By Jason DeRusha, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Chipotle Mexican Grill fired 450 employees in Minnesota after a federal immigration raid. Chipotle disclosed the number in a filing last week with the Securities and Exchange Commission. So, if one company can have that many undocumented employees, how many undocumented workers are there in Minnesota?

“Well, there are estimates,” said Katherine Fennelly, a professor at the Humphrey School for Public Policy at the University of Minnesota.

Fennelly researches the economic impact of immigrants in Minnesota and points out how difficult it is to get good data on the number of undocumented workers.

“The estimates are that right now about 85,000 individuals who may be undocumented in Minnesota,” she said, “and that’s down maybe 23 percent from the estimate in 2007.”

Not all those who are here illegally are working, of course, but U.S. Census research indicates that most of those who are undocumented come to the U.S. to work. Most of them end up in the work force.

“People say, ‘Why don’t they get in line?’ But if you’re someone with low levels of education, there’s no line to get into,” said Fennelly.

In Minnesota, undocumented workers tend to work in hospitality (restaurants and hotels), food processing (turkey and meat packing plants) and horticulture, she said.

“The Immigrations and Customs Service issues very, very few visas to low-skilled workers on an employment basis,” she said. “We’re not issuing the visas for the workers we need.”

Most employment visas go to highly-skilled workers, even though the demand for low-skilled workers is one that is apparently not being met by U.S.-born workers.

If what happened at Chipotle happened to the tens of thousands of undocumented Minnesota workers, Fennelly said, “I think it would be an extraordinary hit to our economy when the economy is fragile as it is.”

Undocumented workers do pay sales and excise taxes on goods, alcohol and gasoline. Also, while our U.S.-born population grows older and gets more educated, the number of low-skilled jobs is on the rise.

“We have fewer workers who are of an age they can take the jobs we’re talking about. Some of these jobs take a lot of physical endurance,” she said.

Some question the estimate of 85,000 undocumented workers.

The Wilder Foundation Research noted that Minnesota has a lower percentage of Latino immigrants compared to other states (30 percent in Minnesota compared to nearly 50 percent national average), which could have a severe impact on the number of undocumented workers in the state.

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  1. Irish says:

    Undocumented workers? You mean people who have entered the US illegally right? Every article I read on illegal immigration tries to blur the line with the word immigration or worker. This is an attempt to confuse, trick or outright deceive the reader.
    Immigration is a good thing, It’s orderly,safe and productive. Illegal immigration is dangerous to our health,safety and well-being because we can’t track shot records,criminal records or any other dangerous info.
    But hey, if you want to get an estimate, just find out how many illegal are receiving state/government assistance

    1. V says:

      None…. ZERO, in the state of Minnesota you need to be a citizen to be able to get Food stamps, medical assistance, if you don’t believe me, go and apply to the welfare office, they demand a US passport or birth certificate to prove that you are a citizen….

      1. Americans 2nd says:

        just have a child here, they have a birth certificate, and they apply for benefits for the child.

    2. V says:

      Yes, the child is an American citizen, the CHILD woulg get health care, so that doesn’t mean mom and dad would….

      1. Randy says:

        Illegals bankrupted California largely by $Billions spent paying Medicaid in Hospital Emergency Rooms. That’s all Illegals – not just anchor babies – cutting in front of taxpaying citizens with life threatening injuries and illness. And that’s just healthcare. Taxpaying citizens pay and pay and pay for Illegals. And now with the Obama Administration permanently MIA on the issue, states are left to themselves to fight the invasion and stay solvent. The WI teacher union strike probably wouldn’t be happening if WI taxpayers weren’t paying for Illegal’s. Look what’s happening in those states with the largest Illegal populations. That will soon be happening in every state.

      2. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

        But the rental assistance, and food stamps are all based on FAMILY size. Therefore, if Mom has 4 kids already and brings them all in and has another one here, she gets benefits based on a family of 6 (or 7, IF Dad is with them). Sure, only the child gets Medical Assistance (MN program of Medicaid) but the rest of the family can just go to the emergency room for everything else. So, YES, they ALL get free medical care.

  2. Randy says:

    Your good question tonight about workers fired from Chipotle Restaurant is actually about Illegal Aliens, not “undocumented workers”. They don’t have identification documents and are not immigrants because they are in this country illegally. They should be deported immediately. Chipotle is still in business with American citizens filling the jobs left after firings which is the way it should have been in the first place.

