By Bruce Hagevik, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota legislature is considering a bill making human cloning a felony. But University of Minnesota researchers say it could ban stem cell research.

“It’s really important to understand that the University of Minnesota does not, has not and will not perform research for the purposes of human cloning,” said Mary Koppel, spokesperson for the Academic Health Center.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Bruce Hagevik Reports

She said any movement affecting stem cell research would be detrimental to a lot of the work being done at the University.

“Absolutely, we do stem cell research. Actually, it’s one of the first places in the nation where there were successful bone and blood marrow transplantation. Those are stem cell transplants,” said Koppel.

The human cloning ban is a priority of the state’s dominant anti-abortion group, Minnesota Citizens Concerned For Life. The bill would make it a felony to attempt, perform or aid in cloning by combining embryonic eggs with the nucleus removed.

But the University remains concerned.

“Closing any door of inquiry is closing a door on the research. You must understand research means hope,” said Koppel.

Comments (10)
  1. Mike says:

    Why don’t we just ban all medical procedures and let “prayer” fix it?
    The republican legislature is full of idiots with an agenda to set us back in time, one way or another.
    Where are those damn jobs?

    1. Victim Du Jour says:

      So liberals want to use abortion so we can live longer like zombies in the night of the living dead?

      Zombies with spray tans, Botox injections, hip replacements and Viagra is so organic and earth friendly.

      1. helper says:

        No just John Boehner and the other fake republican fools

  2. Jeff says:

    Ask Obama, he was getting on that I was told. Don’t assume that all republicans are idiots (like we assume all democrats are); not all of us think science is blasphemy. I am a Physics major and a republican.

  3. John says:

    Why are religious people such freaks? Please jesus take your followers away on May 22…LOL!


    1. Victim Du Jour says:

      Why are pothead psycho-babblers always making up pretend make-believe things out of thin air to be scared of?

      Old Skool!

      1. john says:

        Wacky old fart.. Its called the rapture your religious freak show and its coming on May 22nd of this year. Haven’t you seen all the billboards? Its so true. Your baby jesus is coming and he will take you first.. Always takes the fat old lazy ones first you know…

        Get back to your pain meds and heart medicine you fat lard a_ _!

      2. Look at all the stupidity!!! says:

        Victim D Bag
        You talk about others making things up yet never look at the absolute lies that you spew???? Just like the story about Wally the beer guy when you state the 14th amendment states that it is legal to drink at 18? You are so full of sh!t that reading your posts is not even entertaining anymore. More painful than anything else knowing that there are people like you in this country. You single handedly drop the IQ of anyone who reads the posts on WCCO as what you post literally makes people dumber. The sheer irony of your stupidity is enough to make me want to cry, but then again it also makes me want to beat my head against the wall until I pass out. How sorry I feel for you that you have to post things that you know (or at least for your sake I hope you know as nobody should be that stupid and understand how to turn a computer on) are made up lies. The other fact that you constantly try to belittle others with nonsense is just wrong. I am not trying to start a fight, just trying to point out something that you cannot apparently see. It is time to give it up and maybe, just maybe, start acting like an adult.

      3. Victim Du Jour says:

        Just smoke a big bowl of weed and watch a nature show on discovery channel.

        We are suppose to die! We are suppose to die from natural selection.

        It makes room for the young and healthy.

  4. MSavick says:

    MCCL is not concerned for life but only anti abortion and controlling others. They don’t require that embryos be kept alive forever nor do they hold funerals for dead embryos. They can chose to avoid the potential cures that evolve out of stem cell research but stay out of my life. My mother died miserably because of Parkinson’s disease which may be treated by future knowledge and treatments derived from stem cells.

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