EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WCCO) — A 30-year-old man is dead after crashing into an Eau Claire County Sheriff deputy’s squad head-on.

According to the Wisconsin State Patrol, the accident occurred around 2 a.m. Thursday on Highway 10 and Humbird Street. The man, Ryan J. Bogdonovich, was being chased by police for traffic violations on Highway 10.

Authorities say the vehicle refused to pull over, traveling east on Highway 10 at a high rate of speed. The trooper chasing the vehicle, called for assistance from the Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Department.

The Eau Claire County deputy set up on Highway 10 to try and stop the fleeing vehicle with stop sticks. Police say the man crossed the centerline to try and avoid the stop sticks and crashed head-on into the deputy’s squad.

The deputy was outside of the vehicle at the time of the crash and was not injured. Bogdonovich was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the crash.

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  1. Betty says:

    I wonder if the man was a recent Vet. There are been so many suicides by car lately

    1. Jim Bob says:

      Wow, a little edgy aren’t ya Mr. A Veteran? It was a simple question for Christ’s sake. Please let us know if we need to keep suicide watch on you from here forward…geez

  2. Clarence says:

    I think the guy was definitely smashed.

  3. Kurt says:

    because she is stupid

  4. Commenting Person says:

    +1 for you sir

  5. Clarence says:

    The cops didn’t steal this guys life. The man who hit the squad head-on made bad choices-if he’d simply pulled over to begin with, he’d still be alive. People need to take responsibility for their actions, especially stupid ones. No- police brutality here, just a very tragic and stupid choice made by a person who unfortunately paid with his life needlessly. This could’ve been avoided, and this man died so young and tragically, my heart goes out to his family regardless.

  6. Clarence says:

    Now now, be a lover, not a fighter!

  7. Chris says:

    @ communities: This guys life was not taken by law enforcement!! He chose to run from the police and already had other traffic violations. It was his own actions that took his life. It was hi own senseless actions that caused his crash and he took his own life that way. Stop trying to blame others for someone elses actions. Responsibility for your actions is called for. He chose not to take responsibility and ran!!

  8. betty says:

    Sad all around. Know his family is hurting and the cops and others who witnessed it also are hurting

  9. Bob says:

    That’s it blame the authorities. The man was speeding, racing trying to flee the officer. Its no one’s fault but the man who died. To peple saying it was the police, what if this nut hit other people besides the police car, would you still say its the police’s fault that this happened?

  10. Bob says:

    To CAPB

    It’s funny only people who blame the authorities are the one’s who are braking the law.

  11. JAY says:

    This guy ISNT a Boy SCout folks’. He has a conviction for murdering his Mothers boyfriend when he was 16. He has a record for of things most wouldnt want to hear. The Sherrifs car looks just as bad as the picture of this guys. Luckily the officer wasnt in the vehicle when Ryan decided to hit it head on, whether intentionally, or not, this is not known yet. According to other reports regarding this incident, the speedometer was broken off past the ending number according to authorities, which they say means RYAN (first name) was going well over 110 mph. Reading the comments on the local tv stations news site, this guy wasnt too well liked, except by his family. Oh yes, they say he was a great guy, a fantastic Father and a good husband, can you believe those words? What Father thinks so much of his young children to do the things hes done, and leaves them without a parent. Good husband, oh Ill bet on that one, his drinking had to be a real bad time for her at times. As for being a great guy, you can bet that came from the mouth of one of his drinking buddies.

    1. Becky says:

      Sorry to disappoint you, but no one is a boy scout. I knew Ryan, and am not a “drinking buddy”. I don’t drink. From what I knew of him he was a good guy. No one except for Ryan knows why he drove off, and sadly he’s not here to tell us. He is the onlly one that can actually tell us what he was thinking. Why bring up his past history. (FYI: he was found guilty on a No Contest Plea) Do you know all the details of what happened? Why talk poorly about the deceased? Did you know him? It sounds like your passing judgement on him from hearsay. Please have some respect for the dead, and family!

      I think that Ryan was a good guy and may he rest in peace. He will be missed.

  12. Lucy says:

    Can I just say, the ignorant comments by ‘jay’ are not true. first off, he didn’t MURDER his mothers boyfriend, he defended her life from the abusing animal that beat her on a consistant basis. His children are better off without him in their lives, hell, the kids mother deserted them as well, and are now raised by the grandparents that abused the dead abuser. The cycle never ends. Tyan was a good parent, and father. I don’t know why he chose to run. we may never know that.

