By Liz Collin

By Liz Collin, WCCO-TV

PRINCETON, Minn. (WCCO) –- A 12-year-old Princeton Middle School student was black and blue with bruises a few months ago after she took matters into her own hands and fought back against her bully in the school’s bathroom.

The girl said the school didn’t listen to her complaints and that’s why she fought back. However, the girl’s trouble didn’t end there. Her family said the school’s response to the fight could leave a mark on her record.

For months, the girl’s mother, Vicky Dietz, has been surrounded by piles of legal paperwork.

“She had a bruise the size of a baseball on her back,” Dietz said as she pointed to pictures of her daughter’s bruises.

The marks all stem from scratches, kicks, punches, and hair pulling between Dietz ‘s daughter and another girl in her class.

The fight happened in the fall. However, Dietz said that the bullying started last school year.

“When they wouldn’t help her she had to bring it upon herself to solve the problem and make it go away,” Dietz said.

Records show her daughter reported the bullying, which was done by a girl who made fun of her clothes and her friends.

Months after the fight, however, both girls were charged with disorderly conduct.

The superintendent of Princeton Schools didn’t want to talk on camera, but told WCCO-TV the entire district works very hard to prevent bullying. If it’s reported to school officials, it’s dealt with, the superintendent said.

Dietz doesn’t believe that happened in her daughter’s case.

Dietz said the school principal told her that police didn’t ask for her daughter’s records, and that’s why police didn’t know about the past.

WCCO-TV called police, but the calls were not returned.

In the end, it’s likely Dietz’s seventh-grade daughter will be left with a record.

The other girl’s parents told WCCO-TV they have no problem with the charges. They said their daughter had to learn a lesson somehow.

Both girls go to court next week.

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  1. Mel says:

    Good for her!!! She did the right thing, but at some point you have to fight back if the powers-that-be won’t deal with it. And also, kudos to the parents of the bully for not allowing their daughter to take a victim status. Their actions have left a mighty imprint in their daughter’s life of accountability and consequences. The girl who fought back should be rewarded, not punished, but even if she has a mark on her record, well she’ll always know that she has the confidence and security to face whatever comes her way in life!

    1. Shawna says:

      The school doesn’t even do anything about bullying!!! I’ve reported bullying, and they could care less. They seem like they care, but they really don’t!!!

  2. Jo says:

    I went to school here 10 years ago they had the same attitude. The teachers all babied the popular kids which were usually the bully’s and some even went as far as to join in some days. I still remember hiding in the school bathrooms to avoid getting food all over me at lunch time. I have done my best to avoid at all costs sending my kids to that horrible city’s schools. It saddens me to see they have done nothing to improve. I lost 3 classmates to suicide because of bully’s in school. 3 lives that could have been saved if the school had stepped up and took responsibility. The school my children now go to has a program just for bully’s. It works great. I hope this poor little girl gets the respect she deserves for not taking any more from her bully’s and i hope the parents of this bully take matters into there own hands to help there kid before she grows up and enters the real world acting like this. Good for you young lady for standing up for yourself when the adults who are suppose to protect you refused to listen to you.

    1. Warlock says:

      i go to the school and i know this girl i dont like her very much but i wouldnt do this and you have a good point they do baby the popular kids

      1. Warlock says:

        also i think its stupid she got marked for fighting back i really think the laws are too strick everywhere

  3. Not Horsin Around says:

    My son had very similar experiences in PHS.
    He was bullied incessantly, harassed and the school did absolutely nothing about it. It was reported to his IEP case workers, teachers, councilors and principals AND the superintendent (Mark Sleeper at the time).

    Princeton Schools are rotten to the core.
    I feel bad for the teachers having to work under such a schoddy school system AND for the students that have to go to the schools there.

