MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Two people were stabbed last night near the Hiawatha Light Rail Line at the Lake St./Midtown Station Friday night.

Minneapolis and Metro Transit Police were called to the scene at 10:37 p.m.

According to police, an argument broke out on the top level of the station, then moved to the street level where two young man were stabbed during the fight.

Both men were brought to the Hennepin County Medical Center where they were treated for their injuries. They are in stable condition and expected to recover.

Police said they arrested two suspects who are both being held at the Hennepin County Jail.

The light rail line and neighboring streets were closed off around the station for about 90 minutes while police investigated. Customers couldn’t get off or on the train there until 12:15 when the station reopened.

Metro Transit Police are investigating the case and have begun downloading video taken from recording devices at the station to see exactly what happened.

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  1. elkriverscott says:

    The cities are a sewer. I’d discuss the crime problems but that would be racist.

    1. Ven says:

      Aahhhhh, Ell River says it all

    2. Pete says:

      All we need to know is that people are getting stabbed. Its not the 1st or the last. A large percentage (Not all) of the people hanging around transit stations late night are less than law abiding. Has nothing to do with race. But the IQ’s have to be extremely low.

    3. Not afraid to live in a city says:

      Hi, I’m Scott and I’m afraid of people who aren’t like me so I generalize and stereotype and run away to the suburbs so I don’t have to deal with my fears.

    4. foge1 says:

      Dr Dork Mpls scott the city is a dump. Minneapolis is 10 in all crime. Way above the national average in violent crimes. Do your research…..

    5. Rusty Shakelford says:

      No, you would be telling the obvious.

    6. reagan says:

      Rusty Cornhole and his 100K suburban house, dude thinks he’s a pimp cuz he has a house in the burbs. lol

    7. Eartha says:

      The over mortgaged do not live in the city. When gas hits $5 a gallon lets see who can’t afford their homes 25 miles from work. Many of us clear 6 figures and live below our means here in Mpls. Gasp! Minimalists! Now how bout that IQ…

      1. Pete says:

        From what I’ve been able to gather, from looks of those fine folks who loiter late at transit centers, I dont think they clear 6 cents a week… Now how bout that IQ… And notice, I said a percentage.

    8. ThothTheBuilder says:

      No! It would be racist to discuss the crime problem and blame one race would be racist. Go ahead though, you’ve already showed your A$@, don’t stop now. For the majority of us African Americans, racism doesn’t faze us, now if you want to turn that racist behavior into violence…THAT we will not have, this isn’t the sixties buddy. I think you racist know this, if you don’t, go ahead and try those methods that your racist ancestors tried (Not all whites are racists the majority are not) See how that works for ya! Keep thinking ignorant, the only harm done is to you and your seeds that have to grow up in a smaller world then we did.

      1. Hannah says:

        Thoth, You are the first person that can spell correctly! You must be educated….good for you!

  2. Anna says:

    I hope we do not have a summer full of crime I pray that everyone no matter what field of work they are in or what they choose to do with their life tries to better themselves this year!!

  3. Mike says:

    But Rybak says crime is down and taxes are up!

    1. foge1 says:

      Minneapolis is well above the national average in all crimes. Because liberals coddle criminals and explain why they are the way they are.

    2. ThothTheBuilder says:

      Crime IS down in Mpls…but only because they started using public housing to shift the poorest people out into the boondocks. If you take all of those “suburbs” that now have public housing, add their crime stats together, I bet it will make up the difference that your Mayor was referring to.

      1. Hannah says:

        I heard from a previous post that some are going to Brooklyn Center.

  4. st.cloudtom says:

    just as much crime per capita in grand rapids mn. where i spent the last 15 yrs prior to last year

  5. Amanda says:

    Crime is not a problem of the individual or even a racial group. It goes much deeper than that. And having an open discussion on the matter does not make one racist. However, starting a comment out with “The cities are a sewer” doesn’t exactly encourage others to be receptive to the issues you’d like to discuss.

    1. Andy says:

      I agree. It has more to do with the poverty cycle than it does with genetics. Most people, however, would rather blame race because it makes things simpler and easier.

  6. David J. Conklin says:

    >starting a comment out with “The cities are a sewer” doesn’t exactly encourage others to be receptive to the issues you’d like to discuss.
    You are assuming that the poster wanted an intelligent discussion of the facts in the first place. The remark itself shows that is not the case.

  7. G Mason says:

    @Elkriverscott. I thought I would never see the day. At least you admit that if you said something, Wether it was true or not, it would be racist. May there is hope for white folk.

    1. Pete says:

      HA!!! Hilarious!!! I like it… And I’m white as they come!

