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MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura is suing the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration, saying full-body scans and pat-downs at airport checkpoints are violating his rights.

Ventura filed his lawsuit Monday in federal court in Minnesota. He says the new security measures violate his right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.

He’s asking a federal court to order officials to stop subjecting him to these searches.

Ventura was governor of Minnesota from 1999 through 2002. He now hosts the television program “Conspiracy Theory.”

The lawsuit says Ventura had a hip replacement in 2008, and his titanium implant sets off metal detectors.

He says officials used to scan him with a wand as a secondary security measure, but now, he’s subjected to full-body scans and pat-downs that he says are invasive.

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  1. Lee says:

    BigDave I meant… sorry

  2. RareMpls says:

    Insulting our former Governor when he stands up for his rights, and the rights of all people, is sad, dumski57.

    Much respect and power to Jesse Ventura.

    1. Josh says:

      yes complet agrement we are

  3. WhyNot says:

    I’m with the majority on this one too! Many people all over the country are upset about the pat-downs and full body scans. I am glad Jesse stood up about this – with a “big name” attached to this issue, perhaps it will get more attention and help out us “little people”. Good luck with the fight Jesse! (and THANK YOU!)

  4. deejay says:

    If you don’t want to go thru security…that fine…just stay off my plane!

    1. DontTouchMe says:

      Nobody is saying that we don’t want to go through security. We just want to fly safely WITH our dignity intact. You can indeed have security with dignity, you know?

      Stay off your plane? If you’re so afraid of terrorists that you willingly allow strangers to see you naked and/or touch you in places they have no business…..you stay off planes……..shoot…..just stay at home because you’re more likely to die in a car crash than in a terrorist attack.

      Just sayin’……

      1. katy says:

        Thank you. Well said.

    2. James says:

      Oh, what a fine, obedience sheep you are!

    3. James says:

      My, what a fine, obedient sheep you are!

    4. JohnD says:

      So now it’s “your” plane? Idiot

    5. john says:

      grow a pair and stand up for the 1st amend.

      1. jsgrndmom says:

        And the 4th,and he 10th and against their disregard of habeas corpus. Wake up America! The REAL, CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO OUR NATION, THE REAL TERRORISTS ARE SITTING ON THE HILL IN WASHINGTON DC!

    6. ertdfg says:

      If you want to give up our Constitutional rights; there are already dictatorships in the world; get out of my country!

      See how stupid that sounds deejay? If you want a Government that can do anything it wants for “security” try North Korea; I’ve heard they don’t even have those pesky freedoms you hate getting in the way of security.

      then we’ll both be happy; we can have freedom here, you can have a totalitarian dictatorship controlling you every action there.

    7. deejaysdad says:

      Thats cool deejay, if you dont want to keep your civil liberties, get out of my country!

    8. UrBodyBelongsToBigSis(Gov) says:

      YOUR PLANE!!??? You have a plane you own and rent out??? OR are you employed by a publicly owned company where the stock owners hire employees, and fire them?

    9. Bill says:

      It is the cowards like you that are responsible for the erosion of our rights. You go through life blindly believing that laws and the government will protect and care for you. If you don’t see something very wrong with the way that the TSA does their job, you must be a catholic priest or boy scout leader with no women in your life.

    10. Squiggy says:

      You don’t get on planes very much, do you? Besides, molesting ME is one thing. Molesting my wife and three-year-old daughter is another thing entirely.

  5. David says:

    Jesse’s a hero!

  6. Matthew says:

    Way to go Jesse. I hope you beat them.

  7. Rich says:

    What is wrong with you? Never joke about mental illness. And have some respect for our past Governors.

    1. Bob W says:

      You’re right about not joking about mental illness for a couple of reasons. People who are mentally ill cannot help it nor defend themselves against ignoramuses who ridicule them. Secondly, oppressive governments label dissenters as being mentally ill in order to remove them from society.

  8. Steve says:

    Glad that he’s doing this. It is bad enough that the scanners can see through my clothes at the gate, but I really don’t like naked pictures of my little girls going up into some airport office. They say they’re not kept, but I never saw a security organization that didn’t keep all the data it could get its hands on. We’ll be driving for our family vacations for a while.

  9. Mr T says:

    I’m with Jesse on this one. If we don’t stop the police state now, then eventually they will be kicking your door down at your house.

    Anyway, patting down 80 year old women at airports while our borders are wide open is insane.

    1. Bob W says:

      Yes, the borders are wide open to human and drug trafficking while Grandma is being patted down or given an undetermined amount of radiation under the guise of conducting a war on terror. Nobody can convince me the government is that stupid. It’s by design that the border is left open to anyone who wants to enter the US illegally.

  10. gtVoyageur says:

    Every time I pass through TSA airport security checkpoints I get patted down. I have an ICD/Pacemaker(defibrillator type) implant that will always set off metal detectors. I always show my Medical Card stating such to avoid the walk through metal detector, prevent the magnetic wand from passing over the device, and prevent me from having full body scans to avoid further explanations, embarrassment, and prevent me from being exposed to X-Ray fluoroscopy radiation dosage build up. I even show my chest surgical scars that prove the issue. What does TSA security do?–The infamous pat down!

    When TSA security folks pat down babies in carriers, women with prosthetic undergarments, little old ladies in wheelchairs, older folks and veterans who have demonstrated metal implants or prosthetic devices why then the full touching pat-down? Even my adjustable metal cane after being X-rayed has been disassembled and inspected!

    Jesse is right in pursuing his court cause celebre case. He speaks for many of us who may not mind going through security but are getting very frustrated and embarrassed by the TSA insensitivity. If it isn’t condition “RED” alert then why the embarrassing demeaning rigmarole and pat downs? We who use the airports frequently want an answer. Let’s hope Jesse can get the answer and relief from such indignities.

  11. Conspiracy Theorist says:

    There has to be some common sense involved. Jesse has metal in his hip, that’s a fact. A wand was useful before in finding why the detectors went off, that’s fact. What is the reason to change to pat downs and body scans, that is the question? If it were me, I would be doing the same thing Jesse is, as TSA and DHS seem to be doing some overkill. To think that Jesse Ventura would blow up a plane or fly into a Federal building is ridiculous. Use some COMMON SENSE people.

    1. Sean says:

      The pat down can detect threats that are not metallic, IE – explosives if they are a big enough mass, and things like non-metallic blades that neither metal detectors or explosives detectors can catch.

      Having said that, we also have multiple technologies for detecting explosives that are a lot more effective at detecting explosives than a fondling of one’s junk. A dog’s nose still beats any man made technology for finding explosives.

      As for finding non metallic and non explosive threat items, full body scanners will see them. Along with an unremarkable black and white picture of the Junk.

      Her’s the thing…I used to work for this nincompoop outfit and finally had to resign and find work elsewhere because I could not stand the ridiculousness of it all.

      I agree with others that we should be profiling the HELL out of those that fit the current threat description and they can just deal with it. Leave law abiding American citizens alone. There is nothing “correct” about political correctness.

      1. James says:

        You could get bomb sniffing dogs in airports and eliminate those God aweful full body scanners and full body pat-downs. It’s redundancy at it’s best, without the indignity of being molested and having naked pictures of you being taken.

    2. If it Moves Pat It says:

      You’re asking too much of the liberals that run the government. Common sense means using judgement. Judgement means judging. Judging is bigotry, as we all know and are reminded by Hollywood, academia, the press, and now, elementary school teachers. There’s nothing to argue about, you see? Just obey the government womyn and move on. Thank you.

  12. Hank Warren says:

    Out-of-control TSA, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  13. roberto says:

    Seriously, why can’t we just profile and be done with all this?

  14. Philip B Kirschner says:

    This is just another form of condition to accept tyranical government as our monitary system collapses. They are using the boogeyman to justify these searches and people who object often wind up on the no fly list.

  15. kelly says:

    I dig the Ventura, but I disagree. I’d suffer a groping and a cavity search everytime I fly if it means one life being saved from a suicide bomber who mangaged to get on a plane. Problem is it’s almost impossible to know if a life has been saved. However I bet it has deterred a couple of attempts, and that makes it worth it.
    I could also see some sort of sensible profiling be done too. I don’t believe that profiling means racism. It’s just common sense.

    1. FreqFlyer says:

      TSA has never successfully stopped a terrorist attack. GAO has proven they are too incompetent to stop an attack. One airport had a 100% failure rate when GAO inspectors tried to smuggle weapons and simulated bombs on board aircraft.

      TSA has however, stopped my from taking 2 wine bottle openers on an aircraft. But my wife once had a 10″ kitchen knife in her purse from a church function that she forgot about, and TSA missed it.

      TSA is not making you any safer, but they do know how firm your brests are and how big my testicles are.

    2. dan says:

      I can respect that you would take a pat-down for the safety of others, but would you want your daughter, wife, sister, or mother to be required to be pat-down by some potential pervert?

    3. DUDE YOU ARE DUMB! says:

      How quickly you are willing to give up your rights! IF THEY WANTED TO CATCH TERRORISTS THEY WOULD HAVE BOMB SNIFFING DOGS AT ALL AIRPORT ENTRANCES AND SEARCH EVERY MUSLIM. This isn’t about safety it is about controlling the people.