    1. Princeton Resident says:

      I had the same experience at PMS with my son, bullied to the point of being sent to the hospital. After he was attacked by his bully which sent him to the ER they finally did expel the bully. Two weeks later he was back in school and attacked another student, knocked him out and he was hauled away on a stretcher. Another two weeks out and the bully was let back in only to attack a third student! PMS is way to lax on their standards as far as behavior goes! When is someone going to hold Princeton Middle School accountable for not protecting these kids??? I am glad she fought back, Good for her!!

    2. PHS student says:

      I strongly disagre, princeton schools are not that bad and the teachers try very hard to help the students. I will admit that there are a few teachers that do favor kids and baby the kids they like but most of our teachers are very good and I trust them completly. I think this article makes princeton sound like it has bad schools but it really dosent, I enjoy attending princeton schools.

      1. real world says:

        if you think phs is not that bad the you are probly one of the favored students or one of the students that only see’s what they want to or you see it but dont want to comfront the bully fearing that if you do then you to will be bullied

  4. Brama-62 says:

    So the the victim now has a mark against her. And just what does the school have for not following up on her report of this. Shame, shame on the school. Sounds like the bulling girls parents are doing the right thing. Kuddos to them.

  5. Still Not Horsin Around says:

    Good for her, and the school better not put a mark on her record.

    Anyone can only take so much before they snap back.
    This is a child too, so she wasn’t able to grasp reasoning past doing what she was told (meaning teachers and other people she told about the harassing bullying) and no one was doing anything to help stop it.

    She told adults, adults did nothing, and when this bully turned it physical and began to beat on her, of course the one getting hit is going to hit back.
    Who in their right mind wouldn’t defend themselves from an onslaught?
    Sounds like the girl got beat really good too, why hasn’t assault charges been brought up against the bully?

    Does the mother know she has a civil case against the bully to at least get her in front of a judge to explain why she likes to beat on other kids? In the real world, where we live that is serious enough to pull adults into court, there is a Juvenile Court. Possible civil suit against the school district too, inclusive of punitive damages, stress and mental angush.

    Things like this affect kids more than you think.

  6. Victim Du Jour says:

    So bullying will be used to turn Public Schools into a Civil Lawsuit ATM machine?

    Everyone will be ploying on eachother for a paycheck.

  7. Victim Du Jour says:

    Perhaps they should have Judges and lawyers working full time in public schools, or at least a couple times a month.

    “your honor, the defendant called my client a doodie butt”

    1. Vicky says:

      Both young people in this instance are both victims in a way, the school chose to ignore the needs of both children, in no way shape or form should lawyers, judges, or law enforcement have been involved until a full intervention had been put in place to intercept such an event, school officials should have kicked into full force to meet the needs of each individual before it got out of hand. In the end in cost each and every one of us in some way, in the negative. Children at this age need guidance, by the ones who are thier Guardians when parents can not be their. In this case all these other entities are involved because of the lack of responsibilities by the ones called “Guardians” that are put in place to care for our children when we are not present,

      1. Rochelle says:

        Apparently, both young people involved in this assault may have other underlying issues that might lead them to believe they should resolve conflict in this manner. We can not expect our school system to be our “day care” , so if some children can not act appropriately in our schools maybe they should be forced into online/alternative schooling.

        The parents of these pre-teens need to take a good-long-look at themselves before before passing the blame onto others, because if there is a lawsuit their family dynamics will be under a microscope as well. Our children learn bad behavior….they are not born with it.

        1. ramin says:

          I mean this in the best way possible but I think your a bit Naive….this kind of thing is happening all across America….I myself was bullied my entire middle and high school life. When your being bullied to that extent, there is no way to “resolve” that kind of conflict….these kids these days are ruthless. That incident may as well have been a streetfight in a bad part of town….if these girls were adults it would be taken much more serious but the fact that they are kids makes us arbitrarily believe that its not that serious. Me, everything was fine with the teachers and admin until i decided to fight back…I have had teachers witness me being beaten until i threw up and all they did was break up the fight but noone ever got in trouble because of the social status of the bullies….when I fought back i was crucified for it….my parents were called and I was instantly the bad guy. This is a very very serious problem and I commend the parents of that poor girl….to all the parents out there you stick by your kids because you are all they have…and possibly the only reason they havent killed themselves…be there for them and trust them….no matter what the school says.

    2. Human Bean says:

      once again over simplification…..the whole point is this school does not believe bullying is happening, so the kid dealt as best she could.

      NOW however, word is out on this school at least, so something can be done to change it.

      This is not a fault nor is it weakness to right what is wrong. But the likes of you can twist and criticise ANYTHING!

      1. chaf haf says:

        are school freaked at this girl they believe bullying

  8. Brewster says:

    That’s how it works, You the civilian fight back, You get charged with disorderly conduct, A cop shoots an unarmed man in the back he get’s aquitted!

  9. Everyone is kinda missing the whole point here not??? What is the headline for this story? “A marked record”. What both kids did was legally wrong. Hitting each other is assult, period. By no means is the bully in the clear for starting it all either. What i my point really is though is that a “mark” means nothing when you are a kid. Big deal! It doesn’t affect anything and it will never hurt you later on down the road. So if the parents are okay with it, witch they should be, the bully will get the assult charge and their girl will get the dissorderly conduct charge. Lessons learned for both kids. They will grow up and laugh at this all one day. Just as I did when I walked in the same shoes. I punched a girl in nose in second grade, and now I can laugh about it. This bullying cry thing has gone to far. Step up to the plate parents and listen to your kids! Maybe then they wouldn’t jump off the bed with a belt around their neck. Its always someone else fault! Never your own is it!?

    1. Vicky says:

      This charge will stay on ones record forever, when the individual turns 18, law enforcement, military officials will be able to access these records. Ones that obtain this record, will sometimes in the future be barred from obtaining certain jobs in certain areas. So being 12 years old, and having this happen is a life time “mark”, both of these gals will forever have this “mark” carried with them. Please keep in touch with reality, They will not grow up to laugh at this when thier records are accessed , and as they are told they are denied a job because of it. It can bar an individual from student loans for college, etc., this is no laughing matter, both will be severly affected by this, they are both victims

    2. seer says:

      You’re an idiot.

      1. Horsin Around 25 Times says:

        You are the idiot, seer.
        What Vicky said was totally right.
        Medical and legal records are sealed at the age of 18, but school records are there for the world to see. Colleges and employers are the ones looking.

    3. ramin says:

      The bullied girl should get no punishment what so ever….period. She did everything she was told to do to to the letter….she reported numerous times of the beatings she got before….and no one did a thing about it… tell me….what was that girl supposed to do….it went on and on and on and she was not helped at all. I promise if it was you in that girls shoes you would think totally different. She was left with no other choice….and why didnt the bully get a “mark” on her record.

  10. Lelandism says:

    No lawsuits or paranoid litigation phobia needed. Parents of a twelve year old who have to let the justice system teach their child a lesson are parents who may need to provide a few lessons at home (or maybe they are providing lessons through example). Either way, it sounds like the bully’s family needs some intervention.

    The mom of a twelve year old who gathers that much evidence before going to court is going to be a mom who clears her daughter’s name. Good luck Vicki.

    Meanwhile, I hope the judge can put something into the court order that will encourage the school to pull their collective heads out. Just remember: this story is very one-sided. You always have to go into these cases knowing there are AT LEAST THREE sides to every story!

    I hope both kids get help and don’t just become instruments of validation for the various adults in the system (as well as the armchair judges who comment).

  11. paul says:

    if the school did as the superintendant said it did then the fight never would have happened I feel that this kid is in the right for defending her self aginst the constant torment I am so tired of hearing where kids have reported being bullied and the school turns its head then when a fight breaks out the one that was defending there self gets in trouble .
    “the entire district works very hard to prevent bullying. If it’s reported to school officials, it’s dealt with, the superintendent said”
    BULL SH** funny how he didnt want to say that on camera I feel sorry for the public school system its flawed in so many ways me I was one of the kids that got picked on relentlessly day in and day out so I feel for the one girl.
    the proper way to deal with a bully is to suspend them for the year if its there sr year OH WELL should have thought of that before hand ,

    the school system keeps saying zero tollerance but where is it ? if there was truly zero tollerance this would never have happened !

