By Bruce Hagevik, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — McDonald’s plans to hire 50,000 people nationwide during a one-day campaign this Tuesday. More than 280,000 people had applied online prior to the hiring day.

Minnesota stores will hire nearly 1,000 employees. It’s unclear how many will show up at stores Tuesday.

Managers are looking for cheerful employees who are reliable.

“Timeliness, especially here with the bus system. We have a lot of people, you know, [who say] ‘I missed my bus,'” said Katie Cheney, assistant manager at a McDonald’s in south Minneapolis.

She says one of the biggest challenges she faces is making sure a full staff is on duty.

“I had four people already today, ‘Oh, I’m going to be a few minutes late,'” said Cheney.

She said about 70 percent of the day staff is made up of working parents and other adults.

Cheney started as an order-taker but quickly moved into management.

“It’s really great atmosphere. It’s just fun here, so that’s what I look for,” she explained.

Full time managers can make up to $50,000 dollars a year. Cheney said, for some young people, a first job at McDonald’s can turn into a life time career.

McDonald’s usually staffs up for summer. A spokeswoman said last year, McDonald’s hired 50,000 employees throughout April.

The burger chain was also eager to change the perception of the term “McJobs.” It might be a tall order for a word that even the Oxford English Dictionary defines as “an unstimulating, low-paid job with few prospects.”

McDonald’s said its jobs teach important skills and that many of its executives started as crew members.

The company, based in Oak Brook, Ill., said franchisees will set wages but most pay more than the $7.25-an-hour federal minimum.

Jay Leno, Sharon Stone, and founder Jeff Bezos all worked at McDonald’s before they made it big.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Bruce Hagevik Reports

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  1. Rusty Shackelford says:

    Attention Obama voters: Here is your chance to contribute to society.

    1. James says:

      hahahaha, funny because it’s true

    2. Gary says:

      Surely, you jest. You cannot possibly be that dense.

      1. Jim says:

        Yes, he can. His leader certain is.

        1. ken says:

          Criticizing someone’s intelligence while simultaneously failing to spell certainly properly. Well done sir.

      2. Another Tom says:

        I think he can be that dense…

    3. kebb says:

      Nah, Obama voters are sitting at home waiting for their gov’t checks to arrive.

      1. Kip Noxzema says:

        Yup, and they drink the Kool Aid. They fall for the class envy, thinking it’s evil to work hard, get an education, and make a good living.

        As long as this Regime thinks small business owners (who are “rich” in their eyes) are evil, this nation will never get out of the recession.

        1. M B says:

          I always find it funny that the people who are rabid supporters of the Republicans are often lower class people who are being abused by the very people they support.

          I have no rich person envy, as long as they made their money honestly (most don’t anymore). Gone are the days of “business ethics” and here are the days of “shaft every one of them.”

          I don’t have anything against hard work, as long as I’m compensated for it and not treated like a slave in the process. I’d also like a job, but being ill makes me as attractive as a bag of flaming poo on a doorstep. Yet, I’m not on the dole as all of the misled Republicans seem to scream about.

          There are a couple things about the misled Republicans I’ve found: 1) They are woefully uneducated about the matters of which they are most vociferous about, and 2) they are quick to jump to derogatory and condescending conclusions before they do start being vociferous. How many people here have ASSUMED that all Democrats are on the dole? How many ASSUMED that all democrats are lazy? How many ASSUMED that because they are Democrats, they must be socialists? Way to prove my point folks…

      2. Sue says:

        Why does obama voter automatically mean we are lazy? I work 50 hours a week and I am a democrat, Obama voter, flaming liberal. Most of the republicans I know take advantage of every government program available and waste tax payer money. When I mention to them they are doing exactly what they preach against they say something like “it’s available, i’m going to use it.” Funny how everyone is against it until it benefits them.

