MADISON, Wis. (AP) — University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers have developed a smart phone app for people dealing with addiction.

The system is called Addiction-CHESS, or A-CHESS, and gives users access to an online support group and counselors. A “panic button” allows the user to place a call for help with cravings or triggers, like people, places and things associated with drug or alcohol use.

A GPS feature sends an alert when the user gets near an area of previous drug or alcohol activity. A-CHESS also allows for real-time video counseling.

Tools and graphs help celebrate milestones in recovery.

Starting this month, 30 offenders in the Ayer Concord Drug Court Program in Massachusetts will test it for four months.

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  1. Enjoy the day says:

    That could be dangerous if the dope dealers tap into this technology. Hit 1 for an ounce, 2 for a.. ., 3 for a pizza…

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