FRIDLEY, Minn. (AP) — Prosecutors in eastern Minnesota have charged a woman with animal cruelty for throwing her Chihuahua puppy against a dresser, killing the dog.

Police say 28-year-old Holly Boyd of Fridley told investigators she threw the dog at the dresser after getting upset with the puppy for urinating on her and her couch last week. She told police the dog hit the handle area of the dresser and went limp.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press says a conviction carries up to two years in prison.

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Comments (108)
  1. Tom says:

    Depending on how much jail time this “B” gets I think she should barred from getting any type of animal for a pet for the rest of her life!

    1. sara says:

      true she does NOT deserve any living thing in her life!!!

    2. JSC0922 says:

      Wow, totally agree. She should not be allowed another pet. Or child really.

    3. oblio says:

      Creeps from the northwoods are not likely to understand the realationship betweek people and animals. Someday the too may become bipedal.

      1. Judgemental Aren't You? says:

        How do you know they don’t already ride bikes with two feet?

    4. radjsmith says:

      I think her penalty should be that she has to clean out the excrement cages of all animals at the humane society for the next two years.

      1. jz says:

        but she’d probably abuse those animals, too!

    5. Jackie says:

      OMG Stan you are a sick person!!!!

    6. joe says:

      I agree. She’d probably hates the one-eyed pocket mouse too. They have been known to urinate a lot….especially if they drink beer..

      1. jz says:

        just wrong! tee hee

    7. foul mouth says:

      calling people names feel good Tom?

  2. Tom says:

    Poor little Thing 😦

  3. Sad says:

    The human capacity for cruelty is mind-boggling sometimes…and this is just another small example on the scale.

  4. LA says:

    heartbreaking, how could she do that? its just cruel

  5. twinswin1 says:

    That little dog would have no doubt defended her life if she ever needed it. I need to go hug my dogs.

    1. Ignorance must be bliss says:

      Wake up yourself, not everyone feels the same as you do about abortion. Thought that would have been pretty easy to grasp as it is legal because enough people support it.
      This is just sick and if you are 1 of the people that say “2 years for a dog, really” you should read anything about abuse. It starts with dogs and then it spreads to other things such as children and people that cannot defend themselves.

      1. Mark says:

        @Ignorance must be bliss
        You’re right. Animal cruelty is where Jeffrey Dahmer started -which started because of the sexual repression of his religious parents.

        1. bummedsenseless says:


          Pornography is where Jeffrey Dahmer started.
          Check the Dr. James Dobson interview immediately prior to Dahmer execution.
          They all ended up as believers in Jesus. Youtube should help for starters.

          1. Gary Lee says:

            Dr. James Dobson? They same guy who used to borrow from discipline techniques used in German concentration camps to teach parents how to control their kids, justified as OK because God told him so? Yeah, his opinion carries a lot of weight….NOT!

            1. bummedsenseless says:

              Think clearly Gary Lee

              the Dahmer interview. What did the bad guy say?
              Not junk science, not psychobabble– the witness spoke.
              Dobson mostly listened. Common respect for Truth.

          2. So Called Expert says:

            James Dobson is a phony & a joke.

          3. So Called Expert says:

            I’m sorry but calling James Dobson a dr. is like calling Sarah Palin Eienstein.

          4. dphilips says:

            Dr. James Dobson? Dr. James Dobson is a right wing wing nut!

        2. The Word became flesh says:

          prior to the mess Jeffrey got into the Dahmer family was not religious
          please get facts straight. They came to know the Creator after the sick mess
          got way out of control. The creation/evolution issue is what made the difference.
          Dahmer got some Truth. Then he had a moral compass. Truth. A reason to live.
          A reason to die. A hope for eternal life.
          Had Jeffrey been brought up in Truth, he’d never gotten where
          he did. They all came out in the end the right way. Shheesh-how
          about a little effort people.

          1. Ben says:

            @The Word became flesh
            Those are the facts -They were devout members of the Stone-Campbell denomination aka: church of christ. Dahmer stopped going when he was young, but his parents remained zealots. He was rebaptized into the same church when he was in prison -a common move for criminals who are trying to clean up their image.
            Also, I find it interesting that someone can eat another person and, as long as they say “I believe in Jesus” they are okay. And yet, a non-believer is considered immoral just for existing.

