By Angela Davis, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s easy to fall into a routine when it comes to getting dressed for work. Men, in particular, sometimes go for the same look over and over again.

This week, the WCCO This Morning crew is trying to help everyone break out and try something new when it comes to clothes.

A trend specialist from Mall of America showed Kerry McNally what to look for in a business suit and tie, as well as business casual outfits.

Sara Rogers chose a Joseph Abboud gray suit for Kerry and, once again, reminded us that gray is the color of the season, and perfect for winter and spring.

She also noted the best cut.

“We stayed with the slim suit. It’s all about the slim suit for the guys. Not skinny or the boxy suit. It’s got the double vent in the back,” said Rogers. “I went with a pop of color in the shirt, a beautiful purple.”

She also added a gray scarf to give the outfit a European look.

“Let’s talk about your shoes, because one of the things for guys is that you can wear brown shoes with the gray,” she said.

As for neckties, paisley is all the rage right now. And with shirts, Rogers said that gingham is one of the hottest patterns of the season.

Rogers layered it with a V-neck sweater. She said an untucked shirt, in this context, is actually good.

With jeans, Rogers said they should be dark denim if you are wearing them to work on business casual day. Straight leg, slim-fit are best.

All the items that Kerry tried on were from Bloomingdale’s at Mall of America.

Outfit 1
Joseph Abboud 2 pc. medium grey suit $695
Cognac Bloomingdales belt $49.50
Joseph Abboud blue paisley tie $79.50
Hugo Boss blue/purple pinstripe button up $155
Cole Haan saddle tan oxford shoe $198
Outfit 2
Joseph Abboud 2 pc. medium grey suit $695
Cognac Bloomingdales belt $49.50
Hugo Boss purple button up $155
Black, grey and ivory Bloomingdales scarf $125
Cole Haan saddle tan oxford shoe $198
Michael Kors grey v-neck with purple collar $95
Outfit 3
Joe slim fit straight leg Brixton denim $158
Toupe suede Men’s store Bloomingdales boot $195
Maroon gingham Bloomingdales button up $75
Michael Kors maroon v-neck $87.50
Joeseph Abboud maroon tie $79.50

See the slideshow here.

On Friday, it’s Natalie Kane’s turn. Rogers will help her exploring business casual outfits for women.

  1. And that's what I have to say about that says:

    This guy wins the Major Putz award at WCCO. Everything’s a joke to him and he has to attempt to be a comedian at everything he touches. He reports on the most mundane, uninspiring “stories” imaginable and, with his touch of sick humor, he can have you upchucking your biscuits in a matter of minutes. Oops, I stand corrected. He wins the Minor Putz award at WCCO; whoever hired him wins the Major Putz award.