By Caroline Lowe, WCCO-TV

ROSEVILLE, Minn. (WCCO) — A police officer suffered non-life threatening injuries when two Roseville squad cars collided on their way to a bank robbery.

The accident happened around 12:15 p.m. near County Road B2 and Fairview. One of the cars was a marked squad, the other an unmarked car. Both were responding to a robbery at InterBank near the area where the collision occurred.

“From what we can tell right now, both squads were westbound on B2, one of them apparently turned in front of the other one, causing the subsequent collision and rollover,” said Capt. Matt Langer. “It’s all under investigation but it is likely the unmarked car is the one that turned in front of the marked car.”

One of the officers had to be extricated from his marked squad car, which rolled over in the accident. He has been identified as Sgt. Greg Levendoski, a 23-year veteran of the Roseville Police Department. Levendoski was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center where he is in satisfactory condition and is expected to be released by Thursday.

The other officer, who was driving the unmarked vehicle, was evaluated on the scene and released. He has been identified as Lt. Lorne Rosand, a 27-year veteran of the Roseville Police Department.

Both squads are severely damaged and are considered a total loss.

“Doesn’t appear to be any major injuries at all,” said Randy Gustavson, of the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office.

It appears both officers were wearing seat belts.

“Unfortunately sometimes decisions get made that result in crashes and that’s what happened today,” Langer said. “Police work is complicated and driving is not an easy task. Put yourself in their shoes, responding to a bank robbery.”

The bank robbers did get away and the FBI is investigating whether it was connected to the robbery in St. Paul earlier in the day.

Comments (67)
  1. Billy says:

    I wish cops would watch where there going, thats about the ninth time in two month where they have gotten in accidents

    1. citizen says:

      Wow. that must be really embarassing.

      1. Tonya says:

        I thought that only happened in the movies.

    2. Greg Laden says:

      They should watch where they are going, but I saw one of these two police officers heading to the scene down 35W, and s/he was driving quickly but very carefully and skilfully in moderate traffic. Meanwhile, of course, the citizen on the highway were reacting poorly to the emergency vehicle and doing dumb things. ‘Cept me, of course.

  2. Homer says:

    So what happened? Did the bad guy get away?

    1. Wild Bill says:

      Shame on all of you lowlifes for ridiculing the police, after all they do for you…HOW CAN YOU JOKE ABOUT THEIR MISFORTUNE? Ya’ll’s a buncha losers and rejects!

      1. Homer says:

        Well? the bad guys did get away. But you gotta love the cops, putting themselves in dangers way

  3. Jesse James says:

    Who cares what happened to the bank robber?

  4. Tanya says:

    5-0 shouldn’t be allowed to eat doughnuts and drive! I mean, c’mon, the public can’t text and drive. Glad no one was seriously hurt!!

    1. Mindy says:

      Really???? That is uncalled for. Cops do more than most people do with out a thank you! Maybe you should shove a donut in your mouth and shut up!

      1. Tom says:

        hey play nice now !!!!

    2. sb says:

      I live in Roseville and our cops are amazing and deserve our respect. You most not live in this area.

      1. gmoney says:

        yeah my cousin is a roseville police officer i just hope he wasn’t in the crash even though no one got too hurt.

    3. dum ppl says:

      how dum are ppl pretty sure they weren’t eating donuts while on there way 2 a bank robbery………… I’ve been on many ride alongs with cops n it’s not an easy job like aot of ppl think it is!! HAVE SUM DAM RESPECT FOR THE COPS PUTTING THEIR LIVES IN DANGER TA SAVE OUR LIVES!!

    4. Lindsay says:

      It is sad to read all these ignorant responses. I personally know the officer who was injured in the crash. He takes his job very seriously and is one of the most kind and caring men I have ever met. He has a wonderful family who would be so hurt to read some of these comments. Wow. You should be lucky that he puts his life on the line for people like you.

  5. sirius attitude says:

    Tanya and Andy, you would be the first to complain if they didn’t get to yourcall immediately

  6. rosepickle says:

    Thats messed up. The rober must have really needed that money for there to a crash with two squads. “Everything happens for a reason” Maybe if the accident didnt happen… or both the officers COULD be dead………..Ya never know!!!