            1. Jacob says:

              The Creator said all are bad. paraphrase–all of us deserve hell.

              The door is open for anyone to repent.

              we are all criminals, not just Dahmer et al

              Look for truth, it is out there. But it sure ain’t in any one of us.
              And the Bible is proving more relevant every day.

              Seek truth now while you still can. Finding out late will do us no good.

              1. Ben says:

                Right, because a loving, compassionate god would damn us all to hell right out of the gate. Yours is a spiteful, jealous, insecure god. If he was THAT powerful, would he really need to create his own fan club to shower him with praise all day long?

      2. concur says:

        Ignorance must be bliss

        slavery was legal too–so now we kill very young little people because enough people support it?
        how dumb is that? Try again.
        agree with bummedsenseless–abortion is dead wrong!
        those babies get no say in it. just like the puppy.
        which is worse? abortion, of course. And no baby is part of the woman’s body.
        Fine is she wants to abort herself. But leave the innocent alone.

    2. Ben says:

      That “unborn person” has less of a central nervous system than the cow that was made into your dinner. Furthermore, the only reason you want it to be born is so that you can deny it the healthcare and welfare it will need when it gets older.

    3. Maggie says:

      Dumbedbrainless, you are an a$shat for bringing up abortion in this article. You should have been aborted yourself.

      1. bummedsenseless says:


        left wing hater?

        why do left wingers always hate so much?

        killing and abortion are the same thing genius.

        1. they trying to make silly dog bacon says:

          bumblebrains ….. what are you? Rat or snake?

          1. DOPE says:

            Bummedsenseless is neither a rat or snake. He is a brainwashed soul, great for the republican party. By the way bummblebrain, Dr. Dobsoon gave his personal views on Dahmer, not just what Dahmer spoke of. so get your story striaight. I know its hard for someone liike you to do without help from Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh.

            1. don't smoke says:


              Don’t like the republican party, Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh.
              I did not point to Dobson (spell check Dope) personal views/
              better read carefully–Dahmer’s statements are relevant. Dobson
              can say what he wants. judge says you are over ruled!!! Prosecution
              rests. Fools represent themselves? Dahmer was into porno. He said so.
              You miss the entire point while you are so busy attacking from the pit.

            2. Josh says:

              Right on, DOPE! Well said!

    4. nonsense says:


      Chihuahua puppy defend her life????????

  6. Doggy Lover says:

    I’d like to throw her against a dresser until she goes limp. It likely urinated on her because it was scared of her – I am sure this not the first time she was abusive to the puppy.

    1. bummedsenseless says:

      Doggy Lover
      apparently you are more dangerous than she is?
      How many years should you get?

  7. Ed says:

    2 years, Really?
    So everyone is OK with paying the money it cost to support this woman for the next 2 years then all aid to get her back on her feet when she gets out?
    Poor little thing and all but Thats nuts.

    1. not just one time says:

      People that dsiplay this kind of behavior will extend it to other humans including children. Do you want her as your neighbor?

      1. Ed says:

        As a kid the farmers I grew near would reach down and snap a barn cats neck if it even looked sick or thought there were too many around but not a one of them ever extended that to any kids.
        Where are you getting this info?

        1. Mark says:

          A 1997 study by Northeastern University, as well as the American Psychiatric Association. It was also Jeffrey Dahmer’s “gateway crime” so to speak.

          1. bummedsenseless says:

            Jeffrey Dahmer’s gateway was porno. See the Dr. James Dobson
            pre execution interview. Hear the explanation from Dahmer’s own mouth.
            Watch his face too. Dahmer says the root is porno in Dahmer’s case. btw, Jeffrey
            will be in Heaven. Isn’t God wonderful?

          2. Victim Du Jour says:

            Psychology is junk science and a mode of worship like religion.

            Jeffery Dahmers Is 1 person out of 300 million people in the USA. And I haven’t seen anything remotely in the news that says this is a common problem.