    1. V says:

      Yes, I will love to get a hold of those turn arounds number from chipotle, my gues is that American citizens will held that job no more than a month and then quit or even better get fired so they can collect Unemployment… and welfare…

      1. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

        A worker who quits, CANNOT collect unemployment benefits! Apparently V, you are Hispanic, or a sympathizer of people who do illegal acts! Many Americans are happy to get a job — any job — especially these days. As to the Chipotle Restaurant, my guess is that the vast majority of those hired to “replace” the illegal aliens are still there. Americans know how to work and work hard. How dare anyone suggest otherwise!

      2. V says:

        I never indicated that us americans don’t like to work and work hard… I am just saying that WE need the cheap labor to keep cost down…. and I am sorry but my generation won’t work for pennies anymore, because that is what we are taught at school… we want the big bucks… and again I am not ready to pay 20.00 for a chipotle burrito, and that is how much they will have to be, in order to pay 15.00 an hour that the american demands…. I am not hispanic, I like immigration and I would love to see you or me going to the farms and collect produce and get paid by the basket we collect…. yeah right, or cleaning toilets, oh I am sorry that is why we have the somali population in here…. but guess what they won’t work cause they are to busy praying, and I have heard it before, they won’t jeopardize their religion because of money, money, the goverment will have to give it to me….

      3. V says:

        And i never said quit to get unemployment, I said even better get fired so they can collect the unemployment…. I happen to work for staffing, and that is the answer that I get from most of my applicants, i make more money on unemployment that I will do working… so have at it, that is what irates me….

  3. Irish says:

    Why do they always try to trick, deceive or outright mislead the reader by trrying to blur the lines between the word immigration,undocumented worker or worker? It illegal immigration. They have entered this country illegally.

    Immigration is great for our society, but illegal immigration is bad for our society.

  4. Victim Du Jour says:

    I know a woman in Northern Europe trying to get a work visa in the United States, and she says the United States has very strict rules and it’s very difficult.

    Is it racism? If you are from Europe, the State Department can deny work visas, but if you are from South or Central America it’s easy to come here and work.

    Obviously, Someone is being selective on who can come here and work.

    1. tiredandretired says:

      Who’s easiest to take advantage of?

      1. Victim Du Jour says:

        She has advanced Education in Music composition.

        Why is it so hard for people from Europe to move here? Shouldn’t immigration policy be universal for all countries?

    2. Sb says:

      Perhaps the US makes it difficult for Europeans to work here because they make it difficult for American’s to work there. When my cousin was sent to Europe (Switzerland) to work the company had to prove there were no qualified citizens (applicants or consultants) there to do the job.

    3. betty says:

      A similair thing I know too. I friend of mine lives in Poland and he has tried several times to get a work visa and keeps getting turned down. I believe this is racism. If you are of Northern European/Eastern your odds of getting a work visa is almost impossoble.

      1. SGY says:

        It’s not racism, because it has nothing to do with the racial superiority, or inferiority of race. If its anything, blame the European Union, as Sb said, in Europe, Europeans come first in order for work, and below that, the specific countries.

  5. Ron says:

    We have a unemployment rate in this state. Hmmm that means there are people unemployed. Perhaps the reason ” americans wont take these jobs” i sbecause they are paying starvation wages. Get rid of the illegals. The jobs will get filled. The days of the pennys on the dollar labor is over…

    What part of illegal dont the elitists understand.

    1. S. D. Jones says:

      You make a good point. Companies know that they have to pay Minnesotans a fair wage and with the influx of illegals. They hire them at near slave labor cost. Entry level jobs are for young adults to get the experience or work for education. Has anybody recently scene the unemployment rate of the 17 to 25 yr olds? I believe they are the hardest hit and the least informed and helped.

      1. Dee says:

        Our 17 to 25 year olds are lazy. Deal with it. This is what we have turned our society into. A bunch of video game playing, whining, lazy people. And since people like you don’t have a clue on the reality of immigration I think you should get out there and work one of the jobs that immigrants work and then give an honest opinion. Get real.

      2. Nancy says:

        I do not know very many 17 – 25 year olds who really wan to work! It is much easier to say they can’t find work, where the heck are they looking? and how much do they want to make at that age??? the same wage as someone who has been in the work field for years, these kids are spoiled and lazy

      3. Joey says:

        “17-25 year olds are lazy.” Wow. Speak for the ones you know. I’m 27 and every friend I had growing up from 17-25 worked and went to school. Free time was spent going out and playing video games on occasion. Gotta look at the big picture and not just your neighborhood. What fun is 17-25 if you have $0 anyway.