    1. Andy says:

      @anonymous coward
      Your chart shows that the crime rates are fairly even between whites and blacks -but that the incarceration rates are slanted towards blacks. Surprise, surprise.

  8. UrbanDweller says:

    I’m just happy I don’t live in Elk River.

    1. stillalive says:

      If you HAD to choose where to go shopping with your family in tow where would you rather shop Elk River or Mpls? That should answer your question on which city you feel safe in.

      1. nicole says:

        Much better fashion in Minneapolis, so definitely Minneapolis. 🙂

        1. stillalive says:

          Gotta look good for the mugshot(or coroner)

          1. Kenni says:

            You have to look good for your mugshot for having sex with your students or your animals. 🙂

        2. Kenni says:

          Well being that the fashionable people don’t wear mom jeans and holiday sweaters I think I’d like to shop in Minneapolis.

      2. Eartha says:

        Huh? Dangerous shopping? You need to come downtown and buy an open mind.

        1. stillalive says:

          A open mind is like a parachute, only works when it’s used.seems the stabbers weren’t very “open minded”. I heard they are for sale because no one uses them.

    2. ThothTheBuilder says:

      Yeah! All you have to worry about out there are Meth addicts and dudes that sleep with Farm Animals. I’ll take the cities thank you very much. IAfter reading these comments, how in the heck did the term “MN nice” come about? Oh! MN Nice, as long as you’re one of the white or asians…I get it!

  9. Rob Hultman says:

    I totally agree can we all please be helpful and kind to each other,we don’t want to be like the middle east, change is more than welcome

    1. Rusty Shakelford says:

      Man, they really got to you. You must be easily fooled Rob.

  10. StreetWiseJoe says:

    In a “free” democratic society, the poor, minority classes–of course–will always commit more crimes. So what, that largest minority class of people just happens to be black. No big news here… It isn’t about COLOR; it’s about ECONOMICS! However, ANYONE can better themselves and get an education. One has to be aware of it’s value and be willing to work for it…

  11. Allan says:

    Inner city blues. Make me wanna holler.

  12. SS Deathstar Supergalactik says:

    Anyone who honestly believes that it isn’t a race issue is clearly quite ignorant and living in a dream world.

    1. Andy says:

      @SS Deathstar
      …or is aware of the complexities of being a marginalized member of society. Racism is the cause and caretaker of violence in the black community. It has nothing to do with genetic differences- but it has everything to do with American history.

  13. Dale says:

    it’s a drug thing, not a race thing

    1. fred says:

      more of an attitude thing

  14. Cracker Joe says:

    I’d love to see all “those peoples” kill each other this summer. That’s “keepin it real”.

  15. Ralph says:

    Sorry, but the cities ARE getting to be a sewer. I’ve worked in Minneapolis, had friends all over Minneapolis and even almost all of them have moved several times because the crime was getting bad in each area. In this difficult economic situation things are only getting worse. I’m sickened by people who keep their thick heads buried in the sand, denying the situation and ignoring reality. My friend had his vehicle stolen in broad daylight while he was at work. It was parked right outside the window.
    In the ’80’s you could walk around a lot of Minneapolis neighborhoods at night. I sure wouldn’t do it now.
    Look at all the empty houses in North Minneapolis. The crime has made the values plummet even further so no one even wants to buy anything there. When you see businesses posting signs saying “No gang colors allowed here” that’s a sign that tells me I want no part of the city. I applaud the business for taking a stand against gangs but it tells me this is an area with problems I don’t need. Even the U of M is facing far more crime than it used to… and violent crimes at that.
    Crime is a fact of life everywhere these days but don’t tell me Minneapolis is just fine. It isn’t fine and it’s getting to be a real pit. Why go there and deal with it’s problems when I can go to more desirable places in the metro for my needs.
    Would love to know how many offenders have been living in our city for less than three years (i.e. fresh from Chicago or Detroit’s most toilet like neighborhoods). They should face triple the sentence for their crimes.

    1. Malph says:

      Ralph, you don’t even know what your talking about. Generalizing the entire city of Minneapolis based on what happens in one neighborhood is like saying Maple Grove is dangerous because of what happens in Brooklyn Park (which is quite a lot lately). Your intimate knowledge of the north side suggests you spend a lot of time here, no doubt looking for prostitutes or drugs, you suburbanites tend to do most of your sinning in our neighborhoods.

      As for Detroit and Chicago’s finest, start looking for them in your neck of the woods, the last two censuses have made it clear that poverty is moving out of the city into the scumburbs. In fact the 2000 census showed that the poor now overwhelmingly live outside the city, so you can buy your pills and hookers on your own turf instead of coming to mine. 🙂

      1. swerver says:

        Why does this mean your mother will be headed our way

      2. Kenni says:

        To those who don’t like Minneapolis, I guess its a good thing you don’t live in Minneapolis then.