        1. Rusty Shackelford says:

          Sue is a liar. Everything you vote for comes with spreading others money and creating more government help programs. Hurry up and grab youselves an application so we don’t have to hear your complaining about how this country isn’t fair for you.

    4. JohnM says:

      I didn’t know he owned any McD’s. Oh you mean he has socialized them too.

      1. JimM57 says:

        JohnM: Brilliant comebeck, thanks for keeping me sane here.

    5. cp says:

      Funny how when big bad corporations hire people, you want to give the big O the credit. The rest of the time they are the enemy and should be punshed with higher taxes.

      I think in reality, McDonalds created 50,000 jobs. CAPITALISM created 50,000 new jobs. Or perhaps to look at it another way, people who could have otherwise afforded to eat REAL food can no longer do so because of O’s crappy economy. Boon for the crappy food vendors!! Now THERE’s something O can take credit for! So maybe, you’re right! I stand corrected!!

    6. porchhound says:

      Really? I didn’t know he ran McDonalds…must have been another gov’t takeover.

      1. TC says:

        Obama doesn’t have the skillset necessary to work the counter let alone manage a franchise.

      2. DJ says:

        Little Barry Obowa couldn’t turn a profit running a coffee shop. He’d focus on everything but the core business and would blame customers for his lack of success: The guy would be utterly lost outside of an institutionalized government setting.

    7. EdwardM says:

      How many of these 50,000 jobs come with employer provided Healthcare??? How many of these jobs would McDonald’s be hiring for if they did not get waivers and had to provide ObamaCare health insurance? McDonald’s sought waivers saying that ObamaCare would cost they 50,000+ jobs…. Why don’t these “lifesaving” policies apply to everyone??? Unless healthcare isn’t the goal….

      1. BC says:

        It’ the “everybody but evil Walmart gets a waiver” health care plan.

    8. Crabjuice says:

      Obama did? How?

    9. Alex says:

      Are you serious or is your comment tongue in cheek?

    10. Hawk says:

      “Obama just created 50,000 jobs”

      McDonald’s did!

      1. reality says:

        No they didn’t. It’s called turnover meets a marketing scheme.

    11. Gerry says:

      Exactly! These are the types of s%#$ jobs that Democrats that vote for Nobama are actually capable of. No wonder so many of them lounge around on welfare instead of working, the upside potential for them is not very high if this is their idea of a “job”!! Get off your asses and start small service companies by yourselves or get back to school and do something significant with your lives if you have the abilities. Also, one more recommendation, if you cannot find a job where you are that is better than “Mickey D’s” then you need to get off your lazy ass and move to where the good jobs ARE instead of complain!!

    12. Chester Pinkerson says:

      Rusty, that is AWESOME.

    13. Rick says:

      You democrats must be the dumbest group of people on Earth.

    14. BigBoa says:

      Yes indeed!!


    15. joiebitedn says:

      c’mon…didn’t obuma say his recovery spending is working…guess this proves him right once again

    16. Just say no to illegals says:

      You’re absolutely right!

    17. Angie M. says:

      I am an Obama voter andI have worked hard my whole life.Bbudget cuts and downsizing led to the end of my job. I have applied at Walmart 2 times (in 6 months)and talked to the HR person there 3 times,only to hear that there is a hiring freeze.Even though I am college-educated and have state certification as a Nursing Assistant,but no one is hiring either because either present employees are holding unto their jobs or/and companies have lost so much business that they CAN’T hire anyone.Obama had the misfortune of becoming president at one of the worst times,in American history an d he’s taking the blame for EVERYTHING. He has to clean up the mess that the Republicans made.I wish that people could see this and get off Obama’s back.

  2. Rusty Shackelford says:

    This includes you Bruce, no more smoke screens. Your legacy will be one of fraud and corruption while supporting the socialist left.

  3. Larry says:

    Don’t APPLY FOR JOBS AT MICKY D’s! After your first paycheck they will cut off your govt. checks!

