MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A mom is charged with throwing her 18-day-old baby into a snow bank in Minneapolis.

Ashley Couch, 21, has been charged with child endangerment and child neglect after police said she threw her newborn in the snow over the weekend.

According to the criminal complaint, on March 5, 2011, a witness reported seeing Couch walking down the street, holding a newborn baby. The witness told police that he saw Couch arguing with a man, who was later determined to be the baby’s father. The witness then said he saw Couch throw the baby into a snow bank.

The man said he called 911, picked the baby up, and then wrapped her in his jacket while he waited for police to arrive. He said the baby was only wearing a t-shirt and was cold and unresponsive when he picked her up. He had to rub the baby’s chest for 10 seconds before the baby responded.

The child’s father was upset and crying when officers arrived saying that Couch slammed their baby into the snow bank and yelling, “I can’t believe you did that to my baby.”

Couch told police that the child’s father has taken money from her and fled the house. She admitted that she grabbed the baby, put it in a blanket, and then chased after him. She said that when she caught up to him, she pushed him and the baby fell out of her hands and into the snow bank.

The baby was treated for hypothermia and is now in protective custody.

WCCO’s Bruce Hagevik Interviews Mike Freeman

“I can’t imagine any parent, who’s healthy, cavalierly throwing a child in a snow bank” said Mike Freeman, Hennepin County Attorney. “Until this mother learns a whole lot of lessons about how to mother and respect, this child cannot and will not go back.”

Freeman said the law favors biological parents, so it’s considered likely that couch will eventually get the child back.

For now, Couch remains in custody at the Hennepin County Jail.

Comments (63)
  1. they trying to make nice ..not says:

    absolutely wrong beyond any words

  2. Confussed says:

    18 days I wonder why it took that long?

  3. Jg says:

    Obviously another case where money should be able to fix the problem.
    I’ll go back to work to earn more tax dollars for her and “Baby Daddy”.
    ….We’re doomed.

    1. Monica says:

      Oh shut up….

      We are doomed because of racist idiots like you.

      1. Jg says:

        You’re assuming I’m non-black because why?
        Look in the mirror.

      2. Marc Warnke says:

        racist? not really. we are doomed because of the stupidity of people like this. there is nothing racist about it.

      3. Nancy says:

        Monica – read all of the replies, I think it is You should should, as you rudely put it – SHUT UP

      4. me, me, and me says:

        Jg’s not being racist. Even if both of them had been white the mom probably would have still referred to the dad as “ma baby daddy”. Being on welfare and havin a stupid ignorant frame of mind doesn’t have anything to do with what color you are.

    2. james says:

      Thats about it the hard working have to take care of the stupid

      1. ScottyJ says:

        We are doomed because of anti-white liberals like Monica.

        Whites are dieing at 2.5 their population rate in the Mid-East, where is your outrage?
        Oh wait, you only get outraged if its a minority getting killed.

        People like YOU (Monica) call our Founding Fathers racist. YOU are ruining this country by flooding us with dependents and destroying our pride.

  4. cb says:

    Mandatory sterilization

    1. Ruth says:

      Absolutely! And the same goes for any and all welfare leeches who pop them out annually for the money they get.

    2. james says:

      for sure

      1. Toni says:

        The dad yelled, “I can’t believe you did that to my baby!” I can’t believe he stood there and watched!

        I truly hope they’re not telling all of the story.

  5. red says:

    give the baby to someone who cares and will take care of it. obviously neither of these 2 losers

  6. Sunny says:

    Sadly, at 21, a young person with a newborn can be confused and under tremendous pressure. , leading to terrible emotionally-charged decisions, such as this.

    1. K. says:

      Let’s not use age as an excuse. My daughter was 21 when she had her first child (who is now 8) and she had nothing but love, gentleness, and nurturing for him. This is a value that is instilled in a person…….either you value a vulnerable life, or you don’t.

      1. K. says:

        My grandson is eight now (why that came out as a wingding “smiley face”, I have no idea!

    2. Cindy says:

      Age is no excuse. I gave birth to my first child at 19 and had 3 by the time I was 26 (and YES I was married to their father and YES they all have the SAME father!). I would have done anything including moving heaven or hell or laying down my own life to protect any or all 3 of them. This is an example of extreme immaturity. Someone should have explained to this idiot that a baby is not a doll to play with and toss aside when she is finished playing with it or angry or whatever. It is a full-time, lifetime commitment to love them always. They do things to frustrate you (as any parent of a teenager can attest to!) but an 18-day old baby isn’t capable of that. This child should NEVER go back to her so-called mother and the mother should never be allowed near another child. This however will probably not be the case as she will just continue to make more welfare babies and we will continue to have to pay for them.

