By Bruce Hagevik, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesotans joined in a pro-union rally Saturday in Hudson, Wis. Several dozen teachers who belong to Education Minnesota traveled there to show support for Wisconsin union workers trying to retain collective bargaining rights.

“One of the big purposes, I think, is to show solidarity for educators and public workers in Wisconsin and that we stand with our brothers and sisters and want to help them,” said Tom Dooher, president of Education Minnesota.

WCCO’s Bruce Hagevik Interviews Tom Dooher

There’s an effort in the Wisconsin legislature to take away most collective bargaining rights from union workers as the state struggles with a budget deficit.

“We know that if it happens to one it could happen to any of us,” said Dooher.

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  1. Carol Osterloh says:

    I support the union’s 100% & the middle class need to get in there & fight for their rights. I’m for Gov. Mark Dayton too even tho I live in Wi. He needs to tax the rich to get our economy going again.

    1. Matt says:

      Another misplaced liberal wih no sense for how an economy works. Please Carol explain to me how unions and taxing the rich will get the economy going again?

    2. Ken says:

      That seems to be a theme to all of the middle class, punish the job creators with higher taxes so that there won’t be any job creators left.

    3. Todd says:

      Seriously …tax the rich. Does that really get the economy going? So lets tax the people that create jobs…yes that will make them want to hirer more people…NOT. Carol how much of the income should we tax these rich people…80-90-100% of there income? How much taxes should you pay Carol? Taxing the rich has never be proven to kick start the economy. Cutting taxes for everyone is the only way. See Carol you don’t understand economics…if you had more money in your pocket would you save it or spend it? 9 out 10 people would spent or invest it! Which does what Carol? It will grow the economy. The last thing we need is more government control and taxes. More government does not make revenue…only the private sector jobs can go economy!

    4. Dan Engel says:

      I hope you are not a teacher. Next time try to put a coherent thought together before you post.

    5. katie says:

      Thanks Carol; we are indeed, lucky to have Mark Dayton! Poor Wisconsin!

    6. jjr says:

      it really doesnt matter anyway because after gasoline goes over 4$ per gallon through the summer . this will pretty much crush whatever economy does exist.

  2. Todd says:

    Hold fast Mr. Walker…than fire all of them. Without these changes all Wis. people will suffer. Government can not continue to paid millions dollars for benefits only 1/3 of people receive. Remember this is not a right! Maybe they should all be fired and rehired with realistic benefits that everyone else in the private work force competes for.

    1. jack says:

      Are you jealous because you don’t have a job that you enjoy and receive benefits that can sustain you and your family if you have one? No worries…Maybe Obama Care is a good thing seeing how wages continue to be cut and inflation is on the rise.

    2. Greg Peccary says:

      They aren’t creating jobs, they send them over seas and bank the savings for their Swiss Bank account…they control…he who has the gold rules,period.
      Since when are we all entitled to the same benefits, wouldn’t that be SOCIALISM or COMMUNISM? There are hundreds of State jobs and a lot of hard working people who don’t deserve to be dissed and treated like they are greedy, unpatriotic wackos.
      Check out World Support ,Move On WI and see the rallies today, you won’t see them on the news networks

  3. Todd says:

    Seriously …tax the rich. Does that really get the economy going? So lets tax the people that create jobs…yes that will make them want to hirer more people…NOT. Carol how much of the income should we tax these rich people…80-90-100% of there income? How much taxes should you pay Carol? Taxing the rich has never be proven to kick start the economy. Cutting taxes for everyone is the only way. See Carol you don’t understand economics…if you had more money in your pocket would you save it or spend it? 9 out 10 people would spent or invest it! Which does what Carol? It will grow the economy. The last thing we need is more government control and taxes. More government does not make revenue…only the private sector jobs can go economy!

  4. From Minnesota says:

    Hi. I am from Minnesota and just wondering how people can become teachers when some don’t even know how to spell or do a sentence corretly? Some of the other posts that teachers have commented have poor spelling.

    1. Dan says:

      Your post is also not good in spelling.