    1. mike says:

      uhm that’s because you have a JOB

      1. Ben says:

        He is right. If you so much as work 1 hour you will be cut off of unemployment. Part time or less. Full time I can understand. If you cannot make as much in the job as your unemployment then sit on your duff and draw the unemployment.

        1. Gerry says:

          Shhhhh! Please don’t give the “Worst Generation” “employees” any more clues on how to be a useless drag on society in general!!!! They do a good job of that without help!!!!

          1. GerryIsAnIdiot says:

            Says a guy who probably came from THE REAL worst generation ever–the baby boomers. Their parents created a superpower, they gave the next generations trillions in debt and a lower standard of living now than we had in 1982 (in terms of consumer purchasing power).

    2. JH says:

      Best comment ever.

    3. BigBoa says:

      This is all probably a big plot between Obozo and McDonald’s….

      The gubermint,,, aka Obozo,,, is probably giving them a butt-load of cash to hire a bunch of people to get them off the dole,,, temporarily,,,,, so it looks like a “recovery”……

      To which Obozo will point no doubt, and claim we are on the road to riches….

      Yeah,,,, a few years ago,,, there weren’t considered “good jobs,, with good wages”……

  4. Poohbabe says:

    I work at one…hire more people just to cut our hours… flexible schedule..9 hrs shift ya only get a half hour break!!!!!!!

    1. William says:

      That’s all that they are required to give you under federal labor laws plus an optional 10 min break which also comes out of your paycheck so that’s completely up to you. Also 9 hours is peanuts I’ve 12 and 13 hours on a register so I think you can handle 9 hours in “restaurant “.

      1. Chris says:

        Or you could work your way through school and get a real job where you don’t have to punch a clock. Oh I forgot. We’re all supposed to be good little worker drones.

    2. sunshine connie says:

      That is because it is a JOB and they need you to WORK. This is not a preschool. Time for YOU to GROW UP!

      1. William says:

        Well that’s a hard concept for most to understand. I was shocked when they first told me I would have to work at work it was quite revolutionary.

    3. Ryan B. says:

      “Only get a half hour break!!!!!!!!!!” Boo hoo. That sound pretty standard and, frankly, pretty generous to me. I work 10 hour shifts with NO BREAK. Not that I’m complaining. I go to work…TO WORK.

    4. Jasper says:

      Oh no, you mean you’ll actually have to WORK at that JOB???

      Ovviously you’re not someone who’s spent much time in the workforce. I guess you’d prefer to just get your “break” 24/7 and let the rest of us pay for it.

      Mom and dad prepared you well. You’re in for a heck of a rough life.

    5. PirorMcD Employee says:

      I worked at McD about 30 years ago. Great Job for a younger person. Teaches responsibility. I understand the managers issue with the timeliness of employees. Most people nowdays wouldn’t even think of showing up 20-30 min early for a shift. I did on a regular basis and usually ended up going right to work earning a few extra dollars on that shift. Worked Opening and Closing Shifts / Maintenance Shifts whatever was available.

  5. red says:

    it was that bad 35 years ago

  6. Ronald says:

    I thought MN labor laws call for a half hour unpaid break and two 15 minute paid breaks for a 9 hour shift. Is Mc Donald’s trying to pull a WalMart over everyone’s eyes?

    1. Rusty Shackelford says:

      And you liberal wimps wonder why the economy is bad. You Ronald are the problem.

      1. hoover says:

        Why are you so negative Rusty? Give it up – you’re saying everybody else is the problem – maybe look at yourself first before you start insulting other people. This is just for comments on McDonald’s hiring for heaven’s sake!!

      2. Lidea says:

        Ronald is right Rusty. Get your facts straght before you open your ignorant mouth.

  7. Poohbabe says:

    I guess each McDonalds privately owned can make their rules is what i was told??? I question that every day and managers dont even get a half hour break when they work 9 hrs…..

