ST. CLOUD (WCCO) — A 22-year-old Waite Park man has been charged in a police chase that resulted in the death of another motorist and seriously injured a pregnant woman, who lost her baby Monday.

On Monday, the Stearns County Attorney’s Office charged Timothy Richard Gilles with fleeing a police officer in motor vehicle resulting in death. His bail was set at $1.5 million without conditions and $750,000 with conditions.

According to the criminal complaint, on April 15, Gilles was heading north in a Jeep Grand Cherokee on Highway 15 in St. Cloud when officers tried to pull him over. Police said he then fled away really fast in his vehicle, traveling west on 2nd St. South, but in the eastbound lanes of the road.

An assisting Waite Park officer chased the vehicle for about a half mile, where Gilles’ Jeep t-boned another vehicle at the intersection of 2nd St. South and Waite Ave.

A 30-year-old driver of that car, identified as Timothy Martin Casanova of Starbuck, Minn., was killed in the impact. The 22-year-old passenger, Megan Irene Thomsen, who was 8 months pregnant, was also seriously injured.

After the crash, Gilles fled on foot. Officers caught up to him, tasered him and were able to arrest him.

He was treated for minor injuries at a hospital and was later taken to the Stearns County Jail.

Thomson and her unborn baby were taken to St. Cloud Hospital where they were listed in serious but stable condition. The baby, who was born by C-section, died Monday, according to the Attorney’s Office.

The mother’s condition is currently unknown.

An investigation continues and additional charges may be filed at a later date, according to the Attorney’s Office.

If convicted, Gilles could face up to 40 years in prison and an $80,000 fine. His next court appearance is set for May 2, 2011 at 1:30 p.m.

Comments (28)
  1. fed up says:

    This guy should be charged with attempted murder for each and every person he passed while running.

    1. Phil Mcrackin says:

      True, he really should as he put many in danger.

    2. Ed says:

      That would be a great bargaining chip for his team.

  2. Dev Lopper says:

    Fed up too and I agree. Nah just toast him real quick for the one murder.

  3. charles says:

    He don’t look much into that readin’ and writin’ stuff…..

  4. kayla says:

    minor injuries only????? that is too bad, innocent people killed and hurt lives destroyed cuz of this worthless bum.

  5. exmplsguy says:

    May 1,000 fleas of a camel infest his bunhole

    1. justme says:

      and his arms too short to reach

  6. Steve says:

    This man will spend the rest of his life in prison, as he should. Why are the police chasing him at high speeds on a city street. We all know the likely result is the death of an innocent person. Police have the responsibility of protecting the public. I don’t think they did their job.

    1. married to the truth says:

      I agree, and in fact that thought out weighs the fact of him being a complete loser. Yes he did wrong and the police were after him but to take it to the next level and chase is just stupid! This happens all to many times and for the sake of catching one person that instant is just not worth it. There needs to be new guidelines in place to stop this kind of thing from happening. The god darn cops just go nuts and think that they are superman and they do what ever possible to bring in a suspect. It is 2011 and with technology today we should not be chasing anyone in this manner. Instead call it off when it escalates to a level of public safety danger. There will be another time and place where cops can put the boots to these scum bags! This is only one case of people dying in pursuit that they had noting to do with. I hope our law makers take not of this case and make a special provision for situations like this and it has the childes name in it. I hope those cops that just had to chase this guy lose sleep for a very long time! Human life is thrown aside and tunnel vision kicks in and the capture game is all that matters. Sickening!!

      1. laura says:

        are you kidding, placing the blame of any death in this situation on the police officers that were chasing this guy? They were doing their job, they were being productive members of society, in fact risking their lives everyday to protect you from scum like this guy and you think they are to blame. I hope you remember that the next time you or your family needs help from an officer, maybe they should think twice about helping you. If scum like this guy would just pull over like they are supposed to this wouldn’t be an issue. What if they didn’t chase this guy and on his own he drove and ended up hitting this couple and the same thing happened, innocent people lost their life and it later came out that the cops could have pulled this guy over but didn’t because they didnt’ want to cause a chase would you be the first asking why? Blame the person who is doing wrong not the one trying to protect you and me.

