By Rachel Slavik, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 21-year-old man has been charged with third-degree murder after a drug he allegedly provided at a spring break party caused a teen to go into cardiac arrest and die.

Timothy Lamere is accused of supplying the synthetic drug 2C-E at a residence on Monroe Street in Blaine, where the party occurred.

Eleven people went to the hospital and one died.

Nineteen-year-old Trevor Robinson-Davis was dropped off in front of the hospital while he was reacting to the drug. According to the charges, Robinson-Davis reacted to the drug initially with violent behavior — punching walls, breaking items and yelling.

An autopsy was performed on Robinson-Davis which attributed his death to a cardiac arrest associated with the presence of drugs in the 2C category. Preliminary results also noted no pre-existing natural disease could’ve explained his death.

Jake Kruse also went to the hospital after taking the drug that night. He said everyone who attended that party had just planned on a night of drinking. The plan changed when Lamere arrived and offered the drug, he said. Kruse also said people at the party took far more than a usual hit.

“You only need a few milligrams. We did decent size lines probably 15 milligrams, on a guesstimate. People snorted it,” Kruse said.

The criminal complaint states 8.9 grams of 2C-E were found in a bottle in Lamere’s pocket at the scene.

When Lamere heads to court, Hamline law professor Joe Daly does not expect a quick conviction for the death of Robinson.

“I don’t know how to predict what’s going to happen,” he said. “The key words are ’eminently dangerous.'”

Daly said for a third-degree murder conviction, the prosecution will have to show that Lamere’s actions were eminently dangerous, showing no regard for human life.

“I know it sounds like lawyer talk, it is, but it means a lot to the guy accused,” said Daly.

There is the chance the prosecution will also try to prove that 2C-E is actually an illegal drug. The Anoka County Sheriff’s Office said even though the designer drug is not named as a controlled substance, its chemical structure is basically the same.

“All they have to prove is it’s a schedule one drug,” said Daly.

Daly believes that could make the difference in the case.

“If they can prove that, they don’t have to worry about eminent danger,” he said. “I think this case will be a landmark case in terms of these synthetic drugs.”

Sen. Amy Klobuchar will introduce legislation to ban 2C-E.

Comments (37)
  1. Tom says:

    lock him up for good, drug dealer.

    1. Nate says:

      The kid is 21!! Lock him up for good? Glad i am not your son!

    2. Iconoclast says:

      2CE is legal genius.

    3. howard stern says:

      you sound like a P.O.S TOM

    4. doctors are drug dealers says:

      what about blaming the persons who used the substance? these people are all adults aint they? the people who got sick obviously knew what they were doing. take some responsibility for your own stupid actions. maybe they had parents like tom and thought they HAD to use to escape

      blame the drug dealer?! its MY choice to put that into my body

  2. fitswell says:

    he looks burned out, look at him

  3. MN neighbor says:

    Be smart, have fun with out the drugs. Go Klobuchar! Legislation needs to be updated.

    1. TPaw says:

      He looks like one of those protesters that was on TV from madison

      1. Iconoclast says:

        Your comment is pointless, off topic, and dumb.

  4. szuszi says:

    It’s tragic that a 19-year-old died…but he CHOSE to take this drug and assume the risks that go with it. Lamere didn’t pin the guy down and force it up his nose. Demanding his head on a platter isn’t going to solve anything.

  5. Common Sense says:

    This guy should be freed immediately. You don’t have to like that he offered up his legal substance to share with his peers and I seriously doubt his intent was to harm anyone. This issue should have ended with personal responsibility of the ingester.

    1. bigpharmakills says:

      yeah,and where’s the 3rd degree murder charges for Big Pharma AND the FDA when someone dies from their various legal pills,huh?Double standards!

  6. captainobvious says:

    he should be charged like a drug dealer, not for murder, this world is full of finger pointers how can you think the man who died takes no responsibility for his actions, all I keep hearing is he was a new father, and was working on getting his stuff together, so where does hanging out with 10 other drug users play into getting your act together, his death is a shame but i feel no remorse for some1 with a new child experimenting with hallucogenic drugs.

    1. poodie says:

      My guess is that he probably offered it up and didn’t deal it.

      1. alwayssomeoneelsefault says:

        My guess is they all pitched in on it like most groups of drug users, in the real world most dont buy ehuff of a drug for 12 people and give it away, and that was hardly the point of my comment

        1. insider says:

          He gave it to his friends for free, he always did. He never could manage money, just wanted people to like him.

