By Pat Kessler, WCCO-TV

ST. PAUL (WCCO/AP) — For the first time, details have been released on the new Minnesota Vikings stadium bill, which will be introduced at the Capitol next week.

Two Minnesota lawmakers, Sen. Julie Rosen of Fairmont and Rep. Morrie Lanning of Moorhead, sent the letter of the stadium details to the Minnesota legislature Thursday night.

The Republicans say in the letter that a bill is secondary to state budget difficulties, but still urgent with the Vikings’ Metrodome 30-year lease ending and that building’s roof collapsed.

There is still no specific site for the stadium, but the letter says whatever stadium is built must include a roof.

The bill as introduced has the following major positions:

• The state would create revenues sufficient to cover $250 million to $300 million in bonds, which would be sold by local governments — or the Metropolitan Council.

• Local governments can bid for a new stadium, and cities or counties can raise sales taxes by 0.5 percent.

• The Vikings are required to make up the remainder, including cost overruns.

In addition, the State of Minnesota would pay for its share with stadium naming rights, a sports memorabilia tax and a pro football player income tax surcharge

A spokesman for the Vikings told WCCO-TV “the bill provides a workable framework to negotiate a deal.” He said the team has some concerns, but is “appreciative of state leaders and their work to move it forward.”

If the current labor conflict is not resolved, however, the bill details specify that the lease will not be signed and construction will not start.

For the entire letter, click here.

Comments (77)
  1. RR says:

    Sounds reasonable to me. Git ‘er done!

  2. Old Viking Fan says:

    Jusr keep it out of Hennepin County!

    1. Drop Kick says:

      Better yet keep it out of Minnesota.


    Bring it to Fridley or Columbia Heights

    1. v says:

      So all of our cars can be broken into while at the game and the women can be sexually assaulted walking to them? No thanks. Keep this thing away from the hicks in the sticks.

  4. Jeremy Schauer says:

    please keep the only team that does mn proud here…….

    1. Jake says:

      I didn’t think the Twins were at risk of leaving . . . .

    2. captainobvious says:

      wow the vikes keep minnesota proud? 50years and nothing lol your a fool

      1. ask4j says:

        NOT MORE STADIUMS!!!!–not when we need to cut support of the sick and elderly. This is hog wash. Zygi Wilf is in it for the money and already has plans to go to LA–I say let him. This is not true sports anyway–it’s just a big money machine. Go watch your grand kids play HS football because that is what it is a high school game and big money has latched on to.

  5. WOW says:

    If the current labor conflict snot resolved, however, the bill details specify that the lease will not be signed and construction will not start.

    please keep the only team that does mn proud here…….

    How bout we work on some dat der english dat proud makes mn.

    1. mlw says:

      It’s hard to find a reporter educated beyond the eighth grade.

  6. Jason says:

    They couldnt have been dragging thier feet on the roof collapse. I would have to vote no on any tax increase.

  7. Brainerd Lakes Purple Bleeder says:

    SKOL!! The Wilfs better feel fortunate that MN is willing to do anything in this current fiscal climate. This sounds like a sensible pitch to me though, enticing yet not giving them everything. I hope if this goes it won’t stay downtown, the northern suburbs are the only way to go for access, and they can have a HUGE parking lot. 🙂

    1. Maurice says:

      Bring back ole’ time tailgating – just like at the Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington! My portable bar-b-que and frankfurters are all set to go on the back of my pickup truck. Go Vikings!

      1. Orville says:

        Hello dreamers. Look at Target field. It is full of places for you to spend your money. Are people so naive as to think they are going to let you park and party in the parking lot hours before the game and not get a ton of revenue out of you? They want a couple of Benjamins out of you for each game. One for the ticket and two for the food and acessories

  8. Martin says:

    “. . . whatever stadium is built must include a roof.”

    Why do I get the feeling that Ziggy could care less about a roof?

    Maybe because the lack of a roof killed the Anoka County Stadium deal.

  9. Nestor says:

    GO VIKINGS…..great news !!!!