      4. SY says:

        I’m 21, an Eagle Scout, and unemployed, with a degree from one of the top three Liberal Arts schools in the country. We are the hardest hit. Why? Companies want specific majors now for positions, or “three months experience with the public.”

        Something is wrong with this nation when a high school student gets a bank teller position, and the university grad with far more experience gets the shaft.

    2. Dee says:

      That is so not true. If you get rid of the illegals businesses will close. Where I work there are always job openings. Who applies for and fills them? Not any one local I can tell you that. Our work force is approximately 50% hispanic. They come to work everyday, do the crappy jobs and don’t whine. Local people come in and work for a day or two then quit. Our society has grown lazy. No one wants to do the hard jobs anymore. Does everyone not realize that if these jobs don’t get done, the piece of cake jobs are going to go also?
      Wake up and smell the immigration people?

      1. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

        The propaganda that the businesses will close is just that — propaganda! Chipotle is still open, aren’t they??!! And Hormel, too!! Perhaps where you work, they skimp on safety tandards, etc. Yes, Americans won’t put up with that kind of thing. And if they call OSHA in, they know they will be FIRED! It isn’t that Americans won’t do the hard jobs. It’s a matter of these companies don’t give a rats petutudy about the workers, putting the worker’s safety in jeopardy, and then say the workers complain. I’ve seen it over and over again!

        Go ahead, Dee, and support people who do illegal acts. Just don’t call the police then when your house is robbed. Robbery is no different in illegality than illegal immigration. Illegal is illegal! THAT is what people object to! Why can’t people like you ever understand that??!!

    3. V says:

      So are you ready to pay 20.00 for a burrito??? I am not, I am sorry but I couldn’t afford that… not even with my Office job, and I happen to make good money! So get a clue, we need the cheap labor so we can maintain cheap things in the market

      1. Americans 2nd says:

        the labor isn’t cheap, they don’t pay taxes but get big returns because they have a lot of kids, they work cheap, then collect food stamps, heat assistance, medicare, housing assistance etc. Please look at the whole picture. The taxpayer is subsidising the businesses expenses- and do the businesses also get a govt kickback for hiring a minority worker? yes

      2. V says:

        Get your facts straight, they can not collect unemployment, they can’t access healthcare, food stamps or any type of welfare, since the welfare office requires proof of citizenship, if you don’t believe me go and apply for any of this, and they will ask you for a US Passport or Birth certificate as proof of citizenship

      3. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

        The welfare office CANNOT ask for birth certificates from all the family members. ALL they need is ONE child to be born here and the whole family gets benefits because benefits are paid on the basis of FAMILY SIZE. YOU are the one who need to get the facts straight! I don’t know anyone who ever has had to show proof of citizenship when they have applied for welfare. I think your “fact” is based on hearsay; if it’s based on your own personal experience, then let us know what state and county you are from. Won’t do that? I thought so — because your “fact” just is NOT true!,

      4. V says:

        it is a true statement, I happen to need medical assistant, and i went down to the hennepin county welfare office in downtown minneapolis, I had my driver’s license and they said that is not enough, I need a US passport or birth certificate to proof citizenship, since only citizens can access public help…. so you get your facts straight… I also know by many people that have been on welfare, that when the whole family needs help, they demand to see paperwork as well, so again, do a little bit of research… unless you are african american, then you get all you want to for as long as you want to, and sure you can even go an collect benefits from the state you are originally from

        1. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

          Yes, I agree. ONLY citizens can access public help. The child born here can get the assistance. The assistance is based on family size. The other family members are NOT required to “show papers”, i.e. birth certificates. YOU are mistaken on THAT point! I checked with my local county before posting this comment. Have YOU checked with yours?

  6. Victim Du Jour says:

    I know most European countries are very strict too. I know a woman who was required to speak Swedish for a temp work visa in Sweden. And when it expired, she had to come back to Minnesota.

    Corporate run fascist media uses this as a wedge issue to make the GOP look bad. While other countries enforce strict work visa policies, they make the false impression our government is picking on Mexicans.

    Corporate run fascist media race baiting for ratings, and inciting racial tension for a political advantage.

