RICHLAND CENTER, Wis. (AP) — The owner of a Richland County animal shelter faces sentencing after a jury found her guilty of six counts of animal cruelty.

Jennifer Petkus owned Thyme & Sage Ranch in Cazenovia, in southwestern Wisconsin. She was convicted Friday after a three-week trial. She was accused of starving a dog to death, failing to provide water to animals, failing to maintain sufficient cleanliness and other mistreatment.

Authorities seized more than 330 dogs and numerous other animals from her shelter in 2009.

Sentencing for Petkus is scheduled for April 29.

Dane County Humane Society officials say the Richland County district attorney plans to ask for five years prohibition to keep her from having more animals. The maximum sentence would be four and a half years.

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  1. commonsense says:

    well,if they allowed these animals to be shot and desposed of ,like in days of old,there wouldn’t be any cruelty! Face it…dogs…cats…nowhere near extinction…millions upon millions of these pets have better homes and fed better than fellow man…the toll on other wildlife,mainly birds by cats, is also quite devistating. Some common sense is in order with all this “humane shelter” non-sense.

    1. Animal lover says:

      No living being deserves to be treated inhumanely. Period. Anyone with an ounce of compassion would agree.

    2. katie says:

      I agree that no animal should be treated this way. Maybe initially her intentions were good, but how sad. Wondering how this wasn’t discovered sooner. Footnote, “human shelters” are not nonsense. I , too, love birds and other wildlife, however, it is the ignorant owners, not pets at fault.

      1. katie says:

        Sorry, meant “humane” shelters. Also, my pets are part of my family, and are well taken care of ; it is my duty top provide for them and the love they provide in return is priceless.

    3. Look at all the stupidity!!! says:

      You are an idiot if you think that these animals should have been shot for no reason. Nobody was making this person take this many animals, so there should not have been anything like this going on. If you do not want the animals… DO NOT TAKE THEM! Maybe you should be shot as there is no shortage of people (or in your case, dumb people).

  2. Victim Du Jour says:

    Yeah, the Government is getting too big. Nothing in the constitution gives the government the authority to protect animals.

    They will even charge you a crime for killing an animal if you have too many pets, like that woman in western Minnesota.

    I think law enforcement should focus on crimes against humans, and people who want to worry about house pets can start their own volunteer pet sanctuaries.

  3. eye 4 an eye says:

    I think they should withhold food and water from her!

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