    1. Drop Kick says:

      I agree, GO VIKINGS…..and take the TWINS with you.

      1. v says:

        Drop Kick was the last picked at kickball as a child.

        1. Melvin says:

          I doubt he was even picked

      2. Nestor says:

        Drop Kick, green bay is not to far away…please leave.

        1. Drop Kick says:

          I attended the first football game ever played at the old Met ballpark.
          I’ll bet no one here can name the two teams that played in that game

  10. Jack says:

    Man this is great real Viking fans all I have heard lately is these don’t build them a stadium and hey don’t let the door hit them in the ass on the way out of Minnesota. Great to see there are Minnesota Viking fans. Get it done with a retractable roof and yes plenty of tail gate parking is a must.

  11. Mark says:

    This state has given money to other companies (see Northwest Airlines) The vices have a great ownership group that has proven they will do whatever to bring a championship here (see Brett Favre and Jared Allen)

    The Dome is the worst, or one of the worst stadiums in the NFL, if you dont upgrade the Dome, the NFL leaves,and without the NFL, the Twincities are a farm town like Des Moines or Sioux Falls.

    Name a city in the U.S. That doesn’t have an NFL team and is worth anything…… EXACTLY!

    If our city is viewed as a farm town, we will not get events like the RNC, Final Four, PGA Championship, Ryder Cup, or least of all the Super Bowl, which bring in income that is WORTH THE MONEY we spend now to build it.

    1. Drop Kick says:

      ……and you see what Northwest Airlines did with it, they gave it to Delta so Delta could afford to buy Northwest.

    2. Pay for it yourself says:

      We built the state of the art stadium, opened in 1982. The Twins and Vikings have complained about it since day one. MN taxpayers payed for it in case you have forgotten that part.

      Have you heard the words Homer Dome??

      Last time I checked, no on plays golf in a stadium, and if you want to check some facts, see how many major golf tournements have been played in MN in the last 4 years. Not sure what you that has to do with the dome anyway.

      And I don’t think they play football at the Bosten Garden, nor do they play basketball at any stadium.

      We baled out the Target Center so the worthless Wolves could continue to play there, a lot of promises about how it was going to bring a lot of money to Minnesota. I guess the city of Minneapolis should be rolling in it by now right?

      The city of Bloomington agreed to help build the Mall of America, gave the developers a bunch of tax breaks and a bunch on money. When the mall started making money the devopers said “you have made so much money off the mall we are not going to pay back the load or the bonds”.

      Super Bowls go to big cities that have the facilites and the corrupt officials to put the moey in the right persons pockets.

      I would think that between the Twins (oh, that’s right we already payed for their new home, how much are we gettin back on that) and the Vikings if they can afford to pay their employees $1,000,000 per year they can afford to build a new building.

      Tell you what, let’s set up a new 10% VOLUNTARY tax. If you are a sports fan you agree to pay the tax, if you are not you don’t. If you want to spend your money on a new stadium feel free to do so, I do not wish to do so.

      And a note to the government employees at the capitol, if you decide to spend our money on a new stadium it would be best if you update your resume….

      1. v says:

        I was reading your idiotic comment, but had to stop at the third misspelled word.
        Where did you people go to school?

      2. Justin says:

        Hey Pay For It Yourself

        Why people like you come on here and just continuously bash about something that can be a positive for this state. If you are so unrest about a tax increase, then move the hell out of here. Seriously all of you haters, just leave then. Maybe I don’t want to pay for your child to go to school. Yeah okay, but I’m not going to come onto these forums and run it down your throats every time there is a new article. This story was supposed to be informative and target those who want a stadium. As for the target center, how about you get a few facts straight. all you need to do is google “target center renovation” and you will find hits as to why they want to stick $150 million into it. You’d be surprised that even if the t’wolves were one of the top teams in the league, they still might not exceed all the other revenue that the place brings in from separate events…

        As for anyone else, if you don’t like the proposal, then write about it in a personal blog.

      3. ask4j says:

        AMEN!!! thank you.

        1. ask4j says:

          this was for Payforityoursef. not the raving idiots comment following.