    1. Lupe Illego says:

      Corporations are trying to make the GOP look bad? Seriously?

      1. SY says:

        The corporate fascist *media*.

  7. Big D says:

    99.9% of restaurants in the state have illegals working in the kitchens… Prime example “Denny’s Restaurant in Apple Valley”. All the cooks are mexican and most are illegal…

    1. strudelman says:

      And you know that how?

    2. Garcia is American. says:

      You base this one what? Because they’re tan and speak Spanish? I did not know that meant one is from Mexico and here illegally. I guess my kids and husband need to leave the country. Woo hoo! I speak some Spanish but I’m as white as bread. Safe!

  8. Silence Dogood says:

    Victim, it’s not that the gov’t LETS people from Mexico and S. America come here more easily. They sneak in and then once they’re here the gov’t just thinks it sounds suspiciously like effort would be required to do their job and round them all up and then deport them back to where they came from. It’s common sense: big companies like making money. They make money when they hire poor unskilled labor as opposed to offering a decent wage for their hard-working employees and not getting a 7-figure income for themselves. So they drop a few grand into the right politicians’ campaign funds and lookithat… now they’re not so interested in stopping the flow of that cheaper illegal labor force.

    1. Victim Du Jour says:

      Yeah, but the corporate run fascist media wants to make the false impression Mexicans are the only ones on the planet being singled out by immigration policies, while other countries are enforcing much more strict immigration laws, and the United States is kicking out and denying people from European Countries.

      Mexicans are being used by media fascists to incite racial tension on TV.

      1. Todd W. Olson says:

        And that’s your job, VD! I can understand that you don’t like the competion from the media…

  9. Michele says:

    You see them all over, our landscaping service Outdoor Image in Hastings, Minnesota has many Mexican workers

    1. FARIDE12 says:

      and they do a great job …

      1. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

        Whether or not they do a good job is not the point. The point is: Are they here legally? DUH!!

  10. Dmedic69 says:

    My god you people have it all blown out proportion. Let me ask you you this do any of you want to go out and pick produce. You don’t get paid hrly you get paid by the bushel you pick. Most of the hispanics I have met are extremeley nice and very hard workers. They work harder and faster than most Americans. Most of the jobs they do americans don’t want. True they do get paid less alot of the time and thier willing to work for because to them it is good money. You want to fix the problem allow them to get work visa’s and then corperations will have to pay fair wages. Also bring U.S. production back to the US. I’ll tell you I worked as tow driver for yrs and it was hispanics that gave me tips not white people

    1. Mr T says:

      Nice and hard working have nothing to do with anything. I mean seriously, illegal is illegal. I had an uncle that was a great guy, except he robbed banks.
      From a security standpoint we need to know who is in this country. From an economic standpoint, our prisons are breaking at the seams. From a health standpoint, we have no idea if people are bringing in serios diseases.
      Immigration is great, we need it and love it and maybe it needs to be adjusted to give more citizenship, but we need orderly and economic sanity here

      1. V says:

        Serious diseases???? that is all you can argue? where do you think this people come from, my guess is that you have never leave the USA and have no clue of what is out there…. before you open you mouth, get a little bit of education!

      2. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

        V, he had other points, too. Take the time to read the WHOLE comment, and then don’t just point out one thing you think is the weakest argument. They can afford to take lesser wages because they are often paid in cash. Pay Americans in cash, don’t deduct for taxes, or anything else, and Americans could work for lesser wages, too! V, I’ve visited and lived in foreign countries. Yes, there are serious diseases out there that could be brought in. Did you know that when people went through Ellis Island, they could not leave the island if they were sick, and until they were well? Our porous borders IS a national security issue, as our own government has pointed out. I think it’s YOU who needs to get some education on the immigration issue!

        I agree, Mr. T. Illegal is illegal. Some people just can’t seem to understand that there are some of us out here that don’t condone breaking the law. Let them pay for the housing of prisoners then. I don’t like my tax money used that way, but I’m not in favor of killing them all, either, so I’m stuck with supporting them in prison.

      3. V says:

        SERIOUS ILLNESSES…. LOL… LOL….LOL… that is the most pathetic argument I have ever heard…

        1. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

          Obviously, you STILL have NOT read the whole comment! LOL LOL LOL THAT is pathethic!!! LOL LOL LOL

    2. FARIDE12 says:

      and you are telling the true, the work so hard and do the job that a lot of us born people won’t do, now imagine if they all leave the country all imigrants who would do their jobs (NO BODY ) the country would go down hill and i think that is all what is going to take for them to realized that ths country needs Imigrants and they need visas to work and feel FREE not hide all the time ….