  5. karla says:

    Unfortunately, people like Todd and Matt HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO idea what you are talking about. I am a teacher, I have made concessions prior to the economic situation. We have agreed to pay more for our health coverage, we have taken pay freezes. This idea that we have it great and are fat cats getting rich on the states dollar is nuts. All teachers I work with have 2nd jobs to support our families with the time we do have off. How many teachers do you know that have second homes or extravagant lifestyles? I have been a teacher for 20 years and I have 2 masters degrees. My son is graduating college and going to start a career at the same rate of pay that I receive in the private sector. Yes, we certainly have it SO great! Please people get a dose of reality!

    1. Matt says:

      Karla, I didn’t say that teachers are getting rich, I said that taxing the rich isn’t going to start the economy.

      However, I would like to take a quick shot at your comments. To your point your salary is NOT enough to get rich, but also isn’t the worst thing in the world. My question for you is this, if you are SO horribly concerned with the wages you receive and the private sector is so much better, than why not quit and find a job in the private sector?

      Personally I’m fine with teachers getting paid more, just not based on experience, based on free market competition. In fact those teachers who are good at what they do should welcome a free market in teaching because there is potentially a lot of money to be made.

      1. jack says:

        Are you kidding me…schools will not pay to keep the good teachers around. They will hire the young inexperienced teacher at half the salary. I agree there should be accountability on teachers that are just coasting but, that is up to the high paid administrators to address. As a union steward I hold to accountability of employees. Build a strong enough case against a slacker and they will be let go even if in a union.

  6. LFF says:

    There’s a ten thousand pound elephant in the room no one wants to talk about: that our willingess to spend now wildly exceeds our willingness to pay taxes, so we want to tax someone else, like the rich. But the validity of the notion that our government can simply coerce the rich into paying more tax is refuted by our own governor’s source of income. Where are the Dayton family trusts located? In South Dakota and the Cayman Islands. Will most rich people do what Gov. Dayton says, or do as he does? Check out the long history of capital flight for a sobering check on feel good ideas. Are we self-sacrificial or are we self-righteous? Is current public spending any less hypocritical than writing a bad check to one’s favorite charity?

    1. tashnicp says:

      If you want to check history, you would find out that the rich used to pay a much higher tax rate until Reagan came along. Trickle down doesn’t work. The rich are not always the “job creators.” The federal and states’ budgets are broken because of tax cuts, not greedy union members. Why are so many people defending the rich? They are not the small business owners who want to create jobs in the U.S.

      1. mark from says:

        @tashdip You don’t know much about economics do you?

  7. katie says:

    To those who question taxing the rich? Why not? What is the logic to breaking the middle class unions? The higher income should pay more! They already have plenty of tax breaks that normal citizens do not. Non brainer, here.

    I really don’t understand the logic of those who back union breaking in a free country!

    That little governor “wannabe” will end up like Pawlenty; nowhere….

    1. Matt says:

      Katie, you make one good point and a number of poor ones. I agree that the wealthy do tend to get a number of tax breaks, but they also pay not only a vast majority of the taxes, but also a higher marginal tax rate. I would fully support a deduction less flat tax rate which would ensure that everyone pays the exact same percent of their wages. Not to mention just because the well-off can afford it isn’t the best reason for something. What if I said that the poor should be paying all of the taxes because they use a vast majority of the resources?

      As far as unions, this is about public unions, a union in a private business is fine in my book, because if the union demands to much the business will go broke and force the doors to close, however in a public union there is a direct conflict of interests. In fact even FDR the ultra-liberal was against public unions.

      Let’s think about it, the union collects dues which it uses to get someone elected, then the union sits down the person they just got elected to negotiate wages and benefits. What do you think that governor is going to tell the union that just got them elected?

      1. katie says:

        I am an accountant and yes, the rich have tax shelters you and I will never have. I see this everyday; the working poor are penalized the most.

        This is plain and simply UNAMERICAN; down the road I do believe, Walker will see how wrong this was.

      2. Matt says:

        Katie, I apologies I didn’t realize that UNAMERICAN is an argument. Well personally I find public unions un-American. How is it American to hold the government hostage for benefits that can’t be found in the private sector and benifit a small minority of all citizens while raising the taxes of all citizens?

      3. PAUL says:

        and when you politian is not elected you take it in the shorts from that party in charge. Pawlenty got his way for 8 fn years we didn’t see raises we pay more in insurance and benifits so it works both was maybe we should get a cost of living increase evey year like alot of privite sector job it would be nice

      4. Matt says:

        There you go Paul making statements with no facts, please show me a private industry job that gets a cost of living increase.