    4. Michael says:

      So, would you be willing to let the authorities come in and search your house and watch you pack your bags anytime you want to fly? After all, we only want to make sure we are safe. The fact that we practically get strip searched to fly to Disney World, but are called racists for wanting ANY border security shows why liberals should NEVER be allowed to be in charge of any national security.

    5. Bob W says:

      What are you trying to sell? You’re as transparent as cellophane.

    6. ertdfg says:

      Right, you’d give up all rights for all Citizens to support the TSA because of all the terrorists they’ve caught… to date that count is at… 0.

      But they have a 30% success rate catching trial-run bombs and guns; who wouldn’t give more power to people who have a 30% success rate? 30% is awesome.

      And if you want to promote having every man, woman and child cavity searched for your security; you propose that. I’ll oppose having kids molested at any time for any reason.

      But hey, if we molest a million kids we might save a life eventually; that’s worth it, right?

      While we’re doing stupid things to “save lives”; lets drop the maximum highway speed limit to 20 MPH; we’ll save hundreds of lives every year… or do you not care about those lives?

      “I bet it has deterred a couple of attempts” I bet it p*ssed off people and was responsible for more attempts… since we can’t prove this one way or another; I’m wiling to call this part of the argument a draw.

  16. Loren Garofalo says:

    The sad truth is that all of this patting and naked scanning and groping does NOT make us safer. Do the research – these machines are BIG money for lobbyists tied to the current administration (true fact!) and they do NOT catch anything more than the previous machines with a huge power grab on our privacy. And I have yet to hear a story where groping and grabbing uncovered anything that would bring harm. Have any of you?? We need to protect and defend our rights, NOT hand them over willy-nilly to a power-crazed government! People – this does NOT make us safer, it just makes us less free!

  17. Jet A says:

    Peace: don’t fly. Simple. That way your precious body doesn’t get harmed, and mine isn’t groped and scanned. Isn’t that a better solution than having everyone’s precious right to privacy trampled?

  18. scott says:

    The next time you get a physical from your doctor, you might as well sue them too. After all they are “feeling you up “to do their job. Same concept. I am all for safety and “Terrorism” deterrence but something’s are being over looked.
    1)The Fed’s don’t have the time for Jessie’s case and will basically dismiss it.
    2)Terrorism has created more jobs than the current Presidential Administration. The TSA is a good example along with the construction work to rebuild Ground Zero.
    3)The TSA has never stopped a Terrorist. It’s been the FBI, CIA or bystanders.
    4)Not profiling is a mistake. History has proved that already.
    5)It’s painfully obvious that the Costello look alike that is running the show (the head of the TSA) is not listening to the public. Jessie’s case will probably add fuel to her way of ignorance.

    1. anne says:

      You pay the doctor to feel you up to check if you have any medical problems. Also, you usually know your doctor when they do it. And, you trust them. You don’t have to worry that they are some stranger who is a perv. So, no is is not the same concept.
      I travel by car b/c I have three children and just getting through the airport is a nightmare. If somebody felt the crotch of my child, a person I did not know or trust, I would beat the shit out of them. I teach them that no one is ever supposed to touch them there except the doctor while I am there. So, no. It is not the same…

    2. Retired Pilot says:

      I am sorry but I can’t make the connection. If I ask my doctor to not grab certain body parts they will not call the police and throw me in jail or fine me. You must be a very insecure person to just allow the government to walk all over you like this.

      1. scott says:

        Retired Pilot HERE’S THE CONCEPT. You go to the doctor for a physical, you will be touched. You go to the airport to catch a flight, you will be touched. It’s NO SECRET. Both professions have the same authority to do so although not the same authority. If you through enough of a fit (or basically spaz out enough) both can call the police who then will have a word or two with you. So does that answer your comment from about 100 blogs ago? And no I’m not a TSA employee. Most of my flights have been military, otherwise I’ll drive.

    3. Bob W says:

      You clearly have issues.Perhaps you’re a TSA employee. I see my doctor voluntarily and he’s well-qualified to examine me. I don’t go to the airport to be “examined” and X-Rayed, yet that’s what happens against my will. And please don’t tell me to stop flying. I have to fly because of the work I do. Yes, I could board a ship for France, but I’d lose a lot of time and would be fired from my job. Interesting how other countries handle airport security so much better than we do. Most foreigners clearly see the madness that occurs at our airports in the name of security — and all while leaving our southern border wide open to anyone who wants to enter the USA.

    4. Joe I says:

      Well said Scott.

    5. Dan Lee Black says:

      you sir are a moron and a pefect example whats wrong with people today. Scared spineless cattle just listening for the dinner whistle to blow

  19. Dave in Cincinnati says:

    It is a sad day when we must show our “papers” and be frisked like common criminals just to fly on a an airplane owned by a private company. The TSA has YET to stop a bomber! It is all for show. Lets just allow the CIA, etc to do their jobs overseas and let our domestic law enforcement include profiling in their tool kits. We know who blows up planes! There is no mystery here just an overload of political correctness and bureaucrats that would rather punish the masses than deal with the bad guys.

  20. FreqFlyer says:

    Don’t be stupid Ruthie…. TSA has never stopped any terrorist attack. This is all about the government and bureacrats lording over the sheep of this country.

  21. Whwarl says:

    Has anyone noticed that we are letting terrorists take away our rights in a free society? How long will it be until we hear, “Let me see your papers!” Something often heard in Nazi Germany. Taking away our rights and freedoms to prevent terrorists from doing it seems… wrong!? They’re turning us against our government and the government is playing into their hands. We as a nation need to step back and look at the big picture rather than individual incidents.

    1. Anonymous says:

      In the future law enforcement will be able to simply scan our micro-chipped foreheads. No need to hear, “Und vhere are yoor poppeerz?” Hey, our young, dumbed down idiots — who know nothing of history or our Constitution — will think it’s cool to be “chipped”.

  22. Poncho says:

    TSA are a bunch of wanna bee cops with no balls so they have to feel the pair on real men !

  23. Rick Libertarianski says:

    Can’t we just get along?

  24. Not Me says:

    YOU are absurd. Just how far up your anus would a TSA agent have to stick his hand before YOU thought it was too far? All in the name of SAFETY, of course.

    You would have probably gladly marched into the Nazi ovens in WWII.

    1. never ending fight for freedom says:

      mmmmmmm, oooven….

  25. Vic in Minni says:

    No pat downs in Russia now are there.
    ‘course we had some major happenings over there too 😉
    If you so threatened by it start your own airline. Seems you’d have a few willing to fly with you.
    The majority of us would rather be safe and willing to deal with it.

    Yep – sure your Doc too. Sue the White House if you ever go there.
    The Pentagon too.
    You folks really don’t have a real life do you?

    1. Circlehook says:

      Vic, the bomber in Russia was in a pubic area and had not gone through security. If he had actually gotten on a plane then you may have a point. However since the early reports seem to indicate that the bomber was dare I say it, … No, I guess I just say that he was of middle eastern desent. Surely the Russians would have detected a backpack full of explosives and sharpnel. Yes Vic we folks do have a life and as in the past we would be out pursuing it instead of fending off your liberal proaganda.

      1. Bob W says:

        Vic in Minnesota is incapable of connecting dots. In other words, what Commies and Fascists depend on, i.e., “useful idiots”.

  26. Beetle says:

    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons… against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated”

    Had enough yet?!!

  27. Steve says:

    THEN DON’T FLY!!!!!!!

    1. DUDE YOU ARE DUMB! says:

      YOU ARE STUPID!! They haven’t caught a single terrorist but we should give up our constitutional rights? I want to fly safe. The best way to do that would be to have bomb sniffing dogs at every entrance of the airport and have everyone walk past them. They catch a bomb every single time! Then they should search every muslim male between the ages of 17 and 40 and question them at length. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Government is not your friend. “We the people” is where the power should be. Do really think having TSA thugs molest young children is about safety?

    2. Bob W says:

      I’d love to spend a week on an ocean liner to see my clients, but my employer would fire me. I have a right to fly and I have a right to sensible — as opposed to unnecessary and overly intrusive — security procedures.

    3. Dumb says:

      So, Steve; in the name of safety, let’s install the xray machines at the train station, piers and ohh .. wait, while we’re at it, the grocery stores, schools and classrooms. You know how dangerous that can be … one moment you are shopping, the next you are gunned down by some dude. It’s guns today, who knows, tomorrow might be bombs. So does that also mean, “THEN DON’T EAT!!”, “THEN DON’T GO TO SCHOOL!!”, or is it going to be “THEN DON’T LEAVE THE HOUSE!!”???

    4. ertdfg says:

      Right, and if you want to give up Constitutional freedoms and rights;


      Was that enough exclamation points? Did I need more to be a valid counter-argument to your bumper sticker talking point?

  28. Janice, MD says:

    And exactly how many terrorists have these intrusive pat-downs caught? I guess ZERO, since if any were caught you can bet that HHS would scream headlines.

    Every time I see people lined up to be groped, I can only think “lambs led to the slaughter”. Some folks will trade away all of their liberties for some supposed security — solely because the government tells them to. /sigh

    1. M J says:

      Yea Dr. Janice. Thanks for telling it well. Please consider calling your Congresswoman or Congressman and ask them to start sticking up for us. Peace.

    2. profileaway says:

      The reason our enhanced security hasn’t “caught” any suicide bombers is that they know they can’t get through our enhanced security. You don’t have to catch the perps to have an effective security system. The effectiveness of the system is measured in planes not blown up.

      1. Dina says:

        How do you explain the bomb materials that made it onto flights testing the system? We aren’t safe! Profiling is the solution.

    3. Avenger says:

      Well said, Janice. I absolutely will not fly anywhere for any reason as a result of our government’s insane policies. The only way to check for terrorists is to PROFILE! We know who the majority of terrorists are, so let’s follow Israel’s lead and PROFILE!

  29. Circlehook says:

    Peace either your ability to apply logic is faulty or you are attempting to use a typical liberal ploy. Just as in the current health care debate; it’s our way or the repubs are taking all health care away from babies and the poor. There was security before the intrusive procedures were introduced. Due to political correctness the TSA chose to invade our personal liberties rather than offend certain outspoken groups assocaited with terror. Yet I’m sure that you are of the opinion that the death of millions of unborn is justified and necessary to protect these same rights to privacy and liberty. So rather I would charge that you are ABSURD.

  30. Reigningsense says:

    THANK YOU! Finally!!! You know if a plane went down before this all started, NOBODY would have ever even thought “if only we had invaded each passenger’s privacy we could have prevented this” ! Oh my gosh this would never have been thought of because it is SO absurd! The TSA leadership is reasoning from TV/internet fed souls. This is not the healthy heart reasoning of America as it used to be. THANK YOU! Finally!! Please sue and stop this “terrorism” (?) of citizens. I almost drove two days to see my mother instead of flying. If I encounter this I will say, “Either put me in jail or put me on the plane–None of this other business!” THANK YOU!

  31. maxsnafu says:

    Though his characterization of TSA conduct is probably correct he has little credibility in my book beyond being a showboat. He campaigned for governor as a Libertarian and governed as a very conventional tax and spend Leftist. The guy’s a world class, self promoting fraud.

  32. Mark says:

    Hell yes! Good Job Gov.

  33. Timmeh Duncan says:

    Flying isn’t a right, it’s a privilege!!!

    If you don’t want “unreasonable search”, feel free to drive your car!!!

    1. Paul says:

      Right, and buying orange juice isn’t a right, it’s a privilege; and getting a haircut isn’t a right, it’s a privilege; and having access to the internet isn’t a right, it’s a privilege; etc. But driving your car is a right, and so no unreasonable searches can be effected there?

      Just freaking brilliant reasoning there, Duncan.

    2. Tired says:

      I have flown many times….believe me, it’s no privilege!!!!

    3. ertdfg says:

      If YOU don’t want Constitutional freedoms; rather than dismantling them; you can move to a country that doesn’t have them. Then we’ll both be happy; I keep my freedom, you get to live under the boot-heel of a government that will ignore your rights and freedoms… win-win.

      North Korea for instance won’t get a person’s rights get in the way of the Government doing exactly what they want to do… see perfect match. I’ll even help you pack.

  34. anne says:

    I went through one of these “pat downs” right after 9/11. I was disgusted. They lifted my boobs which weren’t that big to feel under them. They felt up the both sides of my legs and pushed up hard in my crotch area. The whole time the lady who was doing it was apologizing. After they were done, I went to the bathroom and cried. It may not seem that bad to some people, but when people you don’t know are touching you in places that you don’t let anyone touch or see but your significant other, that is not okay.
    Society now is not as disturbed by it, and there is something wrong with that.

    1. Chester says:

      I’m getting wood

  35. Tdog says:

    Why would WCCO-TV use that photo of Jesse? I am sick of all these games. Let me find the worst possible photo from the 70’s and use that with an unrelated story. This is why we don’t trust the news anymore

  36. Whwarl says:

    I sure hope some terrorist doesn’t shove explosives up his butt and cause a problem. Otherwise, we’ll all be getting cavity searches before we get on a plane. Maybe we’ll have to give a stool sample. Hey, what if terrorists develop an explosive weave they can put in their hair. Then, we can all have our heads shaved before we can fly. If a terrorist blows up a plane with exploding nipples we’ll just have to do better breast exams. Are these anymore ridiculous than a terrorist putting explosives in his underwear and now we must be viewed naked or have our boobs and boys groped? Better safe than sorry, right? .

  37. Retired Pilot says:

    The government can guarantee your freedom, but they cannot guarantee your safety so only a fool would trade their freedom for a false sense of security.

  38. Alan says:

    Total publicity grab. Poor Jesse. Nobody cares since he almost drove His state into a ditch.

    1. smokehouse56 says:

      It’s obvious you don’t fly.

  39. stu says:

    Since 9- 11 you folks have no rights . That idea has faded into history.

  40. F says:

    “Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither”

  41. kens says:

    This is how the TSA is unfairly targeting older people. The ones with the artificial knees and hips. That takes up their time and fills the pat-down quotas while the real bad guys, the Muslim men between the ages of 16 and 35, and in perfect health, dance through security to the strains of Boogaloo Down Broadway with no problem. They already have the next generation of security thwarting explosives in the test phase, I’m sure. Meanwhile, TSA targets christian white people only.

  42. LindaMarie says:

    Solution to the pat down problem…, Just have everyone strip down naked and just stand their, so everyone can see you have No weapons or bombs on your body ! No need to worry about TSA people touching you or anything.
    Well, If your into cavity searches ? well…. maybe you should consider prison.

  43. Tony Cassens says:

    What do u think are the odds of being killed by a terrorist bomb on a commercial flight? Greater or lesser than being killed in an auto accident?
    The Constitution and Bill of Rights are meant to protect us citizens from our government – not from terrorists.

  44. glenp says:

    a pound of freedom for a gram of security—if that

  45. SCL says:

    Jesse is an idiot plan and simple

    1. smokehouse56 says:

      So are you!

  46. CB says:

    Soon we will have full body searches to walk or ride our bike down the street.
    After all it is a privilege to do so. And if you don’t like it, then just stay home.

    I thought Bush was bad, but this administration is using our Constitution as toilet paper.

    “The choice is not between order and liberty. It is between liberty with order and anarchy without either. There is danger that, if the court does not temper its doctrinaire logic with a little practical wisdom, it will convert the constitutional Bill of Rights into a suicide pact.” — Robert H. Jackson

  47. Mike says:

    Your absolutly right, so I don’t fly anymore!

  48. GolfPro says:

    You are looking at the NWO in it’s early stages. Wait until they get it going full blast. You have not seen anything yet in my op.

  49. Fred Flintstone says:

    I have a hip replacement and also will likely be subjected to this same thing, even though I carry a doctor-provided card showing what my replacement consists of (recommended before TSA) and that had sufficed to this point…though I haven’t flown in 2 years.

    I’m not looking forward to the added delays this is going to cost me…I nearly missed a connecting flight last time.

  50. JohnD says:

    Deb is worse than a Sheep, she is a morn

  51. JohnD says:

    Hey Ruth, You want to be safe? Stay home. And who the hell are you to tell anyone to keep their mouth shut? You sound like a typical left wing loon.

  52. FREEDOM CAN BE LOST! says:

    Deb if you want to be safe on a plane then demand that they search those most likely to bring a bomb on the plane and in the airport. Put bomb sniffing dogs at all airport entrances and every person who has traveled to the middle east and who is a muslim male between the ages of 16 and 40 should be questioned and searched. If blonde, young males were raping women in a neighborhood the police wouldn’t go to grandmas house and ask where she was when the crimes were committed and then pat her down (molest her) as well as her 4 year old grand daughter. If they did that they would be sued and arrested but we allow it because it is at an airport? If you don’t want the freedoms that so many died to preserve then please get on a plane to North Korea and worship “The Great Leader” as a god and don only what the government allows.

  53. M J says:

    TSA is an arrogant, abusive agency that needs to be reigned in by the courts or by Congress. Serial gropers, TSA infringes on our constitutional rights to travel and be free from unreasonable searches. Thank you Jesse Ventura for standing up for the public!

    Where is our Congress on this?. Why aren’t they sticking up for us on this issue? You can be sure TSA has its lobbyists and its public affairs office working overtime to spin their point of view on this.

    The only way the public will be heard is if we take the time to call. Please call your Congresswoman or Congressman and ask them to pass legislation to restrict TSA abuses. All it would take would be one or two dedicated legislators to pass an amendment to a “must pass” bill going through committee. If they ask for a roll call vote their colleagues will be on record. I doubt if many would take a public vote against protecting our fourth amendment rights.

    Americans have given their lives and fought for over 200 years to protect our liberty. The least we can do is take a few minutes to call Congress and let them know where we stand.

    1. I AGREE!! says:


    2. Disappointed says:

      Congress is not going to care about this. Them and their families are ushered in from the side gates while the sheeps are scanned and tagged. If you noticed, Jesse Ventura is asking for the same exemptions (at the end of the story). It’s up to each citizen to fight for themselves, your representatives?? HA! that’s a laugh.

      1. M J says:

        Don’t be such a pessimist. Congress will react if they hear from enough people. If brave men and women have been willing to give their lives for this country, cannot we at least have a little faith and do our part? Please don’t cede this issue to the bureaucrats and specialist interests. Stand up for liberty!

