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MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A student group that’s against abortion has sued a school district northwest of the Twin Cities, claiming it is being denied the same rights as other clubs.

But the superintendent for the St. Michael-Albertville district says that’s just not the case.

The lawsuit filed in federal court Thursday alleges the high school denied the All Life Is Valuable club the same benefits and access it provides to other groups. The club focuses on issues like abortion, abstinence and politics.

Superintendent Marcia Ziegler says Friday the student group has not been denied access.

She says a student went to the principal in January about forming a club, and a few weeks later the principal told the student the group could meet before and after school, as other groups do.

Officials met with the student again Friday and explained the group can meet.

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Comments (52)
  1. CBSCares says:

    We should find some investigative reporters to determine why it was denied. Any media companies around still have them?

    1. Bill says:

      Try reading the entire article next time, before you post such a comment.

      “He said he talked with the student who wished to form the pro-life club and it had been approved.”

      1. Joy says:

        If it had been approved, then there is no reason for a lawsuit.

      2. jackieL says:

        maybe you should try reading the article too. The superintendent is a she! not a he!

      3. becky says:

        I am a student from STMA, who is trying to get our group (ALIV) as a school group. As of right now we are still being deined the rights of other groups and we have not been approved as a school group.

  2. pat says:

    Nope. Not on any conservative issues anyway.

  3. BKinMN says:

    Next, the pro choice group will come forward, asking for their club status. No place for this in any school district. What happened to the FCA? Never heard about them crying in a towel, after they were denied status. The Alliance Defense Fund needs some publicity, so they can build their client base. What happens if they lose the case… they drop Fund from their name??

    1. just8 says:

      Don’t they have planned parenthood and sex-ed in health? I think the pro-abortionist are being represented.

      1. BKinMN says:

        8-ball…….Pretty sure planned parenthood has no presence any school, with, or without, “club status”. That’s up to the individual/parent(s), not the district. Sex-ed isn’t taught in all the districts, and sex-ed never refers to pro-abortion. Fail.

        This email came directly from the Assistant Superintendent of ISD885:

        You may become aware that a lawsuit has been filed on behalf Minnesota Pro-Life Students alleging that the district has denied All Life Is Valuable (ALIV), a student initiated group permission to meet in school facilities. The district has not been served a lawsuit but it is our understanding that it has been filed in District Court. STMA has approved ALIV to meet before or after school as is required by federal law. We will always grant permission, and have done so in the past, to student-initiated groups to meet based upon our district Policy 801.

        Dr. James Behle
        Assistant Superintendent
        St. Michael-Albertville Schools

  4. lib says:

    Did you notice the news identified the lawyers as a Christian group. funny when the anti defamation league or the american cival liberties union sues they are never identified as Jewish groups

    1. Martin Luther says:

      I belong to the American Civil Liberties Union. I’m Lutheran. Don’t be ignorant.

      1. Rev. J says:

        BS. Quit hiding the truth.
        Public schools are all very, very liberal. The teachers personally breed us to believe abortion is ok. Amon many other things of course.
        So one small threat to infiltrate that is immediately shut down.

        1. stace34 says:

          Fist of all the group was approved. They could meet before or after school just like any other group. The students asked to form the group and a few weeks later it was approved. So the lawsuit is all about attention and nothing about substance. I went to public school. No teacher ever gave their opinion on abortion so where you got the idea that they try and sway students I don’t know. My beliefs were formed on my own and in my home, not at school.

          1. Rev. J says:


          2. MNMom11 says:

            The group was not approved, they were told they could meet before or after school, just like any student in the school can. But they were denied the right to be called a school group. That’s what the issue is, the school legally can’t deny students from forming this type of school group. If they are run by students, it doesn’t matter if they are religious or secular. The teens should be able to have this school group, and if a Pro-Choice group wanted to start up a group, than that should be allowed too.

          3. becky says:

            I am a student from STMA and i am one of the students who are trying to get this group part of school…
            We have not been approved. We can meet only before and after school, which is not like all of the other groups. Other groups can meet during school, hang up posters, announce thing, ect.
            we are being denied our rights that other groups have.

        2. drewstma98 says:

          Good teachers allow and students to think critically. This group was not prohibited from meeting, nor should it be. That student group has as much right to exist as a pro-choice group.

          If you are for a pro-life group, and against a pro-choice group, then you are part of the problem. A school shouldn’t teach political agenda. It should teach knowledge and truth and discourage willful ignorance.

