BAYFIELD, Wis. (WCCO) — Four fishermen were rescued when their ATVs broke through thin ice in the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior Saturday morning, according to the La Pointe Volunteer Fire Department.

The four were driving the ATVs at 8:30 a.m. when they encountered the thin ice near Stockton Island.

Authorities say one man broke through and the ATV was lost in 160 feet of water. Fortunately, the man was able to get back the ice. Another victim was soaked when his ATV broke through. That ATV, along with one other that had become stuck, had to be left behind.

The men were rescued due in part to the La Pointe Fire Department’s specialized ice rescue windsled. That windsled was met on the way to Bayfield by La Pointe’s large winter transportation windsled, and the victims were transferred for the remaining trip to Bayfield.

The fishermen told authorities that they had fished in the area Friday and had not encountered any bad ice. Rescuers noticed that there were many large areas of unstable ice and slush holes in the fifteen mile stretch to and from the rescue site.

Comments (10)
  1. s and k says:

    You crazy guys!

  2. shawn says:

    Yeah its always very risky on Superior! Count your blessings on that escape. There goes 5k to the bottom of the lake buddy! Lol

  3. Joe says:

    So who gets the ATV out of the lake? Like it’s OK it’s a great big lake, nobody will notice.

    What idiot would drive on that lake anyway?

  4. Ryker's Great Grampappy says:

    they somewhat crazy to venture on the big one for sure
    I’d assume they eat the cost of the machines and recovery costs also – or shall I say an insurance carrier will and we shall all share it. Collectivelly.
    There is something wrong with cost sharing , ie insurance pricing, when we fund idiot behavior. That’s my .02 and I’m hanging with it. 😉

  5. Jack says:

    Like the beer commercial says “BRILLIANT” let’s go out on a huge body of water that is hundreds of feet deep what could go possibly wrong. Yes indeed that sounds like a great idea! NOT. When will these ice explorers get some dang common sense?

  6. Paul Beaumont says:

    No matter what kind of vehicle you drive on the ice, (wether lake or river or what) your insurance will not cover loss or recovery cost. And, I don’t know about Wisconsin laws, but recovery is mandatory in Minnesota.

    1. Insurance matter > says:

      Depends on carrier – we represent some that do cover and some that don’t – if it falls thru. Is it scheduled is always my first thought – if so you good to go.
      Receovery is usually on your nickel as it damn well outta be. And they will make you fish it out as soon as safe.
      I look at this as someone being plain dumb and wish there was no coverage afforded at all. Stupid people need to learn

  7. Still laughing. says:

    I remember when Jessie Ventura was in office people wanted to make it illegal to be on any public waterway with less than 4″ of ice. He said no way to the bill and said ” it’s a way for Minnesota to weed out the idiots.” Now theses guys are idiots and almost payed with there lives.

  8. Patrick says:

    Reminds me about the Sven and Ole joke. Sven And Ole are driving atvs across the ice and Ole is way ahead. Sven sees Ole break through the ice and go under. Sven stops ,gets off his ATV, and pulls himself toward the hole on his belly. He finally gets there and looks down into the hole. Ole is at the bottom in about 30 feet of water. He is actually still on the atv and pulling the starer cord madly. Sven thinks for a minute and yells down into the water -” Ole……..use the choke……use the choke!!!”

  9. Bob says:

    You cannot govern stupidity. I wish tax payers did not have to pay.

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