ST. CLOUD, Minn. (WCCO) — St. Cloud Police say an intoxicated man broke into a Pizza Hut, attempted to fry up some boneless chicken wings and threw marinara sauce on the wall.

Cory Michael Mogen, 21, of St. Cloud, was transported to the Stearns County Jail after police found him inside the Pizza Hut on the 100 block of 7th Avenue South. He’s being held on a possible third-degree burglary charge.

Officers say they were dispatched to the Pizza Hut around 1:25 a.m. on Friday after the business’ alarm went off. Upon arrival, police say Mogen had attempted to fry up some wings and had splattered marinara sauce against the wall.

Mogen was given a preliminary breath test which indicated a .22 BAC with a “weak breath.”

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    1. I was in college once. says:

      Cost of stolen wings: 0 dollars. Cost of attorney for defense of criminal charge: a lot. Cost of being nominated for the college party hall of fame: priceless.

    2. Pizza Hut Owner says:

      I CANNOT believe that you all find this to be so amusing. I own a Pizza Hut franchise and this type of SHENANIGANS causes nothing but headaches and restless nights. I SINCERELY hope Cory Mogen gets a long stay in the gray bar hotel for his wreckless and vicious actions!

      1. johnnyb216 says:

        Lighten up dude

      2. Pizza hut worker says:

        Why should he lighten up? Yes, the story is funny, but this idiot could have burned the place down. How would you like to have your livelhood taken away because of an idiot with no self-control?

      3. MN Tom says:

        If I worked at pizza hut I wouldn’t be calling that my lively hood.

      4. ForMogen says:

        Lol, you make me laugh. He COULD of burnt the place down but he DIDN’T. So, how are you going to sit here and say that he deserves a long stay behind the “gray bar hotel”. (it’s motel) Really? Get a grip. He’s young. Don’t you think that he’ll just be taking up space in this “gray bar hotel” that some sex offender should be in place of? Sorry you never lived your life and did something stupid. It never said that he stole anything. It said that he fried up wings and threw marinara sauce on the walls. Loosen up dude.

      5. Mike says:

        Pizza Hut Owner-headaches and restless nights? Better then the indigestion and embarassment I suffer after trying one your, ‘so called’ pizzas! I have NEVER seen a Pizza Hut creation on ANYONE’S list of must try or top rated pizzas. Their was no harm done in this instance that cound not be repaired and the advertisement Pizza Huts received is priceless.

      6. kibbedw says:

        sorry for partyin

      7. pizza hut can suck it, so can worker says:

        cry cry wah wah oh… what’s life?

      8. Smitty says:

        Just beat him and let him go. Send him to jail and he’ll just get schooled in robbing Pizza huts.

      9. Corey Wing King Mogen says:

        You clearly aren’t a medical Dr.. You don’t know what I went through that night. I suffer from a severe addiction. Pizza Hut Wings are the most addictive drug known to man. I was sweating profusely, shaking and going through the worst chills I’ve ever experienced in my life. I don’t think you’ve been through half of that in your life. I’m a soldier, what are you? I’ll tell you.. You’re a corporate pig, more concerned with making an extra buck than trying to help your community and give back. All I wanted was a Pizza Hut Wing (PHW). You should be ashamed of yourself. I am giving OUR company (YES, THAT’S RIGHT, I’M A PIZZA HUT EMPLOYEE TOO) more positive publicity than you have ever given it in your infantile, and menial existence. What you don’t know Mr. Pizza Hut corporate PIG is that I am in talks with people who could have your balls on a string, I have been in talks with Pizza Hut and we are on the verge of working out a deal to change Wing St. to Mogen St., I hope you’re happy. You are going to get more business than ever before and it’s ENTIRELY because of me. Once again, SHAME ON YOU.
        Lord and King of Wing

      10. Mogen Wing King says:

        This could have easily been avoided if the hut wings were available 24/7, Mogen has gained this insight through ingesting the firemost wings around. If pizza hut owners knew of the great treasure they posses called wing street they would do nothing to keep us from our sacred firemost wings. Mogen for Pizza Hut Prez!!!!!

    3. peter says:

      WHAT IS THIS, FOX 9? come on. they guy had a few to many drinks and you post him on your website like some kind of criminal. give me a break. He wanted some wings….

    4. cello says:

      if he was frying donuts ‘good citizen award’.

  1. tone says:

    Gotta love them wings

  2. TS says:

    Did you really just put a political spin on this story?

    1. lure says:

      best part about it is this kid works there

      1. DH says:

        You mean, he worked there.

        1. Gomer'sPile in MN says:

          did he have keys or did he actually break in?

    2. ?? says:

      Who’s your comment aimed at?? it’s way down the list from when you left it this morning

  3. Nate says:

    If you’re going to break into a pizza hut and attempt to fry up some wings your BAC should be well above .30

    What a lightweight.

    1. JamieinMN says:

      Maybe it WAS above .30 when he entered the place…..hmmm

  4. Pat says:

    He absolutely did! The evidence was clear.

