ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Republican Norm Coleman won’t seek a return to the Senate in 2012 in a Minnesota race that would have pitted him against Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Interviewed on the online ABC “Top Line” program Tuesday, Coleman said he won’t run. “I’ll leave that task to others,” Coleman said.

No one has formally stepped up as an opponent to Klobuchar, who won her race convincingly in 2006.

Coleman served one term in the Senate, losing a nailbiter in 2008 to Democrat Al Franken. After a recount and court case, 312 votes separated the two.

Coleman heads up the American Action Network, a group that pumped millions of dollars into congressional races last fall to aid Republicans.

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Comments (13)
  1. Murph says:

    Being a GOP bagman must pay a little better than the Minnesota legislature!

  2. helper says:

    This guy is a joke…. No one wants to see him anymore. He lost get over it!

  3. StraycatStrut says:

    I’m “tossing” my hat in the ring…… I could be Amy in any election. I’m responsible. good looking and wealthy. Besides I have plenty of spirit and ability to make the tough decisoons and not follow the Obama leader into the O’Bummer money pit. Beat that!!!

  4. Norm! says:

    A JOKE?
    St Paul Mayor…..Senate Member…..Gov candidate.

    He has had a decent political career…….

    Why don’t you list YOUR professional accomplishments? I’m sure it wouldn’t come close….

  5. richard says:

    First smart decision norm has made in a long time. He knows he wouldn’t stand a chance against Amy who has been doing an outstanding job for working and middle earners in Minnesota and the country.

  6. helper says:

    LOL. Coleman is a Joke, ask the majority of the American people who watched him waste our tax dollars on his foolish recount.

    Coleman is sleazy like his dad, but just didn’t get caught with a prostitute in the back of a St Paul restaurant. We’re glad he’s gone. Not the type of politicain people want around.

    Politics is not my career so I can’t report any highlights to you.

  7. helper says:

    Are you kidding?? Norm was the biggest Joke of Minnesota right behine Bachmann and that wimp Pawlenty.

    Norm is sleazy just like his old man, but didn’t get caught with a proststute behind a well knoe St Paul restaurant.

    Keep drinking that tea-bagging cool aid. Obama will swoop this next election making you wonder how your depends got soiled again…LOL!

  8. BuyYourselfABrain says:

    And these comments coming from the rocket scientists that elected Ventura, Dayton, and Franken. Dayton is the “type of politician you want around”???

    And Franken isn’t sleazy?

    Would love to see Coleman run in 2012, dissapointed he isn’t, hopefully we can find someone of his caliber to run in ’12 to get Klobuchar and her money spending pals out of office.

    Hopefully some of you libs will figure out by 2012 that you are being lied to, taxed to death, and don’t want your grand children mortgaged to the hilt, but that would require you to think on your own, so never mind.

    1. helper says:

      We are being lied to…? That’s funny because it is you that cannot tell the forest from the trees my friend.

      You have easily been duped by the Koch brothers et al. Lets see….Hmnnn..Supreme Court ruling that corporations are individuals and have rights as such and can spend freely on campaigns. Yeah ‘liberals’ allowed this…

      Remember it was Bush that doubled the national debt, started 2 wars, deregulated, the financial industries and cut taxes causing our debt to soar. It was only Obama that had the guts and wherewithal to prevent another great depression from happening… If you can read what non-partisan economists have reported…. this is the truth.

      I can tell you won’t accept this but rather point to conspiracy theories or other non truths.. Just so you know Obama will be elected again as the economy is already improving. People are not as dumb as you are.

      That my friends is reality check!

  9. Dr. LOVE says:

    I want Amy & Sarah to sit on my face!!! now that is a ticket i will vote 4!!! I will ride them naughty girlz!!!!! Amy I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

  10. Dr. LOVE says:

    Wow them girlz tujrn me on!!!!!

  11. Dr. LOVE says:

    Sorry wrong web site.

  12. Joe says:

    Wish he would just leave and never come back. Can’t stand the guy. He is of no political value… something he once said to me about something I asked him help on. I told him that he will no longer be a senator after that. I didn’t care who ran against him I would vote for someone else. I got a lot of people to not vote for him just because of that and would do it again. I wouldn’t vote him for town dog catcher or street sweeper. He is scum.

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