FORT MYERS, Fla. (AP) — Justin Morneau has taken the field with his Minnesota Twins teammates for the first time since sustaining a concussion in July.

Morneau says he “felt good” after batting practice and playing long toss during an informal workout Tuesday. But he wasn’t about to proclaim himself 100 percent. Morneau said he wanted to wait and see how he felt later in the day, which is usually when the symptoms from his concussion resurface.

Morneau says it was fun to get back on the field with his teammates and he was heartened by the applause he got from fans when he stepped to the plate.

He says he will wear sunglasses throughout spring training in hopes of limiting the harmful effects bright sun can have on a person who has suffered a concussion.

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Comments (8)
  1. linda says:

    Oh boo hoo hoo. Get over it & get back to work. If he’s “prone” to concussions like they said he is because he’s had one before – THEN GET A NEW JOB!

  2. thumbody says:

    Okay lets move on will there be any comments this year about on field performance or will we be subject to who has a headache or “ingrown toenail” all year long enough already!

  3. Jake says:

    Sick and tired of the EXCUSES — eiither PERFORM or FIND ANOTHER JOB!!.
    Strange that his injury coincidied with the birth of his first child.. I saw the hit on the head, could have been much worse. Ether get back in the game, and earn your pay, or cancel your contract, and babysit your kid. I’m SO SICK AND TIRED OF THESE BASEBALL PLAYERS WHO PRETEND TO BE MODERN-DAY GLADIATORS!!

  4. Jake says:

    Joe has had 6 months to “heal”, and he’s still not ‘healed’. HELLO!!!
    What’s wrong with this picture?? He’s only like 28 friggin years old, are
    you people kidding me?? Ever heard of Carlton Fisk?? Put some perspective on this, , I’m saying tha mauer amdn morneau are a couple of woosies, and history alone proves it., even wth all of the modern medicine as an alibi. Smarten up, People. You are being taken for a ride, trust me.

  5. Nichole says:

    you guys obviously dont understand they seriousness of concussions and the real affects some of them can have. if he doesnt take it easy and watch for the symptoms he’s still having those symptoms can become perminant damage. so instead of just complaining about one thing after another why dont you actually do some research on concussions and then come talk to me. we should all be happy that justin is practicing hopefully he’ll be able to play this season, we could really use him, but if his health isnt up to par then it looks like different measures may need to be taken, but until then shut up

    1. NicHOLEsoSmart says:

      You obviously dont understand sports there sweetheart. See, its not your corporate work evironment. Yeah, we wish him well…but if he cant perform….get him out of here. If you knew ANYTHING or even cared about the Twins…you would see it isnt about his injury. He either needs to be a man and play the game or retire. If his injury is so serious (like you said) they why is he even considering coming back. And why would you want the Twins to invest, time, money and give up potential health players just because Morneau may or may not ever play again. The dude isnt Kirby Puckett….get rid of him. He is a little girl who cant get the sand out!!!

  6. Shane G says:

    Yeah. Because swinging a bat a few times during a game and standing in a field waiting for a ball to come your way is hard work.

  7. Truth says:

    Hey Justin, as a human being, i wish you well man.

    As a Twins fan, i hope your head just explodes so the Twins can move on from you and your “injury”. As a professional athlete, you are a sad excuse for a man. Grow a pair and play ball or RETIRE!!!

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