    3. bob says:

      They take landscaping jobs, painting jobs, and the next time when you go to a favorite place to eat, look at the help. Mexicans. Dont’ use the “they take jobs no one else wants, that is BS.”

      1. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

        You’ve got that right, bob. I know plenty of citizens who would do the jobs they are doing, even BEFORE the recession!

  11. kyah says:

    US is no longer an American’s dream because people start to look for low-wage jobs that they had never done before. Thanks to the Rich Republicans for shipping jobs oversea, China becomes an American’s dream


    1. Sam I am says:

      @ Kyah – it hasn’t been the republican’s in control for the past 40 years, the majority of the time it was the Democrats. If the Democrats wouldn’t insist on such high corporate taxes those jobs would still be here.

      If company is being charged 100,000 in corporate taxes in the US and 0 in India, where do you think they are going to go.

      1. Sam I Aint says:

        Would you rather live in a country like India?

      2. dmedic69 says:

        Do realize how far fetched that is. Corperations get tax breaks for out sourcing the work. Why would they want to pay wages plus benefits plus vaction to 200 people when the can pay 1/4 of the wages to 300 to do the work. Call for technical support on PC sometime, have an issue with your mortgage youget som fool in India that only knows what is written down for him

  12. Jay says:

    Immigration is not great. Our country is bursting at the seams. Close down the borders and stop letting everyone in. we need to take care of our own for once and stop putting a hand out to every othe country.

  13. Lowell says:

    If the estimate of 85,000 is even close, by eliminating this illegal sector, our local unemployment problem would look a lot brighter. Granted, these may not all be our dream job, but when it comes down to feeding our family and maintaining some dignity, I would consider anything. Let’s clean house and stop kissing butt!

  14. deportthemall says:

    There are a lot of high school and college kids out there that would do the jobs the illegals have taken away. Summer jobs, restaurant, hotels……that is their bread and butter while going to school. To say these jobs are hard to fill is B.S. These people need to go home, after all, this country already sent Mexico a ton of jobs.

    1. FARIDE12 says:

      You are wrong , the only jobs kids wll take is McDonlds, Wendys and yeah restaurats too but tell me would they go nd pick up Veggies and fruits orwork in fill all summer long and depending on the state all day long getting paid only $3 o $4 dolars an hr with no insurance I DON’T THINK SO would you let your kids doit or would you do it your self ..

      1. Mr man says:

        we have thousands of people in jail. ever heard of the old chain gangs…they don’t want this work well guess what you have jails full of people that should work for thier keep. Get the illegals out and get the prisoners to work!

  15. linda says:

    These companies should get Huge fines for illegals working there. Yes, the jobs will get filled. Believe it or not, a lot of Americans do want these jobs. Also, do you realize TENS of thousands violent criminals come thru the Mexican border each year? The immigrants that do work here legally WE have to pay their health insurance. They get to work here and WE pay their health insurance. I get $10 hr & pay about $650.00 health insurance for my family. My husband gets more money than me but his company is so small it doesn’t offer health insurance at that LOW rate. I’m tired of the increase every few years & my wages don’t go much higher & paying for everyone else.

    1. V says:

      have you heard of the website…. come and take my job, all os this farms in the south challenge people and say, you want my job, come and take it… how many applications they got in a month 4, only 4 people got the courage to go and work the fields, so don’t tell me that immigrants do the dream job that every american will like to have, and while you are on the internet, google americans, mexicans are also americans, they are from the same continent we are,,, AMERICA

      1. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

        V, this is the last comment I’m going to make in reply to one of yours as I now realize you believe Mexicans, and any peoples South of our border are AMERICANS!!! OMG!! How ludicrist! Americans are ONLY those who are citizens of the United States of AMERICA!!! Anything else you have to say is worthless since you believe even those who live in Honduras are Americans! WOW! Talk about ignorance! You get the prize in THAT category!!!