  5. Joker of Spades says:

    This poor guy just had the drinkin’ munchies! Nothing goes better after drinking then some blazin’ hot wings!

  6. JamieinMN says:

    I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but simply laugh.

  7. Casey says:

    Did the poor guy get to eat his wings? I’d throw their marinara sauce too…it’s disgusting.

  8. Terry says:

    Those darn democrats, always wanting something for free…………seriously…….. hahahahahahahahahahahah……..

  9. pete says:

    “I thought the kitchen seemed a little bigger than the one in the apartment”

  10. TW says:

    Did he make enough for all the responding officers? I mean since he had the fryer all warmed up and all, you know, a little something for the effort? Seriously, dude could have been burned goofing off with a deep fryer and being drunk. Hopefully his sober brain realizes they have done him a huge favor by doing their job. Do you think maybe this is a wake up call that his drinking and eating problems need attention?

  11. mark from says:

    Sliders would have been better

  12. Allah says:

    If he was an immigrant the ACLU would sue the cops for stomping on his human rights….you know the right to be drunk and hungry…..

  13. Melvin says:

    Mam I love St Cloud! Funny!!!!

  14. red says:

    Does he really work there? by the way this kid looks 10 not even old enough to have been drinking

    1. Rich EZ says:

      Like it was earlier stated – the Young Republicans are young 😉

  15. flanders says:

    I would be willing to bet he no longer works there. If he did.

  16. tommy says:

    If that’s his mug shot, he doesn’t look too concern for his crime. Make him work at Pizza Hut to pay for his crime and make him take back buffalo wings to eat the whole time he is incarcerated.

  17. jon says:

    Their wings aren’t even that great. At least do this somewhere that has decent wings.

  18. TMU says:

    Mogenator at his best. Didn’t even want any cash, just some chow. They should drop the charge!

  19. Ralph bets says:

    Maybe he still does — they just caught him red-handed. Not convicted yet. lol

  20. musicman says:

    This is not the first dumb thing somebody has done while under the influence. I think you file this under stupidity and forget about trying to make it a criminal act.

  21. don_j says:

    Is there a “Stearns” Creek, or River, because I’m thinking the cops should have dropped his dumb a$# off a bridge and let him sober up cold and wet.

  22. danbo says:

    The important thing is, does he remember anything. The next morning always is bad.

  23. Poor Dumb B______d says:

    I’m not excusing what he did, but how much do want to bet his punishment will be ten times worse than most people who are charged with assaults, and worse. They will make an example out of him to try and get the college kids in St Cloud to quit drinking. Which would be like trying to get the Pope to quit making the sign of the Cross…

  24. James Dean says:

    The problem with this poor, skewed reporting is that it fails to mention what the StarTribune article at least does…it tells the facts. This kid is (soon to be “was”) an employee and snuck in to satisfy his munchies but forgot to reset the alarm! Find better writers, ‘CCO.

  25. PizzaHutGross says:

    Pizza Hut suckes! Big time sucks!

  26. Shelly Thompson says:

    Thats my roommate he was just partying mcrudys bar is a hell of a place

    1. Just live a little says:

      I think this is soo funny lol I would give him a high five if i could,.. he just made some wings ,.. leave em alone ppl

  27. Ant says:

    I went to high school/middle school with this idiot.
    Just that…

  28. Mike, Mpls says:

    Sliders with bacon, yum! Who’s got weed?

  29. lolzomg says:

    this is the greatest thing ive ever seen. mostly because i know the guy and i dont like him.

  30. rob albertorio says:

    that is too funny. will someone tell me why is alcohol legal again?

    1. heywait says:

      “that is too funny. will someone tell me why is alcohol legal again?” …Really? Either obvious troll is obvious, or someone need to go read up on that whole Prohibition thing. The “cure” was worse than the disease.

  31. Admiral Naismith says:

    Instead of charging him with a crime, Pizza Hut needs to hire him for their next ad campaign: “Wings so good, I just couldn’t wait until they opened!” Win-win for everybody.

    1. rosepickle says:

      LMAO, they should make that a superbowl commercial

  32. JR says:

    next to Sheen, Mogen is a god among men. I can understand such actions when motivated by the amazing morsel know as the Hut Wing…

  33. Lee Price says:

    God Bless you Mr. Mogen. We at await you, we are looking for a leader as devoted to hut wings as we are

  34. Toobis says:

    He was a management level employee of the Pizza Hut that he entered. He had keys, but was too drunk to renenber to reset the alarm. Last I heard, he was only getting charged with theft.

  35. Ratsass says:

    This is my sons best friend, and I am not lying.

  36. csc says:

    He works there. I have known him personally for three years and I can tell you that EVERYONE in St. Cloud is laughing about it right now lol

  37. jake says:

    Thats just a classic college kid tryin to get some wings… your desperate when ur druunk….

  38. mike says: