KENYON, Minn. (WCCO) — A miniature poodle is recovering weeks after she was picked up and almost eaten by an eagle.

Peanut has been on the mend since her encounter with the bird on March 23. Her owner, Renee Schmidt, says she’s lucky to be alive.

The Schmidt family’s home backs up to the Zumbro River, which is a place where hawks and eagles are common.

Schmidt had taken her two dogs out back to play when the big bird attacked.

“The bird came swooping down right by the fire pit and picked up my little girl,” Schmidt said. “I started throwing stuff out of the fireplace at it.”

The eagle carried Peanut all the way to the top of Schmidt’s house before dropping her. That’s when Renee went after her.

“(I) got her before the bird started swooping back down,” she said. “I thought she was dead. She was full of blood.”

Peanut was rushed off to Kenyon Vet Clinic.

“It didn’t take long to realize it was a pretty serious deal,” said Dr. Brent Born.

Born had to give her a sedative. Peanut had a lot of cuts on her stomach.

“She had eight puncture wounds, two from big talons, six on top from three claws,” said Born.

Peanut is fighting an infection right now, but she’s expected to be OK.

Sonya Goins, Producer
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Comments (30)
  1. ProudWhiteAmerican says:

    Yep, them eagles and hawks can do that, nature taking it’s course.
    I remember fishing one day and seen a duck with a few ducklings. The next thing I knew, a northern Pike came up and snatched one of the ducklings.

    1. crabman says:

      i see the 3 below p w a are not to bright

    2. Jim says:

      Everyone else can put in what they are why not him/her?

    3. Mike says:

      I have seen it too where I fish, after that encounter I went out and baught a lure replicating a small duck and have slammed quite a few trohpy size pike, including a 33” chain pickeral.

  2. ProudWhiteAmerican says:

    Nature taking it’s course.

  3. Bob Loblaw says:

    Wow, how embarrassing to get rejected by a hungry eagle.

    1. kevin says:

      not as embarrassing as having a name like Loblaw

    2. BlackDog says:

      Bob! What are you doing here?! Go home…back to azcentral! Now! Go, Go,

  4. Sarah says:

    Straight out of The Proposal, sad for the pooch.

  5. married to the truth says:

    This happened up in the Brainard lakes area two summers ago. Only that time it was not a happy ending for the dog owners. Funny, Because it was the same kind of dog basically. The eagle was soaring above the dog for a few minutes and it dropped from the sky in an instate and snatched the mut up and flew across the lake with it to its nest atop a huge white pine tree. The owners were hysterical because there was nothing they could do besides watch their dog fly across the sky and become eagle food. Forget the lap dogs people! Get a real dog!

  6. Katie Anthony says:

    Bugaboo that would not be very smart. It probly thought it was a rabbit or something .

  7. rmsbl4 says:

    The way the first line is written the dog picked up the eadle and the eagle then attacked the dog. The eagle must have got nad when the dog wouln’t pay up for the company. Better notify the vice cops.

    1. Billy says:

      Sober up rmsbl4

  8. rmsbl4 says:

    and you would be in federal court.

  9. tess says:

    my small dog disappeared one morning shortly after being let out to potty.i realized afterward that two large bald eagles had been in the area.i strongly believe one of them got her as there was never any sign of her.i have heard of other incidents in our area in which an eagle has attacked or carried off a small dog or cat. i saw one chasing down a small animal out on the frozen lake a week ago. it killed whatever it was after. i also saw an eagle go after a herd of deer that may have been too close to something the eagle wanted. eagles are no longer a rare sight, but a common one and thus a danger to our pets. so please be aware.

    1. deh geroux says:

      tess more on

    2. Chester McFurley says:

      eagles??? chasing small animals???? WHAT??? much more likely for them to hunt a herd of deer xD

  10. david says:

    My wifes mutt got picked up by a hawk and carried away….that little SOB had just enough wits about him to take one more piss all over my car as he was carried away.

  11. Nick says:

    burn in hell for saying that to any animal. All animals should be treated equal, no matter WHAT!!!!

  12. You're joking! says:

    No, she should not be arrested. Get a life! That would be a tragic and asinine misuse of that particular law. A careful read of the statute reveals why nothing has been done to the woman, and why nothing should be done to her. The MTBA was never intended to punish people from protecting themselves or their pets from an attacking bird. Your screen name reveals why you feel so strongly about the bird, so a measure of objectivity is probably not possible for you. Suffice to say, most AUSA’s are probably too busy doing their jobs to misuse their authority to prosecute a woman who was simply trying to protect her dog (which, I’m sure, is considered a member of her family). I’m glad she got her dog back, and if it makes you feel better, I’m glad the bird was not harmed. Be careful about calling the dog stupid, though, I’d be willing to bet a poodle is much smarter than the bird.

  13. Navyvet8192 says:

    Poodle, Possum, or Pike… An eagle will eat whatever is available!

  14. mntom says:

    eagles have to eat also

  15. Epidi says:

    That happened here in PA in a new development to a woman’s Yorkie. Her son threw a rock at the large hawk and it dropped the dog. She wanted the hawk shot. My take was, well, you bought a house where this hawk used to hunt in a farmer’s field for rodents, rabbits, etc. What do you expect?

  16. john hall says:

    Lapdog?? That’s nothing for an eagle.. check out these mongolians hunting wolves with Golden Eagles!

  17. Bill Clay says:

    A lady friend here in Georgia was sunbathing in her backyard when a large red-tailed hawk swooped down , and tried to pick HER up! Actually, she was lying very still on a chaise, only sometimes moving her head position. The hawk evidently only say the hairy head moving, and thought it could be dinner. Pretty funny afterward, but not at all funny to the lady!

  18. Jeanne says:

    Our neighbor in Lindstrom narrowly saved his golden retriever puppy from a swooping bald eagle. And other friends in Chisago County lost their dachshund to a large owl.

  19. Doglover4life says:

    Like to see that bird try and pick up my american pit bull like they way that poor little poodle got picked up…bye-bye birdy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Dixie Dave says:

    My goodness, you people up in them Yankee woods sure are obsessed with the COLOR of human beings. Must be pretty boring there uh.