      5. katie says:

        Matt, It is darn UNAMERICAN to take basic rights from anyone! Not an argument, but a statement.

        By the way, I find the polarizing Tea Party “UNAMERICAN”, however, I can’t do a thing about them, except, back the candidates I believe in. Sum up this analogy? Even members of the Tea Party have rights, and, so do Union members!

        Walker is in my view, is someone Wisconsin should be ashamed of; he will step over anyone/anything, to make a name. No reconciling; just confrontational, so sad for all.

    2. LFF says:

      But you forget to address the reality, not whether you or me or anyone else thinks it’s a good idea to tax the wealthy at higher and higher rates, but whether it can be done. Capital flight is recorded as early as 500 BC when capital had to be converted to gold and gems in order to re-establish. It’s easy now, as Dayton’s wealth proves. Will the other wealthy be less hypocritical than our own governor?

    3. mark from says:

      @katie Please enlighten us and tell us those breaks?

      1. tashnicp says:

        Mark, I guess you don’t know much about economics. And you don’t need to resort to name-calling.

  8. Hannah says:

    I am rather confused as to the state paying for the teachers benefits. I thought the local property owners were paying for their schools! We pay over half of our property taxes to the local schools with no kids in school. So the state is giving the schools money plus the taxpayers and the local businesss’ are also contributing alot to the schools!

    1. tashnicp says:

      Hannah, yes, it’s pretty stupid. Ventura shifted a lot of the school funding back to the state, but then dropped funding. So a lot of districts, along with cities, had to go back to more and more referendums to keep from going broke. Remember that everything our taxes pay for keeps going up — in the case of schools — heating, repairs, fuel for buses, etc. regardless of salaries. So districts have been cutting and cutting while property taxes go up and up. Property taxes are not as fair as income taxes. And yes, each school district negotiates with its employees. Unions don’t ask for money that will put too many out of work! That’s what negotiation is! Finding a balance. Our insurance isn’t free as many are telling you — the cost is getting so high that some are dropping it. 22% increases a year is why we needed health care reform. So again, why should the very rich keep getting tax cuts?

  9. Gail says:

    Nobody is suggesting that “the rich” be taxed at the levels Todd suggests. But there are so many tax loop holes, many “rich” individuals and corporations pay little or no tax in the U.S. When executive compensation packages are such that they make more in a day than their employees do in a lifetime, then taxing at 80% would still leave them much more than any of the people demonstrating. Good old Rush L. pays less in taxes than the housekeeper that scores his drugs for him. But no one has suggested ending these loopholes, or even suggested ending the ability of corporations to use their foreign taxes as a deduction on their U.S. liability. No, Governor Walker protects the wealthy at the expense of people who teach our children, nurse our sick and care for our disabled. It’s wrong, and should be stopped.

    1. Matt says:

      You couldn’t be more accurate that Rush L’s housekeeper is paying more taxes than Rush, maybe as a percent of her income, but not bottom dollar.

      I completely agree, we should have a flat tax rate for all wage levels that is free of deductions. Then everyone pays EXACTLY the same amount. That’s fair.

    2. Taxed out! says:

      Gail. Where do you get your information from?? Corporations are paying most of the taxes!! Give me a break! The corporation pays property tax and income tax on the local, state and federal level!

      1. PAUL says:

        the state of Minnesota gets 5.8% of its budget from Corporate tax NOT TO MUCH because the rebublicans have given them to many TAX BREAKS you will find the numbers on the Minnesota Managment and Budget website check it out

      2. Matt says:

        There you go Paul, looking at facts becfore spouting off. seriously…

        Personally I don’t think there should be a corperate tax rate, but that’s for another day.

  10. janet ketchum says:

    It’s about taking away collective bargaining rights. If they take that from the unions the next time you go in for your own non-union pay raise look out. Or… want a weekend day off or…. a 15 minute lunch break or, or or…. the list goes on. I hope every union worker in the country stays home. For a week, maybe two. Then you’ll have to stay home and watch you own kids. That will help your pay check too. I’m proud of those folks, standing up for what they beleive instead of being in The Koch Brothers pocket.Teachers don’t make a lot of money. They just don’t. Period. I walk dogs and make more then they do. So before you spout off about teachers tanking our economy over collective bargaining right issues…. go back to school and actually learn something, like… how to actually have an original thought, instead of being a right wing, talk show host, parrot. Keep on truckin’ teachers and every other union employee out there!!!!!! You have my support!