      2. V says:

        Ignorance???? really… where are they from… the american continent right??? so therefore they are americans…. so let me ask you this…. and england person might be european, but an italian wouldn’t??? you are one of those people so lost in translation, that think that being born in United States of America is the only pure and good thing you can have…. good I will love to argue with you, but you are not a my level… I am not going to down to your level to explain more…. like it or not, Illegals are here and not going anywhere…. if you don’t like immigration, then you should pack and leave too… since you are as much of an immigrant, than any other kids that was born here but parents, grandparents, great grandparents were immigrants…

  16. linda says:

    That’s $650.00 A MONTH for health insurance !

  17. abf1 says:

    Just have to love the PC correct “undocumented workers” instead of the true name, CRIMINAL. Using the term “undocumented worker” is like calling a drug dealer an “unlicensed pharmacist”. These people are here illeaglly, there is no if and or but about it. Time to get tough and bounce them so the millions of unemployed can get back to work.

  18. jeff says:

    who pays for their health care? when they go to the e r , who does the hospital send the bill to? i believe that is just another reason for our high health costs. here’s an idea, the gov. can create jobs in 2 ways. homeland security by hiring more people to audit companies with more than 10 employees, fine those companies 50,000 dollars, that must be paid within 30 days or they start to get their property and accounts seized. this will pay for the cost of the new homeland security jobs and create new job openings that the illegals will be loosing. think about it, 2 illegals caught each year by each new auditor will bring in 100,000 dollars, more than enough to cover their cost and create 2 new jobs for for unemployed to take.

  19. Bobby says:

    The employment is only a minor portion of the problem. With the illegals, or legals, taking these jobs brings other costs to the tax payers. EBT, assisted housing, health care, school lunches, cell phone allowance etc. If you knew what this alone costs the payer every month, you’d loose your lunch on the spot! It’s not only Mexicans either. We have the largest Somali and Hmong population in the country. Not all are anchors, but a lot are. One confusing aspect is how can one afford to drive an Escalade on $8/hour? The next time you cruise Lake St, look around. Why do these people need a $60K vehicle to go pick up their free groceries? Time to clean house people! Clear the hen house of these liberal politicians who are wasting our hard earned money!

    1. what a fool believes says:

      You know illegals don’t get many of the tings you’ve stated.

    2. V says:

      Illegals can’t access any of that, if you don’t believe me go and apply for EBT, Health care and Cash assistance, and believe me they ask you for a US Passport or Birth certificate as proof of citizenship…. so don’t come and tell me Illegals have all of these, they work hard sometime 2 or 3 jobs to support their families they have

      1. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

        V, you should know by now that all they have to do is have a baby. Then all the assistance is available. No, I don’t believe you that “they ask you for a US Passport or Birth certificate as proof of citizenship” because I know for a FACT that is not true! Sure, some may work hard. But many more on a welfare program, or several of them. You do NOT know what you are talking about!!!

      2. V says:

        I do know what I am talking about…. again i just went and apply for healt care assistant, and they DEMANDED to see my US passport, or birth certificate as a proof of citizenship… and that happened on hennepin county, Century plaza… on February 11th of 2011 so don’t tell me that I don’t know what I am talking about…. you should do a research and find out more information before you say things, that clearly you don’t know

        1. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

          Of course, they asked YOU for proof of citizenship. That IS what they ask for from all who get aid. The child born here has a birth certificate. Obviously the child doesn’t have a passport or driver’s license! DUH!!! Then the child gets medical assistance. The rest of the benefits are based on family size. THAT is how the rest of the family, all illegal, get aid, too. Do you understand now? I think I’ve explained this at least twice before! Sheez!

  20. Close the boarder says:

    I worked for a company in Eagan who makes airline equipment I was forced to hire illegalls when I refused they said I would be fired we paid them cash, this happen all the time all over the U.S. When they got arrested they would be back a month or two later.

    1. what a fool believes says:

      Then report the company to ICE.

  21. Momma of 2 says:

    Dee – Not ALL 17 to 25 years old are lazy and fall into your beliefs. When I was in that age group – which wasn’t all that long ago; I worked a 40 hour per week job to raise my two children! I can guarantee there are 30 to 60 years old that are “lazy” too and don’t have ambition to get out there and make something of their life.

    Ignorance is bliss!

  22. Barney says:

    Raise the pay a bit. Lower the welfare benefits a bit. You’ll find people who’ll take the job. Everyone can quickly figure out what’s to their own best advantage. As long as welfare is better than a paying job they’ll take welfare.