  54. Rod Mann says:

    I think the roids are finally eating away this idiot’s brain

  55. smokehouse56 says:

    Welcome to East Germany. The tin cup liberals on this board are as senseless as a box of rocks and probably don’t even know what East Germany was.

  56. Ridiculous says:

    I recently had the privileged to fly through an airport with the xray machine; they (the TSA) now uses it for people that sets off metal detector. I didn’t set off the metal detector so I didn’t really went through the machine or their enhanced pat-down.
    However, I did get to observe an elderly man, probably in his 50s-60s that had probably forgotten his belt and set off the metal detector. He wasn’t dress like he’s on business trip or anything; so my guess is probably visiting family members. He was being patted down and the TSA was so rough going up in between his legs that he lost balance and almost fell. I really felt bad for the old man from his facial expression. So, NO! this TSA thing needs to stop … it’s getting to be ridiculous requiring x-rays/pat downs and taking his belt to be scanned again.

  57. Cahty says:

    More Homeland Shake Down!! You go get them Jessie!! WAY To GO!!

  58. Whwarl says:

    I was wondering something. If security targets certain ethnic groups they are accused of profiling. The shouts go out “That’s wrong! People have rights!” But when people object to being viewed naked or groped that is defended as wanting to be safe. Can anyone see a common denominator in the terrorists so far? It must be old Christian whites with implants according to the TSA. They seem to be bending over backwards to prove they’re not PROFILING. What a bad thing PROFILING. Instead, let’s cop a feel on everyone, especially the hot babes!!! If a good looking woman with some kind of implant flies, she must have more fingerprints on her than a keyboard!

  59. Jerry vG says:

    TV showed Ventura post 9/11 saying we had to go with more security–take one for the team.

  60. M J says:

    Go Jesse, Go!! I’m with you Governor.

    1. florin says:

      This country has been the bastion of freedom throughout generations. If we relinquish our freedoms in the States, there will be no more beacon of hope, no more example in the world. Individual freedom will become an “impractical”, “utopian” dream discarded by future generations as a failed experiment.

      There is no country in the world that awards the privilege of naturalization as America does. What an adopted child is for a family so is a naturalized citizen to this country. I am no longer a guest; I am American by choice and by aspiration as well as by legal process.

      This country was designed as the land of the free and in no abstract terms, that means the rule of law. Protecting an individual right is protecting the rights of all. The 4th Amendment needs to be guarded even if that means Derschnee needs to stay home for fear of flying.

      But Derschnee is no less safe when flying. Derschnee is just misinformed. There are numerous ways to circumvent the security checkpoints that render them useless. But Derschnee is not prepared to educate himself / herself and draw an intelligent conclusion. Take for instance the fact that while grandmothers are being felt up, technical personnel can bypass security checkpoints by simply sliding a card that could be stolen. When my wife is being scanned, some ill intent person can conceal explosives that cannot be detected. Of course, the theater matters to some.

      To Derschnee I respectfully say this: Please allow us to aspire and stand up for our freedoms. This is the legacy that was entrusted to us. If you want king george, he’ll take you back happily across the pond. Yet we welcome you here, we understand not all are strong. We’ll protect you.

      I want to live free and with dignity.

  61. M J says:

    Ruthie, you can surrender your rights if you like, but please don’t surrender mine.

  62. Jim says:

    What an idiot!!!!! Bet he has a great collection of tin foil hats also!!!

    Conspiracy Theory lunatic!!

  63. Wrong Way Jesse says:

    Jesse don’t want no pat down or peeksey fro this reason. He ain’t got no junk.lol

    just a big mouth and the need to have a camera on him. Camera = potential money = sales of horrible books.
    He didn’t wassssle or play Gov for any other reason except – limelight and money.
    He still got some of you folks buying his BS yet today I see. tooooooo funny

  64. Robert Sciolino says:

    The fact that you believe you are secure from terror because of these farce infringements speaks volumes. Until body cavity searches are forced onto us and would-be terrorist can hide enough C-4 in his internal “openings” to bring down a plane. The only reason we haven’t seen it done is terror has won! There’s no need as long as we are willing sheep allowing ourselves to completely change our lifestyles in order to travel in our own country. There’s no need to expend scarce resources (suicide bombers) when the other side has cried uncle. You are a sheep and an ignorant one at that. There’s a valid reason for the quote, “Live free or Die and you’re too spoiled rotten to get it.

  65. insignificant says:


  66. dave stoops says:

    Very well written comment, florin. I hope the sheeple read it.

  67. insignificant says:


  68. TJ Freedom says:

    Go Jesse!!!!
    To all saying don’t fly: How about we get rid of the tyrannical TSA and DHS who are after US citizens and not boogeyman terrorists and YOU DON’T FLY
    We need our country back and you sheep aren’t helping. Wake up sheep, wake up!

  69. GreatRedEyeJunk says:

    2 types of flights – different airports tho please.

    The ones who don’t care about real safety
    The ones that do.

    Either side of the aisle gets babied as they want here and this stuppit bitchin’ ends.
    I agree – we haven’t blown up lately – so maybe the rules at the very least keep people honest. No skin off my nards to have to get there early and patted down. I fly 2-3 times a week for business. Much prefer to be alive than maybe maimed or dead. Just my .02

    2 types of airports and flights – opportunity for someone if they really think the present rules are so bad.

  70. YogSothoth says:

    So. You’ll freely trade your liberty for a feeling of security. I’m tired of listening to the Sheeple say” I feel safer. “. Make the mantra simple so the simple minded can remember it “Four legs good. Two legs baaad.” Being sexually assaulted at the airport because I have a knee replacement doesn’t make me feel safer. Jesse Ventura obviously feels the same. “Increased security” is smoke and mirrors to keep funding levels up for the TSA bureaucracy Cash counters for the casinos have more stringent screening in and out than airport baggage handlers and other support personnel. These guys have been caught ferrying drugs via baggage. The heroin they smuggle originates in Afghanistans’ poppy fields. Feel “Safer” now?

  71. Mike says:

    Very well put. I hope more Americans take what you are saying to heart. Americans give up Freedoms way to easy and most of the time because it does not appear to effect the personally but wait till the day they take a freedom from you that effects your life and then wake up…..we will hope it is not too late…..

  72. Robert Sciolino says:

    Its a farce Ruth and you’ve fallen for it. Any terrorists can bring down “YOUR” plane any time…right now, this minute. C-4 explosive in a body cavity is undetectable from your precious “pat-downs” and body scans. Its all designed to keep you calm and stupid and its worked magnificently. If you only knew how stupid and ignorant your emotional opinion sounds. Sorry, its the brutal truth Ruth. Snap out of it and realize what’s truly at stake while you stand in your line for your plane, thanking people for invading your privacy for no reasonable purpose other than to assuage your mother instincts. Its like the people who followed that doctor in the movie the Poseidon adventure…”shut up and follow us”. God help us this is unbelievable!!! What sheep!!!

    1. Sher says:

      Thank you Robert! Ruth you need to realize these unreasonable searches and consitutional violations will do nothing to stop a dedicated terrorist. As Robert so very well pointed out, they do not detect surgically implanted explosives, or for that matter explosives inserted into body cavities. Since you’re fine with having your civil liberties violated, perhaps you will also be fine with being escorted to a back room, forced to disrobe, and then ‘spread em’ to have your private body cavitiy searched via rubber glove after some perp decides to blow herself up at 35,000 feet having inserted explosives up her you know where. The recent Moscow bombing proves as well the TSA is making nothing and noone safe with these invasive procedures. That was a bomb in the arrivals area where there are no invasive searches. How many people died there? Or how about when the next suicide bomber decides to place themselves in the baggage claim? What then? Or puts themselves in the long line waiting to go through the security checkpoints? If you’re so willing to give up your liberty so you can ‘feel safe’ fine. Please leave my liberties alone!

  73. fantum says:


    Do you really think it is just a coincidence that the TSA perverts demand the hands over head position, the universal sign of surrender, in their naked scanners? Step-by-step they are preparing America for complete government dominance.

  74. shannon wilcox says:

    Absolutely correct, my friend.

  75. Collision of Souls says:

    ‘Without a vision(revelation) the people perish. My people perish for lack of knowledge’ Proverbs 29:18 and Hosea 4:6


  76. John says:

    Right on ! I went to the Soviet Union at the age of 17 and immediately knew I was not liberal anymore and that we in US living with our system under the US Constitution were far more fortunate than most would ever be aware of ! Wake up America and realize the liberals are dismantling our country one step at a time. The Chinese will define human rights after we are a weak socialized dismantled feel good PC country…..

  77. SRT298 says:

    Two things, first- the procedures implemented by TSA to “keep us safe” have nothing to do with safety and everything to do with intimidation. Second- unlike before 9/11 there is no plane full of Americans that would let a box-cutter wielding hi-jacker survive for more than a few seconds. We learned our lesson. If one person on the plane gets cut, so be it- Mohammed is getting slammed. I say Mohammed because 95% of terror attacks have been conducted by Islamic psychos. Problem is that most of those people have at some point been in contact with either the CIA or the Pentagon. Not crazy here, do your research.

