MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — An attorney for Kevin Williams says the Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle has decided to end his legal battle with the NFL over a failed drug test, while free agent Pat Williams will continue the fight.

Attorney Peter Ginsberg, on behalf of Pat Williams, has asked the state Supreme Court to review an appeals ruling which declined to block the NFL’s suspension of the players for taking StarCaps, a banned diuretic. Ginsberg says Pat Williams “wants to go out fighting.” Ginsberg expects an answer from the Supreme Court in about three months.

Ginsberg says Kevin Williams is “just tired of litigation” and doesn’t want the case, which began in December 2008, hanging over him anymore.

The NFL suspensions have been on hold while the case has been playing out in state and federal courts.

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Comments (5)
  1. Jack says:

    My question is if you were going to give up and take the suspension why not take your 4 game suspension when the Vikings were out of the running last year. Come on MAN!!.

    1. Word says:

      Exactly!!!! Great point Jack…my sentiments exactly!!

  2. kevinjfisher says:

    Ha, good point on when to take the suspension. I wish they’d quit the litigation awhile ago and just accepted their punishment.


  3. bringbackTjackNOT! says:

    it’s not like they’re gonna be in the running in 2011 either.

  4. Ken Griff says:

    Thought that the football games were off this year….are they not going on strike?