  23. Sick and Tired says:

    I worked for a hotel were it was obvious that most of the housekeepers had been illegal, and the paperwork was fake, but came up valid. One thing to do is get rid of the Welfare that we are paying to the half of the people that are abusing the system, and then stop the illegal immigrants from working, and it would be amazing how much money we would save by getting rid of that system, and putting them to work in the jobs that these illegals had? Why is it that it makes sence to the common man on how to cut out things in the budget, but our people we elect don’t know how?

  24. Jeana says:

    It’s easy for all of us to say “pay a fair wage and people will take the jobs.” But would you be willing to pay $12 for a chipotle burrito? Are you willing to pay $3 for a head of lettuce? Or how about $8.00 a gallon for milk? Like it or not, the illegals help keep our costs down b/c they are willing to work for such a low wage. It sucks to think about – but we all benefit from the illegal workforce. Take it away – and you’ll see the trickle “up” effect through higher food prices, higher hotel room prices (have to pay the maids), higher restaurant prices, etc. Are you willing to pay that price? Honestly, I’m not. I haven’t gotten a raise in 3 years and can’t afford to eat at Chipotle the way it is.

    So while I hate the idea of illegal immigrants and the problems they bring, I realize this is America’s dirty secret: we really do need them here.

    1. shelly says:

      Jeana……………….NO WE DONT USE PRISONERS

      1. Jeana says:

        And if they did use prisoners – which ones would they use? The murderers, pimps, drug dealers or rapists? Or how about the child molesters? Or maybe just the petty thieves. Or the identity thieves. ‘Cuz we could trust them to handle cash, checks & credit card info … seriously, not a well-thought-out argument, Shelly. If we did follow your plan, you’d then complain when something went terribly wrong …

      2. V says:

        So you telling me that you will like your burrito made by a sex offender, that is probably masturbating by watching you at the counter and touching himself when he goes to the bathroom, or the murderer or the thief to be the maid of your hotel and steel everything you own, while you are at the Mall of America shopping…. LOL, get a clue, we need the immigrants

      3. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

        We don’t need immigrants. That’s just propaganda and scare tactics. It’s not too hard to see that IF you look at the real problem — the federal governments lack of enforcement since Reagan (and before, obviously) gave the amnesty back in the ’80’s. Who does the lack of enforcement benefit? The illegals and corporate America. Who lines the pockets of Congress? Corporate America!

  25. bob says:

    Two years ago I accepted a position. When I gave my SSN to the HR manager I recieved a call 2 days later stating that they could not match my SSN with the records to verify that was allow to legally work in the USA. I had to provide the correct number within 24 hours and if I did not they would send me home until they could verify my number. The last numbers of my SSN were switched, a minor mistake. What I don’t understand is how these big corporations like Chipolete and even McDonald’s are hiring people illegal?

    1. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

      bob, the illegals use other people’s social security numbers — even dead people and children. The identity theft is rampant amont illegals.

  26. shelly says:

    we have thousands of people in jail. ever heard of the old chain gangs…they don’t want this work well guess what you have jails full of people that should work for thier keep. Get the illegals out and get the prisoners to work!

      1. Richard Head says:

        It’s not that I’m against immigration. But I feel the regulations need to be tightened up a bit. I feel that before someone immigrates over here and later brings the whole family of 99 more to end up on social service, there should be at least one family member that completes a full term in the military. If they can earn an honorable discharge, then you have earned your citizenship.
        Another concern is so many of these immigrants have a lot of kids. I say if you can’t support one of your kids on your own, then why have ten more that the tax payer has to support? I know some with 11 kids, but no job! Is this neccesary? My wife and I wanted more kids, but couldn’t afford to. I have a good job and so does she, but we pay our bills and buy our food. I pay for health insurance and my son’s school lunches. It all adds up. If I wouldn’t have all these monthly obligations, I would be driving an Escalade too and be smoking Cuban cigars!
        It seems that there are a lot of people out there that have had enough of this liberal crap. What used to be “Minnesota Nice” has transformed into “Minnesota Naive”…..

  27. Garcia is American. says:

    Just reading through the postings. A lot of ignorance on display. Speaking Spanish is not a sign of being illegal. It’s a sign of bilingualism. Being tan is not a sign of being illegal. It’s a sign of being white, Hispanic. Yes, many Hispanics are considered white. You don’t like it, too bad, blame Europe. So many of you presume the tan person speaking Spanish is an illegal. Not just an immigrant but an illegal one. How do you know they’re an immigrant? Maybe they’re from Texas or Florida. Heck, even QB Tony Romo is from Wisconsin. That’s right, he’s Hispanic. Why is okay for your Great Grandma to have handed down the German language but not okay for a Nana to have done the same for her kids and grandkids. Hispanics were writing on cave walls in the southwest long before our forefathers were even on the boats to cross the Atlantic.