            The problem with Psycho-babblers is they always have a political agenda attached to their opinions.

            1. Victim Du Juror says:

              so true Victimgirl, so true

              I alone pass the rules

            2. Mark says:

              @Victim Du Jour
              Psychology is subjected to the same research standards as other sciences. You just bitter because they took being gay out of the DSM IV.

              1. Michael B. says:

                Victim Du Jour should go to school and get a JOB before he starts talking about other people’s professions. Clearly, based on his need to spend his ENTIRE day in the WCCO comments section, he’s got way too much time on his hands.

                Get a purpose and contribute something positive. I know I’m just speculating, but…if he does have a job, he spends the entire time on the computer.

                1. Victim Du Jour says:

                  I don’t even own a computer. Are you stuck in the 90’s with an Ikea computer desk too?

              2. Victim Du Jour says:

                Psychology has never cured anything because it’s not science.

                Psychology is 1970-1990 tv pop culture religion.

          3. nonsense says:

            Dahmer said his gateway was porno. not animal abuse, silly.

            1. Mark says:

              Naive. Frankly, I’d be more concerned about the kid who’s mutilating animals becoming violent, than the kid who watches sex videos.

              1. half loaded says:

                Joe Schimmel DVD on Kinsey Report; DVD on Sold their Soul to Rock and Roll;
                The Porn Again Christian DVD; Marketing Madness DVD from Reality Zone;
                Frankly, I get some facts before I run off my mouth. The fact that people get all their news in places like this is the root of the problem.

                1. Mark says:

                  @Half Loaded

                  My facts come from research, not from DVDs some christian concocted because they are sexually repressed. If you want to prove a point, give me a meta-analysis of peer-reviewed studies, instead of something your pastor ‘feels must be true’.

              2. wasonlyachiwaawaa says:

                Thats exactly what the Dahmer victims thought too.
                Starts with the S&M videos, next thing ya know they are throwing the dog at the dresser, next stop is graduation to serial killer.

        2. Melody says:

          Farmers in your area apparently are SADISTIC criminals and should be locked up..
          Then, social services should remove any surviving children permanently.
          Then an investigation and search should be conducted to see what else the farmer has be wantonly killing in the your area

          1. laugh out loud says:

            you sound like Hitler!
            Camp Fema is ready.

    2. Jason C says:

      what do you suggest? Let her go on her way and tell her “dont do it again’? Your presumptuous about her getting aid too

      1. Ed says:

        Toss in anger management and yes, that is what I suggest.

  8. patrick says:

    this is so sad, i cant even imagine something like happening to my beagles, they’re my best friends

  9. no buns go un-whipped says:

    Petaholics – fret not. They’ll lock the Btwitch up. They can say she can never have another pet and all …. try enforcing that one tho.

    I hope as much outrage gets tossed about by ya’ll for a child or someone else that gets abused too. Seems in good ol’ Minnesota the animals way to often get more care and consideration than some people.
    just saying the obvious ……………..

    1. Woof says:

      And i am ok with that. I often times feel worse for the animals on those tv commercials, than i do for the people in Haiti or Japan after an earthquake. The animals seems so much for innocent and pure than adult humans. Maybe wrong, but whatever, i am ok with that.

    2. Common Cents says:

      This article is about cruelty to an animal so that is what people are responding to. Were about a child being abused, then people would respond appropriately to that.

      1. bummedsenseless says:

        common cents
        this article is about absurdity
        it was a dog. The lady lost control. Seriously, she most likely
        is feeling more remorse and guilt than any of you. The whole
        idea of spending a single penny on this issue is nuts.

      2. two bits says:

        common cents
        the lady must have taken the dog for vet help or something.
        How did this story get out anyway?
        puppy is dead. throw in trash. clean the couch.
        sleep off the trauma. debate:
        to have a puppy or not? Probably not. They pee on stuff.

  10. Animal Friend says:

    The answer is yes. I would also support paying for her if it had been a child. The animal is just as dependent on her as a child. People need to remember it is not fair to punish the animal for acting like the animal it is. They see humans as another strange looking animal of their species. They do not think they are human.