    2. Jake says:

      Minneapolis was an incredibly nice place to live – 40 years ago.

  16. jason says:

    Time to start profiling. If it walks and talks like a duck, its a duck

  17. Amazed says:

    Its amazing to me how many people still believe that sitting around and talking about a problem will help fix it. If you want to see change, get up and do something about it. There is more to this story, as with any other, than ‘just a stabbing’. These are human beings. Black? White? That is not always the issue. Lack of knowledge. Lack of understanding. Lack of purpose.These are the issues. Get to the heart of the issue and do something about it.

  18. Cache says:

    I hear that the fools now want parity in the prison populations…they say there are too many minorities in jail…DUH 90% of the jail is made up of minorities because they are the criminals. It is a government stupid misguided program that breeds and feeds these thugs thru fatherless homes…You want it to stop? Then the government as the husband in homes program must stop. If these women know there is no free ride for having out of wed lock children it will stop. It’s called Personal Responsibility and NO money for them…IT”S TIME!

    1. Rusty Shakelford says:

      “I hear that the fools now want parity in the prison populations”
      Yes good point. They correct this by giving lighter sentences to blacks and hispanics and allowing early paroles.

  19. Crank says:

    It is a race thing. Take care of your people.

  20. Rusty Shakelford says:

    Who voted for more immigration, who voted for light rail?
    If you voted Demoocrat, YOU are responsible for these issues.

  21. Rusty Shakelford says:

    HOPE= Hoping for light rail across the country.
    CHANGE through open immigration.

  22. Ven says:

    Boo! Enjoy hades my snobbish mate

  23. Laura Smith says:

    You said it. People don’t want to hear this but you’re right.

  24. Ven says:

    Or banging your daughters and wives

    1. Rusty Shakelford says:

      Hey Ven, you are America’s enemy.

      1. Ven says:

        au contraire my friend, I am America’s dream…I thank you for your lack of faith. I love you both as if your were brothers, I only hope to help educate you. I have invited you to coffee.

        1. Rusty Shakelford says:

          You will not want to meet me Ven. See you just don’t don’t get it do you, YOU ARE THE ONE IN NEED OF AN EDUCATION. Wow, HEY AMERICA, VEN IS THE FACE OF THE DEMOCRAT VOTE. He is here to educate us, and tell us how to live. Not over our dead bodies, Ven.
          You are THE enemy OF OUR SURVIVAL AS AMERICANS, Ven.

          1. Ven says:

            Oh my dear friend, I’m the worst for YOU….highly, highly educated, promise more than you. And don’t be surprised, not ‘that’ liberal…but I do struggle with those that spew hatred and ignorance, BUT can’t let the chance to help go by…come on Rusty, let’s talk….what scares you? That you might recognize your errors? That you might feel less superior? Java my friend? Prov 24:3-4

  25. Steph says:

    hahahahahahaha so true. It needs to end. We need to fix our own before we try and “save” others.

  26. Nick says:

    Why can’t we just live in harmony without blaming each other. It is just the skin color, white, black but our bodily organs are the same. We really have to grow up from this skin color thing and think like a gentlemen.

    1. Ven says:

      Oui oui, I agree…however, so many don’t want this and attempt to invite some secret race war….if we can only look toward the only true ONE and focus on serving each others as brothers…alas, I’m not so sure our country even wants this and would eagerly invite destruction versus changing our hearts…so sad

      1. Rusty Shakelford says:

        Funny, schooled in Liberal hate speech are we Ven? LIBERALS LIKE VEN WANT TO BREAK DOWN MIDDLE AND UPPER CLASS STRUCTURE IN ORDER
        You need to be brought up on charges and jailed for life for treason, VEN.

        1. Ven says:

          LOL, I need to play poker or chess with you Rusty….the blinders you have on make you a clear target…WOW, you brought out the C word, that’s pretty old school of you.

          1. Rusty Shakelford says:

            You want it to be labeled old school, but that is what it is.

            1. Ven says:

              Personally, I just have an issue with people when they throw the S (socialist) and C words around with absolutely no context in which they speak…and I wonder if you do or was it a indoctrinated video you had shown to you as a youngster?

              1. Rusty Shakelford says:

                Nothing, I went to public schools, I had to find the truth on my own.

                1. Ven says:

                  which could be the source of the problem….so let’s talk.

                2. Andy says:

                  Don’t bother with Rusty, Ven. He can’t see clearly from behind his hood.

