By Edgar Linares, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — CBS Los Angeles reporter, Serene Branson is resting at home after suffering a health problem during a live broadcast.

During Branson’s post-Grammys report at the Staples Center she began saying, “Well a very…” and then began speaking gibberish. Broadcasters quickly cut away from the scene and went to video.

Paramedics quickly examined Branson and said her vitals were normal.

The video quickly went viral and brought up viewer concerns that she may have suffered a stroke.

Station officials at CBS L.A. released a statement saying she suffered from a health-related problem and has visited a doctor for more medical testing.

Minnesota Stroke Neurologist, Dr. Gustavo Rodriguez from the Hennepin County Medical Center, says she may not have suffered from a stroke but rather TIA or Transient Ischemic Attack.

“When there’s a TIA there’s a blood vessel that has been blocked then it opens up again,” said Rodriguez. “The blood flow is resorted.”

Rodriguez says this kind of attack could cause the same kind of slurred, garbled speech Branson had.

WCCO’s John Williams Interviews Neurologist, Dr. Gustavo Rodriguez

Comments (5)
  1. MinnesotaVegan says:

    “The blood flow is resorted.”? Is that similar to “The blood flow is restored.”? Did Dr. Rodriquez suffer a TIA during the interview?

    1. Blurrie says:

      Or perhaps the person typing this news story suffered a TIA

  2. stinky says:

    Maybe you need to look up the word resorted. (To go out again)

    1. MinnesotaVegan says:

      Do you really think the Doctor meant to say “The blood flow is to go out again”? Looks like a typo to me? Restored has been spelled wrong? Anyway, my Concise Oxford English Dictionary says “To go out again” is what the Old French “resortir” means, but it is not a current definition.