  11. Shelley says:

    Her punishment should be 400 hours of cleaning kennels and litter boxes at a shelter and not be allowed to play with the animals. Hopefully that would get it through her head that animals have needs and bodily functions.

  12. red says:

    What the…. I agree that if a person is abusive to a pet that they will pass it on to a child. That is disgusting to here that she threw that poor little thing against the dresser and probably broke its neck. I agree with Shelley on the cleaning the kennels and some jail time,. I have to go hug my doggy now too and give her good long walk

  13. B Nelson says:

    Yo qierro Taco Bell. Nunca mas. Que triste.

  14. Ed says:

    Yeah, it’s sad and all. no doubt.

    Here’s the thing; It seems like we constantly assign human thoughts, logic and complex emotions to the animals that we have brought into our homes. Even though WE are supposed to be the species with the higher I.Q., we expect the animal to change and willingly adapt to OUR social hierarchy and customs.

    Chances are that the true Alpha in that dogs pack (had he been in a real dog pack) would have killed or severely chastised it for this kind of behavior. Even so, the dog (and the other dogs in the pack) would have understood why.

    It’s us who don’t or can’t understand and then it’s them who pays the price. Watch Caesar Milan and if you find yourself empathizing with the person who he is telling “you are not a leader in the dog world” then consider getting some people, not dog training.

    1. Ed says:

      unique names are a good thing. try it sometime.

  15. sara says:

    The court should tell her that she can not have kids. And if she ever did have kids and the kids pee on her is she going to throw them at a dresser to…. also ya when dogs go poddy in the house that means that they have to go outside or they will be by the door whinning she had no right to throw the poor pup at the dresser!! I would never ever do that kinda thing to my wonderful dog. That is just wayyy to cruel!!!

  16. Victim Du Jour says:

    It’s sad to see people hurt animals, but people who think this deserves a police investigation and a courtroom are the uneducated people who are bankrupting the State.

    And in other news the GOP wants to cut meals on wheels.

    1. Ed says:

      Well said.

      Who cares if a human goes hungry they can fend for themselves (NOT), we need to spend our money on locking up a dog killer for years because she WILL beat her kids and be a serial killer soon.

    2. tea bags in the trash says:

      Victim Du Jour
      the state is bankrupting the state.
      in other news: the GOP and the other guys are both the same–crooks!
      liars! traitors!

  17. Judi says:

    Stan you are as sick as she is. It takes one to know one. Get help, and please don’t get married.

  18. Dog Protector says:

    But you see, Ed, we aren’t a pack of dogs, and should not act like one. Would not want you around my dogs.

    1. Oblio says:

      I agree. . I’m very happy I turned out to be the human. This Chihuaha was a living , feelinf, sentient being who deserved better that to end it life with an ignorant bimbo.

    2. less dogs says:

      Dog Protector
      Who can afford a doggie these days?
      Keep your dog(s) on a short leash, muzzled and pick up his business
      wherever you spread it. Thank you very much!

  19. Love my digs says:

    This woman should spend the maximum time in jail and then receive counseling for her violent behavior. In the meantime, she should not be allowed to be around animals or children. People who abuse animals will usually abuse children or others weaker than themselves. I don’t understand what is wrong with our young people. Why did she get the dog in the first place if she did not understand how to take care of it. Imagine throwing a baby for urinating on you while you were holding it. Grow up lady.

  20. Superchik1017 says:

    You must not be married, Stan

  21. Rob Wagner says:

    A slug in her head would be a great idea. The more a get to know people, the more I love my dogs.

  22. Rob Wagner says:

    you did not Stan. I have a funny believing that the ladies mug shot turns you on.

  23. KMM says:

    Lets throw her fat a$$ against the dresser for being an ugly abuser!!

    1. terrorist patrol says:

      you incite to violence! Why?
      Because you are a peaceful activist?
      How do we know you are not ugly too?

  24. Ben says:

    Stan, go away, you are a troll.

  25. Jake says:

    Must be a tough break for having a name like Stan. I think I’d throw myself against a dresser if my parents called me Stan the man.