    1. Bob W says:

      Yes, like how the underwear bomber had assistance from “a well-dressed man” witnessed by a young couple who — despite security camera footage backing them up — could get no answers or follow-up from authorities. (The underwear bomber had no passport yet the well-dressed man got him on the plane. Further, the underwear bomber’s father reported him to authorities but he was allowed on the plane anyway.) There’s a lot more to these incidents than the average person knows because the media doesn’t do its job anymore. On MLK day, a bag with wires sticking out of it was noticed on a bench along a parade route. After some media attention, the news about the alleged attempted bombing died down very quickly. I guess everyone saw the ruse for what it most likely was. Imagine, a bag with wires sticking out of it for any passer-by to see and report to police. They really do think we’re a bunch of idiots. Sadly, most Americans are willing to accept anything someone in a position of authority says or does. Back in the Fifties, we were taught in elementary school the horrors of the totalitarian state. In high school, Orwell was required reading. I wonder what was taught to kids in the Seventies and Eighties to have turned them into such nincompoops.

  78. David_J says:

    Well said “Freedom can be lost!” !!!

  79. Susystin says:

    Go for it Jesse. Some of you just cannot see what the regime is doing and you won’t see until it’s too late. I pity you. Maybe you should take a history lesson and read about the signs of now compared to the past. Maybe it’s that defective gene you have in your brain? If you want to live with no rights and government telling you what to do in your life, fine, move, but don’t take the rest of the country down with you.

  80. anti_socialist says:

    Is this land of the free, home of the brave
    or rather politically correct?

  81. markinmiami says:

    I completely concur florin. Well said……

  82. katherine says:

    Thank you for speaking the truth.

  83. David Mitchell says:

    You people are so blind; that’s why the government (TSA, DHLS, IRS, etc…) can and will continue to do this and much more in the future. What you can’t seem to get is that your rights have already been taken via the “war on drugs”. So to me, this noise from JV and all the other self proclaimed “freedom lovers” is a little disingenuous. If any one of you REALLY cared about OUR “rights”, you would have been screaming for the last 30 years about the impact the drug war has had in the destruction of our sacred Constitution. Now, because of what we gave up in the drug war on Americans, you have no right to be secure even in your own home. Judges and police officers lie constantly with a wink and nod and none of you raise an eyebrow. For those that will insult me for the comments, even in highschool I didn’t do drugs, I’m a former Army officer/aviator, former enlisted Atomic Demolitions, and had a top secret clearance. I once was prepared to die for this country. Now, I will just sit back and watch it burn to the ground; the sooner the better.

  84. Dave says:

    I agree with Governor Ventura that the TSA is going far beyond what it needs to do to protect commercial transport from the threats posed by hijackers and terrorists. I suspect the real answer will involve some level of behavioral profiling, combined with reasonable level of inspection of passengers and their belongings.
    That said, I see a lot of postings where people seem to be suffering from the misimpression that the reason for airport screenings is to keep air travelers safe. That is not the case. It is the non-flying public that demanded what we see at the airports. Most people don’t fly at all, and they really don’t care what passengers have to endure at the airport – so long as they don’t have to worry about being killed by planes falling from the sky. It is the people who never have to go through airport security who are driving the lunacy at the TSA checkpoints.

  85. Derschnee says:

    You are not an American. You lived here for 15 years, but that does not make you an American. If you don’t like it, go home.

    1. ertdfg says:

      Wait, why don’t you go elsewhere; there’s already tons of totalitarian governments that will violate your legal, civil and human rights… why make the US another one?

      You head to North Korea, we keep Florin and our freedoms; and you get to live under the boot-heel of a government that will suppress everyone’s rights.

      Everybody gets what they want… I’ll even help you pack; that how nice I guy I am.

  86. Linda Smith says:

    In 1965 I was in East Berlin and saw surveillance cameras on every street lamp. Our passports were conviscated on the tour bus by Soviet guards as we crossed Checkpoint Charlie. I thought then how fortunate I was to live in a free country where my privacy was protected. And now today in the U.S. we are seeing the same invasion of privacy. Remember just a few years ago when the media and far left criticized President Bush for passing the Patriot Act? Obama has not only kept the Patriot Act but enhanced it. We all need to stand with Jesse Ventura and demand our federal government back off!! We are a free nation and we WILL remain a free nation!

    1. Bob W says:

      Thank you. I saw the looks on the faces of the East Germans. They looked as though all hope was lost. They were stone-faced and the older ones remained that way even after the wall came down. I remember when the great boxer M. Ali returned from the USSR and reported everyone riding buses to and from work looked like they were headed to the gas chamber. In the early Nineties, when I visited Russia several times, the expressionless faces were still there. That’s what a police state does to people. I’ll trade a little safety for freedom any day.

  87. Steve Murzin says:

    When are we going to get a chance to vote for Gov. Ventura and get him into the White House???????

  88. Bob W says:

    No, Jesse Ventura is not a wacko. The average American is a wacko for being ignorant of his or her rights under the US Constitution. Our rights are being slowly eroded and we taxpayers are supporting corporate welfare without a peep. If we don’t stand up for ourselves and insist on our Gog-given right to be free of being groped, irradiated and ripped off, we’ll all be living in a police state. I saw the police state first-hand and what it did to the people of the USSR. It’s not a good thing when a family member is taken away in a black car by government officials never to be heard from again. If you think it can’t happen here, you’re sadly mistaken.

    1. SLIDINGINTOIT says:





  89. Diogenes says:

    Another pathetic cry for attention from this kindergartner, who has never grown up!

    1. Emery says:

      Thats a really childish comment…….

    2. Bob W says:

      And you call yourself, Diogenes. Keep searching, Diogenes. I’m sure you think you’re far more honest and informed than other posters here. Your comment reveals more about you than you realize.

  90. Bones says:


    You are not an American. You lived here for 15 years, but that does not make you an American”.

    No, it does not make him an American, raising his right hand and swearing an oath of allegance, spending 7 years learning about being an American, and giving up his citizenship to a foriegn county does make him one. It is called naturalization. Maybe you should go back to school and learn about it before telling someone to leave. I agree with him I have seen what happens in those foriegn lands when liberties are taken away for a so called security. What Big Sis is doing is not making us any safer….

  91. Clairice Still says:

    Well said!

  92. Bob W says:

    You, Ruthie, represent what’s known by Communists as a “useful idiot”. You support the system that exploits you. Our Founding Fathers would see you as a traitor to the US Constitution and what they risked their necks for. World War II vets would be ashamed of you. I am ashamed of you.

    1. Roy F. says:

      Bob W. you are exactly right.
      Someone said , “when you turn into sheep, the wolves will eat you”

  93. Clairice Still says:

    The TSA does not make us safer. They are an expensive and bad joke.

  94. Stand Up says:

    I’m a male graduate student. Not too long ago, I was selected for the backscatter screening and opted out. When a TSA official explained that he was going to do the full body search, I explained to him that if he touched my genitals, I would consider it a sexual assault. He immediately called for a supervisor and we waited several tense minutes. When the supervisor showed up, the officer assigned to search me said “This guy just said that if I touched his genitals he would sue me.” “No, that’s not what I said,” I explained, “I merely said I would consider it a sexual assault.” The supervisor of course explained that they might touch my genitals as part of the procedure. I responded that the TSA website explains that if a full body search is properly done, the officer will not touch my genitals. Therefore, I explained, they had my consent to do the search, but if the officer touched my genitals, I would consider it a sexual assault. I was giving my consent to the search, but not to having my genitals touched, which means that according to the law, it would be a sexual assault if the officer were to touch them.
    The officer proceeded with the search under the supervisor’s direction, but he was clearly nervous. The supervisor had given the officer the order, but had not denied the validity of my argument. Both were aware that I hadn’t consented to having my genitals touched, and if the officer missed even just slightly, it could potentially turn into a lawsuit and it wasn’t clear that the TSA would win. It’s possible that the officer searching me may have been aware that the TSA might not have backed him up if I brought a case to court, and the uncertainty, however small, was enough to make him mighty nervous.
    As someone who has lived in China, I echo what others are saying. We’re losing our rights. It’s much, much easier to defend them now than to have to fight to get them back later. Don’t be afraid of these guys, be polite and assertive, but give them an appropriate scare. Know what your rights are, know what the law is and make them walk up to the line and then wonder which side they’re standing on. The best tactic we have is to make the TSA officers themselves request to have the policy changed.

    1. Old Fashioned Girl says:

      One of the most sensible comments.

  95. Sue says:

    Derschnee below says a very foolish and vain thing. Contrary to his or her imaginings, naturalized citizens are full citizens in every sense of the word. Those who are born here are fortunate beyond belief to be American citizens, but far too many are woefully ignorant of the fact that they have a priceless gift. Those people born on other soil, who leave their homes and become naturalized American citizens, do so by choice, and many are “more American” for that reason. This nation is made up of immigrants, and sons and daughters of immigrants. May that fierce desire for freedom be reborn; complacency and a pot of porridge will lose the birthright for all.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Thank you! People who have left authoritarian countries to find refuge in the USA have perspective most of us lack. They see where we’re headed while the rest of us are like the proverbial frog in the comfortable pot of water very incrementally but steadily being boiled to death.

  96. Emery says:

    Good for Jesse. This does nothing to keep us secure or protected. It’s designed to intimidate people into submitting to the unlawful invasion of privacy by Government. How is groping elderly citizens and women with big breasts keeping America secure? People need to stand up for their rights. Those x-ray machine are dangerous and cause cancer. Get off the soda pop and 24/7 propaganda folks. Otherwise we are going to be complete slaves of the state.


