By Edgar Linares, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — The Archdiocese of St. Paul will not release a list containing 33 names of priests accused of sexually abusing minors.

St. Paul Attorney Jeff Anderson has represented victims in the past. He says the list should be revealed because it’s a public safety issue.

“The list of 33 offenders in the possession of the (St. Paul) Archdiocese — and the 17 in the possession of Winona — that have been refused to be released are what they have determined to be credible accusations,” said Anderson.

According to Anderson, that could mean two things: either the priest admitted it or there’s enough evidence to prove the accusations credible.

“Their superior, their boss has determined that the accusations are true in their own internal process and investigation,” said Anderson.

This week, letters were mailed to every alumnus at St. John’s University in Collegeville releasing the name of 17 priests and monks who the Abbey identified as having credible allegations of sexual abuse brought against them.

“Many dioceses have released this information. Many have. It’s just this diocese refuses to because they choose to keep secrets instead of protect kids,” said Anderson

The Star Tribune says the St. Paul list is the subject of at least one lawsuit filed by a man who says he was sexually abused by a former priest while a teenager.

WCCO Radio attempted to reach the spokesman of the Archdiocese of St. Paul for reaction, but all calls have not been returned.

WCCO’s John Williams Interviews Jeff Anderson (Two Parts)

Comments (13)
  1. obmumies says:

    hungry leeches

  2. Gross says:

    let them all burn.

  3. cycle with love says:

    The Roman Catholic church has a deep hole to climb out of. The church here used to be a very tolerant/liberal church (that I grew up with–now NOT), but now is very polarized and divisive—and having a gay-bashing Archbishop (Nizen-something) doesn’t soften the scene for them at all!

  4. Norge says:

    This is such a difficult call, even with me being somewhat to the right of Ghengis Khan politically and I am still smelling a sleazebag shyster lawyer trying to make a buck off of someone elses suffering, I still cannot condone the secrets of the Church being kept to protect the guilty. These priests should be identified, prosecuted if possible, deported if they are immigrants, and banned and shunned by the church and registered as child-molesters regardless of any lack of criminal convictions. I’m not Catholic but one would be a fool to disregard the importance the Church plays on the world stage whether in issues of faith or issues of charity; and while the Church itself has rather sordid episodes in its own history, as all organizations do, it is still what it REPRESENTS that is so very important. I would urge the Church to do the right thing and not protect the guilty, if the guilty have truly repented then they have come to accept that exposure is part of the penance to be endured. To the victims…peace be with you, now and forever, as the Lord God will love you no matter what.

  5. l says:

    shouldnt they be convicted and then names released? it says they are accused. or should they be treated as every other suspected child molestor and names be released. just because they are priests doesnt give them any special treatment.

  6. Zeked says:

    These priests are just criminals and to protect them is to aid and abet criminals. How do these catholic leaders sleep at night?

    1. Victim Du Jour says:

      Only a court of law can make a criminal record about a citizen of the United States or the State of Minnesota.

      Due Process of the law applies to Priests too.

      Anyone who doesn’t report sex abuse to the police is just trying to extort money from Catholics.

  7. Victim Du Jour says:

    Why are public schools protected from million dollar lawsuits for sex abuse?

  8. Former Catholic says:

    The priests get the headlines and have been convicted. What about all the nuns that basically tortured us when we were children? They were physically abusive and in some cases caused permanent physical damage. I still cringe when I see a wooden ruler with metal edges. I remember the hair and ear pulling, the slaps across the face, the boxing of ears, the forced kneeling for a long time, many other “punishments”. Many times not because you did something wrong, but you didn’t know the answer or gave a wrong answer. Nuns also did damage, not just priest.

  9. Stranger Danger says:

    never surprises me to see people defend these types, its only natural for people to defend people like themselves, the public has a right to know who to keep they’re children away from, i don’t expect sympathizers to understand that, but i have children and think sympathizers of perverts are just future offenders!!

    1. Victim Du Jour says:

      I get a kick out of people who think they can bully anyone they want with paranoid schizophrenia, like it’s a big deal.

      Woopty doopty pothead!

  10. Dave Seavy says:

    Stranger Danger – nobody is defending the priests – just saying that the law is the law, good bad or indifferent. But calling everyone “just like a priest” if they don’t agree with your view is pretty infantile. I have two kids too, and I’d do some very serious bodily harm to anybody who hurt either of them, but I don’t think everyone on the street who has a different opinion is also a pervert. I remember a while back when a guy was on this board saying how they ought to kill all sex-offenders. A few months later, his name was in the paper after having committed an offense. Sometimes I wonder about those who scream the loudest.