  27. captainobvious says:

    I tell you what if your happy living in Minneapolis good for you, im ecstatic living in the suburbs and working in the suburbs, i get gas once a month i take northstar 2 blocks from my house to twins games, otherwise i have no reason to go to minneapolis, i mean what is there that the large suburbs dont offer at a lower cost,l have a $950 house payment i bought last year, after all you donks overleveraged yourselves, i may own your sheriff sale home, thk you. i have yet to see 1 minority in my neighborhood in 9 months i hit the jackpot buying this home, iwork 4 days a week, i blow money constantly, me and the girls bills= 40% of our monthly income, and the only police i saw in my neighborhood since i moved in was because of me blowing illegal fireworks off sure i was intoxicated, cops came we bs’ed for 10minutes they left. I am where you all hoped to be, living a almost stress free life. CONGRATS ME………….and gl all

    1. The Truth says:

      The libs in minneapolis hate seeing anyone doing better than themselves, they might throw out the typical (You’re white trash) comments to make themselves feel better.

      The best thing I ever did was get away from there and I’m doing far better.

  28. Nick says:

    Captainobvious, just living in suburbs will not solve your problem as problem will definitely get to your neighborhood eventually, then what you gonna move further and so on and so forth. This is not the solution. We all should come together and help those who are underprivileged, some of them have rage that they have been left behind, definitely if five fingers are together can do a lot then individuals fingers. Just stay positive and think of how to resolve the problem then getting a solution to run away from it.

    1. Rusty Shakelford says:

      You only do it because you know that BLACKS VOTE DEMOCRAT.

    2. captainobvious says:

      You cant fix stupid, Nick im not sure you realize this but with all the immigrants legal and illegal, and all the inner city woman with their 4 to 8 children, even if we all helped there is not enough work for every1 to be successful. We as a country have let ourselves become on the very brink of overpopulation, Do you have young children? Even if you send them to college theres no guarantee they will have a decent job waiting, Im a laborer who has been lucky enough to not been laid off and my kind of job assures i won’t, however of the 19 of us that work there 11 have degrees, including 3 teachers, listen i didnt move to the suburbs to run why would i want to live on a tiny lot in minneapolis surrounded by foreclosed homes, i live in a 30 year old development there is no section 8 around me, no apartments and very few townhomes, trouble will not see my neighbhorhood anytime soon, i got a job when i was 16 and have never not had a job, my parents had little money, i had to give up sports in school to work, there is no entitlement here. Life is what you make of it if your a bad person thats how your life will unfold, but if you think im gonna spend 2seconds of my time trying to fix others problems thats to bad.

  29. Rusty Shakelford says:

    Yes, I know. You liberals are SOOOO advanced, you are SUPER. ALL KNOWING GODS, right Nick?

    1. Nick says:

      I am neither republican nor democrat, I just want to solve tis growing problem between skin color which has plagued our beloved country for so long and this issue should be resolved once and for all. Just I believe in equality. Just give chance to all whites, black, asians, hispanics etc. I do not believe in affirmative actions if equal opportunity as if we give equal opportunity is in place then individual intelligence matters not quota system.

      1. Rusty Shakelford says:

        I know Nick, you are not a Dem. YOU ARE A RACIST LIBERAL. So far left that you lie and twist the truth for your sick games.

        1. Rusty Shakelford says:

          Long talk for, “quit attacking my stupid minion voters” right Nick. Scam artist right there, Nick, Typical liberal tip toeing around the issue.

          1. Ven says:

            Rusty, exactly what does ‘liberal’ mean to you? Not to mention, are you that shallow to be pegged by a broad, overarching, long-defined ‘party’ or ideology (e.g, conservative)? That strong indication of making it our of the 8th grade, congrats…especially if you are in the 9th grade.

            1. Rusty Shakelford says:

              Over generous, bleeding heart, cowardly, lying, selfish, envious criminals anarchists. Bent on tearing down anyone with more that they themselves have for thier own greedy slimy desires.
              But that is just my version Ven. Oh, by the way, I’m a high school drop out, who just got his master’s degree, Ven.

              1. Ven says:

                Purty generic there Rusty Pipe, not to mention so extreme you definitely have know idea about segmentation of groups when trying to tailor an argument…though I’m not surprised. Wow…just now getting your masters? I won’t comment, but congrats…was it Phoenix? Even so, congrats….trust me, you have no idea. Your blinded ignorance and rage speaks for itself, that’s why I MUST help you….coffee?

              2. Rusty Shakelford says:

                I am around 30 yrs old, you are labeling.

              3. Rusty Shakelford says:

                Yes, us youth have grown up to overthrow the liberal government, surprise.