  7. Answer Me this says:

    Thank God NO ONE ELSE was involved and the Officers were for the most part OK! My question….WHO’s FAULT is this? WHICH Officer ran a light….or didn’t watch where they were going…..My point….just because they are Police officers does NOT mean someone should take responsibility and/or be ticketed for this! After’s OUR TAX $ that will have to pay for all of this.

  8. me says:

    People talk trash until they need them < grow up

    1. JamieinMN says:

      I know, right? People are pathetic.

      1. Sarah says:

        No Jamie, wrong??

      2. JamieinMN says:

        I’m agreeing with “me”.

  9. TW says:

    And how many of you have been in a squad car during a lights and siren run? Yes, I have many times as a community volunteer. Adrenaline and tunnel vision are real dangers even though the train to overcome it. Two squads coming to one intersection at the same time and crashing is not usually how it goes but this time it went wrong. It is common for law enforcement to be involved in crashes and part of the hazard of what they do. I won’t cast blame, they were trying to get to a bank robbery in progress. If you have a family member working there or in line for a teller you want cops to get there and help. I hope whoever robbed the bank gets caught. Who cares if that person needed the money, putting people at risk at the bank and on the road.

  10. Sam I am says:

    Shame on the people putting down the police. You would be the first to piss and moan if they didn’t get to your call in 2 nanoseconds.

    1. Homer says:

      Nanoseconds? Really?

  11. Tea Anyone says:

    @ruffrider Unless it was someone YOU loved! Why is a MORON like you even paying attention to the news? I guess…..your unemployed as you have a terrible attitude and no respect. You are sick of watching afternoon geto TV, and the heat in your TRAILER has been turned off! The only reason you have a computer and Internet access is because you have to keep warm by touching yourself and your using your neighbor internet access!

    1. Tea again says:

      They took Ruffriders comment down……Oh can imagine it was in very poor taste.

  12. Cocked and Loaded! says:

    WHY can’t a bank be robbed when I’m there! It’s about time the conceal and carry law show why it was passed!

    1. Todd says:

      Your not supposed to carry guns, with or without a permit, into banks. Says so right on the door. Say you shoot the robber, you probably would go to jail/prison for killing him. Cops would be the first to tell you don’t endanger other peoples lives to be a hero.

  13. TS says:

    It’s too bad they got into an accident while responding to a call but I’m glad they hit each other instead of a pedestrian. It could’ve been worse.

  14. rosepickle says:

    I wasnt rtyin to be disrespectful with my comment…….Im just sayin things happen for a reason………Perhaps its better that the squads collided with no serious injuries…..then them getting to the robbery and bein shot or killed………I hope both officers are alright

  15. Billy says:

    I wonder if they checked the officers blood content?

    1. Tea is good says:

      @Billy….BINGO! Again..I respect police officers and think they do a TOUGH job….but they need to go through the SAME things WE need to go through when this happens……Again…THANK GOD they are OK…..but what will be to blame?

    2. buster1 says:

      right on billy,but I bet that didn’t happen

  16. Ron B says:

    Roscoe P Coletrain IN HOT PURSUIT!! Boss Hogg will not be pleased.

    Dum Dum driving school for them,….

    Kinda reminds me of ‘dukes of hazard!!

  17. MetroResident says:

    Well, TW, “volunteer” answers that question on your suppositions.
    Minnesota State Statute comes into play. It’s called “due regard”. Yes, emergency vehicles do not have to obey traffic signals on emergency calls. Most have pre-emption devices; HOWEVER, due regard is the legal words used in state statute. It can and has hung many an officer out to dry. Someone made an error. If another squad was already on scene as well and nothing was imminent, then the question, did they need to be on the red? A lot of questions that won’t be answered on this message board but with internal investigation and evaluations. More officers are killed in motor vehicle accidents than gunfire. Known and published facts. Glad no one lost a life or was seriously injured. Due Regard people, due regard.

    1. TW says:

      Due regard is an excellent point, I was not excusing lack of situational awareness but making the point that not many people are aware of all the factors that law enforcement must give regard to while doing their duties. There will be an internal and I sure would not want to be either of the drivers. I will make a guess that tunnel vision was a big factor in this.

      1. MetroResident says:

        It’s good to hear they were both wearing seat belts. A lot of officers finding it hard since they are in/out of their vehicles so much.

  18. richard says:

    These officers were putting their lives on the line for us and you morons above (you know who you are). I wonder how you’d feel if the next time you need help, they drove to your house VERY SLOWLY and VERY CAREFULLY. You ought to be expressing your gratitude.

