By Caroline Lowe, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota State Trooper Brian Bammert was hit last weekend for second time in a matter of weeks.

Bammert had stopped a teen for speeding Saturday night on I-94 in Minneapolis when a van slammed into the back of his squad. The squad then hit the car Bammert originally stopped.

“It’s quite a shocking feeling. As much as you prepare for it mentally, and know it’s a part of the job, there was a feeling of disbelief after it had happened,” said the trooper who escaped with minor injuries.

When Bammert checked inside the van, he found the female driver unconscious and a baby in a child’s car seat.

The crash happened barely five weeks after Bammert had to jump into the air to avoid getting hit on I-394 and Penn Avenue in Minneapolis when he was helping drivers in a snowstorm.

“I think my shin caught somewhere near the front driver headlight and I hit the windshield and went up over the car,” said Bammert.

Crashes like these have prompted State Patrol supervisors to reinforce safety messages to the public and to troopers who know every stop they make can take a dangerous turn.

“We are reminding troopers to use all safety precautions possible when they are handling crashes and stopping vehicles,” said Lt. Eric Roeske.

“I take some comfort in knowing that there was little if anything I could have done to make the situation safer than I already had,” said Bammert. “We accept that these types of things can happen but there’s still a job to be done.”

Bammert is set to return to patrol duty Wednesday afternoon.

Since Nov. 1, 36 State Patrol Troopers have been hit. That compares to 14 during the same time period last year.

Comments (10)
  1. sam says:

    what the hell are these drivers doing? I can spot flashing lights miles away! If the squads are on the shoulder with flashing lights what the hell are these drivers drifting off the road for?
    Might be the biggest sign of not paying attention Ive ever heard, this is a strange thing that keeps happening!

    1. captainobvious says:

      Read the article if your going to comment. 1 driver lost control the other had a medical condition i dont think not paying attention qualfies for either stump

  2. care says:

    So some1 lost control and almost hit him, and the other had a health problem. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  3. Pauline Overby says:

    Didn’t have much of a problem when they had the bubble gum machines on top. the new low profile hidden lights do a very good job of hiding. I liked the old dark red cruisers that were visible and not the ones that blend in with other traffic. But then everyone would see them.

    International orange might help, and prevent others from speeding.

  4. cmc says:

    Care – almost hit him? I think if he was hit on the shin by the headlight, hit the windshield and went over the car…..that qualifies as being hit.

  5. chinwhiskers says:

    I have been noticing how the squad cars hug the white stripe when they stop, sometimes even into the traffic lane. Cars are not always able to change lanes in moving traffic. The “change lanes if possible” is a good law, but cops need to pull over as far as they used to, for everybody’s safety.

    1. Kc says:

      They do it to protect themselves. This way their car is out father then they are when they are standing at the car they pulled over.

  6. dorsalfin says:

    The law also states that if you can’t move over then you are supposed to slow down. Slowing down as you pass the squads would keep crashes like this from happening.

  7. Joy says:

    I think they should put “move over if you see flashing lights” on teleprompter signs on the overpasses. But they need to be in Laotian, spanish and whatever language they speak in Somalia. I think our ethnic friends aren’t getting the message due to a language barrier.