By Caroline Lowe, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — As Caroline Lowe prepares to start a new adventure at KSBY in California, she’s spending the next couple of weeks revisiting cold cases she’s profiled over the past several decades as a crime reporter for WCCO.

Lowe keeps a wall of photos of the victims next to her desk so she’ll never forget them. When she clears out her desk for the last time, Low said she’ll put the photos in an album to take with her to California.

Many of the victims’ relatives have contacted her in recent days and before she departs, Lowe will be sharing their stories.

Mary Kathleen Schlais was an artist and honors grad from the University of Minnesota when she was murdered in February 1974.

Schlais left her Uptown Minneapolis apartment to go to an art show in Chicago. She never made it.

Her body was found several hours later in a snow bank off a rural road 90 miles away in Dunn County, Wis. She had been stabbed more than a dozen times.

A witness called police to say he saw a man drop off her body and then take off. Her purse and coat were never found.

Dunn County detectives have repeatedly revisited the crime scene, chased down clues and even exhumed Schlais’ body a few years ago.

But 37 years later, Mary Schlais’ killer has not been caught. Her family waits for answers, hoping someone watching a news report or reading her story will come forward.

“I don’t really have any more anger after all these years. I just want to look him in the eye and say ‘What are you thinking? What were you doing? What happened?'” said Schlais’ brother Don.

“Sometimes it makes me extremely sad. I miss Mary a lot,” he said.

Don told Lowe he has one wish: “If they are still alive, they have to face the toll of their actions and come forward and be an adult.”

Anyone with information should call the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office.

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  1. Arcadia says:

    What a dumb thing to say.

  2. GN says:

    I assume you don’t have children, or if you do your not much of a parent, children of any age are forever.

  3. Wadda? says:

    How did CL put up with Shelby’s arrogance for so many years? She deserves a medal!

    1. JLD says:

      honestly, what is your point in such a stupid remark? This is not about Shelby or anyone other than helping this woman’s family find closure.

  4. JLD says:

    I agree with Arcadia. What was your point? It sounds like they’ve let go, but would still like closer…who wouldn’t?

  5. Norge says:

    WOW!! I left for the USMC in Feb of 1974 and lived just outside Madison in Sun Prarie, Wisc, which, if memorey serves me right, is in Dunn County, and I never heard of this, if it happened right after I left it probably scared the crap out of my wife, who was home alone at the time. Thing is, this perv somehow grabbed a gal who was ‘on the move’ a moving target to put it bluntly, and succeeded…and these pervs do not abandon a successful stategy. I-95 corridor to Milwaukee & Chicago…look for other attempts along that route all the way to Cincinati, and look at people, past & currently incarcerated for similar assaults. Gods Good Luck (Blessings) to you Caroline, I despised your politics, but not your heart.

    1. Rob Ebben says:

      At the end of January 1974, the Green Bay Packers selected WR Randall Woodfield from Portland State in Oregon. About 2 weeks later, Woodfield drove to Green Bay on I-94, passing through Mary’s Minneapolis hometown on the way. He would have exited the interstate at #52 to travel on Hwy 29 to Green Bay. That exit is just about 5 miles from where Mary Schlais’ body was dumped.

      Coincidence? Perhaps. Although thousands of people pass that interstate exit every day, not many of them go on to be serial killers like Randall Woodfield.

  6. Norge says:

    ‘Cco is censoring again…whats wrong with these people, made an encouraging comment and all to CL and they censor. Liberals for you, just their ‘version’ is all thats permitted.