NEW ULM, Minn. (AP) — There’s heavy spring flooding in the forecast for Brown County in south-central Minnesota, so the county emergency management department is gearing up.

The Journal of New Ulm reports that on Tuesday the Brown County Emergency Management Department will formally ask county commissioners to authorize the purchase of 20,000 sand bags.

County staff members say they need to act now because sand bags are harder to get when the flooding starts.

The county highway department has been stockpiling sand bags for years, but the flooding last fall depleted the supply. Staff members say sand bags cost between 13 cents and 20 cents each.

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Comments (5)
  1. WT? says:

    Slow news day at CCO?

  2. Hauenstein says:

    As a resident of New Ulm this is news idjut

  3. WT? says:

    If you’re a resident of New Ulm, it shouldn’t be news at all, you should know the flood is coming. The whole state is expecting major floods, why are you so special? Go plan another Fest, bigger idjut

  4. No Doubt! says:

    How true! The drunks peeing in the bushes after BockFest will cause a bigger flood than the MN River! Are you buying sandbags for the Brewery Road?

  5. Thain Dikkers says:

    Just wondering when the city council will get their heads out of the sand. Their inaction has depressed property values along valley and front street. Building permits should never have been issued for the flood plain lots but their greed for property taxes and building permit dollars was more important. Try to approach the city council about what action they are planning for the floods and they will give you empty sand bags and tell you to find a contractor that will sell you the sand.

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