              4. Ven says:

                correct, I apologize…I applause that you have gotten it and that itself should lend itself to a slightly more intelligent discussion. Coffee? Promise it won’t be an Amway sales pitch.

      2. Nick says:

        I am telling you this skin color will not matter when we will die. Soul has no skin color neither white nor black. Just give us a chance as Unites States is the only country which is full of different races and we can literally experiment to give equal opportunity and whoever individual rise it is their effort regardless of color and if whites come out as the better choice so be it then other races will not complain that they were not given chance to prove themselves. right.

        1. Rev. J AKA rusrty s says:

          Take a biology class Nick. GO TO SCHOOL BEFORE YOU TALK POLITICS. That is the problem, voters who vote based on race. You are all tricked.
          Hey Nick, I am a pretty smart guy, and I think that the BLACK population needs the REAL CHANGE.

          1. Ven says:

            Poor soul….I can only pray for you

            1. Rev. J AKA rusrty s says:

              Pray to your pagan god Ven. You are small that you have absolutely zero comeback. Quit trying to promote anarchy, that is treason, the highest crime in America.

              1. Rev. J AKA rusrty s says:

                What do you do for a living Ven? Starbuck’s or a gas station?

              2. Ven says:

                ROFL, you have to be either 1) uneducated and poor 2) old, lonely, and mad – either way, I pray for you and STILL ask you for coffee – and your response? I’m mean, let’s say I work at Super America, am a lost soul that promotes anarchy and YOU, are all knowing, preaching some sort of truth that this country stands for…shouldn’t you WANT to meet me, to HELP me? Coffee at my gas station? My treat.

              3. Rev. J AKA rusrty s says:

                No Ven, the only place for you is the clink.

              4. Ven says:

                Why are you so scared???? Show some nads….really? And you wonder why ….well, never mind, not a productive statement I was going to make. Look, I’ll pay and it’ll be a public place.

              5. Rusty Shakelford says:

                You do know I exercise my right to conceal and carry, does this place allow this Ven?

              6. Ven says:

                ROFL…and what group promotes violence? Hey, knock yourself out chief and of course any place I would suggest would be cool with that. Me personally, never felt I needed any need to conceal, thankfully my God and parents raised me to use my mind and worst case my hands, but whatever makes you feel secure is cool with me. Still down homie?

              7. Rusty Shakelford says:

                Oh by the way, you are being brought down to a nano level by a high school drop out. But keep telling us Ven.

              8. Rusty Shakelford says:

                Straight up gee.

              9. Ven says:

                High school drop-out, Ivy league undergrand and grad, somewhere in between – knowledge and wisdom isn’t about all of that. Don’t get hung up on that homie, I don’t – that’s why I want to treat you to some joe…ready?

              10. Rusty Shakelford says:

                Yep, let’s go hunting together tommorrow, like men do. Yo, do, hunt, right Ven?

              11. Rusty Shakelford says:

                Wait, you are just a creepy pervert, sitting at a coffee shop (probably milking his ONE coffee) using the internet for free, and you are talking to ME, in my HUGE HOUSE? F U Ven, Get a job, go back to school, don’t get yourself in trouble.

  30. Nick says:

    Rev. if you a smart guy then you should have a solution to this problem right. what you gonna do? Every smart person has solutions to the problem.

    1. Rev. J AKA rusrty s says:

      Not one that consists of every aspesct of ones life. Nick, you are so lost and sheltered it makes me laugh. Nobody has the answer to a PERFECT world, sorry. See, You have no religion, so you try and build a false heaven here on earth.

      1. Ven to Vlad says:

        @Rev, are you for real? And ‘your’ ‘religion’ is one of what? White power? I’m praying extra hard for you tonight!

        1. Rusty Shakelford says:

          @Rev, are you for real? And ‘your’ ‘religion’ is one of what? White power? I’m praying extra hard for you tonight!

          This is a picture of Black Racism…..

          1. Ven says:

            No, it’s called Christianity and we really don’t see color, just the need for helping lost souls. And we aren’t afraid to call anyone out regardless of color, creed, etc..no fear my friend….coffee?

            1. Rusty Shakelford says:

              Ven, you are the lost soul, before you go to bed alone everynight, just remember that we know that you anarchists hide behind chistianity as well. I am actually going turkey hunting tomorrow Ven, You want to go for a hike?

