyone regardless of their skin color.

  70. Pandora Cat says:

    The whole idea of establishing the off-leash area at that location was to bring more individuals from the surrounding neighborhoods to an under utilized park. Many of the individuals who speak loudly against the dog park a) do not understand the small footprint of the park, b) seldom set foot in the park themselves except on rare occasion, c) there are off-leash parks in Martin Luther King parks in Oregon and California (two that I can think of immediately, d) it is NOT a memorial park, and finally e) if the whole memorial thing was so important, where have all the concerned individuals been the past 40 years as the sculpture sat in ruin and disrepair and overgrown by weeds? I am a resident of the neighborhood and parks should serve the neighborhood first and the greater metropolitan area second.

    1. Wendell in Mpls says:

      my first and only thought is this. Are you and the local neighborhood willing to buy out the taxpayer interests() and pay for the Park yourselves? If so – you can make your case.
      If not – then you need to zip it as everyone has an equal vested interest whether they live across the street or 4 miles away. Sorry – them there are the facts. 😉

  71. linda says:

    When Julie used the words “you guys” I assumed she meant “the ones in particular who play the race tactic.” Didn’t hear anything about all blacks, most minorities or even some white people.

  72. TC's Parks a Mess says:

    Let’s indeed stick with facts …. I have been in 2 of these dog parks since last week while visiting with family in MPLS.
    They were both truly disgustingly filthy – feces all over the palce. Does no one clean up after their pet? Do people not care? – let someone else do it or the “city will” mentality rules?
    Some people indeed were picking up the “freshest” that others left in their wake and very unhappy about it. I stopped counting at 100 dropping left behind.
    Maybe if people don’t care enough to do this they should have NO parks – period. This topic would be over.

  73. practical says:

    A couple obvious truths:

    There’s tons of over-reaction here on both sides. It’s not that big of a deal either way, so everybody should chill out and go find something more important to worry about.

    In the wake of all this violent opposition and racial hysteria, a different location needs to be found for the dog park regardless of whether or not the objections are valid. There are other options, which now are clearly better options.