  12. whatsaysyou says:

    This is wrong. That girl shouldn’t be marked down for fighting back when no one came to her help. It is the school’s fault for doing nothing and not walking the walk with the whole zero tolerance against bullying. Shame on the school!

    1. Meghan says:

      I’m a Junior at Princeton High School and I can tell you personally our superintendent does NOTHING he says he does and if our schools think they are doing anything to prevent bullying, I have no idea what they are thinking. They do nothing to help us kids at all. We have no choice but to take matters into our own hands.

      1. Pat says:

        Yea right, you’re the girl that got supposedly got bullied! Only hearing one side to the story here everyone?? And these charges won’t be on your record forever, it’ll be dropped to some community service or something of that nature. There is no way that this will be on a 12 year olds record forever. It will end up being a slap on the wrist. I also know the Princeton schools are not the greatest, but how do some people expect constant supervision, especially in the bathrooms? Fights happen in every school not just this one, it’s usually not made such a huge deal out of. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s right because it’s not, there’s just no way that there can be someone watching every student in the school all at the same time.

  13. Mike Hunt says:

    Time for some serious legal action against the school & the bullies family.

  14. Nancy Aleshire says:

    The parents of the girl being bullied need to sue the school district for allowing a hostile environment to exist in that school. All students need to be free from harassment. The girl and her family did everything they had to do. She does not need some stupid, Mickey Mouse “disorderly conduct charges”. Shame on the school district.

    1. 7th Grader says:

      Don’t be so quick to judge this girl had made some kids very depressed herself and has personaly stolen from me. The school doesn’t do a lot but they do what they can.

      1. Meghan says:

        No offense 7th grader, but you seem awefully clueless as to what all this could mean and the bigger here. It isn’t simply all about these girls adn this time, it’s overall what our school is doing to fix it.

  15. Jim says:

    Does anyone have the names of IEP case workers, teachers, councilors and principals the do nothing if there is an incident of bullying?

  16. Lisa says:

    Hopefully the Principal from the school will read these comments, and will make some changes! Wishful thinking??

    1. Meghan says:

      They will ignore all of this liek everything else that goes on in our Schools. Everything just gets pushed under the rug and life goes on as normal like everything is okay. This is how our superintendent works, and he always has. Unless it has to do with benefiting him and how he looks to the district, he doesn’t care.

      1. Shawn says:

        Its sad to see a human defend them self and then punished by another human with power who only reads about the crime, as a parent I teach my children to defend them selfs because thier are monsters among us and the weak will always fall. Good luck Meggin we all get scares from life and it will remind what to do down that rough road a head. Remember stand up for what is right!

      2. Jolie says:

        Meghan–Wow! Funny how a middle school girl can so clearly see Rick Lahn for who he really is–a superintendent that really only cares about how things look–mostly himself. He’ll love this now because it will bring him attention…

    2. country boy says:

      he wont our school will alwase stay the same

      1. Brandon says:

        The school will never stay the same.

    3. Brandon says:

      The Principal dosent care hes a dumass.

  17. Tom says:

    Good For her! The school chose too sit there and do nothing. Then when the girl decides too fight back then the school decides too act. And the school official didn’t want too go on camera what coward. I am not a big fan of a sue happy people, but in this case If I was the girls parents I would sue.

    Just like that case with that bully on camera and that kid fought back and bodyslammed him. The bully apologized but wouldn’t take responsibilty.

  18. Naomi says:

    Had to learn the lesson someway aye? That’s what’s wrong with parents today;(

  19. Dan says:

    People–have you met the superintendent of Princeton Schools? Rick Lahn is a BULLY!! He is a little man who likes to beat his chest and act big! He is single handedly ruining the school system! The teachers hate him. The administrators barely tolerate him. You want bullying to stop–get rid of the biggest over-paid bully in the district!

