By James Schugel, WCCO-TV

CHASKA (WCCO) — A Chaska High School student is being called a hero after he decided to take action and stop some alleged burglars from stealing from him and fellow students.

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Julian Ellison, 18, couldn’t believe what he saw when he peaked outside from his second floor classroom on a February Friday.

“I looked down and saw two, maybe three kids, about my age, going through every car they could find,” he said.

He said they were walking up and down the rows of cars, seeing which ones were unlocked and which ones had the best valuables to take inside.

Then Ellison said he saw them dart towards his truck, and that’s when he ran out of his classroom and confronted the teens.

“I was forward with my questions. I wasn’t holding anything back,” he said.

He stood in front of their car so they couldn’t leave.

“It was not only the most exhilarating experience of my life, but the most rewarding,” said Ellison. “Just the way my parents brought me up. I’ve always been taught to care.”

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Every time they darted for a different exit, Ellison followed.

“I acknowledge the fact I could have been hurt. I wasn’t thinking about it at the time,” he said.

He followed them three different times, as they tried to leave.

A school resource officer and Chaska’s principal ran to help, and soon Chaska Police showed up to get the kids.

Ellison wasn’t hurt in all this.

“Julian is Julian,” said Principal David Brecht. “He made that decision. Now we can say, ‘Hero for the day.’ What a fantastic job! What a great role model he is.”

Ellison’s biggest smile came when he saw the kids in handcuffs. He knew he had done a good deed, not for the fame, but because Julian says it was the right thing to do.

“I went up to my classroom after all this happened, and my classmates gave me a round of applause,” he said.

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It’s likely the alleged burglars could get anything from a ticket to a theft charge, depending on how involved they were in the burglary spree.