  11. Karla says:

    Todd, I have a job in the private sector as well. I own and manage my own business in the summer to supplement my income (like most teachers with families do). Don’t you think the thought of quitting teaching hasn’t crossed my mind due to money…please! My husband lost his job due to cutbacks. We have children and a home and taxes. I teach because it is what I love to do. I am not saying tax the rich either I am saying STOP this attack on the middle class who are attempting to get to middle class status.

  12. Hannah says:

    Forget tax breaks….everyone pay the same percentage of their income with no deductions….upper class, middle class and lower class! Everyone pay 20% of their income for tax! That’s the only fair way! The state gets the money and the state can pay the federal government! That way everyone will stop this griping!

  13. Matt says:

    Karla, don’t make yourself out to be a martyr, the average teacher in Minnesota makes $47,602 a year which is a very secure wage especially considering the level of benefits and the ability to work a second job over the summer.

    1. PAUL says:

      Matt a little lesson in math for you 47602 is an average NOT what every teacher makes some make 60 to 80k per year while some who are just starting a teaching career are earning 20k per year and yes many of them have other jobs to supplement there income the same goes for state employees we don’t start at 50, 60 k per year most state jobs start at less than 12 k per year so please wake up and get your facts straight

      1. Matt says:

        Paul, I hate to go there but you are a MORON. I said the AVERAGE Minnesota teacher makes $47,602 an AVERAGE is when you take all of the teachers and AVERAGE them out. I understand that some make far more and less than that, but on AVERAGE it’s a little of $47k. That same site says the average starting wage is $31,753.

        It’s probably best you are in a union Paul.

      2. PS says:


  14. LFF says:

    A flat tax would be fantastic for the middle class but it would never raise enough revenue and most of the bottom half of the wage-earners would have to give up their snowmobiles, pickups, motorcycles, and gasp! even their kids’ cell phones!! The top ten % wage-earners now pay 96% of all tax. What do we want them to do, just pay us directly for breathing? And check out the history of permitting government employees to go on strike. Most people opposed it, including most democrats.

  15. Taxed out! says:

    How do you people know what the upper class pays in taxes? They pay more for property tax (most of that tax goes to the local schools), they pay more income taxes and if they own a business, they have to pay property taxes and more income taxes. My husband and I pay our fair share in taxes and I am tired of whiners who think we don’t pay enough! Get Govenor Dayton to pay more taxes then! We pay enough income taxes to house and feed 3 families!!!

  16. PAUL says:

    matt,todd,and ken can you please explain why the rich corporations are not highering people here in THE UNITED STATE OF AMERICA ……………….answer they don’t want too they can have some third world country worker do it for 10 cents a day insted of paying someone over here a FAIR WAGE…………….don’t blame the unions and middle class AMERICA for the downfall of AMERICA we are NOT the GREEDY RICH PEOPLE who only pay 7-9% in income tax middle class pays almost 12% in income tax NOT FAIR

    1. Taxed out says:

      The rich corporations?? Like which ones? The government both on the state and federal level made the tax rules, NOT the corporations! The corporations like General Mills, Carlson Companies etc pay their fair share in local (property) tax, state and federal tax! If the corporations find legal tax breaks, they are going to use them just like a person does on his own taxes!! We have that right to use the tax breaks…the government gave those tax breaks to the people and even the union workers can use them! The rich corporations are not hiring because of the taxes here in Minnesota are too high!

  17. Taxed out! says:

    Take a company like General Mills or Carlson Companies….they pay alot of money on the buildings alone for property taxes, which go to the local schools! I have a partnership in Eden Prairie and we pay our fair share to the local schools in property taxes so don’t give me that bit about not paying taxes!

  18. Gregg says:

    Interesting. I notice that no one seems to mention the history as to how wages and benefits were determined for state workers . Simply speaking, many contracts ago, the negotiating politicians ( who have gotten us into this mess) decided on an approach that involved giving benefit packages to workers instead of wage increases. This was used as an incentive to keep workers on the job even though they were not paid as well as those in the private sector. As has been stated the issue was” kicked down the road”
    My personal example is this. My brother -in-law and I started working 40 years ago I in the public sector, he in the private sector. We used to joke about the difference in our wages Ten years ago, I earned 43,000 yearly. He earned 92,000. His company had no retirement plan to speak of. Mine did. Over time his company continued to offer wage hikes verses benefit increases. Workers seemed to prefer getting paid “now” rather than in the future through benefit gains. One reason this happened was because in his business as in a lot of private sector jobs employees did not stay around long enough to collect retirement benefits so they preferred to get pay hikes. Public employees were given incentives to stay around so new employees did not have to be trained frequently.