              1. Ven says:

                Nice place, be careful. Lost soul? Never, ask MLAS, Jesus Christ, don’t get it twisted homie. Never heard ‘anarchists’ hiding behind any religion or establishment, kinda goes against the definition, LOL..but hey, maybe I’m dating myself against the new crew…..I’ll leave you with this, take a moment to ask HIM (Jesus) to come into your heart and dispel whatever your experiences or Hitler training may have taught you (sorry for the dagger, that was fleshy). Have a safe trip, don’t spew any misdirected anti-minority, Christian, generally-good-for-humanity speech to Istanbul on the behalf of MY country. Holla!

                1. Rusty Shakelford says:

                  Rot in hell you ANTI-CHRIST ANARCHIST. The devil is good at hiding, but not that good.

                2. Ven says:

                  Bless you my son, I still pray for you and your soul. 1 John 1:9 Be safe – coffee when you return?

                3. Rusty Shakelford says:

                  So Ven, is this how you “RELIGIOUS” types meet BOYS?

                4. Rusty Shakelford says:

                  I said NO DO NOT WANT COFFEE. Ven, teach yourself and kids that NO MEANS NO!!!!!

                5. Ven says:

                  ROFL, nah – real cats don’t get down like that. Sorry if you’ve been scared….just trying to help.

                6. Rusty Shakelford says:

                  You punk as s jew hating Black wannabe Christian fool. I can out debate you anyday. I lied about college, just a drop out. But guess what, I am a brilliant man, and people like you liberals are going down, VEN…

                7. Mike says:

                  We aint drinkin’ your kool-aid brother. How does it feel to be belittled for what you believe? That is how the whites feel lately Ven.

  31. Eartha says:

    I bike to work and live by smart people who are all professionals or UofM professors. The only neighbor who shoots off fireworks on our street and drinks too much is the one with no education. If we moved to the suburbs we’d have the opposite.

    1. Mike says:

      You “live” by smart people, you obviously are very unmatched here moron. UofM Proffessors are not all that bright, trust me, and what you said is racist and the very reason why Obama will not only NOT be reelected, but be jailed for treason. You are so lost.

      1. Eartha says:

        Spoken like an uneducated inebriate. I rest my case.

    2. Captainobvious says:

      Wow you live by smart people yet you never stated you were smart, you keep biking to work, just make sure its during daylight hours, by the way tree hugger i was defending the suburbs more than bashing the inner city. Yes i have a h.s. education but if you want to compare each others success bring it on, I blast occasional fireworks off because its fun, i drink because its even more fun, i do whatever i want to do that is enjoyable, when i die i willl have zero regrets, so you ride your bike to work, and sip your coffee in the coffee shop, if that was my daily life i would have ended it years ago, your only waiting for your life to pass you by is all. GL

        1. captainobvious says:

          Spoken. well like you rest my case, your best line was people in the city arn’t overmortgaged any1 that bought there house from 2000 to 2007 is negative for sure, and unless you live in 1 of about 4 neighborhoods, your also negative heavily, pedal power……..lol

  32. exmplsguy says:

    Does anyone know if Fleet Farm got that back order of ” ger-b-gone ” in yet?….just curious

    1. Rusty Shakelford says:

      Funny, those who oppse you are stupid rednecks? Could not be further from the truth, BUT THANK YOU FOR SHOWING US THAT COMMIES LIKE YOU STAY UNIFIED.

      1. Eartha says:

        Commies? LOL. Havent heard that since 1958! Hey it’s nice out today. Give it a rest and go outside.

        1. captainobvious says:

          Thats why you sound so foolish your a dinosaur, i get it your over 60 so quite disconnected

          1. captain-not-so-obvious says:

            captain obvious…this may not be obvious to you but your opinions make you sound like a self-centered person who is a bit ignorant to your existence in a bigger world. You are part of the world, maybe you should take some time to think about why you are here…or you may just prefer to get drunk and shoot bottle rockets.

            1. captainobvious says:

              Im not here to walk others thru there lives, I care about me and my family and my friends, end of story. You people can live 50 more years or pass away 2marrow it has no effect on my life, i will never meet you, maybe if so many of you didn’t expect every1 else to help you thru life you could learn to be self reliant. Think what you want It makes no difference to me, i cant prevent stabbings and shootings but i can prevent being a victim by not being near these places, you inner city folks keep loving life and me 20min north will keep loving life.

              1. Kenni says:

                Great, now SHUT THE HELL UP. We or what we think doesn’t matter to you but you sure did spend time typing paragraphs responding to these people.

        2. Andy says:

          First, everyone’s a communist, then everyone’s an anarchist. Rusty’s just throwing around words that he doesn’t know the meaning of. Which is it: more government? Or none at all?

  33. exmplsguy says:

    Rusty but Trusty, if you meet for coffee, be sure to bring some wilderbeast or gazelle sammies for you and your guest, so he feels at home. Maybe you could meet in Brooklyn Park, I could have you pick up an item for me that’s on back-order. Let me know.