    1. Richard Head says:

      You mean Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead? Yep, he was.

      1. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

        It’s fine for native language and customs to be “handed down” as long as the immigrant learns English and assimilates. THAT is NOT too much to expect!!!

  28. mike says:

    We have lots of unskilled workers who are ableboddied enough to do manual labor. But we pay them to wait for a “dignified” job and import labor to do those “jobs nobody wants”. Until the surplus of unskilled labor drys up, the wages will remain substandard. by the way, Minneapolis is a sanctuary city. Mr Rybek needs the votes. Remember, folks. If you don’t talk about a problem, it doesn’t exist.

  29. FCM says:

    Illegals voting Democratic=huge incentive to keep the status quo. Witness the failed efforts by the Dems repeatedly to give citizenship to these criminals.

    1. what a fool believes says:

      Uh, illegals don’t vote.

      1. Randy says:

        In WA they vote, and campaign and make calls and hinder a legal process. When Liberal Democrats allow voter fraud via ACORN or along the border, Illegals vote, along with dead people, pets, and multiple times. That’s how Obama was elected.

    2. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

      Randy, your claims have been disproved. So just stop spouting off with them. They are tiresome! Even if what you say would be tru, that’s all the MORE reason to get rid of the illegals. They are CONTINUING to do illegal acts! We don’t need illegal aliens here breaking our laws. We have enough of our own citizens doing that!!

  30. scott says:

    So they say if we where to find out how many are really here it could hurt are economy because why…Let see so many people are out of jobs now and by letting them work would hurt our economy..maybe the millions that are here should be sent back and people that need jobs could get a job…yes I understand there in the low paying jobs but tell you what there are sure a lot of HS kids colleage kids that need jobs also just to get through..we need to step up and make things stick by what it takes to get in to the good ole USA…plain and simple…But then again we have some one running the USA now that just doesnt want to show his own birthcert….so why should any one else have to…

    1. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

      scott, THAT song has been sung and proven to be off-key. The President’s birth certificate HAS been shown and it is verified that he IS a citizen, born in the U.S.A. Can’t you birthers EVER give up the song, even when it’s proven you’re singing out of tune??!!

  31. Kevin says:

    Shhh…..I am reloading……man they are fast…….

    1. Courteney says:

      Go KEVIN!!!! Thanks for actually trying to take care of the problem.

      1. dmedic69 says:

        My god do you people listen to what your saying. You sound like Hitler and his bunch did during WWII. That is the sort of thing our grandparents fought against. You guys are a bunch of racist biggots thinking you’re the only ones “ENTITLED” to live the American dream. I wonder if any of you really know what the dream is, it not about making a ton of money it’s about being FREE, free from religous persecution, torture, rape.You people make me ashamed to call myself an American. They do come here and work very hard. Everyone seems to forget why our country was founded in the first place

      2. V says:

        Finally somebody has the common sense of writting something that is worth to read… I am also ashemed to be call an American, when I see things like this, make me sick! this is exactly what would end the world…. HATE BABY, HATE

  32. Courteney says:

    My mom has been applying for MINIMUM WAGE jobs for two years and hasn’t received anything. My mom is born & raised American, just like her parents, and is now 60 years old and can’t even find a job here because there are thousands and thousands of illegals in the state willing to work for less than minimum wage. My mom would even be willing to work for less than minimum wage because she is so desperate but since she is a US citizen (and law abiding) she can’t. We need to hold these employers accountable for employing illigal aliens. DEPORT THEM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. V says:

      who is going to deport them…. YOU???? cause it is clear that the goverment wont’ so they are here and they are going to stay and they will also get the IMMIGRATION REFORM, weather you like it or not…. that is just kife and you will have to accept that!

      1. LoveItOrLeaveIt says:

        What is “kife”? You don’t write in complete sentences and your spelling and punctuation is atrocious. Many people will not bother to read your posts because of it. I happen to have a lot of petience and persistent, though, and have managed to decipher your verbage. Perhaps you should consider a refresher course in writing the English language. Just saying …

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