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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Jason DeRusha hits ‘reply all’ to viewers’ Good Questions.

Why do the Minnesota Twins start the season on the road? — Carolyn Garris, Bloomington

It’s absolutely because of the weather, according to Twins Vice-President, Kevin Smith.

“The Twins asked to start on the road to have a better chance of having good weather for the fans,” said Smith.

With Target Field being an outdoor stadium, and Minnesota being Minnesota, having seven extra days before a home game seemed like a good idea.

The Twins used to have season openers at home, when they played at the Metrodome. In fact, in 2007, 2008, and 2009, the season started here.

“There’s no guarantee we’ll always start on the road,” added Smith, who believes it’s likely that the Major League Baseball schedulers will eventually start some of the Twins’ seasons in Minneapolis.

Who’s responsible for cleaning up road kill? — Bekki Babineau, Cloquet

If you have a permit, you can actually pick up road kill, take it home and cook it up! You need a permit so wildlife officials don’t think you’re shooting an animal out of season.

“On state roadways, MnDOT maintenance folks will remove the road kill,” said Kevin Gutknecht, Communications Director for the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

“There are several different things we’ll do with it. We’ll take it to the backslope of the roadway, cover with woodchips, and allow it to decompose. Sometimes we’ll bury it. In the metro area we can compost it,” he said.

Why do we celebrate April Fools Day? – Andrea, Lakeville

April Fools Day goes back to the introduction of the Gregorian calendar, the calendar we use now.

Before 1582, New Year’s Day was around April 1. News traveled slowly in those times, and so a lot of people still celebrated the new year on April 1 and they were called “fools.”

They were sent invitations to nonexistent parties, for example.

The tradition spread around the world, with different countries adopting different quirks. In England, for example, it’s considered bad luck to play any tricks on people after noon.

Jason DeRusha

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  1. Pork Chop Guy says:

    Carolyn, serious, you needed to use up your good question on that? Pretty self-explanatory.

  2. Foul Ball says:

    Carolyn, for the same reason any future World Series Games here will be played in the snow.

  3. rich dierke says:

    Nice going, govt shuts down and the first thing they close is the rest areas.this means one caretaker gets laid off for each. And we hold it!