      1. Cindy says:

        Just FYI, they are now 32, 30 and 26 – the two boys have both honorably served their country in the Navy and the Marines, my daughter just graduated from college and I couldn’t be prouder of any of them.

      2. Tom Olson says:

        I agree with you. This women does not deserve to have any children, after what she did.

    3. Tiffany Rakow Bose says:

      Oh please. I was 18 when I had my son. NEVER, and I repeat NEVER would I have thought to do what this so-called mother did. I was under tremendous pressure, and so are a lot of new parents. That by no means excuses a deplorable act like that!

      1. Tiffany Rakow Bose says:

        And btw, I too had 3 children before I was 23! And yes, i was married to the father, and yes, all 3 are his. As Cindy said, it’s a matter of immaturity and bad upbringing.

  7. EH says:

    There are so many people in this world who are unable to conceive a baby and than there are people like this who are able to conceive and they do things like this to their children. What a stupid, immature bitch this girl is. Put a condom on or use some other birth control to avoid having children if you can’t handle it. I hope she does not get her baby back, unfortunately she will because that’s how the system works.

  8. Gloria says:

    I was horrified and angry when I heard this reported on the newscast a couple of nights ago. It that version, a witness saw this woman throw the baby into the snow, then retrieve her, walk or run a little further, then slam the baby down hard into a snowbank again. I believe there was one witness to the first incident, and the second witness is the one who picked up this sweet, little baby. Thank God someone was nearby and willing to get involved!

    I certainly pray this little girl never has to be put through any more neglect, endangerment, or abuse, as this clearly was. Please don’t use the excuse that this 21-year old had so much pressure, etc., that we as a society should empathize with her. While many cases of child abuse occur due to stress and the lack of a support network, there are more and more reports of babies and children who are literally being thrown away in this society; neglected, abused, maltreated and yes, murdered. Our social welfare system is in dire need of reform.

  9. J says:

    Stop sugar-coating it. We all know that regardless of her state-of-mind, she did an unspeakable act. I would never do something like that especially with all of my “anger issues”. I agree with Jg. We are doomed.

  10. Justice For All says:

    Can someone please rip out her uterus so she can’t do this to another child!

    1. Ryan says:

      or sew it up!

  11. NP says:

    Hello.. I’m a single mother of two, who works, goes to school, takes care of my children VERY WELL an I also care for my disabled mother an household. No matter how much stress enters my life, NOTHING would make it okay to hurt one of my children. That is a very poor excuse. Some people have parental instincts, an this chick obviously does NOT.. Shame on her!! That baby deserves better, hopefully she gets it.

  12. Sam says:

    Save me a nickel…….

  13. NP says:

    @ hitler.. Wow, that’s jus immature an ridiculous

  14. ConfusedbyGovt says:

    Hitlr, go crawl back under the rock you came out from. No one is interested in your message of hatred and small-mindedness. It doesn’t matter what color this mother’s skin is, she did a bad thing to her child. The issue isn’t her skin color, it is the fact that she obviously had this child when she could not financially care for the child, nor can the father. When will people start making responsible choices – children are not things to use to get the guy to stay with you, or to give you someone who will always love you. Children are gifts we are given from God who deserve to be loved and cared for. Please, for any young, single women out there – use contraception so you do not find yourself in this position. I want my tax dollars going toward fixing the highways, bettering our schools and improving everyone’s standard of living, not to pay for food for a baby whose parents should never have had them in the first place because they couldn’t afford them and were not married to begin with. I cringe to think what kind of life this child will have…

    1. lib says:

      People will start to make responsible choices when they are forced to. We have created this monster who threw her child in the snow with our welfare system. We actually paid this woman to have this poor child. Stop paying people to behave irresponsibly and we would see a different society.

  15. Bob says:

    She probably was white and from the suburbs lol

  16. weee says:

    I say light her up and watch her burn like a human candle!!!!!!!

    1. Common Sense says:

      I will bring the lighter!

  17. tired of liberalism says:

    This mom should lose alll rights to your baby and the baby should be put up for immediate adoption. She has proven that she is a unfit mom incapable of raising this child. With the number of healthy families waiting to adopt let’s not waste our time finding a biologically fit member to raise this child. This baby should not be considered property rights of the mother. Let someone else raise this child so this mom can focus on getting career skills and her life put back together

  18. Kent says:

    Poor thing..She needs help and compassion.
    But require a proven rehabilitation before she gets the child back.

