By Esme Murphy

By Esme Murphy, WCCO-TV

Denny Hecker’s attorney made the point at sentencing that Denny Hecker was not like Tom Petters because for years he ran a legitimate business.

True, Petters had one business that was entirely fiction, made up goods, made up receipts. The only thing real was the million people invested with him.

But Denny Hecker and Tom Petters do share a characteristic. Their egos. Hecker admitted in court “my ego was so big I thought I could conquer anything.”

Tom Petters ego was so big he continued lying on the witness stand. Both men had gotten out of so many scrapes they thought they could talk their way out of dealing with the consequences of their crimes. But they couldn’t.

Denny Hecker looked like a broken man as he pleaded for “just 24 hours” with his children before the sentencing Judge. He said his “ego is long gone.”

His ego may have gotten him to the top of the car dealing world, but it lead him into a far worse legal predicament than he originally faced. Steven Leach was sentenced to two years and three months for doctoring the same document Hecker is accused of altering.

If Hecker had played by the rules he would have ended up with a lot less than the 10 years he will end up serving.

Esme Murphy

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  1. Tom says:

    he should have got life I know him he is a crook from a long time ago

  2. Tom says:

    well lets see you conquer jail Denny oh and by the way bubba is looking for you

  3. Unnamed says:

    Line up wall street!!! Jail for all of those crooks. And hsbc. And s and z of Burnsville. Hecker and letters were allowed to operate. Funny how people miss that!!! Blinders are on!!!

  4. Unnamed says:

    Sorry Petters!!!

  5. richard says:

    There is no difference between them. Both big time crooks….I’m 71 years old and have NEVER cheated anyone out of anything. I worked hard and only spent what I could afford. I sleep well at night knowing everthing I have, I earned. I bet there’s a lot more of these guys out there. I hope they get caught and prosecuted also. I read in todays paper that denny said he was “sorry”. I”m sure he’s sorry….. for getting caught.

  6. tony rozycki says:

    Interesting discussion about egos Esme! I’m not a psychologist nor expert on egos, and don’t disagree with you. How would you compare the size of Hecker & Petter’s egos with say the George Bushes, the Clintons, Obama, Jesus, Moses or Buddha? Is it the size of the ego compared to the size of a person’s good sense and/or conscience? I don’t know! Movie cop Harry Callahan said
    “a man has to know his limitations”. Like we always have faith in the movies not, but at least now think I understand that saying better. I know there are different sizes of egos, but they must be hard to measure?

  7. Good Luck Denny says:

    Can you imagine how messed up a love child of Denny Hecker & Michelle Bachman would be?

  8. Esme Murphy should be fired says:

    Esme, You should be ashamed. That interview you did with Denny (the uncut version) was totally a sham. At the point where you tell him “don’t worry, Denny, I will edit this” you completely lost credibilty. You pandered to him , but what is worse, is he is using you. he is such a total narcissist and now he is playing the victim card for himself and Christy. Your giving him airtime and soft ball sympathy questions is unconscionable as a journalist. You should be fired or at the very least recuse yourself from any more reporting on a man that you have an obvious bias for. (what is that about?????)

    1. Jackie says:

      Esme is, a great repoerter, she reports the facts and truth, your too hard on her. You must be a buddie of Heckers!!!!