  34. exmplsguy says:

    In all honesty, it’s very sad that our society has become what it has. Do any of you think your Grandparents would have thought such terrible things could happen. And honestly, IT IS a race thing, ALL RACES including caucasian!! What have we all become? What will become of us? Look at us, we can and must, do better for all of us to coexist with each other. I know the changes from my Grandparents generation to that of mine, I wonder what’s in store for my kids. It actually scares me. We all need to unite and move forward as one!….have a nice day

  35. fred says:

    sad…..but true

  36. Eartha says:

    Time to start charging a toll to suburbanites who drive into out city w their polluting SUVs. Build your own stadiums in all your safety and stay home.

    1. captainobvious says:

      as i stated target field is the only thing minneapolis has to offer and for that i walk 2 blocks to northstar, but I do enjoy burning up gas in my gt, polluting the earth, i mean hey you pollute the world with your existence so why can’t i with my car tree hugger

      1. Cece says:

        Haha, captainobvious is sooo pressed. If that’s how you feel about MPLS, we’re more than happy for you to stay away.

        1. captainobvious says:

          Its the point was is there in minneapolis, besides pro sports? nothing you gotta pay to park to do anything, when i have people over to my house they park on the street and they can pick there cars up whenever they want and its free. As i stated i never go to minn. except twins games so thk you i am staying away, anytime you want to feel bad about your decisions in life, lets compare lives….you can see how a person lives who has made good decisions, ah the good life

  37. Ed says:

    So why do all these subarbanites who despise the city read the city newspaper? I mean the Star Trib is city biased with 99% city news and happenings, not Elk River happenings. So log off this website and never log back on. If you want to cushion yourself from life and hide out in the sticks then do it, really do it. Why do you care about the city, and it’s happenings? I’ve lived in Big Lake and now live in Minneapolis and couldn’t be happier. I was SO bored living out there and there are no jobs out there. The burbs wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for the Twin Cities.

    1. captainobvious says:

      living defect the star tribune has a north metro section, in case your that clueless, and i hardly consider big lake a suburb its 40min from minneapolis, thats a town that was overblown by poor real estate decisions is all, now thats a miserable place, i live in a real suburb20min from minneapolis and work in the same town, your only bitter because you overpaid for a home in big lake then had to let it get foreclosed on, your the problem with this country you overmortgaged yourself on a starter home and paid the price your a debt to this country and you can live in minneapolis all you want, i can buy a home in north minneapolis for 30k do the math its a dump

    2. captainobvious says:

      also when you moved to big lake were you unemployed? or you moved there looking for work if thats the case you defin. are a fool, ok either way your a fool my bad

  38. steve hartman says:

    there are people out on these public stations, for 1 reason,, to cause trouble,, ok,, where,s the parents??? whoooooz yo daddy?????intelagent ppl, who,s vocabularies consist of,, way he ahh,,,, hooo he b wit,, way he b ,,,, them,s the fun ppl ya just wanna run rite over,, just knowing what there doing out there,,, waiting for prey, as they enter, or exit the busses or light rail,,,i say,, peace thru superiour firepower,, that fixes the problum on the spot,, yeah ,, i know they breed like roaches,, well,,, there ya go !!!!steve H.

  39. c-putt says:

    I read all your comments Rusty. It seems to me that fear plays a major role in your life. You seem like you are nostalgic about a past that never existed. You want to live in post-WWII boom era where white males worked blue collar jobs and had a cookie-cutter suburban home, while pretending America’s social issues were fine. Please don’t come to Minneapolis if you fearful. Also, Ven is right, get an education please.

  40. Payton Powell says:

    Some people like to live in the suburbs some people like to live in the city, it makes no one any more or less smart to live in either place because idiots dwell everywhere just as smart people do. Arguing with each other solves nothing other than squabbling over ideologies instead of taking real action to solving any problem. I am a progressive and I live in the city but I also believe in common sense and self defense and as such I am a responsible gun owner. Ultimately the fact of the matter is that when you have high population density (combined with varying levels of income from extreme poverty to ultrarich) there will be crime, it is a fact that has remained true throughout human history and will continue to remain true.

  41. Chthulu says:

    This thread shows me why I have NO faith in humanity at this given time. There is zero desire to understand an issue from multiple perspectives. Like this is solely a racial problem? Please…it’s more complex than that. There are socio-economic pressures that turn it into a racial problem. If whites were the minority who was exploited, mistreated, and taken advantage of, then it would be WHITES doing this.

    So, if anything, it’s a class issue. America needs to drop the hate and ignorance and actually strive for economic balance between every human being, NO MATTER their race.