  19. Rick says:

    To the police officers and their families – many of the opinions represented above belong to a vocal minority. Thank you for the service you provide our communities and your dedication. This accident is another example of how you face danger in your job. You do this so the rest of us can live safe and normal lives. Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for the risks you take but please be as careful as you can; you have a family that you need to go home to at the end of your shift.

    1. Tea Party says:

      @rick….I think JUST ABOUT everyone here is HAPPY they WALKED away! My Father was a fireman and I respect police officers. I just want to make sure you understand a LOT of what is being said is not in disrespect to the officers, but more to the “blame” or “cause” of the accident! I think my point is….if the police car hit a civilian’s car……WHO would the “public” think was to blame…ALWAYS the civilian! Here…there is NO ONE to hide behind…….As a TAX PAYER, I just want to know who is to blame!!!! Again…GOD BLESS the officers, and if they did mess up…that is OK, but all I can say is the last time I “messed up” and made a mistake of parking within 30 feet of a stop sign and received a ticket….the fact I “messed up” had NO bearing in me paying the ticket. Equal rights….that’s all….

      1. MetroResident says:

        Really? And you think this forum is going to answer those questions?

      2. Green Tea says:

        @Metro…I think you are MISSING the point of forums! It’s to voice your OPINION! WHo knows who may read it…..or what type of follow up it may receive….that is the idea of them!

  20. windy says:

    Are you kidding me Tom. Yes they drive fast because they are trying to get to an emergency so they obviously are not going to drive the speed limit. Would you want them to drive slow if you had an emergency. I agree with ‘richard’ they are putting their lives on the line for us!! I certainly wouldn’t want them to drive slow to get to me if i had an emergency. Things happen people they are police officers and i have a few in my family and respect them very much for everything they do.

  21. Tom says:

    I just hope they didn’t spill there coffee.

    1. MetroResident says:

      @Green Tea….Not missing anything. Not a newbie to forums. You haven’t read the entire thread. And my response to Tea Party was an OPINION!

  22. RV Dan says:

    There’s more than one bank in Roseville, next time they should tell each other who is supposed to rob which bank so they can avoid these types of conflicts.

  23. Jake says:

    When two veteran officers have a collision, it truely is “”an accident”. I think what happened is that they wanted to respond in different locations to the building in case the bad guys were on the run, and with split second thinking, one turned in front of the other. Big deal, glad they are ok. I’ll contribute to new squad cars, not much, but a little.

  24. Brad J says:

    To the people who are criticizing the police. Have you count how many times they got to an emergency? No you have not. One time it went wrong, it happens. It shows police make mistakes too just like you do with your job. If you have never made a mistake, then make comments all you want, however everybody posting has made a mistake. To the people criticizing, stop being mean and thank a police officer next time you see one, that same officer may save your life one day.

  25. kathy says:

    I wonder if the officer was eating a donut while driving, they should check his blood content

  26. Billy says:

    Hopefully they didn’t spill their beer. Now that would have been a bad day.

  27. angry woman says:

    It is shame that police officers are risking their lives everyday, for some of these low class people leaving brainless comments. Some day if you needed a help from police officers, don’t bother, You don’t deserve to be save. Shove donut in your mouth, and take the bullets. All the crime start with disrespect!

  28. Sgt says:

    Can I put my bullet in Andy!

  29. Malinda says:

    Yea, I love it.
    Thats 1 point for the bank robbers and 0 points for the police. =D>

  30. whatever says:

    I dont know whats funnier the accident or all you morons arguing on here LMAO get a life!!!!

  31. whatever says:

    I dont know whats funnier the accident or all you fools yelling at each other LMAO

    GET A LIFE!!!

  32. concerned citizen says:

    so the citizens will have to pay for some young untrained police officers who didnt even get the robbers…ha

  33. adamn says:

    they both were prolly on there cell phone/computer and the department just doesnt want to tell us that

  34. beefman says:

    should read the article before making stupid comments. Both officers are long time veterans of the department. Fortunately for those of you who think tis is fun to joke about these brave men, they will be there for you when you need them. I am the father of a Roseville Police Officer. When I asked him why he wanted to join a profession that would put him in harms way every day he simply told me ” Someone has to do it”. Someone has to be the first one there or the first in the door when they dion’t know whats on the other side or even just be there for the little things. I hope he stays safe and he is there for you when you need him.

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