    Moral of the story is “pay me now or pay me later”. Now that the issue has been kicked down the road to the end of that road we need to place the cause of this problem on the shoulders of the politicians who used this strategy when negotiating contracts. Not the workers who accepted this strategy in good faith.

    1. Matt says:

      Gregg, you are correct and politicians hold a vast majority of the blame, however public sector wages have surpassed private sector wages. So now we have a situation where the public sector makes more than private and have FAR superior benefits.

      Here’s a GREAT article that breaks it all down from a non-partisan research group.

  19. Also taxed out says:

    We are a small business owners we pay our share and more, Do they expect us to give them all of our profits that we earn, In the start we have worked our buts off 60-80 hours a week to put every penny into it went with out alot food, power cut off but we made, we now have a great thing going, four-teen employees and people want us to pay more and more and more, it wont stop until we have nothing, if we end up paying more then the employees will suffer with lay-offs we will have to make cuts somewhere

    1. tashnicp says:

      You are the heros, man, you are not the billionaires.

  20. PAUL says:

    you also have LOTS OF LOOPHOLES to get out of paying your FAIR SHARE

    1. Matt says:

      Close the loopholes, don’t jack the tax rates up. I would LOVE a flat tax rate without an deduictions. That’s fair right? Even if the rich pay the same % as the poor.

      By the way, do your reserach the top 1% of wage earners pay 38% of the taxes, but ade only 22% of the wages. Maybe there should be some more loopholes?

      ALSO, the bottom 50% of wage earners pay less than 4% of the total taxes. Hmm seems pretty flar.

    2. Taxed Out! says:

      Paul, do you own a business? If you don’t, then cut the whining! Small businesss’ do pay their fair share and more! If you don’t own a business, how do you know how much they pay?? Duh!

    3. Taxed out says:

      The government gave the tax payers those “loopholes” so don’t blame the tax payers for using the “loopholes”. We do pay our fair share!!

  21. Matt says:

    Paul, I’m going to guess that you work for a union?

    Cooperation’s are hiring people, but economic uncertainty makes it very difficult to hire people because you don’t know what is coming next. If the government could get their act together and put together a stable platform for taxes and spending it would greatly help the hiring situation.

    As far as outsourcing, this is my favorite liberal argument. You are accurate that a lot of goods are made outside of the United States, even though it you bothered to do your research the US is still the biggest manufacturing economy in the world. However, there are more and more goods being produced oversees because of wages, but let’s think about it. If a product was made here, it would cost more which means that everyone would be able to afford less, so Paul why don’t you set the precedent and only buy American, who made the shirt you are wearing or the computer you are using? It wasn’t made here, so that’s pretty hypocritical of you. If everyone bought American corporations would bring the jobs back, jack up prices and everyone would be happy. People want the most affordable prices which in a lot of industries you can’t get when producing in America.

    Lastly, is the assembly line a bad thing? Technology puts people out of work all the time, its called efficiency which benefits all, the more efficient our economy is the better off everyone will be, and union jobs are FAR from efficient.

    1. PAUL says:

      MATT YES i’M A PROUD UNION WORKER I BUY AMERICAN I also drive a American made DODGE RAM PICKUP what do you drive ? I’m not a hypocrate like you bashing someone because they know what good Unions do so untli you walk a mile in my shoes don’t claim you know who I am

      1. Matt says:

        I drive a Chevy Impala and my wife a Jeep, I don’t pretend to be a hypocrite and gladly buy foreign made products when it makes the most sense like this computer which was made in China and I paid $400 for, if it was made in America it would have likely cost twice that.

        I would LOVE to know your perspective of the benefits of a union to the “common good”

  22. Matt says:

    I get so sick and tired of liberal arguments that don’t understand any aspect of the decision beyond their own end. If you don’t like outsourcing don’t buy products made outside of the United States, DON’T try and legislate morality, that’s what continues to get this country into a mess and will ultimately be the unraveling like every other great nation throughout time.

