MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — TV personality Piers Morgan knows America’s Got Talent. Now he knows Minnesota’s got snow.

Morgan was flying from New York to Minneapolis on Delta to judge auditions for the talent show. He posted a message on Twitter that his flight turned back 50 minutes before it was supposed to land.

In response to a request to turn off electronic devices, he tweeted that he’d like the pilot to turn around and get him to Minneapolis. He also said it’s not true that Delta stands for “Don’t Ever Leave The Airport.” He wrote, “They leave, then come back again.”

As much as 8 inches of snow and high crosswinds caused delays at the Minneapolis airport on Wednesday. Delta Air Lines Inc. says it rebooked passengers on Morgan’s flight onto new flights.

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Comments (5)
  1. Watch out says:

    Deport him now he is a ZOMBIE

  2. Watch out says:

    Zombie alert!!!!!!!!!

  3. Skeezer says:

    Zombies ahead !!

    This is news ? Why?

  4. Michelle Yunker says:

    I love America’s got talent it is a very fun show

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