By Rachel Slavik, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Two men in a white van took police on a high speed chase down I-35W Friday afternoon after police interrupted a drug deal involving a large amount of heroin.

From his South Minneapolis home, Tom only saw the tail end of the chase as officers took down one of the suspects.

“It was exciting, somewhat exciting, for someone like myself,” Tom said.

Moments before, one of the suspects was sitting on Tom’s front stoop, apparently trying to hide from police.

The chase started at Plymouth Avenue and Sheridan Avenue in North Minneapolis.

“They were driving relatively well for fleeing from the police,” said Inspector Mike Martin of the Minneapolis police.

The van weaved in and out of traffic before it exited on 46th Street. The van clipped another car that was also on the exit ramp.

“Fortunately, the traffic was relatively light on the highway, and they didn’t go in neighborhoods where there were schools,” Martin said.

Both men jumped out of the van in a nearby alley, and both were caught within minutes. Police later identified the men as Eric D. Totten, 31, and Arnelius V. Sneed, 30. Totten was booked with fleeing a police officer and Sneed was booked with fleeing a police officer by a means other than a motor vehicle and loitering.

Police brought in the K-9 officer after the arrest, trying to figure out if the two dropped any evidence.

The chase only lasted about six minutes. As for the passengers in the car that was hit on 46th Street, the damage was minor and no one was hurt

Comments (30)
  1. Chris K says:

    War on drugs… A never ending money pit

  2. Sarcasm says:

    Yeah lets legalize everything. I so much want to try meth, it has done so many wonderful things…..

  3. junkie says:

    how ya gonna get yer fix if’n the fuzz busts the dealers?

    1. Jake says:

      Rubbish. The claim that you only want to harm yourself and nobody else is bs.
      I know a guy who shot up some form of LSD a week ago, then jumped in his car, freaked out, and went the wrong way on a freeway and crashed head on into some innocent motorist, because he/she thought that they were being chased by the cops, when they were NOT. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured, but could have easily resulted in 2 horrible deaths. Being ‘free’ does not mean that you can introduce any kind of DOPE you want to, cause others’ pain, and not suffer consequences. Grow up, people. There is a logical reason why all of this dope is deemed illegal, try doing some research and find out why.

      1. Rubbish says:

        shot up some form of LSD? I heard he was smoking steroids and snorted a line of weed.

  4. K says:

    Just quit the all caps all ready. You make good points but turn people off when they picure you yelling at them.

    1. Pursuing Happiness says:

      Sorry about the caps, please get passed the fact that it;s written in caps, I’m sorry.

  5. johnnycmoun says:

    Go live in your fantasy world “Pursuing Happiness”… 1000 years ago people were maybe getting high of sweetleaf but I don’t think to many meth heads were back in those days….Meth = Death and as well as all misused drugs, sooner or later your going to die but people on crack seem to take others down with them….

    1. Pursuing Happiness says:

      My main point if you actually had reading comprehension skills, was that drugs are safe if they are not misused. So we actually agree. Did you not know that Meth isn’t always death? Doctor’s can prescribe it to treat ADD and ADHD as well as narcolepsy. Why would the FDA approve that if meth is always death?

      Stop the drug war and begin regulating the safe use of illegal drugs for people that desire to use them. It works.

      I personally do not like crack or crack heads, so we agree there as well. I didn’t say we should regulate all illegal drugs, I said most.

  6. Victim Du Jour says:

    And it all starts with weed, all the potheads I know from highschool went on to harder drugs and crime.

    The people who quit weed have good jobs And college degrees.

    1. VictimDuStereoType says:

      Well aren’t you just a fabulous Stereo McTyper!!! You just love to McGeneralize everybody don’t you? You suck Mr. human, you really really suck.

    2. Todd says:

      Bull, I am 50 and I know a lot of hard working people with good jobs that smoke a little weed. I doubt very many people have smoked pot and beat up their wife, started bar fights, stager and puke all over private property, etc. Myself, I gave it up 15 years ago because I didn’t like it anymore but most adults that smoke pot are not losers, they just like to relax and smoke a little weed. I believe the US spends $20 billion a year just on the eradication of domestic marijuana and the DEA themselves will tell you they get less than 5% of the grass being grown, probably far less than that. It is easier for kids to get pot than alcohol, that just shows that legalizing it controls it better, plus tax the hell out of it and make some $ for the govt. Quit being so self rightous and wake up. We spend billions a year just to imprison non violent drug offenders while we let rapist and killers out.

      1. Victim Du Jour says:

        I’ve seen potheads go to jail for domestic abuse, most of them are because the cops always automatically believe the woman.

      2. Jane says:

        Oh yes, and marijuana has really lead to a lot of great thinkers and humanitarian efforts. “Just relax and have some weed” is incredibly selfish and dulls the mind. The end result of this life shouldn’t be relaxation. If that’s all you have to say for your life is that you were able to take it easy and relax then you’re a sad case for a human being. Why not use the time to sharpen your mind? Why does it always have to be about YOU? Just so little Todd can relax in life, we’re going to expose his children to the way of life of drugs and relying on a substance to make them happy.

    3. Victim says:

      How many people tried cigarettes before weed? But I somewhat agree with you and I see that as a reason to legalize. I just want some weed, but I have to get it from people that are willing to break the laws, they make more profit on harder drugs so they often have that too.