  8. LAS says:

    McDonalds can not make their own rules, privately owned or not. The department of labor makes the rules and in Minnesota an employer is required to give employees a meal break if working 8 or more hours. They are also required to give you a bathroom break for every 4 hours worked.

    1. Mike says:

      Las-Not any more. No 15 minute breaks after 4 hours work. That law was changed under the Gov. JV leadership. They pushed it into law without any fan fair.

  9. GetReal says:

    Everybody wants a job , but nobody wants to work. If a company has unfair labor laws , it is up to the employee to take action. If they are letting a company get away with it , then they can’t camplain. If you are old enough to get a job , then you are old enough to fight for you own fair labor laws.
    I am not a big fan of Mcdonalds food , but , people need to stop and realize how much McDonalds contributes to our economy. Not just in labor , but all the farmers , contractors , packaging companies…etc… who produce product for the McDonalds. Lot’s of poeple earn a living directly or indirectly through Mc Donalds….probably some of your neighbors.

  10. Jay says:

    At least where I live, the vast majority of those jobs will be given to illegals.

    1. patty says:

      Show up at McDs in a tan outfit with a border patrol hat and watch them scatter.

  11. Dave L says:

    too bad half of your paycheck goes to Gas just to get to work and back.

  12. jake49 says:

    How much stimulus did obummer allocate to McDonolds so they could hire these 50,000 people?

    1. Sean In CA says:

      They do it EVERY YEAR! It’s only being publicized because it adds to the illusion of a recovering economy. All McDonalds is doing is harvesting another crop of HS grads…

    2. AZPatriot says:

      They got a waiver on the Obamacare fiasco!

  13. Steve Smith says:

    I’m Lovin’ It!

  14. cf says:

    Mc D’s can hire all of these people because they were granted a waiver from Obamacare and that is a fact.

    1. Chris Edens says:

      That is true but not sure if that directly connects to this job creation but fair point.

      I’m all for jobs but anyone planning on making a living working this type of position is going to be living poor.

      By the way, McD’s does this EVERY YEAR so it’s not like this is some job stimulation created out of some government lackey. McD’s makes piles of money and pays their workers barely a living wage but YES they are jobs.

      Bravo McD’s but I still won’t eat your poison.

      1. patty says:

        A stint at McDs and it should let the majority should learn what they DON”T want to do for a living. They need to stay in school and educate themselves. gives something for their resume.

  15. noseitall says:

    This hiring is done every year on a seasonal basis. I suspect this is being trumped up to make Obama look good in return for the Obamacare waiver that was granted to McDonald’s by the Obama administration.

    1. Gary says:

      You nailed it. Further, washout factor and turnover are about 200% am Mickie D’s…so this is really not that big of a deal. I bet less than 5,000 are still working there on 12/31/2010.

    2. Gary says:

      Correction: You nailed it. Further, washout factor and turnover are about 200% am Mickie D’s…so this is really not that big of a deal. I bet less than 5,000 are still working there on 12/31/2011!

    3. BigBoa says:

      Of course it is,,,, and as the mighty Boa mentioned,,,, Obozo is no doubt pumping them a few billion “stimulus” dollahs,,, so as to get some people off the dole and then Obozo will cheer for the falling unemployment rate…….

      But as many have mentioned,,, just remember 4 or 5 years ago, these were not considered “good jobs,,, with good wages”…. as required by the marxists of George Bush….. then they didn’t suffice… but NOW it’s ok if half the f’in country works for Mcdonald’s….

  16. Matt says:

    Is this entire country on drugs? McDonald’s hiring is now a sign the economy is in recovery mode? I’ll pass on the Soma thank you. Good luck to anyone who thinkds this means good times are just over the hill.