      2. lib says:

        Martin, good for you, but your bosses and founders are Jewish and this is never commented upon such as the Christinan lawyers in the suit. Always bias and bigotry from cco.

  5. Clarence Darrow says:

    Bring in the Satan worshiping group. Bring in the animal sacrifice group. Bring in the St. Michael Junior Al-Qaeda group,.

    In a given year, students spend more time outside of school than in it. There is plenty of time outside of school for students to belong to any organization they want.

    The schools have enough headaches from ignorant politicians, now these whack jobs are demanding club status? Puh-lease.

    1. BitStream says:

      Religion is fine in the privacy of your home, but if your going to ‘wear’ it in public do not expect that everyone is going to respond to it understandingly. If I show up at your church barefoot, with a pair of shorts on, skin covered in skeleton tattoos, piercings, skin mutilations, a bad hair piece and fake breasts, would you feel comfortable? Then welcome to my world when religion is promoted publicly.

      1. Joy says:

        You would be welcome in my church. Several of the staff have tattoes and piercings.

  6. Clarence Darrow says:

    Black? Nope. At least my 100% Norwegian mother and 100% Irish father didn’t tell me I was black.

    Calling me out? Cool. I’ll be at Keegan’s Pub across from Surdyk’s at about 4:00. You can buy me a beer and explain to why the Christian right has the right to inject their beliefs, not science, into public schools.

    I’ll be the white guy at the bar with two pints of Guiness in front of me.

    1. Common Sense says:


      1. Joker of Spades says:

        Your Irish is showing… haha!

    2. ohoh says:

      Mr. Darrow, everyone of these children has a right to form their group. and as a matter of interest Environmentalism is now the new liberal religion, I am sure you are on that bandwagon. earth worship. P.S. try an American beer.

      1. drewstma98 says:

        Earth worship. Is that what is being said to deem it blasphemous with environmentalist opponents (re. conservatives)? What is wrong with environmentalism? Is it because its one of those scary liberal things? Or is it because you don’t want a cleaner world and energy independence?

  7. sw says:

    Another tax burden – we don’t have the tax dollars to spend on this now so it that will be in the favor of this special interest group! Put this issue on hold and until religion starts paying taxes! Public schools through 12 grade should not be involved in any clubs, this just unnecessarily adds to the burdened system and is a distraction from the focus of educating our children.

    The largest ongoing brainwashing of humanity is religion! Stop the madness, introduce religion to your kids when they are old enough to understand and make choices on their own!

    1. Joy says:

      It is my understanding that the school does not fund these clubs, they just offer space before or after school. There’s a reason why there is a law protecting equal access. The school does not support or fund any of the clubs, but it can’t by law discriminate based on the club’s beliefs. Welcome to America, the land of the free (unless you have a conservative viewpoint).

    2. becky says:

      I am a student of STMA who is trying to get ALIV a school group…
      you say that we dont have the tax dollars for this group, but what about the millions of dollars that are getting put into planned parenthood?
      And this is not a religious group. This is a group for everyone.

      And this is our own choice. My parents dont force my into my religion, they cant force me to believe and have faith and choose what is right. Only I can do that. This is my choice and same with everyone else in the group.

  8. Common Sense says:

    Aww, let the kids be. If they get their CLUB OK’d by school, they don’t have to do it at home (where it would be called a CULT). OK, not serious, but some things in this society are going a bit too far. IMO, this is one of them.

  9. Tea Asks says:

    OK..I am more right than left..and I am pro-choice…..but I guess they are entitled to their “voice” being heard….
    It proves one thing…..teachers are teaching them how to file law suits! Or wait….maybe it was their parents and the TV they watch….
    Clarence….I’ll be @ Keegan’s around 6…..(Some of us have to work later..) where will you be sitting so you can buy us ALL a beer!

    1. Clarence Darrow says:

      If I’m still at Keegans’ at 6:00 there will be hell to pay when I get home. Hoist one for me and have a good weekend.

  10. just8 says:

    Why does everyone feel threatened? They are kids, and probably pretty nice ones.

  11. What is your zombie plan says:

    I bet if students wanted a GAY group it would be ok

    1. stace34 says:

      Just like the pro life group was okayed. so your point is?

      1. silly says:

        Stace, please read the article, the pro life was denied as well as the Christian athletes, that is why the law suit has been filed.

