By John Lauritsen, WCCO-TV

JORDAN, Minn. (WCCO) — As the Minnesota River continues to rise, the town of Jordan is doing what it can to stay ahead of the water.

On Friday a backhoe broke up ice jams along the Minnesota, but despite those efforts, some homeowners are starting to worry.

“Last year it was right about where it is right now, and we are just getting started,” said Richard Bandow, a Jordan resident.

For the past week, Bandow has watched the water slowly creep its way onto his property. It now threatens not just his home, but several vehicles he’s restoring.

While he decides what to do next, the farm field, which he can normally begin to see this time of year, looks like a lake covered in ice and water.

“We’ve never had water out in that field before. Like I said, we’re just going to watch it. And if it gets any worse, we’ll have to do something about it,” Bandow said.

There are two waterways that could potentially cause problems in Jordan. One is Sand Creek that runs through Jordan, the other is the Minnesota River, which has risen more than a foot since 5 p.m. Friday. If the Minnesota continues to rise, city officials worry that County Road 9 in Jordan could be under water as early as Tuesday.

There is a 17-foot difference between Sand Creek and the Minnesota River, but that doesn’t mean the creek isn’t a threat.

“With these types of conditions right now, with the flooding the way it is, it just takes a few heavy rains on top of the snow-pack and we could have some problems,” said Jordan Mayor, Pete Ewals.

The Minnesota River is still a few feet away from flood stage in Jordan.

The city says it will continue to monitor both waterways and sand bag if need be.


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