    1. Meghan says:

      Exactly! Since he started here as the MIddle School Principal when I was in 8th grade, he has been nothing but a bully, I don’t even know how he got the position of superintendent here! BULLY! That’s it.

      1. ramin says:

        I am the nut of this blog and ill give you your answer….he was chosen and placed in power by the powers that be….to keep decent people down…..all across america it is the same….if you disagree please explain how this could be caused by anything else….the school system in this country is tied in with everything else….banking, politics, media, govt agencies….they are all controlled by the same people….its social control and they start early….the goal….to make decent people feel like they dont have a chance in hell of winning… keep us down…just like every other institution….here is a fact….this is done in college….a professor in a university can fail you anytime he or she wants….you can make it all the way to graduation and if you dont kiss the right ass….they can hold your degree and expell you and there isnt a thing you can do about it

    2. No clue says:

      Sure sounds like you have your facts straight. Bullying has nothing to do with a superintendent. Bullying exists in every school district. The only reason it became news in Princeton is because the parents clearly have no clue of how to deal with their kids problems or how to solve their own.

  20. Lisa says:

    Dan-I have met the superintendent! We agree on one thing–Rick Lahn needs to go. He has zero respect for his teachers! He is more interested in disciplining them and keeping them in “check” then he is in supporting them!

  21. Princeton Student says:

    I used to go to Princeton Senior High School I left after my freshman year because there was so much going on that I couldn’t handle it. Bullying in Princeton is a regular thing, and the teachers see it, and don’t do anything about it. All they care about it getting their paychecks. The superintendent is lying through his teeth. NOBODY in any of our schools do anything to stop the bullying. Usually the bullys are the “popular” kids and the teachers baby them. And when the kids who get bullied fight back because we get tired of it, we get charged or get in trouble, not them. It’s ridiculous. And our superintendent, Rick Lahn used to be my Middle School Principle, and when I got in verbal fights with my bullies, I’d end up getting in trouble because the bullys were his “good kids” and did nothing to deserve my harassment. Us kids here in Princeton have to take matters in our own hands, because the teachers don’t do squat. So I will say good for that girl, and she did what most of us Princeton High Schoolers would do. And if anyone who reads this has a kid in Princeton school districts, get them out. And if you are thinking about sending them to Princeton, don’t. Discipline doesn’t exist in these schools.

    1. Toughen Up says:

      Sounds like discipline does exist considering you were punished for verbal fights in Middle School. It doesn’t matter whose fault you think it may have been. In the real world, you will get fired for getting in verbal fights with your peers, so get used to it.

      1. ramin says:

        You left out the favortism in the equation dude….the only people who get punished are the victims. His punishment for verbal fighting is not discipline.

  22. bob borg says:

    I go to PMS and they take bullying way to serious i’m surprised that the girl who was the bully didn’t get expelled. i know the girl who was the bully and there making it sound way to dramatic

    1. country boy says:

      bob no they dont there is alwase bulling when that thing happend to me they gave them 5 days of OSS for having weed in there locker our school sucks

  23. hockeygirl says:


    1. Vicky says:

      police reports and medical reports will speak for themselves. There are always more than one story to any event, but words spoken are the ones that determine the whole story, if you watched the fight than that implicates you are either one that egged it on, or otherwise. Watch what you say and write when there are so many that can undetermine your statement

      1. hockeygirl says:

        i was trying to go to the bathroom then when i got out i started washing my hands and a whole lot of people started rushing in and dietz daughter told the other girl to punch first so she wouldnt get blamed for starting it

    2. Princeton High says:

      Really? Is that why they have pictures?