    1. Jim says:

      Wake up Kent! She’s needs prison and the termination of her parental rights. Compassion! Where was the compassion for her baby?

    2. Lower Middle Class man says:


      What she needs is a bullet to the back of her head – Not Compassion!!!

      1. Toni says:

        The mother IS stupid. The dad is too, tho. The first time he saw her do it he should have picked the baby up and left. A stranger had to come along and picku up his baby. wow.

  19. Cindy says:

    I went through really rough times so I asked for assistance for my son. I got him just health care for 6 months. I then asked what it would take for me to get part time health care assistance for myself and they told me I would have to quit my job and get pregnant. Well needless to say I got a second job and worked my buns off.

  20. pv says:

    Yes, its tax time again.. I bet my tax dollars this mom is on some sort of assistance, that my hard earned dollars is wasted on.. Then she will again be put into jail, in which my hard earned dollars are again wasted on.. Her child along with her will again redeem more money from government by therapy and counseling, she will also likely get a public attorney in which I will pay for..

    This government is just wrong.. Even 3rd world countries know how to govern this issue, that is wipe her off the face of the earth…. It sickens me even more when she attempts to lie about the incident..

    The government breeds people like this.. She looks like she was the girl on the movie (precious)..

  21. Amanda says:

    This is crap! That woman or the father should not be able to raise that child at all. I’m sure after everyone saw this on the news or read it on the internet there are TONS of loving families that would want this baby girl. Her age is no excuse. I had my daughter at the age of 19. I never got state aid and I worked very hard to raise her while going to college. That baby deserves so much more.

  22. nija says:

    if you think you born and can not support better arbortion while jus couple month pregnent god will pray you by that way

    1. Bill says:

      speaks english well, nija does

    2. Michelle P. says:

      Nija: in an effort to make this a learning opportunity for you, I believe you what you meant to say is, “If you think you cannot afford the baby once it is born, you should get an abortion when you are still just a couple months pregnant” … the god part and praying I cant for the life of me understand….

  23. City Lover says:

    Blame the City of Minneapolis if the city would have done a better job of snow removal this poor young lady could have sat this newborn on a bench instead of a snow bank, but no theres no money in the budget to keep the benches clean of all this snow.Blame the City or just Blame somebody…

  24. tiffany says:

    omg god, i am so sick of the people that post on here. 1. every dam article has to have race involved. people, it is not a color thing. its a person thing. stop trying to make us all accountable for the actions of this 1 particular person. we all were not with her dumb ass when this happened. were u jg, monica, mark, gloria , cindy, bill, tiffany , ruth. i think not. stop always assuming the person has no job. your comments all pertain to her color. black people do work you know.

    1. Jg says:

      Out of touch with reality, puritan outlook, head stuck in sand…Yes to all 3!
      You should run for office! Let’s keep this kind of thing going.

      Figure the odds here honey. Maybe people are getting fed up?

  25. Kevin says:

    Aint diversity great???

  26. Terry says:

    This mother is just a piece of garbage…………………….

  27. Truth says:

    I missed where it said in the article that she is on welfare or assistance… and I honestly believe that most racial stereotypes arise in a large part from some truth….

  28. Murph says:

    Too bad nobody ever threw Scott Walker into a glacier or under a bus! What about Newt? No it’s usually some poor kid with his future in doubt 24 hours a day ,every day.Ain’t America great? Aren’t our elected officials really on the ball? We would all be better off as hermits,alone in the woods.The whole world is nothing but a gigantic outhouse!

  29. jean says:

    this women is off somewhere in her head to be running outside in this cold weather with the infant with only a baby blanket, betya she had a jacket/hat on her head,(she could have left the baby at home and chase after the husband, but no she had to place that baby out in the cold… the baby may be a bartering tool?!!!! ( hey (city lover )what are you talking about park bench shut up! its cold out dang, what does a beach have to do with anything or the city..she made a choice to leave the infant out in the cold weather, she’s shouldn’t have any childern

  30. ts says:

    Can’t beleive that they would fight over a wefare check.. Another case for birth control for all people on welfare. say what you want but if you can’t afford kids you shouldn’t have them.

  31. heather says:

    Let’s focus on the child and what is best for this baby. To be put back into this home is not right, there is someone else out there who would LOVE to take this baby into their home and give it a loving, caring, stable home.

  32. Lower Middle Class man says:

    As I stated on this issue before. This person whould receive a harsher punishment had she done this to a dog than to a child. This child we be back in her LACK OF CARE within a month and my guess is she will have another child on the way soon if not already !!!

  33. Lower Middle Class man says:

    Got to Love MONEYapolis

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