        1. josh R says:

          Where are you getting that? there is nothing in the article about anyone being denied access. The students asked if their club could meet at the school, a few weeks later the principle said “OK”

          1. becky says:

            I am a student from STMA and this article above is missing a lot of things.
            RIght now our pro-life group, ALIV (all life is valuable) is being deined the rights that other groups have such as meeting during school, putting up posters, giving announcment, ect.
            We have asked our principle more than once and has flatly said no. They we can only meet before or after school. We are being deined the rights in which we should be given, and has been given to other groups.

    2. Word says:

      Actually, people tried making a GLBT club last year and it got completely changed into a ‘united’ club and completely off course of what was wanted, so no-they weren’t allowed technically

  12. You got to Be kidding Me says:

    This is bizarre, especially since the district allows several local churces to use its facilities. Heck we even have a church camp out inside one of the middle schools.

    1. drewstma98 says:

      My original thought exactly. STMA is about as milquetoast conservative as you can get.

  13. ang says:

    THey have just as much of a right to have a group as any other kind does. It is biased to say they can’t. Everyone was entitled to their own opinions the last time I checked. They are totally doing the right thing. If this was a prochoice group or group for homosexuals there would be outrage that they weren’t allowed to assemble.

  14. Joy says:

    Am I imagining this: Previously the title of the article said “Pro-Life”, and now the title says “Anti-Abortion”. If they switched the headline, why?! If I’m just imagining that, chalk it up to sleep-depravation.

  15. josh R says:

    Did ANYONE actually read the article and see that the group was APPROVED through the normal channels and can meet just like every other group at the school?

    I’ll say it again. THE SCHOOL IS ALLOWING THE GROUP TO MEET!!! Nobody had to fight for it, they submitted an application and it was approved. There is no issue here except an anti abortion group wanting free publicity.

    1. soccer8 says:

      They are being allowed to meet before and after school. That is not a school group, which is what they want. School groups are able to meet durring snap (study hall), put up posters, have fundrasiers, ect. They ARE being denied.

      1. becky says:

        I am a student from STMA, who is part of the group ALIV, who are trying to get this group… As soccer8 has said we do not have the rights of other school groups. We can not meet durning school, put up posters, or announce anything on school news. We are being denied the rights that all of the other groups have.

  16. katrina says:

    I’d like to see them sanctioned for filing a frivolous lawsuit.

  17. BKinMN says:

    Josh. When the story was originally posted this morning, it made no mention of the meeting that took place, and the approval by the school board. Now that ‘CCO updated the story, most comments posted before 4:00pm, didn’t have the new information.

  18. Joy says:

    When they updated the story, they updated the language ad well. Someone must have complained about the article using the words “pro-life”. I don’t blame them. I mean how much more offensive can you get?! How dare these students even have the opinion that the fetus might actually be a life. Where do they get off? I mean science has proven that it’s just a bunch of tissue, right?……right?

    1. Becky says:

      Hello, I am a student from STMA who is part of the group ALIV, and some of your information is wrong…
      Science, has actually proved that at the very moment of Fertilization that it’s not just a bunch of tissues, its a child.
      18 days after fertilization a baby has a heart beat, at 21 days the heart if fully pumping blood through its body. At 4 weeks from conception, a baby’s eye, ear, and respiratory systems begin to form. At 6 week the baby can feel pain. Thumbsucking start at 7 weeks from conception. By 9 weeks from conception, a baby is able to bend her fingers around an object in her hand. By 11 to 12 weeks from conception, the baby is breathing fluid steadily By 11 weeks from conception, a baby can swallow.
      Between 13 and 15 weeks a baby has taste buds, 20 weeks, a baby is capable of hearing his mother’s heartbeat and external noises like music.
      At 23 weeks from conception, babies have been shown to demonstrate rapid eye movements which are characteristic of active dream states. At six months from conception, a baby’s oil and sweat glands are functioning. At seven months from conception, a baby frequently “exercises” in preparation for birth by stretching and kicking. At 8 months a baby can swallows a gallon of amniotic fluid each day and often hiccups.
      Do you ever hear a person say, “Look, at that tissue, or how is your bunch of cells doing?” No, it is not just tissues or cells its a child. A child that has been fearfully and wonderfully made. A beautiful child… A child that so many people would like to hold in their arms and to call them theirs. A third of my generation has been murdered by abortion… My best friend could have been aborted and I wont even know, the person that was supose to cure cancer or been president could have been aborted. A person just like you and me… That child may be small, but it doesnt mean that we can just kill that child. What is the difference between that child and you and me?

  19. Victim Du Jour says:

    Public Schools are suppose to be teaching math and science, not Pro-choice and Pro-life activism.

    Judges aren’t the “will of the people” and public schools are not being paid to be political police.

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