    1. JAY says:

      Lucy, I am sorry but according to local records he DID in fact MURDER his mothers boyfriend. He DID get sentenced to just two years. RYAN, evidently was only 16 at the time, and Mom very well may have been abused causing such a defence from this kid. Altho, there are many incidents with the law. The local television station that reported this, has pulled the ability to comment, but if you were lucky to have read them before, youd have seen he WASNT a good person. Our local paper is allowing comments. Those are far more interesting. Want to read his criminal record, access to that is available also through CCAP. A link can be found at the local newspaper site under heading of DOCKET. Theyve released his name to be RYAN Brogdonovich.

      1. Lucy says:

        I was in the town, and a friend of the mother in question. I saw firsthand what JB did to Ryans mother. He defended her life, as well as his sister’s. I knew Ryan, he was a good person. Just because of a record on CCAP or some hearsay from those not involved is not determined to be the truth. Also, what does what he did before have to do with what happened now? My husband was a friend of his as well, and is infuriated with the local news for bringing this up that has NOTHING to do with his death whatsoever. May he rest in peace, and watch over his mother and sister now as he did when he was 16.

  13. Murtph says:

    People have problems,some not of their own making.Personally I was one of those.I lost most of my hearing to whooping cough at age three.School hearing checks at that time could not detect that kind of defect.I was shy,because crowds were just unintelligable noise.I was labeled a day dreamer in school because I could not make out what the teacher was saying over all the backround noise.I had no idea everyone else could hear but not me.One teacher slapped me only because after another kid hit him in the butt with a paper clip,I was the only one NOT laughing.The list of snafu’s goes on and on.The teacher nearly lost his job.I put a brick thru his car window. So I can understand that everyone gets dealt curve balls at one time or another.Maybe he just had had enough difficulties whatever they were.So he went ahead and did himself in on purpose,we will never know.There’s always ‘the rest of the story’ that nobody really knows.Bad endings just happen sometimes.

  14. Janel says:

    Thanks so much to Lucy Murtph for clearing some of the garbage other people talk about when they only know 1 side of the story.

    Thinking and praying for everyone involved especially Ryan’s family and friends.

    No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes some are unfortunatly forever life changing. I am a VERY good person and citizen and have nothing on my record but I have made mistakes they may be on a complete different scale and thankfully have not been “haunting mistakes” but if someone was beating the hell out of my mother, father, or sibling who know what I would do in that situation at the age of 16.

  15. JPM87 says:

    I went to school with this kid. He got off easy on a homicide charge in a small town. Murders don’t happen very often (well in Independence they seem to be above the average), so don’t tell me Janel that most people only know one side of the story.

    That was a skate on a murder, and he still continued to be a turd-ball. The only good thing (besides the lowered tax burden) about this is that the deputy was not in the car. A person with half a brain can assume that a cop car along a state highway will most likely be occupied by a cop. He went full-bore into it…thus you can reasonably figure that he meant to kill that deputy. Thank god that didn’t happen.

    STOP GLORIFYING WORTHLESS PEOPLE UPON THEIR DEATH!. This happens every day in the urban ghettos. The news interviewing the families/friends crying and telling us what a good person and daddy the guy who just got killed in a burglary or crack deal gone bad was. Give me a break.

    The truth hurts sometimes people.

  16. Brian says:

    anyone know where a pic of the squad car can be found?

    1. JAY says:

      There are two television stations in Eau Claire, I believe it was the other not so popular station that had both vehicles pictures posted. The squad looked every bit as bad as the other. Our main tv reporting station also had a video posted, I believe that is still posted this morning showing both vehicles.

  17. RIII says:

    In the end we all llose in the game of life.

  18. Kris says:

    I knew Ryan personally and considered him a great friend. Unlike some, I was able to see past his faults and flaws to see that he was indeed a Good Man, and Loving Father. He has his share of problems and yes, most of them were brought on by himself. But…that doesn’t give you or anyone else the right to JUDGE. It’s always easier for those of us on the outside to tell others what they should and shouldn’t do, say and act.

    He was a good man. He wasn’t perfect and he didn’t always handle things the way they should’ve been handled…then again, how many of us can say that we have all the time?