  17. Steve Adams says:

    Silly Libs!! Make fun all you want; McDonald’s is creating 50,000 more jobs in one day than Obama has created in two years…

    1. dc says:

      Not so fast Steve. In fairness Obama has created many more jobs than this. Only problem is – they are in government, where we pay for them and can’t afford to. And now McDonald’s has “created” close to 49,000 jobs for the non-English speaking. These jobs will surely lead to much bigger better positions in the future (sure), not to mention the windfall taxes these high paying jobs will incur….NOT!!! All much ado about nothing. Just damn.

  18. al robinson says:

    How about a living wage that works

    1. sunshine connie says:

      Try earning it. Until you have skills and or education you do not merit it.

      1. Earthman2020 says:

        That’s one of the problems we have in this world. Low skilled workers are taken for granted and are looked down upon by others who think they are superior to them. And the thing is many of these workers, like McDonald’s employees, work very hard indeed. We need people like this, and while they don’t merit fat paychecks I do believe $7.25/hour is a slap in the face, especially in this economy.

        1. Ryan B. says:

          I disagree. If McDonald’s pays $7.25/hour and can hire enough help at that wage, good for them and their shareholders. Supply and demand baby.

          I’d be a “low skill worker” if I hadn’t gone to school and gotten an education. I had to pay my way through school and now I’m $200,000.00 (yes that’s 2-hundred thousand) in debt. I didn’t collect my first paycheck until I was 29 years old. However, now I make 25x more than a McD’s worker and “I’m lovin’ it!”


        2. sunshine connie says:

          Minimum skills usually are 1st time jobholders and they are teens. Grown folks should have the brains to do better. If they can not, that is what the Social Safety net is for. The vast majority of adults do not stay in minimum wage jobs because the develop skills and or get education. Choices and responsibility is what allows progress in the workforce.

  19. Gary says:

    Expect April to be a robust month for government statistics on hiring. What a joke, what a complete, collosal utter joke. On to more important things such as barack and Michelle’s next family vacation…

  20. Chico says:

    Great “recovery” we have going on. The only jobs being created are for the government — which we all pay for — and positions Democrats usually deride as “hamburger-flipper jobs.” Somehow, every job created under Republicans is a “hamburger-flipper job,” and every one created under Democrats is just great — even when they’re LITERALLY hamburger-flipper jobs! Beam me up!

    1. BigBoa says:

      AH HAHAHA!! YES!!!

      EXACTLY!! When George Bush was in office,,, 4 percent unemployment meant a depression was just around the corner…. but now with 10% unemployment and those that DO work are working at McDonald’s…. we’re on the ROAD TO RICHES BABY!!!

  21. gram says:

    this must be the “spatula ready” jobs that Obama has been pushing

  22. AJ says:

    Give me a break, the unemployment rate for people under the age of 25 is something like 20%. While I’d certainly prefer there to be some recovery in higher paying jobs (construction, etc.) for this age cohort, I’d rather people work at McD’s than walk the street.

    McD hiring 50k is better than them hiring 0.

  23. john q public says:

    I would pick up cans on the side of the road before working at MCd’s. After gas to work, and taxes, the net would be about the same.

  24. patriot says:

    So Mcdonalds gets an exemption from Obama-Care…then magically in recession and contraction, it can hire 50,000 workers??????

    Someone needs to investigate the quid pro quo going on here. Its pretty Mcfishy.

  25. Navin Johnson says:

    Obama’s recovery is really the “burger flipper jobs” the Dems used to critize. Does is present a delimma in the White House? McDonald’s has been a favorite target of the Left, but they get their Obamacare waiver, and then, all of a sudden will a Big Mac become health food? When next month job figures come out, the BS will begin. 1/2 of these employees won’t last a month. This ultimate fiasco is the perfect example of how far this country has fallen, and how low our expectations have become. Food sucks, and this is just 1 more reason to avoid McD’s

  26. Ryan says:

    How many of those will be illegal immigrants?

  27. Darrel says:

    How many of the 50,000 will be illegals? Want to end unempolment for our citizens? Deport 14 MILLION illegals.