    _______________BUILDING 7_______________



    listen to the KURT HASKELL interviews.

    listen to the NORMAN DODD interview.

    listen to the april gallop, william rodriquez, barry williams, sgt lauro chavez, aaron russo, ….etc., etc., etc, INTERVIEWS.


    Wake your derriere up, as CONNED AS iT IS.

    BUILDING 7….Explain it to your kids. EXPLAIN IT TO YOURSELF.


    1. SLIDINGINTOIT says:


      “Pingback: Ventura Sues DHS, TSA Over Body Scans, Pat-Downs”





      I AM A FREE MAN.

      forget about me, research the information, research more, then more.


      ___________BUILDING 7____________


  98. A Bit of Thought says:

    An effective security system catches the terrorists WITHOUT harrassing the law abiding.
    The TSA harrasses the law abiding WITHOUT catching the terrorists.

    1. SLIDINGINTOIT. says:

      the “TERROTISTS”, thats the issue, WHO ARE THEY REALLY?

      _____________BUILDING 7_______________





  99. Spanky T Smackme says:

    The problem is that neither the HLS or TSA have the ability to make laws. They operate on guidlines that are NOT law, and in this case, completely UNCONSTITUTIONAL.
    I have the right to travel without reveiling my idenity or submitting to unwarranted searches.
    Just what PROBABLE CAUSE do they have to search ME ? What is it that makes them suspect that I, an individual of the public at large am a threat ?
    Unless you have seen me committ a crime, if you want to search me , you need to get a warrant or arrest me first. Until then you have no right according to the constitution to search me.
    Ya ya ya, lots of people say if you are not hiding anything why worry…….hey have forgotten that Its the FACT that you dont have the right to look in the first place without probable cause. This crap about the better interest of public safety is the same as the best interest of the child. NOWHERE in the constitution does it give the government the right to remove our rights and freedoms to support thier own paranoia.

  100. SLIDINGINTOIT says:



    BUILDING 7……………………….GET A CLUE , YA DOLTS.

  101. Arthur says:

    Florin, the same conservative people you are siding with are the same ones that are trying to prevent foreigners like you on our soil. They also want to take your freedoms away to open a businesses in the U.S. If they have their way, you won’t get help from our government in achieving the American dream. Freedoms have to be restricted because of greed and hate for anything these teabaggers consider different from them. They are for racial profiling and against abortions for women whom have been raped and seeded with a criminals sperm. They are quick to categorize and stereotype cultures and races. These are the same people that make bombs and attack other nations without reason and tell you otherwise. Go home if you can’t handle American politics. You certainly don’t know corporate oppression is just as bad or worse.

    1. Florin says:


      With due respect, conservative conviction comes before politics. A conservative does not a republican make. I would readily agree that corporatism is a great threat to liberty in their undue influence on government. Along with the fathers of this country, I fear powerful banks more than standing armies. For long time now, the government is not in the hands of the people yet I believe we can take if back if we stand firm.

      Conservatism is not racism, people are racists and that goes on both camps. Whites are racist when they put blacks in the back of the bus and so are blacks when 95% vote color. It is not race that I want to talk about but the rule or law.

      Republican or democrat, conservative or liberal, we all benefit from and must respect the law. This country is going down not because of prejudice but because of abuse of law. If we don’t like something we should not circumvent the law but work to change it by given means. Now this should be common sense to most people.

      Why then holding on to the rule of law makes me either a conservative or an extremist and not a simple and upright man!? Why then, if claiming love for this country, we don’t agree that the only way to solve problems is by the rule of law? This protects both the person and the process.

      So then, I defend the 4th Amendment. No unreasonable searches. Whether Bush or Obama, we must follow the Constitution.

      So then, I defend my right to travel. The 10th Amendment proclaims that only enumerated powers are – given – to the Federal government – the rest belong to the states and to the people. This is a declaration of observable fact and not a distribution. Yes, it is my right to come into an agreement with the airline company so I can fly. The Feds have no business. It’s the rule of law! We certainly can protect the airports without trampling on the law.

      So then, I defend the borders. To me, Hispanics, blacks, Chinese existed only in the movies. I was not allowed to travel. Did I discover the joy of hating Hispanics here? No! I want the rule of law. Illegal is illegal. My parents left the country during communist oppression. I waited 7 years for my visa. Then gain 7 to be naturalized. Grudge? Ha! Irrational! We cannot protect the borders because we become racists, yet we cannot really then open them completely because you know, we’d be flooded. So we cannot enforce the law yet we cannot remove it either. I am a simple man. Obey the law.

      Web pages could go for miles and so I would go. But let me tell you that corporate oppression is not at all more worse than government oppression. It is the (gv = government) that confiscated my grandparent’s property by force. It is the gv that snatched people from the streets and disappeared forever. It is the gv that killed friends that tried to cross the river out. It is the gv that told my sister when college was finished, what city, what plant and what profession she should choose. It was the gv that took my father often for interrogation. It was the gv that would persecute gays and Christians alike. It is the gv that would not allow men to ware beards. It was the gv that took me as a child to work in the fields during school. It was the gv that put fear in every heart of men or woman and turn them informers. It was the gv that turned people into informers that fear caused us all to hide. Should I go on? It is governments that killed most people in history, not Google or IBM. When people get drunk with power, they’re not conservatives nor liberals. They are a threat and a menace. This is why we don’t ever trust the gv and we never allow too much power to any people.

      I guess you get an idea of how I feel. The communists got it too. They came in with Russian tanks and went down in a bloody day. For the sakes of my children, I’d stand up again. We conservatives, don’t cry for government help or free tuition – we don’t get in the streets and demand special status. But when the knife comes to the bone, we rise up and write Constitutions and with it history.

      So, no I don’t go back. This country is made by free people and for a free people. Freedom is not from Martians or boisterous nations. Freedom is always defined as from the government, your own, our own.

      I don’t go back. This is the only country that has been the bastion of freedom. If we relinquish freedom, there is no more light house in the troubled see. The whole world will dim the lights of freedom. Freedom will be recognized as a temporal and failed American experiment.

      Yes, I am an American. What adoption is for a child so is naturalization to an immigrant. I am as American as Thomas Jefferson was by law and by heart.

  102. Dina says:

    My feel ngs exactly. Very well said. Thank you!

  103. Ric says:

    Man up ventura. What’s wrong did the roids shrink the boys. There is a difference between a pat down on the street and before getting on a plane. If you don’t like getting touched go through the scanner

    1. Anonymous says:

      By all means, go through the scanner. Do you know how much radiation those machines put out? Do you think someone battling cancer should go through the scanner? From what I’ve read, you don’t want to go through the scanner under any circumstances, especially when images available for anyone to see on the Internet reveal imaging of lower leg bones. It takes a lot of radiation to get bones to show up, yet they do. For those of you who have to travel a lot for work, opt for the pat downs, as humiliating as they may be.

    2. frodomocho says:

      So I guess you don’t fly? If you could readwhich you obviosly can’t Jesse said,”I have a hip replacement and it sets off the scanner as I walk through” Get it? He HAS to go through the pat downs.

  104. ONTIME says:

    Once in a while I think Ol’ Jess has a point worth listening too, this TSA issue is one. The TSA is far to involved in a private airport security matter and it’s not about security it’s about the government again flexing their muscle to show you that “They” can tell you what to do and tell you it’s for the good of the country while they again pick your pocket and make you miserable.

    The X-ray machines are health questionable, their very production is investor questionable, the search is questionable and not professional in any meaning of the procedure. When a nation like Israel who is security conscious because they are ounumbered over 10 to 1 in adversaries can do a better job than this oversized federal monstrosity for union jobs and more votes, I would say we the people have a real problem to rid ourselves of.

    Yell louder on this one Jess, maybe you will be the one to put this matter to rest and save us all more grief from a bloated bueracracy.

  105. Dina says:

    Amen! The Israelis have excellent security. I see no reason it wouldn’t work here. Big Sis says no to it.

  106. liberalism is a mental disorder says:

    liberalism is a mental disease/disorder. the sooner you start treating it like that the sooner we can have our nation back. everytime someone messes up i say the just did an obama. its catching on around these parts.

  107. KCMike says:

    Body searches, except for imprisonment are meant only for oppression, not for security. Its just more Getting you ready for what is to come sheeple. Political correctness was invented by Mao Chairman Tse Tung of China as an excuse is purging his country of intellectuals and anyone else that even tacitly opposed him. It resulted in the murder of 30-60 million of his own countrymen and women.. “I wonder how many Chinese are dreaming of eating OUR fissh sandwiches right now?”

  108. Sam Sharp says:

    I used to have a friend who believed everything the government and fundamentalists told him. If the government told him to eat a spoonful of horse shit every morning he would have had the largest spoon on the block. Sadly, many other Americans are like this, especially people over 62 or so. I am 63 but somehow I escaped believing in this kind of crap, along with religion, the “war on drugs”, and WMDs. In the case of pat downs, body scans, the “war on drugs” etc., we have totally lost the 4th amendment. And without much of a whimper. I am afraid the country I used to be rather proud of is obviously going down. History may well see the Bush years as the beginning of the end of a country which was at one time the hope of humanity. It’s over folks.