      But guess what, I have a college degree, good job, and a smile. You?

  7. slenp says:

    Pursuing happiness? why dont you pursue an education,put the bong down and pull your head out of your ass! Saying its safe to use heroin! i hope someone as dumb as you doesnt have any children!

    1. MuchThought says:

      Why don’t you pick the bong up, take one puff, study up on the subject, and really think about this issue for once? What makes you think I don’t have an education? Did you know that many highly educated people use drugs as a means to expand their mind and enhance their intelligence?

      It is a known fact that it is just as safe to use synthetically derived opiates for long periods of time with minimal side effects. Did you know that millions of people take synthetic opiates that are similar to heroin daily, many take them for years on end to treat a variety of conditions and experience mainly positive effects in their lives?

      Why don’t you pursue an education and learn how use punctuation and when to capitalize letters on words and such? You are a prime example of the critical thinking deficient sheeple.

      1. HighIQ says:

        slenp, I agree, You are a prime example of the critical thought deficient sheeple.

      2. Jane says:

        Unbelievable, to expand one’s mind. You need a drug to hallucinate so you can think in a broader perspective? Maybe you should reevaluate that liberal education that you received.

  8. Chris K says:

    How many drunks are hypocrits on this issue? Any way you look at it alcohol is worse than cannabis. Heroin is bad but it is equivolent to many opioid rx drugs. The drug war is a war on freedom & individual liberty as are the current airport security checks.

  9. Chris K says:

    Plenty of drunks do the same thing Jake speaks of daily except it isnt a crime to posess their drug of choice. We have stores dedicated to selling alcohol & plenty of customers. We havent had epedemic levels of violence associated with the supply side of this product since …say when…prohibition. But I guess the profitability and violence required to successfully run illegal businesses such as drug trafficking wouldnt be similar in causation.

    1. Thumbs Up says:

      Thank god there’s another intelligent human being joining the conversation. Appreciate your thoughts !!!

  10. Carmen Q says:

    Well gee CBS run a report and find out where these people live and see who is feeding this crime.

    1. SadSadCarmen says:

      Amen for free speech, one liberty that has yet to be taken away and made illegal. I’m sorry Carmen, but you cannot put people in jail for stating their opinion, and trying to make the world a better place.

  11. Dan says:

    So these geniuses thought they could outrun police in a minivan? WOW!

  12. Chris K says:

    I enjoy a little bud every once in a while and have a BS degrer along with a well paying job. I think the only gateway associated with marijuana is expanded thinking. Maybe a gateway to prison due to current law. I would love out politicians to debate this in an adult manner or open this issue up for a vote amongst the citizens of our great nation.

  13. Jane says:

    Oh yes, and marijuana has really lead to a lot of great thinkers and humanitarian efforts. “Just relax and have some weed” is incredibly selfish and dulls the mind. The end result of this life shouldn’t be relaxation. If that’s all you have to say for your life is that you were able to take it easy and relax then you’re a sad case for a human being. Why not use the time to sharpen your mind? Why does it always have to be about YOU? Just so little Todd can relax in life, we’re going to expose his children to the way of life of drugs and relying on a substance to make them happy. Looks like Todd needs a little therapy.

    1. Ignorance must be bliss says:

      Looks like Jane needs to shut her mouth as now all she is doing is judging others. Who are you to tell anyone other than yourself what the goal that they have in life should be? Who are you to tell someone that they have not done enough in life? This is a perfect example of someone with too much time and nothing constructive in their life so they have to pick out something they see as wrong and jump on that until there is a protest about it and people ask to change a law. Get a life and stop telling me and others how to live ours. As far as “Todd” in your cute little story there goes, how do you know he has a family and he is “going to expose his children to the way of life of drugs and relying on a substance to make them happy”? How do you know he “wasted” his life because he wants to take some time and relax?
      People like you should not have the rights to even begin to tell others what is acceptable to do with their lives or in society as you are trampling on others rights when you state idiotic rhetoric like this. People like you make me sick. What works for you has nothing to do with what works for me. You should read your comment again with the idea that someone is telling you this about something that you like to do in life (be it nagging on others or judging until you are blue in the face as those are the only things I know you like to do) and see if you still have the same view as you have in your post.
      Freedoms are not free as we need to put up with your ilk always trying to tell us what freedoms YOU THINK we should be able to have or not even though it is not your place to say this at all. Going out on a limb here, Roman Catholic?

  14. Look at all the stupidity!!! says:

    Yes it has. Do you like music? I would guess that the artist you like smoke up (if that is all they do). Do you like to laugh? Most comedians use drugs and openly talk about it in the shows they do. Do you like paintings? Well even back in the day we had painters using drugs before they started at the canvass.
    Why is it that nobody ever thinks about what they are saying before they spout at the mouth about what they know about drugs?
    Look at Portugal and how it has decriminalized all drugs, now look at how the crime rate in the country went down, the drug use went down, the country saves millions each year for not having to jail all these people or pay the med bills for the stupid things that they do because they have to hide it and steal for the money to do these drugs. The best part about stories like this is that the people that are for legalization are the people that do the homework and know what they are talking about. It is the people that are against that have no idea because these are the same people that still believe things like the movie Refer Madness and have never tried any drugs because they got scarred from the line…. IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!!!!

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