    1. Smashicus says:

      Not to mention, the bilinguals will get preference. We all know who the “bilinguals” are. We are becoming second class citizens in our own country due to the federal government approved invasion.

  28. HarryO says:

    It’s not a sign of a recovery, it’s a sign that the economy is getting worse and that people can’t afford but to eat the junk food.

  29. Paula says:

    There are 12,804 stores in the United States, that equals to about 3.9 hires per store. Good luck to those that apply!

  30. Doug says:

    First McDonalds get a Obamacare waiver? Then magically they hire 50,000 (supposedly) in one day? McObamaNation. Lies on lies on lies.

  31. Liberal Stupidity says:

    I wonder where BO got the money for this fake Make Work let me show you lower unemployment numbers remember the cencus? Nothing suprises me in this corrupt gov.

  32. rattlingbones says:

    280,000 people applied for 50,000 lousy jobs, I think that says it all, another Obama “Summer of Recovery” and we will all be selling apples and pencils on the sidewalk.

    1. Kip Noxzema says:

      I get the feeling the State Run Media wants to show this as “proof” we’re in some kind of “recovery”. But when you look at the numbers closer, it shows the opposite. You’ve got 6 people applying for every 1 job, in ONE DAY, for ONE COMPANY. What about all the applications before that, on a daily basis?

      Like another poster said, that’s without benefits, too.

      So where are all these jobs we’re supposed to have, according to this lying Regime’s figures?


      Hope doesn’t employ.

  33. Richard Allen says:

    There is NO FREAKIN EXCUSE to be late with 10% unemployment….even if it is McD

    I don’t care I need a job and I’ve worked in TV stations where you cant be late….lots of jobs are 24/7 and if you are late the person you relieved will be PISSED off at you….not good

  34. kevin says:

    so how does everyone know that McD’s received a waiver. When a news channel asks the O bs. administration for all the company’s receiving they are getting stone walled. You people must have an inside track.

    1. Chris Edens says:


      The Department of Health and Human Services put out a list. Jack in the Box was another. No inside track here.

    2. sunshine connie says:

      The wavers are posted on the HHS Govt website.

  35. Tom Genin says:

    50,000 x $10/hr x 40hours x 52 weeks = $1,040,000,000

    Or, 50,000 employees that aren’t covered under Obamacare, as McDonalds got a waiver to the law.

    Or, 50,000 employees that won’t pay Federal Income tax.

    Or, 50,000 employees that will likely require Foodstamps, Housing subsidy, WIC & other aid.

    Recovery here we come baby.

    1. limetedimpact says:

      50k jobs for illegal aliens

    2. Zeppo says:

      Too good – but they are not going to get $10, not work 40-hours and not work 52-weeks.

      So it’s 50,000 X $8/hr x 15 hours x 26 weeks = $156,000,000 minus payments from ‘making work pay’ or the earned income tax credit (refunds on taxes not paid) and transportation subsidies we will be lucky if the nation breaks even.

  36. Reailty Check says:

    These are gonna be the only jobs left if Obama gets re-elected people! Since when has work’n at McDonald’s ever been considered a good career choice?? I’ll tell you when. Since this arrogant, good for noth’n Democrat Socialist became our President!! He has to go!!

  37. freecheese says:

    Remember some 20-years ago, when MdD;s kicked out a bunch of old ladies’ coffee clatche because they occupied too many seats? They caught hell from the media. McD’s retreated and went on a PR campaigne to hire seniors to PROVE that they cared about them. Hence, when you went to place your order to an 85-year-old lady who couldn’t even find her way to the cash register.

  38. Constance says:

    Let’s all get an intelligent clue here. McDonald’s was one of the first companies to receive a waiver from the Obama Administration for ObamaCare. Meaning, they do not have to comply with what everybody else in the country does. Meaning, they have loads of extra money. On top of that, since when did McDonald’s become an employer that reeks of “recovery” and economic health of this country? Whoopee. I can work at McDonald’s and make what…. $8.00 to $10.00 an hour if I’m lucky? Hardly an economic recovery. Grow up everybody.

