MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Porky’s, the famed St. Paul drive-in that recently closed, finally hit the road to its new location, with the help of a big rig.

The restaurant was once a staple of University Avenue cuisine, but the red- and white-checkered building hit the road early Sunday.

The building’s final destination will be the Little Log House Pioneer Village about seven miles south of Hastings.

It will be taken to a lot outside of town for the time being, but will eventually end up at a museum in the south metro.

“We’ll put it back to original and we’re going to have it so people can actually go inside of it and view it and take a look at how it was put together,” said Steve Bauer, owner of Pioneer Village.

Most of the items inside the 58-year-old restaurant were sold through an online auction, but there are plans to bring back the 50′s feel.

“Well we used to come here 50 years ago and get a hamburger, onion rings, malts, the whole bit. It was a good hang out, Saturday night like this the place would be full,” said Porky’s fan Hank Schlomka as the restaurant prepared to hit the road.

The land Porky’s occupied in St. Paul has been sold to a neighboring senior housing developer.

Comments (3)
  1. Rusty Shackelford says:

    Finally the historic value of it will be rewarded. Too many cheapskate liberals and wannabe hot rod racers in the area. I remember the good food and unique combo meals. Too many picky, overweight people nowadays.

    1. Mike says:

      Rusty Shackleturd- I am not sure how you go about restoring historical value in a business when it has been removed from its foundation and taken outside its residing place of history, but I do recall seeing you there. You were the guy who with the broken smile of missing teeth, pulling your wagon with aluminum cans and dressed like you were carrying a Flea Market on your body with over five hundred plus button pinned messages on your dirty hat!

    2. Ow says:

      @Rusty. You need to get some help. Since when does the demise of a restaurant have anything to do with politics?

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