    3. Jason says:

      Northwest airlines… not really going to change many opiinions with that.

    4. Matt says:

      “Name a city in the U.S. That doesn’t have an NFL team and is worth anything……”

      L.A. comes to mind.

  12. Adam says:

    The Vikings are a business owned by an investment firm. If any other business wanted to build a new building to house their business they would have to provide all the funding. So why is it that the state, which might I remind everyone that we the people are the state. Be putting any money into a stadium through any type of taxes when it’s up to the business owners/investment to make the investment just like any other small, medium or large business owner would have to do for there company. Why is it always the same story when it comes to a stadium, that at the end of the day the people and this state are always paying some of the bill for the next 30 years (wasn’t there a tax put in place last stadium and never removed) and the teams are always racking the profit? This state is in enough financial problems with out adding more to it. Sounds like history repeating itself over and over and over.

    1. Jay says:


      It’s called signing a contract in which if you pay for part of the stadium, you get some of the profits. If that is done, then there are returns. it is the same concept as if you were to start a business with your friend. If he paid for everything, he gets all the profits and you can sit in your basement weeping about it.

  13. pretzeldude says:

    If one has the $$$$$$$$ to own a major league sports team then he has or can raise the $$$$$$$$ for a new stadium. Just like Joe Robbie did for his team the Dolphins.
    NO PUBLIC MONEY of any kind, shape or form !!!!!!!!!!!

  14. barry bonds says:

    @Adam – If you are correct about a 30 year tax increase for the metrodome that hasn’t been removed. Let me tell you a secret … the metrodome is only 29 years old. LA has the funds ready to go for a stadium but no team. We can not watch that friggin town stick us again by taking our team. (see Lakers)

    1. Jason says:

      So your argument is that its not a 30y increase its 29y. Weak, how long has it been payed for?

    2. Melvin says:

      Hmmm…….would I rather have the wolves or the lakers? Thats a tough one., good point. Also if the vikes leave who is going to be our team? The packers.

      1. Nestor says:

        NEVER….no way jose

  15. Not me says:

    Give LA the vikes and give them the T wolves..I’m sick of the threats that the Vikes ‘might’ leave. Many companies HAVE left this state AND country for many various reasons. Why is there such a debate to keep this piss poor ‘business’ in town? I could see it if countless other business’ hadn’t left and took there jobs with them, but this is just one in a long list of many. Let them go and don’t burden me with the bill. Why should I pay for the building that these over paid knot heads work at? Take it out of their paychecks, if they don’t like that then evidently the metrodome will be just fine. I’m not going to get caught up in the ‘our stadium isn’t as good as their stadium’ bs. Just like millions of americans homes weren’t as great as their neighbors homes, and now look, many have NO HOMES, as should the vikes.

  16. Jared Williams says:

    Yessss! Get it done! And Drop Kick is just a packer fan trolling Viking sites.

    1. Drop Kick says:

      Drop Kick is a life long Minnesotan who has no interest in military games.
      Bring the Troops Home Now!

  17. Jeff says:

    No smoke & mirrors revenue!!! a county tax is a tax increase. How can our brilliant legislatures even think of helping pay to build a new stadium for a rich guy when we are cutting programs like meals on wheels, higher education ect.
    The priorities and moral compass over at the capital is totally out of whack!!!

    1. Nica says:

      I totally agree with you, Jeff.

    2. Taxpayer says:

      I agree! I think Mark Dayton is pushing for the new stadium and doesn’t care who pays for it! I don’t think it’s right for the legislature to even think about this if we are cutting costs for more important things!

  18. Chad E Gustafson says:

    I’d pay more to have “drop Kick” moved to California!

  19. Fun Guy says:

    If we coulkd use the new stadium during off game nights for tarring and feathering the corrupt politicians I wiould be willing to go along with the tax increase. We could charge visitors a nominal fee to enter and pick a couple of lucky souls out of the stands.

