MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Downtown meters are getting an upgrade. The city of Minneapolis says they’ve installed 36 more pay stations this month, replacing the old, coin-operated meters downtown.

The new, smart parking pay stations allow drivers to pay with credit cards, in addition to cash. There are now about 820 parking spots in town serviced by these pay stations, according to city officials.

Forty-six pay stations went into service last fall. Pay stations will cover parking spaces along First Avenue and other popular on-street parking spots in the Warehouse District.

The city hopes to install more than 150 additional pay stations by the end of summer. Even more will be added in 2012.

The pay stations tap into the city’s wi-fi network, allowing for credit and debit card usage as well as programmable updates, like letting a driver know about “tow away” zones during certain hours.

For more information on Minneapolis parking meters, check out the city’s website.