HUMBOLDT, Iowa (AP) — A hearing is set for Feb. 1 on a request by a Minnesota teenager charged with killing two store clerks in Iowa to transfer the cases to juvenile court.

Seventeen-year-old Michael Swanson, of St. Louis Park, Minn., is charged as an adult with first-degree murder and first-degree robbery in Kossuth and Humboldt counties. He’s accused of killing a clerk in Algona on Nov. 15, then driving to Humboldt where he’s accused of killing another clerk.

Defense attorney Charles Kenville filed motions to transfer jurisdiction in both cases. The Messenger says Humboldt County Attorney Jennifer Benson says next week’s hearing will be heard in Humboldt.

Kenville declined to comment, but filed a request that the hearing be closed to the public due to juvenile records and medical history being discussed.


Information from: The Messenger,

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Comments (10)
  1. Loretta says:

    He deserves to be tried as an adult for such crimes. I hope the court does not let him get by with being tried as a juvenile!

    1. Deborah Kay Skelton says:

      i have to agree with you, and look the kid is smiling in his photo.. no remorse for the victims.. how awful

  2. Ed says:

    This kid was banking on being a juvenile, tried as a juvenile, then getting off with a slap on the hand for murder. This is a case were capital punishment is called for.

  3. Marshal says:

    This is just a routine request by the defence so “I did not get proper legal help” can not be used later. This guy will die in prision.

  4. red says:

    Wipe that smirked off this killers face and let him rot in prison

  5. red says:

    sorry for the spelling error

  6. Charles says:

    This guy rocks!

  7. Marianne Williams says:

    I believe he knew exactly what he was doing and he deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison and then let GOD. One of those women killed was from my birth place (Algona).

  8. rosepickle says:

    He’s just a little pathetic boy who obviously didnt get enough attention when he was younger so he has to go kill a couple people in order to get them to look his way. This waste of skin will be locked up and better be tried as an adult

  9. rosepickle says:

    I bet he’ll get the attention he’s looking for when he’s in prison, He’ll prolly drop the soap on purpose!!

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