    I bet it would sell out then, and we’d get our money’s worth

  20. Larry D. Wendlandt says:

    why is it that an organization with nine billion dollars in profit cannot pay for their own stadium’s? I love football and all sports but the owners and politicians who opened up this Pandora’s box did not do the American taxpayer any favors. Thanks.

    1. ask4j says:

      how do you think trump made his money, from government funds–and all his bankruptcies besides. Be careful who you worship they just might bite you in the butt–“we want a new stadium because other stadiums are much better than ours”, is not a good reason–doesn’t this sound like a 6 year old wanting a new bike.

  21. Priorities??????????? says:

    Let’s spend money on stadiums, but teachers making 40,000 a year are the burden?

    1. Nestor says:

      Cheesehead School teacher

      A first grade teacher explains to her class that she is a Cheesehead.

      She asks her students to raise their hands if they are
      Cheeseheads too.

      No one really knowing what a Cheesehead was, but wanting
      to be like their teacher, their hands explode into the air like flashy

      There is, however, one exception. A girl named Kristen
      who has not gone along with the crowd. The teacher asks her why she has
      decided to be different.

      “Because I’m not a Cheesehead.”

      “Then”, asks the teacher, “what are you?”

      “Why, I’m a proud Vikings Fan,” boasts the little girl.

      The teacher is a little perturbed now, her face slightly red. She asks
      Kristen why she is a rebel.

      “Well, my mom and dad are Vikings Fans, so I’m a Vikings Fan too.”

      The teacher is now angry. “That’s no reason,” she says loudly. “What if
      your mom was a moron, and your dad was a moron. What would you be then?”

      A pause, and a smile. “Then,” says Kristen, “I’d be a Cheesehead”

  22. red says:

    bye bye vikes I have had it with you guys I was a former season ticket holder in the 90 and had an awesome time and looking at the past few years and the pathetic quarterback issue. You can go to California

    1. John Dean says:

      I have a plan and will call the Vikings and propose it. Some new that has not been talked about. Idea could be worth $$$. Vikings stay.

  23. And that's what I have to say about that says:

    This is worse than a school referendum – it is brought up again and again and again until it finally squeaks (and sneaks) by with the slimmest of margins.

    Wilf says he doesn’t want a roof but that’s just chaff so he can stick the taxpayers with the bill for 100% of that part of it.

    You can rest assured that if a city or county raises the sales tax to pay for a stadium that tax increase will never, ever, go away.

    IF the taxpayers were to fund a stadium, it should be the entire state, not just a city or county or metro area. And IF that were to be considered, it should only be via a statewide referendum so those having to pay the tax (everyone in MN) could decided if that’s how they want their tax dollars spent. That would take all the unfairness out of it and truly be the decision of the majority, not just the fanatics on either side of this issue.

    1. Ginger Shepla says:

      Well said. I agree 100%. But they will never let us vote because it would never pass. That’s why they always just force it on us. Our government no longer works for us, we work for them now.

    2. upnorth says:

      the vikings do nothing to better the living standards (jobs) outstate so the let you city folks pay for it. Should be the same thing here upnorth with the IRRRB moneys from the mining companys as this money is meant to increase the living standards (jobs) for the mining communities. Oh thats right the city sllckers keep taking that pot to bail the cities out again and again……jackels!

  24. Nestor says:

    DROP KICK, I know you hate Mn……Keep your stupid comments in your pocket.

    1. Drop Kick says:

      Take two aspirin and e-mail me when their gone.

  25. kevin says:

    Gov. Mark Dayton says it’s should be a peoples stadium. Does that mean that non union contractors and construction people will be allowed to help build? With any tax payer money unions should not be allowed to keep all construction for there locals. Make sure the bill reflects an open construction site.
    By the way I am for construction of the stadium. We need anew place to beat the packers.

  26. sad but true says:

    You can build it in anoka county, raise my taxes who cares who can tell the difference even, me and my girl both work like normal human beings, pizz off u laid off lazy turds

  27. Ow says:

    All the political talk about free loaders, greedy teachers, etc. Now we have this. You have a football team wanted a taxpayer funded stadium so they can make more money, and you have people wanting plenty of tailgate party space so you don’t have to but 7 buck beer. Unbelievable. As a pattern, the people who complain about programs are being cut are saying no taxes for stadiums, the ones who are profane about spending are coming on about get a stadium done.

