By Esme Murphy, WCCO-TV

(WCCO) — Girl Scouts are breaking with tradition and changing the way the cookies are sold.

For the Girl Scouts, it will mean a little more planning on the front end. For the consumer, it will mean immediate cookie satisfaction.

Under the new system, there will no longer be a wait for cookies. Girls will have their cookies with them when they take orders.

Traditionally, Girl Scouts have sold cookies by having customers fill out their orders. The customers would then have to wait several weeks and the cookies will then be delivered to them.

“I think it’s easier for the customer,” said Girl Scout Taylor Lindeman, who thinks she’ll sell a lot more cookies.

There were concerns when the plan was first announced that troops — even girls and their families — would be left footing the bill for any cookies they didn’t sell, but that won’t be the way it’s going to work.

Catie Paper is her Troops cookie Mom.

“If you don’t sell the cookies, you can return the cookies back,” said Paper.

And Paper’s daughter, Annie, is aiming for the top prize for cookies sold under the new plan

“I want to get the iPad! You get it when you sell 2,500 cookies,” Annie said.

Girl Scouts will start selling cookies Feb. 5.

Last year, four million boxes of Girl Scout cookies were sold in central and southern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

Comments (20)
  1. Sara says:

    When I sold Girl Scout cookies, we carried them door-to-door. We had to carry a lot for the variety – and we sold hundreds of cases of cookies, because people saw them and wanted them right now. I would always buy one of each kind by myself for samples if we had a hard sell customer. They were $.25 a box at first, then they were raised to $.40 a box. And the boxes were a lot bigger then!
    Folks always bought them – and it was all door-to-door – no selling at grocery stores or malls. And we always ran out and would order more the next year to sell.
    Good job, Scouts! You’ll get a lot more exposure this way than by sending an order blank to work with your parents.

    1. Tamara says:

      I could not even get the number of boxes or kinds of cookies I wanted this year. I buy 10 boxes of each kind. This year from the “troop leader” I could only get 5 boxes Total….what a JOKE…When I was the leader we had at least one thousand boxes ordered and paid for….BIG DEAL FOR THE GIRLS THAT’S HOW YOU EARN YOUR BADGES AND GO TO CAMPS,,,EAGAN MN GIRL SCOUTS ARE VERY LIMITED….MIGHT WANT TO FIND A NEW GROUP LEADER….

  2. Brenda B says:

    I liked the old way better. When I sold cookies all I had to do was take the card around the neighborhood and it was full within 2 hours.

  3. Pat Noren Enderson says:

    This doesn’t apply to all Girl Scout Councils. Up here in Elk River, we still have to take orders.

    1. Caolin says:

      I just got drunk and the news reporter was hella pzluzed, hahahahahaha. Then he said the streets are empty knowing the streets wasn’t, he must’ve been drunk himself, hahahahahahaha. Then he said bars are full, she flew across the street like a bat out of hell, hahahahahahaha.

  4. Tess of St Paul says:

    Interesting — my nieces in Ohio sell cookies and when I saw them at Christmas, they had a cookie order form. So maybe this isn’t in place everywhere.

  5. Dee Joos says:

    Good to see that the Girl Scouts are going back to the way I sold cookies when I was a girl scout in Florida. I remember our dining room full of cases of cookes as my mom was the assisitant troop leader so we housed all the cookies. Now we just need the girls to go in pairs and have a parent standing at the curb to keep an eye on them, remember safety first. We each had a wagon full of cookies and our troops sold them on Saturday and Sunday and we even had folks dropping by our house to purchase cookies once they saw all our troop out selling.

  6. John LeVasseur says:

    It’s going to put more pressure on the girls to sell more cookies. They will be looked down at if they don’t pre order a large number. I’m sure they won’t be happy if a large amount of cookies are returned. Sounds like a bad plan. If it’s not broke don’t fix it. You remember that old saying?

  7. Jeepneasy says:

    Waiting for the cookies is what makes them soooo good!
    Our immediate gratification society is messing EVERTHING up!!

    1. Julie says:

      i was thinking the same thing…

      1. Jon says:

        Thanks Cati!Haha, I was a pretty irbetrle chef until I got to Australia and became vegetarian. Then I was forced to go beyond spaghetti with tuna :-)Actually, my secret is, any recipe 500+ positive reviews has always turned out great.

  8. Nancy Aleshire says:

    The hardest part is finding a place where you can buy Girl Scout cookes. Are there any malls or places downtown where the Girl Scouts plan to sell them? I’d buy them if I can find them. Can a person buy them online?;

    1. Catherine says:

      Cookie Booths in River Valleys are starting Feb 18th through March 20th. You can use the this website to put in your zipcode and find out times and locations. Thanks for supporting Girl Scouting!

  9. jim says:

    Not a huge fan. Not sure what is being taught. Definitely don’t like the product. Not a smart choice for an already obese US.

    1. Julie says:

      restraint lol
      when you buy a box, savor each one individually.
      self control is key with this because with no self control the whole box gets eaten and ya. they get more obese.

      It isn’t the fault of the girl scouts, or their cookies.
      Don’t hate on them cos some people just cant say no to one or two and have to devour the box in one breath.

    2. Peter says:

      I think the cookies are gross too, jim. Just say “NO” to overprocessed, overpackaged foodstuffs. When a girl scout tries to sell a box to me I give her the money and tell her to keep the cookies. I am nice about it and tell her that I don’t like sweets.

      1. Gina says:

        They have a donation program where you can buy for charity. Most of the troops around here have done Cookies for Troops the last several years. Consider that option if you want to support the GSUSA without eating the cookies.

  10. Tamara says:

    SO now my youngest wants ME to be a Leader for Her… she can earn her badges,LIKE HER OLDER SISTER DID sell cookies and go to camp…..without spending time at an “ESTABLISHED BUSINESS …..

  11. Tamara says:

    SO now my youngest wants ME to be a Leader for Her… she can earn her badges,LIKE HER OLDER SISTER DID sell cookies and go to camp…..without spending time at an “ESTABLISHED BUSINESS” …..BOO HOO…. THEY CAN KEEP THEIR CHEMICAL LADEN COOKIES TO THEMSELVES…WE WENT ORGANIC FIVE YEARS AGO…Local farmers do it for us….

    1. Guia says:

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