By Pat Kessler, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, in a rousing speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), accused President Obama of “ushering in socialism,” a rhetorical flourish that’s politically questionable.

But among Bachmann’s many claims, one stands out: Employment growth in the United States under President Obama.

“And when the only jobs that are growing are in government,” said the Tea Party favorite. “When that music ends, it is game over. And the game doesn’t end very well. ”

That’s simply FALSE.

Some public sector jobs are growing, but so are jobs in the private sector as the recession eases.

The latest U.S. labor statistics show private job growth is up, including manufacturing, retail and health care.

But Bachmann was not far off on another claim — on the record jobless rate.

“We are witnessing unemployment for 20 months in excess of 9 percent,” she said.

That’s TRUE.

Unemployment for January 2011 was down slightly from 9.4 percent to 9 percent. It set a record for the longest unbroken jobless rate above 9 percent since World War II.

That’s Reality Check.

Reality Check Sources
The Employment Situation – January 2011
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Employment Situation Summary
Career Guide to Industries, 2010-11 Edition
Payrolls in January

Comments (21)
  1. mark from says:

    PAT, WHY DO YOU SAY SHE LIED, WHERE IS YOUR PROOF? Did you take into consideration the people who stopped looking? Please goggle the largest employer in Minnesota, its the State of Minnesota

    1. St Paul says:

      Many jobs in MN fall under the umbrella of the State of MN. Many large corporations also have other companies that operate under these corporations but with a different name. Right now as far as I’m concerned, a job is a job. I’m glad to see folks are getting back to work in MN!! Think a bit possitive Mark!

    2. Lori says:

      Who cares what comes out of bachmans mouth? It’s all nonsense.

    3. Paul Solinger says:

      She stated, “The Only Job Growth is in Government”. That is patently false. Obviously there is job growth in the private sector as well, but that wouldn’t play well to the people Bachmann is preaching to. Your point that the state of Minnesota is the largest employer in Minnesota, whether it’s true or not, is irrelevant. Bachmann lied, period.

    4. Julie says:

      Oh Mark – You try so hard to make coherent statements about your beliefs. You are a prime example of the dumbing down of America your idols Palin and Bachmann espouse. Please reread the article. Pat never said that Michele lied, it was simply explained that one of the statements made could be proven false. If you read past the first lines, you would also have read that there was truth in another. Again, another example of a Teanderothol failing to communicate properly.

      1. mark from says:

        Oh Julie, When a person says its not the truth, what is it? A non truth or a lie? Hmmm makes me wonder how well you did in our public schools?

      2. jane says:

        Try again Mark. You’re almost up to completing a full sentence.

  2. travis says:

    these people (the crazy consevatives, not the level headed good ones) live in an alternate reality… don’t confuse them with the truth or with facts.

  3. Jon says:

    Bachmann is an embarrassment to mn. She should go work for tabloid news,oh I mean fox news. Palin wanna b.

  4. Pate says:

    Jeez,that’s an annoying picture of her! Look at that hole.

  5. TruthInScience says:

    @Jon, you hit the nail on the head! She’s a total embarrassment to the state of MN. Sad that we have so many goofballs that live in the sixth district that voted for this fool.

  6. Roger Wilson says:

    The current president is not to blanme. The former liberal presidents group is to blanme when it was decided that every person in America should have a house, whether they could afford it or not. This was the betinning of the big real estate bubble, which crashed in a big way leading to the current recission and painfully slow recovery.
    Having said that, there have been plenty of other greedy folks with their fingers in the pie that have taken more than their share of others net wealth over the last few years and have contributed to the current situation.

    1. lib says:

      Hi Roger, certainlly President Bush’s call to slow down Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were not heard. Check out who let this debacle happen, Barney Frank out of New York.

  7. The Crux of the Biscuit says:

    ““And when the only jobs that are growing are in government”, said the Tea Party favorite. “When that music ends, it is game over. And the game doesn’t end very well. ”

    Funny. Corporations are sitting on $2,000,000,000,000 (2 trillion) of dollars in increased profits but refuse to hire people in the U.S. The Republican party is owned by cororations. Tell your Corporate masters to hire more people or shut the F up.

  8. Gandolf says:

    Bachmann is a tool. But so are Franken and Ellison. Kloubachar is the only politician we ever hear about that is not an embarrassment to the state of MN. Fringe politics (again Bachmann, Franken and Elison) have no place in creating policy and solving problems.

  9. RR says:

    What a friggin’ idiot. She really needs to just shut her yap & go away….

  10. Kevin #2 says:

    Wouldn’t it be kind of fun though just to have her President for about 6 weeks just to see what she would do? I know it’s kind of morbid, but my God the country would be rolling on the floor in laughter for the entire time. And Republicans would probably find themselves outlawed as a political party for about the next 50 years.

    1. mark from says:

      At Kevin, Say how did that work out for the Liberals in 2010? LMAO

  11. Jill Loch says:

    We just got over being bombarded with Michelle Bachman’s ‘showwoman rhetoric’ in the media during the recent elections, despite the fact that we are not even in her district (we are in Mpls). Now she is starting again for president. Could we get a ‘7 second delay’ warning before we hear her or see her, so we can change the channel or press mute or get out of the room? The same goes for Sarah Palin. I know about freedom of speech–but how about freedom of sight and hearing? It is really nauseating. Thanks for listening.

  12. Lets get real foilks says:

    Interesting that all I hear from Bachman is how everything Obama does is not only bad, she makes it sound like he is destroying this county… and if we don’t act fast and if we don’t pound our fists, we are all going to die! Unless ofcourse we vote for a Repulican who will save the day. That is my take. It is easy to complain, easier to wave your arms and shout, it is much harder to come up with sollutions and answers. If she has any it is burired under her loud war cry. I don’t think Michelle can lead simply because of how she is acting.

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