      1. haha says:

        hocky girl you got a problem i wished the one chick sent the bully to the hospital for a week but sadly none of them know how to fight to bad you didnt get caught up in the fight

  24. Andy says:

    I love how everyone rushes to the defense of the “bullied girl” and finds fault with the school. Schools never chose to do “nothing” in these situations. The student and her parent may not feel as though the schools efforts were effective, but they never blindly look the other way. I’m a school counselor and it would be my job on the line if something like this was reported and I did “absolutely nothing.” It just doesn’t happen that way…

    And Princeton is no different from any other district, in that bullying is a problem. It happens everywhere – even in schools with bully prevention programs. Its very difficult to address verbal bullying, because it is one person’s word against the other. And 9 out of 10 times…both people involved in a bullying situation have said or done things to the other person. Rarely is it completely one-sided. I know, because i talk with kids about these issues. And kids will generally tell you they’ve played a part in the situation.

    Its sad that the situation resulted the way it did. However. hopefully both girls learned an important lesson.And for those of you who are trying to make the link between bullying and people committing suicide, research will tell you there is no direct correlation between the two. Bullying may be a contributing factor, but the kids who are ‘bullied’ often have other risk-risk factors in their lives that lead them to be bullied in the first place.

    1. Vicky says:

      What you say is completely true, there are no winners in this situation. It was handled incorrectly when a problem arose, it should never have went this far. It will leave a “scar” on all those involved. But on the other hand, there are people in this world be it a child or adult that do have a tendency to be mean to others, not speaking about anyone in this case, just people in general, and proper intervention at a young age to steer them away from this behavior is important for the well-being of all. Everyone young and old suffer. What we all need to do is move on, and try to keep our world a safe place for everyone.

    2. Pat says:

      Well said Andy, glad to see someone can see through all this. It happens at every school. To me, the parent that calls the news into the situation is in the wrong. Make my daughter seem all innocent but yet the other parents agree with the punishment. There’s something we’re missing here, and it’s the other side of the story. Fights just don’t happen and I’m guessing the trouble maker is the “so called girl that got bullied” because she learned it from mommy! I could be wrong?

    3. ramin says:

      First off I want to apologise to you for replying to your comment without reading it in its entirety….in your first paragraph you said that the school NEVER chooses to do nothing….you are either part of the problem or incredibly naive.

  25. Parent says:

    As a parent in the school I am well aware of the extra efforts put in by staff to ensure bullying is properly dealt with. Shame on WCCO for sensationalizing a fabricated story. Before you go out of your way to bash our school, check your sources.

    1. ROCH says:



    2. phs student says:

      us kids are the sources if you just shut up and listen then we can fix this school

      1. ramin says:

        Ok good….id like to hear from the kids at school….so is there a bullying issue at your school and do you think it is dealt with….try to give me an example if possible.

  26. Alanna says:

    This kid has been a troubled child since I first met her when she was in 1st grade…doesn’t mean she should be ignored, but I am certain she was not completely innocent. Either way, violence is illegal. I am sorry Vicky, but you cannot shelter her from the real world when she chooses to continue to make such poor decisions.

    1. Vicky says:

      No one is trying to prove innocents anywhere here. the fact of the matter is, both of these young gals should never have been subjected to the court system like this. There should have been a preventative intervention put into place with serious concequences with rules that would be strictly followed. they were already punished before the legal stuff got involved. Imagine to yourself what is going through these little girls heads having to think about attending court. Everyone makes poor decisions in life and has to deal with them, but the scary thing of the whole matter is what the outcome could have been. Most do not have the full story and facts most of which will not be talked about here. The problem exists when there is a communication block between the ones that are handling the situation, parents should be alerted when certain things happen so it can be resolved. It just seems to me that even though I like the Princeton School as a whole, the situation was shoved off to the legal system before any intervention was put into place. So in my eyes both of the people involved are most definitally victims that were relying on the their at school guardians to help guide them through a difficult time when decsions made by 12 year olds are sometimes the wrong ones. I am not trying to shelter her, she was punished at school as well as in her home setting, violence is illegal, but it could have been stopped before it happened, and further more, certain facts of the whole matter would make your heart stop. hopefully this will be an experience that will help to solved similiar problems before they develope into something that has been so blown out of proportion like this and to save other Familys’ from turmiol that incidents like this create. The court system should never have been brought into the situation, after the fact that punshments had already been served. My heart goes out to all the children involved in this very messy situation. As for your certainty that she is not completetly innocent is not the point of the matter. If you do not have access to the factsgiven, keep your mouth shut.

