MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Here were the top 10 “most engaging” ads from Sunday night’s Super Bowl, according to TiVo. The DVR technology said these were the ads that were most watched and replayed throughout the evening.

So which of these 10 was your favorite? Vote in the poll below.

01. Snickers, “Logging”

02. Best Buy, “Bieber and Ozzy”

03. Pepsi Max, “Love Hurts”

04. Volkswagen Passat, “The Force”

05. Doritos, “The Best Part”

06. Teleflora, “Help me Faith”

07. Doritos, “House Sitting”

08. E*Trade, “Tailor”

09. Cruze Eco, “Misunderstanding”

10. Bridgestone, “Carma”

Comments (4)
  1. Tad G says:

    Easily – I mean not even close – these were the lousiest ads ever for a SB. Heck – for anything.
    I got to the point, as did everyone else here watching the show, where this became the biffy break or refill time or just away from the tube time.
    Always had been my highlight of the SB thingy. Guess the good thing is they lowered the bar so low maybe next year will be better

  2. BP says:

    I Love how WCCO can crank up all the advertisements before and after these videos, but not the videos themselves. What a news site….Love it!
    Also loves the most annoying Mercedes ad on the homepage that won’t go away.