  23. Also taxed out says:

    I hate the people like Pauly that sit there with there hands out, if you want something try working for it

    1. Taxed out says:

      I agree! The government made the tax breaks so if there are loop holes in the tax system, don’t blame the tax payers and corporations who use them legally!

    2. PAUL says:

      I work for a living I have NEVER ASKED FOR A HAND OUT OR COLLECTED WELFARE maybe you should get off your DEAD ASS AND TRY WORKING YOUR SELF AND by the way you have NO CLUE

  24. Karla says:

    Todd, obviously you don’t get it. Do you even live in Minnesota? Do you have kids? Do you know what it costs for my taxes, our home, my families medical bills and situation? You pull a random statistic about teacher pay across the state and assume that all families can and should be able to live off this amount. Oh and since we have all that time off keep working our second jobs. Do you know what it costs to raise a family on 1 income in Minnesota? I love to teach and I will continue on my $47,000 a year and no collective bargaining rights. Thanks for your support Todd.

    1. Matt says:

      Karla, I believe I was the one that made the statement about teachers wages and I stand buy it. I work hard and make less than the pro-rated amount that a teacher does.

      I want to call out something else you, you are complaining about the taxes? The taxes that everyone has to pay when a VAST majority of those taxes are used to support education? You can’t have both we can’t increase taxes to pay teachers more and cut taxes. Or is this were the concept of tax the rich comes from, they can afford it so make them pay. There aren’t enough rich out there to meet the demands of the big government types.

  25. john c says:

    The wisconsin Govenor is in fact the wolf in sheeps clothing,
    he acts without regard for his fellow man and leads by lies ,
    I hope the wisconsin people unite as never before, this will effect
    the future of their children for better or worse, my prayers are with you
    wisconsin , fight the good fight and never give into corrupt power.
    God be with you all.

  26. Taxed out says:

    I was just thinking about the farmers! Those are the people that should be protesting! Look what they have to put up with! Weather, low profits, high production costs, taxes etc. If anyone nees to complain, it’s the farmers!

    1. LC says:

      Don’t forget about billions and billions in farmer subsidies and the fraud of ethanol that is artificially jacking up the cost of corn and other goods. Farmers have had it far worse.

      1. Taxed out says:

        Where would we be today if we didn’t have the farmers? All the food in the store does NOT come from trucks that bring it in. The farmers are the ones that should have the tax breaks! I am not a farmer either.

  27. a says:

    First we need all our jobs to come back from china. maybe we should boycott all made in china junk,that’s all it is! Our economy is consumer driven horrible isn’t it.

    1. Matt says:

      Someone who gets it, if you want products made in the US, buy american. Just be ready to pay more for it.

    2. Taxed Out says:

      a, yes I agree with you! Maybe if the government would wise up and lower taxes by stopping wasteful spending that they do, the corporations would come back and hire union people and not go overseas and in to Mexico! That way union people would have jobs and stop this complaining that they do!

  28. Gregg says:

    Thanks for the web site reference. On page 16 of your referenced site it does not conclude what you claim it does. In the “CONCLUSION section, it states “In this study we found that state and local workers are compensated less than their private sector counterparts.”

  29. MAJ says:

    Is it true Tom Dooher of Education Minnesota is paid $200,000 from Union Dues?
    That puts him in a higher tax bracket. He probably doesn’t need a second job.
    I have a family member who is a teacher and the only thing he complains about are union dues. He loves his job and the students he teaches.

    1. tashnicp says:

      I don’t know exactly what he makes, but an elected board of directors — teachers spending their free time — decides his pay. The leaders work a regular day schedule, then work most evenings and weekends heading out to work with, listen to, and help teachers. Fridays till 10 and all day Saturdays because that’s when teachers can meet! They deserve their pay and if they didn’t, the members should get involved and vote to change it. He’s a teacher. Our union is teachers who spend their extra time, most for NO pay, working to help our profession move forward.

  30. lib says:

    I am glad you union folks have gone to the capitol to support your communist allies in Wisconsin. We are coming for you too, your easy ride is over, you can either go on welfare and section 8 with your Democratic buddies or get a job in the private, (can you imagine putting in a full days work?).

  31. Charles says:

    Getter Done Gov Walker.

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