      1. ROCH says:


        1. dude says:

          dude every body in princeton has an anger problem isnt that why this happened in the first place

  27. 8th grader for princeton MN says:

    1. Yes are school wont do squat unless something bad happens like fights
    2. Verbal abuse teachers don’t care as long as it doesn’t happen during class
    3. No madder how much schools teach us about bullying and why it’s bad it’s not gonna help!
    4. Princeton Middle School Normally if it’s just a fist fight they will break it up and give them ISS or OSS but they like to stay away from fights so it doesn’t make a mess of things.
    6. The person isn’t just gonna sit there and let the bully do this to them… no i’d rather have the person beat up there bully, then hang them selves cause the bully is saying their worthless and stuff

  28. Lil uzi says:

    When i went to this school before i switched the people would only help the people who snitched or people they liked they never believed what me or my people would say when we were in there offices i got oss because i didnt give them my phone when they did a locker search because they find anything i was sick of it

  29. Darryn Ochsner says:

    Do you even realize what kind of a chick this is? I know her, She rides my bus, All she ever does is Lie, Cheat,Talks dirty, And even bullies herself!! This chick deserves her punishment. Why are you guys giving her sympathy? She deserves what she got. This chick tells lies all the time, She thinks it is funny and cool. You can’t believe her for anything. BUT SHE DESERVES EVERYTHING SHE GOT!!!

    1. kyle says:

      you know what i also ride the bus and yes she does but she can be nice and have fun also yes she does lie alot but you know her like i do she has changed and is differnt so i would try talking an dget to know her better

  30. Me says:

    I go to school with these girls and I know them. The “bully” get bullied a LOT herself and I have no dout the “victim” did some of this herself. I’m not siding with anyone I think it was both their faults. Standing up for yourself doesn’t mean harming others and I know our school doesn’t do much to help but this was still not a good way to deal with this.

  31. country boy says:

    i go to this school they dont take bulling searsley people get bulled evry day and when they report it it still happens i get made fun of every day because of what i where but i know its not going to stop PRINCETON DOSENT DO ANYTHING

    1. Not A Country Boy says:

      seriously, everyday, wear. Good to see you’re contributing to an educated conversation.

  32. Country Boy's Friend says:

    I know country boy, he is a good friend of mine who also rides my bus and knows her. We both don’t like her. I am the same person from the person who posted before “Me”.

  33. Walter says:

    I teach in a middle school. You wouldn’t believe how mean students, especially the girls, can be to each other. I have seen parents cry because they got so upset when they find out how mean their daughter has been to another person. Bullying very rarely happens where adults can see it. In my experience bullying most often occurs in the bathroom, the playground, the bus, or crowded hallways. Most schools have anti-bullying lessons that the students get, but unfortunately those lessons often give students new ideas on how to be a bully.

  34. Ellie says:

    Maybe I missed something. Did the bullied student share with her parents what was going on? If so why wasn’t her Mom advocating for her daughter then instead of after the fact? I know if it was my child and she shared she was being bullied I would have contacted the school immediately and continued until something was done. I know schools are trying to take action against bullying but I agree with Walter. My child saw an anti-bullying presentation at school and she too felt it just gave bullies more ways to harass their victims.

  35. Frustrated Educator says:

    Everyone wants the bullying to be addressed and stopped. Ask yourself this…How can a school ensure that bullying is ended?? The answer is, they can’t. If school officials aren’t seeing it or hearing it firsthand, its really hard to address. Yes, you can talk with both individuals. However, its still one person’s word against another. If If your child was accused of bullying another student, and all the principal had to go on was the other student’s word my guess is that you would want more solid ‘proof than that. Same goes for if a student reported that your kid had drugs on them. As a school, we’d need more ‘evidence’ than just the student report to do anything. You may not agree with that, but its the way it is. Same with the legal system. So stop being so overly critical of the teachers, counselors, and admin people!!! If there was an easy solution, there wouldn’t be any bullying.