    PS. I don’t believe anyone should be leaving comments if they’re just going to be disrespectful…keep your opinions to yourself!

    1. JPM87 says:

      Let’s see Kris…he wasn’t perfect, you say? He should’ve been counting his lucky stars on his homicide sentence and starting a new way of life, but instead went on to acrue multiple burglary charges, theft, criminal damage, and several child support and small claims actions brought against him.


      To cap it off, who knows why he didn’t stop, but it’s pretty clear he was taking his own life and tried to take a deputy’s life while doing so. You call this person a good man with some faults and flaws, I call you ludicrous.

      Would you speak so highly of him if he hadn’t died? How about if he had killed that deputy as well?

      Just as I said in my other post, we glorify someone who doesn’t really deserve it because all of a sudden they’re gone. And sorry but trying to kill a cop as such will bring forth judgment and opinion. It’s life, deal with it.

      1. Lucy says:

        JPM87-Wow, you must have had a bad time in high school with Ryan, or all your rhetoric above wouldn’t be fueled by such hatred.
        First off, posting the CCAP link is in poor taste. Also, if you do look at it, you’ll notice he had nothing on his record for the last 7 years, with the exception of a seat belt ticket six months ago. Saying he had ‘multiple’ counts is making it sound like a lot, when in fact there were only two counts of burglary, two of theft, and since when is child support a bad thing unless he wasn’t paying it? Do you know if he wasn’t? Also only one small claims count.

        Would you speak of him at all if he hadn’t died?

        My husband also said the cops should have just gotten the plate number and let him go, and caught up with him later. Why use those spikes also? If he was going over 120 mph, putting out those spikes at that speed would have killed him either way.

        1. JPM87 says:

          I don’t have hatred for him at all, just telling it like it is. If this hadn’t happened I’d speak of hiim the same…disturbed kid who got off easy on a murder rap, yet continued to get himself into trouble.

          I don’t know, what does your record look like Lucy? I don’t have any friends who have burglary and theft convictions on their record. So go ahead, I guess categorize me as you wish since I have no record either. You saying that burglary/theft/DC is no big deal would suggest you are in the same company.

          And it’s pretty simple to look at CCAP and see that if he’s a respondent in support/maintenance action case, that does mean he’s not paying.

          Oh, you conveniently skirted addressing the fact that he quite obviouisly tried to kill a cop while doing himself in. How do you defend him in that? Oh…blaming it on the cops, right? I guess you and your husband should be on policy oversight boards for law enforcement agencies since your such experts in this field.

          No hatred for Ryan, just people that either can’t see or refuse to acknowledge facts and reality.

      2. Sue Elledge says:

        JPM87 the link has expired.. I would like to read it…

  19. Amy says:

    You know this really makes me angry. Stop your bad mouthing. NO ONE is perfect and yes he was there for his kids. He was a good hearted person, although not always making the correct decisions in life he did what he could with what he had. He was always there for someone in need and I would want him on my side anyday. His family is greaving and you just need to leave it alone. There is no reason his children should ever read these kind of statements coming from someone who knew him long ago. You didn’t know him now. Life does crazy things to people and not everyone knows how to deal with it without getting in trouble. He did what he thought was right with his mom and sister, cause ya know in a small town abuse gets looked by, even though everyone knows its going on.
    And as for the remark of the speedometer needle being broken. HELLO did you see the damage of the car your telling me the impact didn’t break it off? It tells nothing.
    RIP Ryan, You will be missed but not forgotten

  20. A Friend of Ryans says:

    Seriously people! Have any of you ever made a bad choice? I am sure ALL of you have and your choice affected other people in your life. If you weren’t raised in an abusive home then you will NEVER understand the effect it has on children and their choices, even into adulthood. Some of you have commented on Ryans’ childhood and his choices then,but those indeed were choices of a CHILD who knew nothing but abuse! I knew Ryan as an adult and he would have given the shirt off his back,even to a stranger. I witnessed him with his children and the ADORED their daddy. The biggest thing I will always remember Ryan by is.. He NEVER judged ANYONE! I would really hope that others would do the same for him!! If you didn’t know him then be respectful to his family and friends who did know him-good and bad and loved him very much!!! RIP RYAN!! You are loved and missed by MANY!! By the way- the media actually reports VERY little truth! THAT is a proven fact!

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