By Caroline Lowe, WCCO-TV

MAPLEWOOD, Minn. (WCCO) — Maplewood Police arrested a former Vadnais Heights volunteer firefighter, accusing him of impersonating a cop.

Police say 51-year-old Timothy Kelvie implied he was a police officer when he stopped two teenage boys in a car near the Maplewood Mall last week.

“He was alleging they were going a little too fast on White Bear Avenue,” said Maplewood Deputy Police Chief Dave Kvam.

Both of the teens are police explorers. One of them later told his adviser, a Ramsey County deputy, about the incident. He contacted Maplewood Police who conducted the investigation that led them to Kelvie.

Kvam said Kelvie admitted making the stop in a red 2002 Crown Victoria car and said he was concerned the teens were driving drunk.

Kvam said investigators found police equipment in the car, including a scanner, siren, light and a Ramsey County Sheriff’s cap.

Police hope to hear from anyone else who may have been stopped by Kelvie, who retired from the Vadnais Heights Fire Department last year. The Crown Victoria has Minnesota license plates 616 MD.

“Our reason for publicizing this is simply we’re a little concerned that he may have done this to others,” said Kvam.

Kelvie declined to comment about the charges.

Kvam said most traffic stops are made by officers in marked squads and uniforms. When plainclothes officers do make stops, they should have their badges and identification visible.

Maplewood Police can be reached at 651-249-2600.

Comments (27)
  1. LH says:

    What are teen police explorers? Sort of like a secret shopper?

    1. David Evans says:

      they do ride alongs with real officers to learn about the daily life of an officer, fr their interest in being a future officer

    2. MH says:

      It’s like a scout troop, except they are called explorer posts. It gives kids an opportunity to explore and get exposure to a specific field, in this case police work.

    3. Moe says:

      Not true – S.S.

      ‘In some cases the kids know more about the law than the person their riding with.’

      Absolutely not true. Where in the world would you get a hair-brained idea like that?

  2. Tc Radiodj says:

    They are kids that learn about law enforcement. They work like the ramsey county fair parking and things like that.

    1. LH says:

      Thanks everyone! I had not heard of that before, that’s pretty cool that kids can do that.

      1. S.S. says:

        In some cases the kids know more about the law than the person their riding with.

  3. chuck says:

    So were they speeding or not?

  4. Barny Fife says:

    NO the teens got pulled over by wannabecop! Did you read the story before posting? The wannabe was smokin the green!

  5. Victim Du Jour says:

    They should make an acronym mental disorder name for people who pretend to be police.

    I was out in Glencoe and my buddy pointed out an old guy who sits in his car talking into an electric razor. And he does it to make people passing by think he’s an undercover.

    I can think of a few security guards who carried a badge and displayed it like they were more than security company people.

    There has to be someone at the U of M who can come up with an official name for it. Any ideas?

    I have to believe it is a real disorder.

    1. Dr. Reality says:

      Dear Victim Du Jour,
      After long hours of research I have found that It is an actual delusion, it is referred to as[ I want to be a cop-osis] and it can be cured by a short stay in jail! most people who suffer from this disorder usually do not re offend.

  6. Bill says:

    Really the only illegal things he did was pull them over on a public street and be in possesion of a scanner without a ham radio license in his vehicle. It is perfectly legal for Joe Anybody to have emergency lights, a siren and radar in their car. They even sell Police hats at the MOA.

    1. Moe says:

      Bill, he was impersonating an officer. That’s illegal.

      1. Scott Co. says:

        Moe. Bill and you are both right. he never said he was a Police Officer. But pulling someone over is in a way impersonating and Officer

  7. HGHGB says:

    So were they speeding or not?

      1. John says:

        Well then this guy’s fantastic! Doing the work of officers for no pay. We need more people like Kelvie!

  8. vh says:

    You can have lights, however they can’t be red or blue. That car also has an opticom in it which is legal to have but illegal to use. He also has a police electra glide with the red and blue lights and siren. The car is also equipped with strobe lights. None of this was in the story but I know of these vehicles personally due to living in the area. His kids are also well known in town for all the wrong reasons. They are all geniuses!! NOT!!

    1. Ted H. says:

      No you can have any color lights you just can’t use them on public roads.

    2. Your Conscience says:

      OK vh? A.K.A Timothy Kelvie. Sounds like you know all the details about that bogus cruiser….. just live in the neighborhood?? yaaa right.

      1. vh says:

        Why would I have made the comments I made if I was in fact kelvie. Some people can’t read, I was in no way standing up for him. When you have an individual like this in your area everyone knows who he is. He also isn’t afraid of telling you everything he has in his car. He is very proud of it and people like him should be held accountable for their actions!

  9. MN cop says:

    TED H – MN Statute 169.64 sub2 states “Unless otherwise authorized by the commissioner of public safety, ****no vehicle shall be equipped****, nor shall any person drive or move any vehicle or equipment upon any highway with any lamp or device displaying a red light or any colored light other than those required or permitted in this chapter.”….you can NOT have any color lights…

    1. Ed says:

      I met a guy with has a police cruiser bike he rides all over the north metro with the lights mounted and even has the words police on it, he was told the lights have to be covered when he’s on the road and the decals are OK since they are not a state or town Official decal.

  10. Abdulla says:

    Wonder if his resignation was forced fromt the fire department.

  11. Dave Seavy KC0UCN says:

    The guy is a real idiot for another reason. How does he know the occupants of the car he pulls over don’t have weapons? As far as the light/siren issue, no red, blue or clear lights unless you’re a law enforcement officer or volunteer fire-fighter. And if you don’t have an amateur radio license, which I do, a permit is required for each and every public safety frequency you plan to monitor. The reason for these laws? So people don’t impersonate law enforcement officers.

  12. Ed says:

    Hey go easy on the guy he’s a fireman, ever since 911 that makes him an American hero not a Nutball power hungry police wannabe that gives REAL upstanding cops ( yes, there are still good cops out there) a bad name. I think as long as he didn’t SAY he’s a cop he didn’t break the law, I remember that from one of the last guys that pulled this.
    YOu can have any color lights you want if you don’t turn them on but, you are going to have a lot of explaining to do every time a cop sees you. Scanners are a No No.

  13. Sarah Stiger says:

    Sounds like he’s doing a darn good job of traffic enforcement in the area. Maybe they should lose one of the less productive members of their dept. and put him on the payroll instead! One less car to buy too!

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