    1. Stan Charleston says:

      Jake T. I agree Stan is not the greatest name, but neither is Jake T.

    2. Jake The Fakee says:

      But your OK with Jake?
      People in glass houses Jake, think about it.

  26. Ed says:

    To be honest her actions are not nearly as disturbing as some of the comments from the over the top pet lovers.

    You want me to believe that I should fear this woman abusing kids cause she killed a dog? I worry more about you people that put a dogs life above a humans, makes me wonder how YOUR kids are treated behind the closed doors.
    I would trust this woman with my kids before most of the people posting on here.

    1. better things to do says:

      right on!
      what a wast of time here.

  27. JB says:

    perspective please. Kids starving to death daily in the US. Wars, Nuke plants about to glow for millions of years, tidal waves, global warming, longest winter in history, 4th snowiest winter where thousands of animals died. We have the animal humane society killilng hundres of animals a week with needles. What she did is wrong and she should go to jail and be banned from even having animals or kids, but we do have much biggers issues that should be addressed with as much zeal if not more.

    1. bummedsenseless says:

      answers are out there people.

      1. huh!? says:

        you’ve got some issues man……

        1. duh wuh says:

          Better spend more time figuring it out than that huh!?
          do you even know the issues?

      2. Ben says:

        The whole 2012 thing is just because that’s when the Mayan calendar ended. If the Mayans had such a handle on the future, why didn’t they see Cortez coming?

  28. Tea is MAD!!! says:

    OK..let’s give the “B WORD” a chance UNLIKE the DOG had….now 99.9% I would NEVER strike a woman….but in this case….give me 15 min with her in a locked room with a dresser in it….I am 6′ 3″ tall….and 255lbs…..I am guessing this FAT B WORD of a human is 5′ 3″ and 180 pounds….so the weight ratio between me and her compared to her and the dog is a LOT closer…..and see how SHE likes it……
    THIS SHOULD be a CALL for more serious punishment for crimes like this! This makes me SO MAD!!!!!

    1. boxing king says:

      Tea is MAD!!!
      Lock this person up now!
      Let the Chihuahua lady be his/her guard.

    2. Ed says:

      You sound like you would be wonderful with kids.
      Wonder what you would do to a dog if you could do that to a human, you should be banned from ever owning pets.

  29. SO MAD! says:

    ROT IN HELL HCTIB! (Read that backwards….)

  30. Pennie says:

    Throwing a puppy against a dresser because it peed on you? How stupid can she be? Puppies do pee at the most inappropriate times some times. If you happened to be holding your little treasure when they decide it’s time to pee, put the puppy down, take a shower, change your clothes, put the little bugger out side and then say good one you got me. You don’t throw it againtst a dresser because it is partly your fault it peed on you in the first place. When you got to go you got to go.

    1. for your thoughts says:

      Hello, there was/is obviously much more to this story than the 30 second write up from the “good to know” kindergarten news outfit.
      Drugs, Booze, emotional distress. . .
      The doggie was in the wrong place with the wrong lady at the wrong time. Who
      or what was she really mad at????????????? Things usually are not what they at first seem. Lets use more than grade school skills here.

  31. FREAKS! says:

    WOW! you guys are FREAKS….I WISH you all were as passionate about animal cruilty as you are about voicing your opinions!

    Bottom line…this Can’t Under Stand Normal Thinking (now look at the 1st letters of the last 4 words..) woman needs her BUTT KICKED and to be put away for a long time!!!

  32. doggie die says:

    It’s just a freaking dog. Leave the woman alone.
    Dog die, just get another dog.

  33. doggie die says:

    Hmmm, dog bacon sounds good.

  34. Skeezer says:

    Duh!!! It’s called put in a garbage bag and get over it. Move on, you killed your own damn dog, deal with it.

  35. jz says:

    I’d say that she get slammed up a few bars in the jail cell? See how it feels?

  36. Penny Cody says:

    As a rescue volunteer for a local rescue group, this outrages me. Please people if you can’t handle the work that a puppy or any animal involves….don’t get a dog.

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