INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Tubby Smith says he’s staying at Minnesota.

The Golden Gophers coach says he’s working on a contract extension that will keep him in Minneapolis long-term despite speculation he could take another job after the season.

Smith made his comments Thursday after Minnesota was eliminated from the Big Ten tournament with a 75-65 loss to Northwestern. The Gophers have lost 10 of 11 games and their NCAA tournament hopes took a big hit with their latest loss.

But after the game, Smith jokingly told reporters the only way he would leave Minnesota is if the late-season collapse prompted school officials to take their proposal off the table.

Last year, Smith also denied rumors he was interested in the Oregon job by saying he was working on an extension.

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Comments (2)
  1. jon says:

    Good for him. He is a good role model and doesn’t grant favors to his players. I think any parent would be happy to send their kids to Minnesota to play for Tubby.

  2. Repeat this again and again and again and again says:

    Think again is all I will say.

    And as for extended his contract – well, they smart enough down south to pass. We dumb enough up here to do it I’m seeing.

    One thing about Minnesota – we will spend a fortune, a FORTUNE, to have mediocrity surround us. Pro, college and anything in between. We thrive on being a bit below the norm. Makes us feel all warm and fuzzy and if we have a slightly above average year we go giddy. Gotta love Minnesota Nice.
    Then again – most people look at us and call us other things that are not so gracious…………………………………….oh well. We gotta please Mr and Mrs Mediocrity first. We dumb enough to live here. 😉

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