MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A man, armed with what appeared to be mace, robbed a south Minneapolis bank Monday morning, attempted to flee the robbery in a stolen car, crashed into multiple vehicles, stole another car and escaped.

The robbery happened at a TCF Bank located at 1444 W. Lake St. around 9 a.m. when the robber handed a bank teller a demand note, according to a Minneapolis police report.

The teller complied with the demand and handed the man an undisclosed amount of cash. The robber then asked for more money, but the teller told him he had no more to give.

The robber then attempted to mace the teller, but the trigger mechanism on the mace can failed, the report said.
The robber left the bank and entered a stolen 1996 Acura, which was driven by another man who had been waiting to pick up the robber.

After leaving the area the bank, the Acura crashed a short time later on the corner of South 24th Street and Bryant Avenue South in Minneapolis. The Acura crashed into a BMW with two people in it and hit many parked cars.

The people in the BMW suffered minor injuries, the report said.

After abandoning the Acura, the robber, who was bleeding from the face, and the Acura driver happened upon a woman warming up her car while getting ready to go to work. The robber attempted to steal her Ford Taurus, but the woman resisted.

The robber then told his accomplice to shoot her and the woman ceased her struggle with the robber. No weapon, however, was observed. The woman suffered no injuries.

The robber and the accomplice fled in the woman’s Taurus, heading southbound on Colfax Avenue.

Police responding the robbery found a red baseball cap, money and some blood in the abandoned Acura.

Police describe the robber as a Hispanic male in his early to mid-30s. Video footage at the bank showed that the robber wore a black jacket, blue jeans, black boots and gloves and a red baseball cap.

The report describes the other man as a white male in his late-30s with short blonde hair and wearing a blue and yellow jacket.

The Acura had been stolen from a halfway house on 2825 Lake St. in Minneapolis. Police suspect 47-year-old Gregory Scott Tyler stole the car, the report said.

Anyone with information on the robbery or the carjacking are asked to call Minneapolis Police at 612-348-2345.

Comments (8)
  1. mike says:

    wow! written allmost as poorly as the escape plan!

  2. John says:

    At least they posted a photo from the video camera so we can spot the robber if we see him. Oh, wait… nevermind.

    1. Whahaha says:

      There’s a nice fuzzy picture on the front page. It’ll help narrow it down by 1 person on this world….lol.

  3. Wondering says:

    Who had an Acura at a halfway house??

  4. Mike Hunt says:

    The robber’s blood at the scene will get him caught for sure. Ha, ha…..

  5. billy says:

    Gregory Scott Tyler appeals his sentence of 120 months imprisonment. Tyler
    contends that his prior Minnesota conviction for fleeing a peace officer in a motor
    vehicle is not a “crime of violence” and, therefore, the district court erred when it
    sentenced him as a career offender. We vacate Tyler’s sentence and remand for

  6. billy says:

    In February 2008, Tyler pled guilty to one count of bank robbery in violation
    of 18 U.S.C. § 2113(a). Prior to his sentencing hearing, Tyler objected to the
    Presentence Investigation Report, which concluded that Tyler’s prior conviction under
    Minnesota Statutes § 609.487 subdivision 3 for fleeing a peace officer in a motor
    vehicle was a “crime of violence” and recommended that Tyler be sentenced as a
    career offender. See United States Sentencing Commission, Guidelines Manual,
    §4B1.2(a) (Nov. 2008). At sentencing, the district court overruled Tyler’s objection,
    determining that his prior Minnesota conviction constituted a “crime of violence.”

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