    1. ramin says:

      Sorry I have to do this bub but your dead wrong on the drug part….infact all it would take is one person to say someone had drugs on them for the police and the school to search that kid…they dont always do it but it is well within their capability to do so

  36. The Lone Wolf 117 says:

    I really think this wrong on both sides. The girl doesn’t deserve the charges. The school should’ve done something long before this. Even if Mrs. Dietz daughter provoked the bullying by bulling the accused she should have reported it not bullied her back. Granted being a someone who lives in this district i understand little action probably would have been taken. If Mrs. Dietz daughter has no evidence against her then she has no right to be charged because it could be ruled under self defense. And i’m curious if there were any witnesses to relay who struck the other first. All in all the school should have stepped in before it escalated to a fight. you can’t stop kids from fighting but this could have easily been avoided.


    One thing I can’t stand about Princeton Schools is that every time something little happens.. People make a huge ass deal about it. I am a senior here and I really hope that after I graduate things settle a little, we have Tiger Pride and code of conducts set at our schools and I believe these rules and guidelines arent fallowed because of parental influences. I could be wrong. This girl had every right to be mad, because I’ve even been bullied before. I was in elementary school and these three boys who sat in the seat behind me put stickers in my hair a lot. so my mom called and complained to the bus driver and the kids got suspended and we all had assigned seats, so there are simpler ways of settling conflicts then fist fights and I don’t think anyone in this community understands. I don’t even feel safe at school sometimes because of the fights and drama princeton sometimes has and thats really sad so step up people and be better residents and support your schools better please.

  38. What a Joke says:

    It is hilarious to me that this has even become news. Children need to toughen up, and this “helicopter mom syndrome” is destroying future generations. How do you expect kids to survive in the real world if they can’t solve a simple problem such as this? Blaming Rick Lahn for this is also a joke. The man has gotten a poorly educated school district to rank much higher in testing by himself. Of course, people rush to blame him when a girl runs her mouth of, and WCCO chooses to sensationalize something that is present in every school district. Go get your G.E.D. and educate yourself before you rush to such poor and uneducated conclusions.

    1. ramin says:

      You must have been there….wow.

  39. kyle says:

    I got bullied by people before and when i did the school balmed me so yea vicky you have every right as a parent tp be mad at the school

  40. princeton parent says:

    I have three children that are in or have graduated from Princeton. One was bullied, the school took it seriously. We as parents have the primary responsibility to teach our kids to “play nice”. It starts at home folks–GET TO WORK. Most often those who bully, have been bullied or abused at home. Parents are not taking responsibility for their children anymore, they want everyone else to take care of their child. Again, it starts at home, when they are babies. You hit–they will hit–you swear–they will swear–you are negative–they will be negative. Get some help to learn how to parent and raise positive children. We will all benefit from it.

    1. ramin says:

      I have to disagree….it has been proven that bullies actually have a high self esteem….its not rocket science…bullies bully because they can and they know it. Hey thats fine with me….but no bully should go crying to the principal when they finally get their ass kicked.

  41. ROCH says:

    Hmmmm, I guess the mother of the bullied girl has nothing more to say? People who live in glass houses……………

    I wonder if WCCO will be so quick to report on the results of their upcoming court appearance? Just sayin?!

  42. PMS CAN GO DIE IN A HOLE says:


  43. PMS CAN GO DIE IN A HOLE says:


    1. kyle says:

      Shut up angle we know your jellous of megan dietz so shut up

  44. kyle says:

    By the way angle stop wearing makeup you look so dumb and stop makin fun of megan d because she is 100000 times better then you she is everbodys friend because she is nice and fun so leave her alone Dumb *****


    y dont u evvershut the fuk up it aint funny and and i waz speakin in anger so dont freak at me im sorry for dietz and it wasnt funny

  46. kyle says:

    angle apoligize yourself

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