  109. vinny says:

    i am impressed at these comments. i had thought so many Americans were blind. Now i see I was wrong. Google Voiceleaks to see other Americans who are also informed and aware. Security at the hands of Government do not give us security, but just the opposite. True security can ONLY come from liberty, and our Government is eroding Liberty. This must not stand!

  110. Brian says:

    Bravo!! I so agree with Florin. You hit the nail on the head. I couldn’t have said it better.


    1st generation American from Cuban parents. Liberty is not only sacred, but RARE. We are the last great hope. Brick by brick they are dismantling our system & taking our freedom. Its only a pat down you say, don’t fly if you don’t like it you say.
    Every single bit of liberty is worth fighting for.
    Ronald Reagan

  112. Bill Okeefe says:

    Anyone that fails the TSA scanner souuld be shot…it is the American way
    God Bless George Bush

  113. tom says:

    I do not know why the Menisotians electected this dope. Say unthinkable things to the people he does not like while poeple ask or say things to him just the same weigh then he gets stuck, goes nut then throw garbage to the people. He knows nothing but for one purpose only-making money by creating chaos, accusing poeple with no facts, conspirating a lot of garbage but CNN, NBC, CBS just love it

  114. Anonymous says:

    El Al airlines has excellent security borne out by their excellent performance. They don’t humiliate or irradiate air travelers, yet exist in a hotbed of terrorism. I’ve been stopped and questioned at the airport in Tel Aviv. I didn’t mind one bit though the two ministers and other members of my church group seemed upset that I was singled out. The young woman who questioned me was professional and dignified. That is how security should be conducted in the USA.

  115. paab says:

    Gettin on a plane where you are a captive audiance and more vulnerable than in any other travel, requires more security and that is a fact. Since we are too weak in this culture to profile we must submit ourselves to these type of searches. As for passed Governore Ventura, he burped and far…ed his way almost naked across a wresteling mat for years, now suddenly he is shy?

  116. John Dodge says:

    The failed Janet and her joke department never stop the bad guys! They violate everyone else with riduculous invasive tactics designed to delight the morally depraved. Time to fire this moron and get a serious leader. It’s only a matter of time before the bombers strike here. Border security agents in Nogalez Arizona are being told they are doing their job ” too well” and are being disbanded to work in other areas WHY!!!!???

  117. Kenneth Davis says:

    For all these people who love giving up their forth amendment rights, can I come in a search their homes, email, back accounts, medical records, etc. This where all this leads up too! WAKE UP YOU STUPID FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. Paul L says:

    Jesse, I am with you 100%!!
    You have communicated the issue perfectly!

    Any way to entice you to run for president?

  119. Nick says:

    .Sorry folks but this guy has become a conspiracy nut, as it’s so funny he wasn’t complaining about all this stuff when he could do something about it as ‘governor”..

    He sure enjoyed all the perks when HE HAD THEM….

    Hopefully MI learned it’s lesson electing a former “Wrestler” who wore boa’s and looks like he does in that video, he looks homeless and showerless to me….

  120. muggits says:

    This from a guy who regularly had his head squeezed between a wrestling opponent’s thighs?

  121. florin says:

    To the web master:

    This is Florin. I posted a comment earlier that was respectful and had no bad language. Many responded positively to it. Why did you remove it?

    What is offensive with the desire to be free from undue government interference in our lives? Do you realize that what you do, while legal, is a deliberate oppression of speech that you don’t approve? Would you be happy when someone did this to you? Is it worth it?

  122. Herk says:


  123. cdenib says:

    Go Jesse GO! It’s about time someone uses their position, celebrity and money to do something for change! You people who submit to all this groping and radiation in the name of safety and just shut up and say nothing are the reason the government is running away with the country! Don’t pay attention, just sit down and shut up in the name of being safe.. meanwhile, the borders are WIDE OPEN and innocent people are getting charged with terror-related crimes and taken to some hotel and being held, then fighting bogus charges brought by the government for 4 years before the judge throws it out.. then you think the government believes terrorists are muslim? No. Look in the mirror. You think it’s ok and you turn your heads and look the other way. Sit down, shut up, watch your sports on TV, get drunk, pay more attention to idiots like lindsay lohan than you do congress… and then what are you going to do when they come for you? What are you going to do when it’s YOUR TURN??????

  124. Jim Vertein says:

    First of All Jesse is consenting to the searches by willingly flying, if he doesnt like it dont fly. 2nd I believe he has a TV show that isnt doing so well so what better way to get back into the spotlight. USe his phrase Follow the money, lets see who is paying his attorney’s fees, if its the network, then all this is, is a publicity stunt. Stay oin Mexico Jessem embarrass them for awhile

  125. Marc-in-DC says:

    Hard to imagine anyone wanting to touch, or even brush up against, Jessie Ventura’s genitals any more than they absolutely have to.

  126. scott says:

    Retired Pilot HERE’S THE CONCEPT. You go to the doctor for a physical, you will be touched. You go to the airport to catch a flight, you will be touched. It’s NO SECRET. Both professions have the same authority to do so although not the same authority. If you through enough of a fit (or basically spaz out enough) both can call the police who then will have a word or two with you. So does that answer your comment from about 100 blogs ago? And no I’m not a TSA employee. Most of my flights have been military, otherwise I’ll drive myself.

    1. Ray says:

      Really? You’d compare going to the doctor with going to the airport? Really?

  127. publius says:

    For those who say you “give up your right to privacy when you fly,” or “stay off my plane if you won’t go through security,” I have a question for you:

    Driving a car is the same kind of “privilege” as being a passenger in a plane. Are you okay with security checkpoints, pat-downs, pictures that go through your clothing, etc, every time you drive your car? Why not? You have no “right” to drive a car. What if I said, “If you don’t like it, stay off my roads!”

    Why stop there? You don’t have the “right” to surf the internet, watch TV, or go to the movies. Doesn’t the government have the right to screen you, restrict your movement, and log your activity, “for the safety and security of the public?”

  128. Bilko says:

    Lets do security like they do in Israel. That of course means 30 minutes to two hours per person. Lets not do any security like they do in other counties…. Hmmm that will work. Only one to two percent of the people going through a checkpoint get a pat down and as far as the scanners are concerned at 30000 feet you are exposed to more radiation in 3 minutes than you are with walking through the scanner. By the way every day I fly I get stuck behind dummies who have on tons of jewelry (it’s a metal detector), drag tons of stuff they don’t need (gee why do they want to look in my bag with all the clutter on the x-ray), and where multiple layers of clothing (how come they what to double check due to the baggy clothing I have). I see idiots leave there bag unattended at an airport… really did you not see what happened in Russia. Every experience I have had with the TSA has been good. The one time it was not I spoke to the officer’s boss and it was fixed. Go to Israel and you will find they have this type of security everywhere including shopping malls, they are a free society. They have found that they are under attack all the time so they have accepted the minor inconvenience. If you have a better way of securing planes without all of this speak up and I will be 100% behind you. Until then get off the TSA officers back they are just doing there job.

    1. charles says:

      Yeah we do have a better way. But you won’t listen. If you are a native born American with a passport, you bypass all this BS. Otherwise, you get searched. Virtually all terrorists would be caught this way. And the security would be focussed where it needs to be. Add good profiling like Isreal does and the system becomes reasonable. What we have now is unreasonable.

  129. ertdfg says:

    Personally I want a country that has Constitutional rights, privacy, and government limitations intact. If you don’t like it leave my country.

    I’ve heard North Korea doesn’t have this issue with people disagreeing with government polices; they sound just like your sort of place. No freedom, lots of government power, no rights at all.

    Move to North Korea, and I’ll keep my big mouth shut… how does that sound?

  130. former democrat says:

    Profiling is the answer. Who cares if someone’s feelings are hurt. It’s pretty clear who the bad guys are. I’m here to tell you it isn’t Ventura. It works well for the Israelis, why not for us.

  131. Kevin says:

    I doubt any other former Govenor gets treated this way. I think he’s being harrased. A former Govenor should be given a security voucher. He has very high security clearances and has never been a security risk.

  132. Joe Coalman says:

    The issue will now be brought to the Court. We are a country of laws and the Judicial branch will determine whether or not these procedures are a violation of the US Constitution. This is the method that our forefathers designed to resolve issues and to determine the legality of Congressional and Executive enacted law.

    No matter which “side” you favor, we should all celebrate that as Americans, we have the right to a determination by the Courts of the lawfulness of these actions. And we have the right to express our diverse opinions in a free and open environment without fear of retaliation.

  133. Angus says:

    Americans better start doing more and more protests and litigation to prevent the police state that the Globalist Power Elite Money and Power Addicts are trying to bring in.
    Obama and most of the US govt. are paid for and working to destroy the US. We have to fight this war from the Inside, using the enemies weapons.

    Time to Run for Office people…

  134. nunya says:

    How ingnorant, did you not see the pilots video of nearly zero security on the ground crews, your naive if you think your safer because of these invasive procedures.

    1. SLIDINGINTOIT says:




      _______________BUILDING 7….GET A CLUE.

      infowars.com ____________GET THE FACTS….RESEARCH.



      1. SLIDINGINTOIT says:


        SEE……………………………….. “ZERO, INVESTIGATION”





        YEP………………..GET A CLUE , OR TWO…….


        _____________________________BUILDING 7.

        Apathy, Ushers in Full Tyranny.