    Now I know the hateful ignorant are going to claim I’m some commie, anti-american, who wants to steal their freedom away. All I can say to that is if believing all humans should be treated equally like YOUR christian god believes. Then, yes, I’m a proud anti-american, red blooded commie coming for your freedom and your guns. BOO! Scared you didn’t I?

    (Yes, I’m athiest, I’ve read the bible, and I’m a pastor’s son, I DO know what the new testament god is *mostly* about. I guess people like Rusty are more into the OLD testament god.)

    1. sad but true says:

      so even tho many of these people are unwilling to work hard to make a living I should help them to be economicaly secure, I will not work hard so others can live more balanced lives, obviously these are changing times and im very glad i didnt have any children, because there will not be solid work for them when they’re older, overpopulation of immigrants legal or not and some women who have over 5 kids, to get 5 checks. We will be in economic dire straits sooner rather than later, something you all should think about b4 having that next child.

    2. JUSTSAYIN says:

      @Chthulu–Whether you believe in God or not use a capital “G”. you seemed to use it on other words.Play with fire you will get burned.

  42. Keeping it real in Minnesota says:

    Well, East Lake Street isn’t the greatest area at night to hang out. and the police are scared to patrol it.

  43. Jose says:

    Jesus loves all!

  44. James White says:

    Why did my comment got deleted ??????? I only said that crime levels were going up !!
    What is wrong ?????????????????????????????????????????/

  45. Sarah in Outstate MN says:

    The comments on this article are horrible. The suburbanists hate the urbanites and vice versa.

  46. meh says:

    I don’t think either one of you should be touting your education, as there are numerous punctuation and grammatical errors in the messages you have posted…Just an observance.
    Minneapolis is relatively tame compared to many other metropolis’, but we should be staying ahead of the game.

  47. FAMILY says:



  48. Kenni says:

    The bottom line is that bad things happen EVERYWHERE people. In the city there are as lot of shootings etc… and in the burbs moms shoot their kids, drive their kids off bridges into a lake to kill them, meth labs blow up, kids kill their parents. Bad situations are very unfortunate but its EVERYWHERE……….HELLO.

    1. captainobvious says:

      Those are not random crimes, thats the difference dirty kenni, learn something someday stump

      1. twocents says:

        Seriously? You do know most victims of city violence know their assailants, right? How much do you want to bet that the stabbing victims could just as easily been the perps on a different night? The crime rate against random innocents is quite low here in Minneapolis, thank you very much. Yes it happens, but I’d rank it only slightly more common than getting struck by lightning. Stop wearing your fear on your sleeve. Criminals EVERYWHERE, even in Elk River, will smell it and target you much the same as a mad dog will. You’ll spend a lifetime trying to cover the odor of your fear with false bravado brought on by a conceal and carry permit.
        And why the pre-emptive attack on Kenni, the guy that did not even address you? I feel sorry for your neighbors if you need to attack people because they have their own opinion and MIGHT say something mean to you someday. They thought they had escaped to a nice neighborhood until you showed up. Where are they going to move to (Big Lake?) when they realize that their white neighbors are just as unpredictable as the non-white, but even harder to spot in a crowd?
        If you were the one who said they come here only to see the Twins, I agree it is cool that the Twins are in town near the center of activity, but they are not even in the top ten attractions here. If it was different poster, I hope they are listening. You really have the blinders on to believe pro baseball is that important (and I was at yesterday’s day game against the Royals).
        This is my one and only (and lengthy) post on this matter , so feel free to attack me with your keyboard if it makes you sleep better at night. I know I’ll sleep better just knowing that you and your paranoia don’t live next door to me in beautiful Minneapolis.

        1. twocents says:

          Okay, I now see that Kenni told you to shut up, but it appears he had good reason.

      2. Kenni says:

        It doesn’t matter if there random or not you silly rabbit. I will explain my point again since you missed it. My point is bad things happen everywhere. However a parent PLANNING on killing their children is much worse than a random crime…….they’ve had time to think about it. You need to think before you speak but you know what they say, ignorance is bliss. I bet you’re a very unhappy person. Have a good day you silly rabbit.

  49. Julie says:

    The headlines read “2 stabbed near light rail”.. This conversation went from that to racism, to religion, to politics, and back. I guess this is just a free-for-all for the “haters”

  50. RIII says:

    Light rail makes soooo musch sense.

  51. b says:

    It was most likely self defense maybe the people who got stabbed chose to fight with the wrong people everything happens for a reason

  52. tryecrot says:

    Yes there should realize the opportunity to RSS commentary, quite simply, CMS is another on the blog.