    1. Trev says:

      Not true. We need to cut everything across the board. And, no taxes for stadium. Stop the madness, stop the spending!

  28. Ow says:

    And typical of this legislature, it offers no real solution to the problem unless some one else does something, some one else pays for it, and it does not cost their constituents anything.. Please build it in Washington or Dakota County.

  29. Drop Kick says:

    Never has so much been spent on so few.

  30. Timmy says:

    Lets take all the money we spend on taking care of illegal immigrants and welfare to build a stadium. Problem solved.

  31. Norde says:

    Ziggy Wilf please post your bank acct number and ssn so I can put my life savings and my food stamps into your stadium fund. I will keep settling for NFC N. Champs, Green Bay is close enough for me to be a dual fan.

  32. stu says:

    Maybe the people in the Twin Cities will truely benefit financially by having the Viking move someplace else. The public is getting very tired of paying the way for sports figures and sports owners.

    1. bill says:

      I agree. I wish the Viking would move to California and save the people of Minnesota some tax money.

  33. walt says:

    Hey Vikings, don’t let us stop you from moving. And by the way, there will be nothing lost and alot of tax money saved. Don’t hurry back any time soon.

  34. Ven says:

    State of MN just got punked….by Ziggy and family, that’s why he’s an owner

  35. henry says:

    The Vikings are nothing but bums who feed off the tax payers. Please leave the Twins Cities and save us the tax money. It will also decrease the violent crime rate in the Metro Area. Don’t pretend to do us any favors by staying.

  36. Trev says:

    Hmmm. New Sadium or fix our current highways, bridges and roads? Easy decision. Our current roads are horrendous. Goodbye Vikings.

  37. Hey Hey Goodbye!!! says:

    Vikings leave now or I will call the police for robbery! That is stealing MN taxpayers dollars and leaving us with a horrible product. Leave now and be somebody else’s problem! LEAVE!!!! You are greedy and your millionaire players say that they are treated like slaves. I can’t take it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Tad M says:

    Ziggy, your out-of-here. Take your sorry Vikings team with ya. Be sure to shut the door and turn off the lights when you leave.

  39. Nestor says:

    All Packers fan’s are worried or jealous, about this new stadium bill…..I wonder why? they don’t want to play with us anymore?

  40. kristi nerem says:

    I voted for my representatives believing that they truly had the welfare of the poorest
    > members of our society as their first priority. Now I see that Governor
    Dayton and some members of the legislature want to build a Vikings
    stadium. I believe that one rationale is that it will create jobs. If
    we want to create jobs, how about more teachers, policemen, firemen, or
    social workers.? How about putting people to work on restoring our
    infrastucture so that our bridges do not fall down? I receive a
    fixed income from social security disability. I was absolutely furious
    when taxes were raised on Hennepin county citizens without a referendum.
    Using public funds to build a stadium for a billionaire in which
    millionaires play games is insane when the decision took place shortly
    after people died on the 35W bridge. I have no objection to a stadium
    as long as public funds are not used. When all our children are fed,
    educated, and have equal access to health care. When we are safe on the
    streets. When those of us on social security don’t have to delay
    medical procedures, buy food carefully, take half doses of medications, and forgo such luxuries as live theatre, buying a book, or repairing a 12 year old car to make the money last through the month, then by all means build another stadium. Attending a Vikings game, if I wished to, is not within my budget. I am so sad that our representatives seem to
    have lost empathy with the people who most need you as advocates. I
    feel as though I went to bed in Minnesota one night and woke up in Texas
    beause the bars are open later and the libraries are open less and I can
    carry a concealed handgun while drinking until 3am in said bars. I have
    lived in Minneapolis for more that 40 years. My heroes are Hubert
    Humphrey and Walter Mondale. I was proud to say I was from Minnesota;
    now I am ashamed. Please do not make me more ashamed.

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