MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The 70-year-old woman who robbed a bank in LeSueur County in December was sentenced to 15 years of probation Tuesday.

Sandra Leanne Bathke was also sentenced to 35 days in jail, which she has already received credit for serving, and she will also be required to perform 200 hours of community service.

The robbery happened on Dec. 15, 2010 at the Elysian State Bank. Police said Bathke duped her landlord’s son into giving her a ride to bank. He thought he was doing a good deed, but ended up being her unsuspecting getaway driver.

According to court records, Bathke entered the bank around noon, told the teller she had a gun and demanded money. She took off with $3,700.

Once she was arrested, she told police that she needed the money to pay rent or she was going to be evicted. Police later determined that she didn’t have a gun, only a small hammer in a bag.

As part of her punishment, Bathke will also need to write a letter of apology and stay away from the bank for the rest of her life.

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  1. Snooky says:

    I can guarantee if I robbed a bank to pay my rent with a hammer I’ll be serving a 25 year or more sentence. Wheres the justice, because this is BS

    1. Edward Eubanks says:

      I love these comments.

      Let’s take the justice issue: At 80 years old and terrified of being tossed onto the street, the old lady made a win-win move. In the days of slavery, one of the worst things that could happen to a slave was that s/he was freed at the end of their productive years. They had nowhere to go, no way to earn a living, and nothing to fall back on. At that point, slavery was more attractive than freedom.
      What’s the worse the old lady had to look forward to? Free room, board, medicine, and companionship for the rest of her days. That’s better than the alternative she faced.

      As far as justice,I see no point in throwing the very young and the very old in prison. The former is shortsighted and the latter is mean-spirited.

      As far as the person blaming the Obama administration for the old lady’s plight, I would only ask how? Obama is NOT the party seeking to end welfare supports to our nation’s poor and elderly and Obama is NOT the jerkwad that threw this economy into a tailspin. That jerkwad is: the whole lot of us.

  2. redrobin402 says:

    Glad that the Obama administration is helping our elderly. When someone starts her life of crime at 70 I think that says something.

    1. Realityversusirrationalminds says:

      Is everything Obama and his admistrations fault ! What about all the murk and mire they have attempted to clean up of those before them??? When they came into this Whitehouse things were already in shambles! So place the blame on them since they can’t fix all the other mistakes made?? And how many years and Presidents and their Adminstrations does it go back?? To all of you who complain, whine, point fingers at the present President and his Administration, why don’t you get the funds then campaign and run for President? May be YOU can clear this mess up?

    2. tbaby2 says:

      The lady is 70 years old and Obama has been in office only a short time. when she signed up for SSI, he was not in office. And when she was living her 70 years, who was president and why did they not do more to make sure this wouldn’t happen not just to her but to all people her age. There are so many other entities that can be blamed for this phenomenon ie, people are living longer due to better treatements and drugs(now they can’t afford them), for years war and bailing out delinquent banks and companies was more important than our boomers who are here longer(so less money for SSI and food), the rich have to get richer or what would they do(so who cares about those who struggle) and immigration( a whole other can of worms as to why we can’t take care of our elders). So see joe and jane public who allow these issues to presist by constantly agreeing with the big bucks instead of the people (ALL PEOPLE- which many don’t consider until they are faced with everyday people issues and see that they are now normal). And all of this from a super power who wants others to believe that. Yes, we know OBAMA will be the scapegoat for all the ills of the past government but what really needs to be known is that others are watching how we SUPPORT our government(each term) and trying to figure out how to sabotage us(noticed I said us because we all will suffer when hell brakes loose ‘over here’). So if we support legitimate social program and get strong together, we will be able to stand tall and firm in our believe as one AMERICA.

  3. Paul Choi says:

    She’ll probably pass away before her sentence is up anyway

  4. Unreal says:

    This is BS! Just because she’s old and ugly doesn’t mean she should get off without even a slap on the wrist… She robbed a bank!!!

    1. chump says:

      When ur mom is old and broke, which she will be because you certainly cant support her, hopefully when she steals to survive ul understand

  5. joe1 says:

    she’s not going to do it again. it costs 40 grand a year to keep her in prison…l she was just a desperate granny who was more afraid of being on the street than of going to jail

    justice was well served.

  6. Hugh Jorgan says:

    Yeah, put her in some form of payback justice program, for the rest of her pitiful life – and be sure the tax payers don’t have to flip the bill in any way, including health benefits to keep her sorry butt alive longer…

  7. Keeping it real in Minnesota says:

    Probation?….funny….so she goes in once a month to report in to her probation agent, and will be asked…”anything new to report?…..did you rob any banks in the last month?….ok…..thank you for stopping in……see you next month….. wow, really?……..I think some form of community service to helping out the poor in her community would be more relevant……………..and if she did get sent to jail, I would hope she got put to work in the kitchen…..Bet she can cook some awesome meals…..I know my grandma can……lol

  8. Truth hurts says:

    Had that been a minority elderly lady the judge would have thrown her a** in prison for life. The system is a JOKE ! I dont care how old she is she committed a FELONY.