  135. AJS says:

    There is no constitutional right to board an airplane. If you don’t want to submitt to the screening that TSA don’t fly.

    1. Ray says:

      There’s no constitutional right to have free health care either. Idiot!

    2. Pete says:

      You’re right….and there’s no right for you te enter my business, so I”m going to start groping people, or select people that I choose out of line as they come in to sure we’re all “safe”. And actually, there’s no right for you to walk down the street in public without being groped, since your refusing to be groped is “endangering” all of us because it might allow a terrorist to sneak a bomb into crowds. So lets have groping checkpoints along the sidewalk in public places, yeah, that sounds ok. And, I guess since it’s easer to hide stuff in cars we’ll need checkpoints, to look in the car and maybe grope the driver a bit. Yeah, now I feel “safe” and all my right are still ok……if you don’t want to submiit to all this AJS.. maybe you shouldn’t leave your house.

  136. Joshua says:

    People are so stupid with this TSA stuff. You constently complained after the terrorist attacks that there wasnt enough security and “more could have been done” but now that security is up and protecting you idiot americans you complain. Nothing makes people happy anymore. What if someone got through with a bomb or something? Youd complain again about the security. If you want to be safe this is how it is. Has the US had another attack via airport since these scanners? No, so shut up and deal with it. Freedom isnt free and ive had enough of my friends die for idiot americans that cant suck it up cause they think they have “rights” that theyve done nothing for. Come on stop being children and suck it up. Its for your own good. If you dont like it… stay off.

  137. Cheese In8or says:

    Who cares Jesse.What is with the idiots in Minnesota.First they elect a nut like Ventura and then a weasel like Frankel.I guess the cold has frosted their brains.

  138. You're going down TSA! says:

    It’s over! It’s done! You’re finished! You’re though!

  139. thats right says:

    Jesse Ventura is a true American hero. V for Victory against the New World Order global tyranny!!!

    1. josh says:

      perfictly agrey amarican hero no dout

  140. REALUSA says:

    Jesse Ventura 100% REAL AMERICAN. V for Victory!

  141. GlobalistsSuck--1984-1776 says:

    @deejay Change your handle to dumbjay and move to China please. Have you been spying on your neighbors for Big Sister too?

  142. MissingRonnieR says:

    Go Jesse…… Stand up for yourself and protect your family because no one else will. We are united in every individual stand we take.

  143. paul says:

    This would be fine, except there’s no such thing as ‘offensive genital rubbing and touching’ ! Boo-yah!

  144. George Hewes says:

    While the ‘professional’ government “screeners” at the TSA are feeling up old nuns and World War 2 vets a 16 year old kid apparently sneaks on the tarmac and gets into the wheel well of a passenger jet and the TSA doesn’t know anything about it until the poor kid lands on somebody’s lawn. And you think you’re safer with these glorified rent-a-cops feeling you up before you fly? Good luck with that. What happens after a suicide bomber blows up a supermarket? Are we going to submit to getting felt up by some government rent-a-cop to buy a loaf of bread and milk??

  145. Barry says:

    I said it once I’ll say it a thousand times…”The T.S.A. are government sponsored
    perverts”, plain and simple GOVERNMENT SPONSORED PERVERTS.
    Like Janis Joplins album back in the 1960’s “CHEAP THRILLS” these perverts get
    their CHEAP THRILLS feeling guys ya-ya’s.

  146. Stavros says:

    Jesse is such a whiner.

  147. Todd says:

    He gas a artificial hip that sets off metal detectors. Making him go through the pat downs every time is a violation of the Americans with disabilities act. He should be allowed to show a card that reflects his status of having metal in his hip and permitted to go through without the pat down. For the sake of other disabled people I hope he wins his court case. Go Jesse!

    1. Daniel Luderman says:

      and what if a terrorist happens to get a magic little card that exempts them from screening, but instead of a metal hip they’re actually carrying something dangerous. the Supreme court deemed the searches within the bounds of the Constitution in the early 70’s. if you don’t like it, take a bus…

    2. Eyeque says:

      I guess I could use your bus argument on you… If you are afraid to fly on planes because someone is gonna hurt you than don’t fly. We have a constitutional right against unreasonable search & seizures & it is being violated by the TSA. I fly regularly & not the least bit scared of a terrorist taking down my plane. If I had the option of boarding & flying on an unscreened plane i would… If it happens it happens… I’ve at least died free. The government is taking away our rights slowly & methodically… If you disagree than you are blind.

  148. Red says:

    Now let me get this straight, an individual who engaged in groping, touching, patting, etc etc as a professional “wrestler” is suing the government for the same thing by TSA. You have to be kidding. Jesse was a wimp as governor and is still a wimp and not he’s suing as a wimp. Give it up Jesse and by the way, get a haircut!

  149. Rachel says:

    I am not a big fan of crotch sniffing dogs, but would greatly prefer that to enduring the full body fondling by the mountain gorilla at the Portland airport.

  150. marty c says:

    everyone should go thru security with a mask on so they wont feel embarrased

  151. Russ says:

    There has to ba a solutionh to the air terrorist problem that doesn’t involve behavior that would get you arrested any place else for doping tyhe same thing.

  152. pete says:

    I have to fly in 2 days and I’m thinking of buing some Depends adult diapers in case I’m selected for a pat-down so I can try to soil myself on the way to the inspection area. Go ahead….grope away. 🙂

  153. REDNECK JAY says:

    HIP. ?

  154. echosierra says:

    Man jessie has turned into a Fuh-reak! All those steroids must have affected his DNA. He looks like a Cro-Magnon. If it helps, he can reminisce about his Navy days and hum “In the Navy” while they do it. Hey, it’s only a few seconds, and it just makes the TSA guys feel inadequate. : ) Deal with it.

  155. wprovince says:

    Jesse can be lucky they don’t do brain sans – they would have found none when it was his turn…

  156. Tom K says:

    You are forgetting one important thing, airlines are a privately owned business and has a right/duty to regulate access.. Just like a tavern which has a right to refuse service,an amusement park saying you have to be a certain height to go on the ride, or the need to have a drivers license and insurance to drive, airlines have a right to set rules for how people access their property. If you do not agree then drive or take alternate transportation to your destination. No right has to be searched, you chose to be searched by taking their type of transportation

    1. Bryan says:

      Tom, private industry is not making the decision to regulate access…the federal government is. The airlines are affected by the TSA decisions. Finally, some airports are looking at dumping the TSA and hiring private firms to handle security. I think, and this is just my opinion, that a private firm would do a much better job than the government mandated, TSA.

  157. SirTennyson says:

    What I’d really like to see is for Big Jesse to place, at an extremely high rate of speed, the five of clubs into the nose of whomever has their hands in his britches, resulting in an immediate transport of this individual into next week while not passing GO or collecting $200. We’re talking nose busted completely open +AND+ choking on teeth.

  158. bdtpromo says:

    9/11 was a tragic day for many people from a personal standpoint as well as for the United States (and the world for that matter) as a whole. That being said, I just don’t understand those that just say, “Take away my liberty, take away my personal freedom against unreasonable search and seizure.” Or who also say, “Go ahead, just walk through the scanner or just don’t fly. It’s all about making us safer.”

    It is not about making us safer. It is about the federal government taking away liberty, whether it is intentional or not, that is still the affect. If it was really about safety and protecting people, we would implement a nationwide 10 mph speed limit and wrap all cars in bubble wrap. We loose about the same amount of people per month in car accidents as we did on 9/11. But, amazingly, we all accept that risk everyday when we get in our car and drive to work or go to the store.

    Obviously, we need some security in our lives. But, that line is crossed at “electronically undressing people and/or physically groping.”

    And, to make matters worse, this does not even touch on the fact that these intrusions are more of a symbolic action than actually being effective. There are numerous ways around the “security?” methods being implemented by the TSA as shown by the cavity bombers as of late.

  159. Cary says:

    You don’t have to get on the plane to blow people up. Look at what just happened in Moscow. Besides, without a cavity search, the search is useless. Ahold we all get cavity searches. No! This is crazy. The terrorists,the few that there are will just go to a mall or a hospital. If we want to stop terrorism we need to get out of the middle east and allow the Israelis who want to end the apartheid that is their present policy with their neighbors, to do the right thing and this mess would evaporate given time.

  160. Kathy W says:

    You go Jesse. If I can’t drive I’m staying home. Going to Texas, a 1300 mile trip. Cheaper to fly, but will not put up with the TSA.

  161. SLIDINGINTOIT says:


    ________________BUILDING 7 SEVENS

  162. SLIDINGINTOIT says:








  163. LISA says:

    I agree…I have a new fake hip too & I first had the wand & now they started touching me everywhere….even my hair! What…. a blond 40+ mom a terrorist? You go Jessie & I hope you win….for all us us bionic people!

  164. David Fulton says:

    YOU can read my comments to JESSE & other blogs ,GOOGLE:DAVID FULTON TORTURE >>I was TORTURED by the BUSH CABAL,In THE U.S. & 12 other Countries,in the last 18 months.It began prior to the 2004 election.I was targeted by Gloria Liff,of Sharon,MA.She has family in Israel.She aided as part of a Behavioral Science Consultation Team (B.S.C.T.).This was started,using the Boston,MA,VA Health Care System……DAVID FULTON

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