        1. married to the truth says:

          You have no reality with what you say. Cops are not super heros and the they cant save the day when the crime had already taken place. They show up a day late dollar short. You idea of this perfect world is just that! And the last part of what you said about not pulling him over?????????????????????? LOL If they attempt to pull him over and he stops, fine thats normal. When they attempt to pull him over and he flees, well guess what!? They have a vehicle description and a video tape of the vehicle, plates, and place it took place. Pull your head out of you but and get a grip of reality! Quit watching cops on tv and experience life first hand! Wacko idiot!

          1. Vince says:

            Police officers may not be superheroes, but they are heroes none the less. They’ll respond if there is a robber in your house, they’ll respond when your neighbors get rowdy, they’ll respond when someone is shooting up a place and they won’t even think twice about going in. And even though YOU criticize them, when you call 911, they will come to your aid as well. As for the notion that the officers cause this accident, that is just dumb. The police did not force the piece of poo to speed away. They did not force him to go down the wrong way, they did not force him to crash into a car, killing two others. He did all of this on his own accord. Okay, let’s entertain your idea of a no pursuit policy. So they get his vehicle and plates down. Then what? Run the plates and see where he lives? By the time they get to his house he’ll be long gone. The piece of poo had a felony warrant out, you really think he’s gonna stick around?

        2. holly says:

          and also, the police where a mile behind him. so the guy was fleeing no matter what. He should just lay of the meth

        3. Reality_Check_People says:

          they are not PROTECTING the public when they start a chase in the middle of busy streets during rush hour traffic. They are just as much to blame as the driver… I really wish you ppl knew the whole story and not just what the media posts……they had way more time to pull him over on empty roads that would have caused no harm at all but NOOOOOOOO they had to wait for busy conjested roads before they made their attempt. How nice of them to wait and put others in danger?

      2. Me says:

        You’re an idoit. Get back on the short bus and stop blaming police.

    2. Splattered on da face says:

      Why are they chasing him ????? Damn it Steve, you are a genius. That means you have to get the “why”
      Okay – so you are not to bright and dense as a brick. They need him off the streets now. Got it?

  7. Sarge says:

    Obviously “Steve” isn’t a police officer and has no clue what we do out here day in and day out. Read the story…it was a traffic stop. We do them every day. The guy decides to be stupid and flee the police, going the wrong way in on-coming traffic. The chase only lasted a half mile before he crashed…not necessarily time enough to perform a P.I.T. maneuver. The officer was trying to stop him so he WOULDN’T hurt someone else. Unfortunately, this is how it ended. The officer DID his job. This guy just made a poor choice.

    1. Lane Jacobson says:

      blue wall of silence in action

    2. Steve says:

      Sorry Sarge, as I meant no disrespect.My emotional reaction to a tragic event left me wondering how it could have been different. You have a painful job that few can understand…including myself.

    3. William K says:

      Thanks for all you and you fellow officers do for us Sarge

      The posts of fools and idiots are exactly that …. foolish posts by idiots who have no clue. None
      One cannot protect us all from the deadly mistakes that some morons make ….
      I feel for the deceased and families and for the officers involved.
      As for the human trash that killed them – no symapthy whatsoever. I do feel for his family as somehow I believe they likely deserved better.
      Again – thanks for all you folks do to protect us every day

    4. Reality_Check_People says:

      still knowing that this man has fleed from the police before they should have maybe used common sense and said hey maybe we should wait til we get off the busy streets since he has fleed before………HELLO??????? but no instead they chose to go ahead and put other peoples lives at steak knowing he would flee again.

  8. jesse says:

    This dude’s picture looks like pure evil. For those of you who think evil doesn’t exist… look into those eyes.

    There is a good and a bad in this world. Absolutely.

  9. Jan weighs in says:

    torch fire toasted
    saves us lots of money

  10. Sarah Stiger says:

    22 and looks like he’s 40+, already been in trouble with the law many times (per another news story), takes off in a vehicle into traffic, crashes injuring people, then runs off. Nice fella! Too bad the voltage on those tasers isn’t a bit higher!

  11. Suicide Assistance for Dummies says:

    I’m thinking I’ll drop by and offer him my services

    1. Reality_Check_People says:

      you are pathetic!!!!!!!!!!! just your name says so…..

  12. Richie says:

    hey u think hes evil look at u ppl down talkin a man that cant even get on here and defend himself this is ridiculous this kid is my cousin he was and still is my best friend he definatly isnt evil and he didnt mean to kill those ppl u need to know what ur talkin bout b4 u speak on it this man is my family love and miss him he is a good person stop believin everything u read in the paper bcuz most of it is just what they want u to hear

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