  7. Kris S says:

    How sad! Locking this young man up is a waste of our tax dollars! He didn’t force anyone to take this drug. What is happening to the person selling it on the internet & why is it legal? There are rapists & murderers-people who DELIBERATELY take lives-that are free-use our tax dollars to lock them up! All of these kids have to live with this for the rest of their lives.

    1. NHockey says:

      Agreed. And I think they are going to have a hard time finding Lamere guilty. And if it is not illegal, they would have a hard time prosecuting the person selling it on the internet. Probably will turn into a landmark case….

  8. poodie says:

    First of all…… You’d have to prove that this guy wanted to harm.

    You can tell a lot about our leaders by the way they lead. Amy saw a wagon just sitting there and she’s “hitched her horse” to it. Good for her. My question is where was she on this issue last week?

    I’m not right or a left, I’m just in the middle like most.

    If our prosecutors/Senators couldn’t protect me from this chemical last week, why is this guy guilty now?

    Is Visa or Master Card to blame because he probably used a card to purchase it online?

    This is a tragedy. Unfortunately the pictures that I see of this victim, specifically his body art, shows me a lack of regard in his own decision making and future wellbeing.

    1. haha says:

      tattoos have nothing to do with it. i am as conservative as they come, i have tattoos and i smoke weed. get over it

  9. DUH says:


  10. Sparky says:

    Show me a tattoo here. I see no tattoos. Why did that come up? Granted I don’t agree with them and that is my opinion but it has nothing to do with this story. WTH????
    I agree with you haha……….

  11. Tree says:

    I think there should be charges on dropping Trevor outside of a hospital on the ground and leaving him there. I’m not sure if he was already dead by then or not. I know the others were all on drugs and their decision making was poor, but there were able to get him in a car and drive him to the hospital. They were already in trouble, 911 could’ve helped Trevor.

  12. tom h says:

    Poltics as usual.

  13. Greg says:

    Why is everyone blaming the person who brought this drug to the party? I’m sure he didn’t hold them down and force them to ingest it – it was ultimately their decision to take it, and that’s where the responsibility lies.

  14. Karin says:

    i am so sincerely sorry that a young man died. i am also sincerely sick of our blame someone else mentality! if the young man supplying the substance thought it was legal and bought it legally trying to prosecute him is a serious injustice and a waste of taxpayer money. the young man that died took the substance of his own free will!! no amount of punishment will bring him back to his family! blame the individual responsible and that is the young man that took the substance of his own accord! society can not solve it’s problems by punishing people for every bad choice made – how many problems are solved by locking up another young person? does anyone consider the personal suffering that this young man is going through? was he not a friend of all the kids he was partying with? stop – please stop i am so sick of this punishment mentality!

    1. iknowhim says:

      he over-dosed on it about a week before he sold it to those kids. Obviously he’s a drug dealer, he wanted to make money on it. I went to church with him back in the day. I know of him a

      1. insider says:

        Tim enjoyed it, he never made money off it, he gave it away and used it himself. Trust me, I’m the one who he lived with for a while and bought all his food and cigarettes cause he never had any money

  15. bigpharmakills says:

    Ever do a search on how many people die from legal medicines(so-called) that Big Pharma sells,and doctors prescribe?Staggering amount!Check it out!But noone gets 3rd degree murder charges there,now do they?

  16. Tom says:

    I am not condoning what this guy did. And what these teenagers did was not the smartest thing. But explain too me how one guy is able too get all those people to take that drug? They all made the choice too take it.

  17. Business as usual. says:

    How can people look at him as a drug dealer if he was not selling the drug, and it is LEGAL??? So in the same way that you state this, if I give someone a cigarette (legal) and they die from lung cancer, I should be prosecuted for 3rd degree murder or as a drug dealer? You people that just spout things out without thinking about the flip side or anything except your narrow view of the world disgust me and I am very glad you are not the judge, jury, or lawyers of the case.
    Next time your friend asks you if you would like a soda say NO, as this may lead to diabetes and then if you die your friend goes to jail. So many ways this can be placed in the same way, maybe not the same time frame but the same way regardless.

  18. mint says:

    this man should not be in jail if it was sent to him legally on the internet what is wrong with the jail system

  19. Gwar says:

    It’s currently legal. You can buy it online. Further I suspect he didn’t cram it up anyone’s nose. I don’t see eminent danger or a crime. I do see a sad event and a warning to everyone else – don’t do it.

  20. Survivor sofar says:

    For heaven’s sake, this guy lost his best friend who he loved like a brother. Not only that but he also overdosed and was taken to hospital. Instead of a scapegoat find the lab where this rubbish synthetic get-me-rich-quick sheet was made and burn it and sentence the people ( who are probably much older than 21) who made it for murder instead.