ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton is criticizing a plan for an alternative way to license new teachers that is now moving through the Legislature.

On Thursday, Dayton released a letter to the bill’s Senate sponsor, Sen. Gen Olson, a Republican from Minnetrista.

In it, Dayton says the bill doesn’t do enough to guarantee that teachers licensed under the proposal would have enough grounding in the subjects they will teach.

He says it is also essential that nonprofit groups that would be allowed to train new teachers partner with existing colleges of education. The bill currently has no such requirement.

Supporters say bringing new kinds of teachers to the classroom could help close the achievement gap between white students and racial minorities.

A message left at Olson’s Senate office was not immediately returned.

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Comments (16)
  1. Ignorance must be bliss says:

    Another useless bill that is just something that Sen. Olson can waive around and say “I’m doing something, look” and does not have to do real work. Is this what she ran for, I do not remember a campaign promise that said I would waste time and money on projects that have no real basis and are half finished.

    1. Papa K says:

      I agree … I think Dayton will have the record for using his red pen to veto a bunch of bills.

      The voice of the people … let’s compromise and quit trying to be playground bullies.

  2. paab says:

    We are closing the gap between horrible white students and minorities. It is so easy just go to the lowest common denominator and achieve that, which is exactly what teachers have been doing for 30 years and quite successfully. The whites are now as illitrate as the minorities.

    1. An Old Teacher says:


      Your email is rambling and incoherent and you spelled illiterate incorrectly. It seems you want to blame your teachers for where you are now in life. Life is a wonderful gift! Take responsibility for yourself and your world will get better.

  3. Joe says:

    Marx is protecting the union that got him elected.

  4. A current Teacher says:

    Forgive me, I did not read which school you are teaching at. Hopefully, on behalf of all students, you are not a teacher. And too bad, you are too unstable to be allowed into any school to observe what we do everyday.
    Anyone bashing teachers need to step up and volunteer in a school before making such sad commentary. Give me specific documentation! My students have names, lives, and futures. They deserve our time, talent, patience, and understanding. You will not “solve” the economic crisis by lowing my wages and making education unattractive for the next generation of teachers.

  5. Ron says:

    It is a fact that teachers on average have below average intelligence hence the old saying.(Those that can do and those that can’t teach).
    If the government was not stealing so much of my money I would find a better way to educate my own children like I had to do for myself.
    Public education is a sham.

    1. MN Teachers says:

      Simple people have a very easy time teacher-bashing. Having been a teacher now for two years, I can honestly say that you will not find a more dedicated, tireless group of bright individuals anywhere. Most of the teachers that I know had between 3.5 and 4.0 GPAs throughout graduate school and put in long, long hours. Teachers are responsible for backing their methods with peer-reviewed research, required to have a deep understanding of their students as people (and their socioeconomic context), as well as developing a sense of intrinsic motivation for learning. On top of living a life dedicated to their classroom, they are paid barely enough to support themselves, and are given a pink slip at the end of each school year (non-tenured teachers, specifically). My guess, Ron, is that the professionals that teach your children do more for them than you.
      It’s sad that you spout the “those who can’t do, teach” saying (however incomprehensibly you mangled it), because it demonstrates complete ignorance in how a teacher becomes a teacher. If you’ve ever taken a look at the four licensure exams that teachers are required to take, you’d know that educators are expected to demonstrate mastery over, not just superb teaching methods, but also the specifics of their content areas. You’d also know that poor writing mechanics, such as yours, wouldn’t even allow you through the doors of the most modest undergraduate teacher-training program. Shame on you, Ron.

  6. Dave says:

    HI Ron,

    Interesting, so it’s, “…a fact that teachers on average have below average intelligence….” Can you substantiate that claim? I’d be very interested to see the non-biased scientifically based study results that prove this. My guess is you can’t.

  7. Tom says:

    it is easy too sit there and put all the blame for this problem on the teachers but that is simply not true. It is just as much the parents responsibilty too make sure their kids get a good education. Their job is not too just simply drop their kids off at school or see them off on their bus and leave everything else up to the teacher. Public education is not a sham. For people who want too think that then send your kids to a private school and you can pay for it. But don’t be surprised if your kids come out more screwed up then when they went in.

  8. nomi says:

    I find it interesting that for every class room with one teacher 3 or 4 paras sit in the back of the class room and do nothing but watch…When I was in school there was a teacher and no paras if you were slow or not able to work up to par you went to a different school. Now they bring everyone down to the lowest level that way no one is left behind…of course no one get ahead either, we are raising a bunch of “pass them though the system kids.”

    1. Rachael in Minnetonka says:

      I find it fascinating that you can make such a ridiculous statement. I help out in 3 classrooms 4 days a week and have one room that has a para in it, the classrooms are 27-27-29 in size and the poor teachers are nearly going insane with it all. Parents drop kids off at 7:30am – class starts at 8:40am — have the time they don’t show up to get them before 5 either.
      So the teachers teach kids who haven’t slept, have not eaten, craving attention (hello parents – that’s your JOB), no homework done, bboks lost, not dressed for the weather (ever hear of a coat in the winter folks?), no boots, gloves, but the kids have treats stashed away in their bags of course that are candy bars, etc ….
      This nonsense in the schools goes right back to MOM and DAD and familiy support. Oh – I am talking about Minnetonka schools in case you are about to say innner city. The schools could and would do great if the parents just were parents and not looking to everyone else to do their jobs. To hard – let the system raise them so I can play or work or … God knows what.

      1. Rachael in Minnetonka says:

        sorry for typos – some of you folks are so clueless you rattle me to no end

  9. Claudette says:

    I find it interesting that many of these comments are generalizations. There are fantastic teachers, fantastic public education systems, and students who are succeeding. Lets look at positive examples and learn from them!!! Bashing does not promote quality change.

  10. Ernie Watson says:

    “It is a fact that teachers on average have below average intelligence hence…… .” Ron

    This sure sounds like a Cliff Kleven cliche.

  11. Ryker says baloney says:

    I suspect many who bash teachers are themselves stunted at some level or had a lousy time themselves in school and maybe failed themselves or family.
    Bashers are a dime a dozen – failures in their lives most likely. Shame

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