HUDSON, Wis. (AP) — A western Wisconsin priest has been charged with stealing money from a church fund for the needy.

Officials at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Hudson told investigators that nearly $11,000 was missing from a charity account used to help people in times of hardship. Prosecutors say Father Dan Dahlberg admitted taking the money and says he has a gambling addiction. The 68-year-old priest resigned his position last month.

A criminal complaint says Dahlberg started writing checks and endorsing them for cash beginning in August 2009. He has been charged in St. Croix County with felony theft.

The Superior Telegram says he’s been placed on administrative leave by the Catholic Diocese of Superior’s bishop. An initial court appearance is set for May 12.

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Comments (15)
  1. T says:

    You become a priest just like you become anything else. You go to school. This makes them an anyone else and the news proves it. Priest, sales person, machanic…all the same in my book.

    1. Catholic by marriage says:

      You are correct, Priests are humans, not demi-gods. We expect them to live up to a higher standard because of the commitment they have made but in the end, we put our faith in God, not other fallable humans. Priests getting cuaght misbehaving make better headlines than mechanics getting caught.

  2. Lower Middle Class man says:

    A priest that is a thief and Gambler – Thats a improvement over a child pedphile Priest.

  3. pete says:

    What is going on at that church with their priests?

    1. dyllan says:

      Why do you have to generalize the whole group. A cop is bad doesn’t mean cops are bad.

  4. Cindy says:

    But this priest never has to worrie about retirement income of even how to pay for any treatment for his problem. He will not even see the medical bills. All taken care of by the church. These people are so void of reality it makes me sick. Taken care of like little children their whole lives. I would never trust one of thewe people and have taught my children to stay away from them. they are dangerous.

    1. K. says:

      There is no reason to generaize here. Does one bad cop mean all cops are bad? This priest has a weakness as do other human beings. It’s unfortunate but it happens. Priests are subject to the same temptations as anyone else. But I have know some wonderful priests. It isn’t fair to say that they are all dangerous just because of a handful. About 1% of pediphiles are Catholic priests, 10% of them are Protestant ministers…..So, which is more newsworthy? As a result, gullable people like you are quick to judge them all.

      1. Jim says:

        Yes there is. You can quote all the percentages you want.
        The Catholic church is in big trouble. How many millions have they paid out to just a fraction of their victims. I don’t see how people can give the Catholic church money… they can pay lawsuits.

  5. Webb says:

    At least he wasn’t going after the boys!

  6. athiest says:

    This is why the younger generation does not attend church… The priests do not practice what they preach. The bigots

  7. WHAT????? says:

    The only difference between the Protestant ministers and the Catholic priests that you are talking about is that the Protestants get in trouble when they touch a kid, the priests get protected by the church. There is a big difference when you have the church saying they are untouchable because they are part of the church and no legal charges are brought against them. This to “gullible” (or in other words people tired of the double standard) will not trust them as there is no accountability when they are caught.
    If people want to make the Catholic church respectable again, maybe the people in the church should start making sure the church upholds the laws of man, which if you do not remember are right under the laws of god as long as they do not contradict each other. That is coming from the book they say they live their lives by.

    1. K. says:

      In case you haven’t heard, the Catholic Church isn’t protecting them anymore. The American Council of Bishops has a different approach to this problem and you shouldn’t see this in the future. What you are still hearing about is the problem from 20+ years ago and the cover-up that occurred then. You don’t hear anything happening now, do you? Don’t get me wrong……I’m not defending the actions of these priests and how the Church responded in the past. I think it stinks! But, I was taught that Jesus forgave His executioners from the cross. I guess I can find forgiveness too for past offenses. Perhaps that’s we all should be doing………forgive one another and move on.

  8. WHAT????? says:

    I would love to see where you got the info that you are talking about. Why would there be a priest from WI that was just accused of abuse that is not having charges brought up because the church sent him out of the country when the charges were filed? This was on WCCO last month. So are you saying that the American Council of Bishops have changed the stance in the last 30-45 days?
    The American Council of Atheists have just come out and stated that they believe in a being as of 30 days ago.
    See I can make things up as well. I am not trying to start a fight, I am just saying that what you are posting does not sound like it came from the church as I do not remember hearing anything about that, but I have heard of more abuse cases that are not going to go anywhere except a settlement with the victim outside of court and a priest that gets transferred to another parish where they will not be extradited. I am all for holding them accountable so if the rules have changed I applaud the church for finally doing what is right, I just doubt it has happened as the church has not had a good record of changing policy or listening to any kind of authority because they have “the highest authority” on their side. It reads like a bad book, but for some reason they still find people that will blindly follow them.

  9. Dbone says:

    This type of stuff has alway happened. We have the http://www., so that everyone can see the truth the next day. Before, it could be hidden easely! The mojority of American have no idea what these con men are reaping. If God was real, he would have made his introduction years ago! Why would someone so powerful, be so silent. Because, its faith, and faith is no more than believing in the unproven. Money is for material things, it cannot buy you a house in heaven. It can only buy those preaching against sin, a house in the foothills. but yet, the uneducated continue to allow these pedephiles a place in society. They prey on your children sometimes causing them to turn violent, steal, lie, cheat, etc. And once your children learn this, they are marked forever , This is because they use your Donations, to purchase luxury and people, in all sectors of life. Think about this: Why can instantly, 300 people die in an accident. But, never has 300 people altogher, been rewarded the opposite, at the same time. Because, no one on earth or in heaven can guarantee equality. We are on our own, do the best you can with yourselves and your family. Because in the end, the only people by your side will be your family. Best of Luck! Dbone.

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