ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — The Minnesota Department of Health says they have found an 11th case of measles in Minnesota.

Before this outbreak, there had only been 22 cases in the state in the last 13 years. There were only three cases last year.

The health department reported that it is believed the outbreak started with an infant who went to Kenya and came back to Minnesota early February.

According to the health department, four of the cases involved children too young to receive a vaccination for measles. Five were old enough but didn’t receive the vaccination. It’s not known whether the ninth child was inoculated.

The cases range in age from 4 months old to 35 years old.

Doctors and health care providers are currently being told to check every patient — including adults — to make sure they’ve had their shots. Parents in particular are urged to make sure their kids’ shots are up to date. Click here for upcoming vaccination clinics. For more information about the illness, click here.

Five people have been hospitalized, but no one has yet died from the illness.

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  1. jon says:

    Too bad the kids who have no choice in the matter suffer while the parents who are protected by the vaccine are safe.

  2. Sarah in Outstate MN says:

    Immunizations do not cause autism. I wish parents would understand that Dr. Andrew Wakefield has been discredited by dozens of medical studies and journals. I believe he is currently on trial in the UK for medical fraud. There is NO need for children to have these diseases any longer.

  3. John doe says:

    My son had a heart transplant when he was an infant. He can’t have this vaccine, so your child could infect and kill my child, as well as die themselves from the disease. Dont listen to Jim Carrey and Jenna Jameson there is no link between vaccines and autism.

  4. PLS says:

    Its terrible if an unvaccinated child infects another who can’t have the vaccine. But if a child, whose parent is too ignorant to vaccinate them, dies. Is that really a loss to society.They would inherit the intelligence of their parents and the parents don’t have the brains that God gave to soda crackers.

    1. KS says:

      Who are you to say that any loss is acceptable? And what right do you have to say that just because parents make bad choices, their children are doomed to be stupid? If intelligence is inherited, I feel sorry for your children.

  5. Kate says:

    John doe – I hope your child remains safe.

    It is my opinion that parents who choose not to vaccinate their children (with no reason not to) are bone-headed idiots, who probably claim to care so much about their fellow man – but not enough to help keep society healthy and free of DEADLY diseases. These idiots have weakened the herd (in more ways than one).

    While I agree that the vaccination schedule is rather aggressive, for such tiny little bodies – I know and understand the concept of herd immunity. Those who CAN be vaccinated SHOULD be vaccinated – to keep themselves safe from disease, but also those who cannot be vaccinated due to health conditions. When less and less people become vaccinated, these DEADLY diseases will be on the rise. While we may have better treatment for the diseases today than we did 60 years ago, the bottom line is that treatment is more expensive and time-consuming that the vaccine would have been. And why, why, WHY would you choose to leave open the possibility that your child could become seriously ill anyways?!?!

  6. Get Vaccinated!! says:

    SO happy my children are vaccinated…and sincerely fear for those children who have not or cannot be vaccinated.

  7. Funnyrabit says:

    We recently had a child in our school district with pertussis (whooping cough). I live in a small rural county south of Rochester and I can tell you the School district immediately sent out emails and written notifications to the parents. My children are up to date on all their immunizations, but I know there are strains of pertussis that the vaccine doesn’t cover. Many of us were very concerned and all of our kids were immunized. This child that had pertussis wasn’t immunized and had recently moved into the area from another state. WHY would parents put their child through something like that when vaccines are available? I don’t understand.

    1. Nancy Aleshire says:

      There is a virus going around that mimics pertussis (gagging cough which often progresses into vomiting) that is of long duration. I know of a man in his late forties that has had it. True pertussis or whooping cough is caused by a bacteria and is included as part of the DaPT vaccine. It is one of the vaccines that is required for school and daycare admittance. The problem is with people age 40 and over (myself included) that may not have received it as a kid. Pertussis may be identified through a nasal swa b. It is highly contagious and deadly to babies. Get vaccinated if there is any doubt and make sure your kids receive the MMR and chickenpox. I got those diseases as a kid and they are nasty.

  8. just8 says:

    Funny note, the more educated the parents, the less likely to immunize.

  9. Concerned says:

    The concerns that vaccines are too much for a young child haven’t watched them eat dirt and put everything on the floor into their mouth. They get far more germs from being born and their parents breathing on them then they do from vaccines. Why risk your child dying or being scarred by an easily preventable disease. Don’t get your health info from talk shows and the celebrity Dr of the week looking to make some money. And the mythical ‘big pharma’ would make a lot more money from people getting sick than from the vaccines.

  10. Lucka says:

    Knkcoed my socks off with knowledge!

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