    1. kerry says:

      um, NO….1200 companies have been given waivers, because obamacare raises the cost of insurance so high, no companies can afford it. AND McDonalds DOES offer a healthcare plan, maybe a little bare bones, but better than nothing.
      I am a bachelors prepared nurse, but since I have worked my butt off my whole life since I was 14, I wouldn’t NOT have a problem taking a job at McDonalds. This is because no job is beneath me and I make the best of any job whatever it is. I would work my way up!
      See, I am a conservative, I don’t look for handouts and don’t play the BLAME GAME.

  39. david says:

    Did immigration crack down on McDonalds? Is that why they’re hiring?

    1. YY says:


  40. TIM says:


  41. Rachel says:

    I LOVE PRESIDENT OBAMA. And I certainly don’t hold him responsible for the fact that I don’t have a job. I do NOT receive unemployment or welfare, and have been trying to find a job for nine months. I have over 20 years of administrative experience and NEED a job, but I just can’t handle the idea of working at McDonald’s. I’m pushing 50. Plus, I don’t think they would hire me because undoubtedly, I’m “overqualified.”

    1. BigBoa says:

      AH HAHAHA!! You mighty THINK you’re “overqualified”….. that was the old days…

      In the Obozo-nation, NOBODY will be “overqualified”…. because you’ll either work at McDonald’s or you’ll get on the dole,,,,

      Are you “overqualified” for THAT, baby?

      AH HAHAHAHA!!!!

      now THAT was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Wat? says:

        That wasn’t awesome that was the ramblings of an idiot

    2. bob says:

      Rachel, you don’t have a job because of obamas socialist agenda. I am glad you appreciate his inabilities to do his job and you have none.

  42. noezanswers says:

    look at the big picture. McD’s can afford to hire because they were exempted from having to partisipate in Obummer’s Healthcare program.
    If they hire 50000 bodies, there will only be 15000 still there in 6 months… if they’re lucky.
    comlaining about breaks during a 9 hour shift is rich. 1st, you’re lucky to have a job. 2nd, if people took their jobs seriously, call-outs and tardiness wouldn’t wouldn’t be pushing the rest of the staff to have to cover their spots. 3rd, I’ a restaurant manager, and know that the majority of applicants want schedules to accomidate their lifestyle and social calanders and dont want to work toward advancement. they dont want responsibility. 4th, and finally,hire more inept people and give them shorter shifts and everyone whines about not enough hours, but don’t want to pick up the other shifts that might be short, but then complain how much it costs them in gas to have a FOUR hour shift.
    Suck it up and get to work…It doesn’t matter anyway because the world ends 12~21~12

  43. Richard Allen says:

    There is NO FREAKIN EXCUSE to be late with 10% unemployment….even if it is McD

    I don’t care I need a job and I’ve worked in TV stations where you cant be late….lots of jobs are 24/7 and if you are late the person you relieved will be ticked off at you….not good

  44. scott says:

    since when does hiring by mcdonals equal a recovery/ only when your president is barry and you have given mcdonalds a health care exemption

  45. George says:

    The reason McD’s is hiring is because they have been excused from Obamacare. Up until then they imposed a hiring freeze because if they had to conform to this socialized healthcare scheme of the BO administration and his socialist friends in Congress they wouldn’t been ablr to aford to hire anyone. Wake up Americans!!!!

  46. Drider says:

    Well, now I guess we can see clearly what the price of admission is for McDonald’s getting their Obamacare waiver.

  47. Richard Allen says:

    OK Everybody Time to decode employer DoubleSpeak

    you’re “overqualified.”

    Really means ……WE WANT TO HIRE A MORON!!!!!!

    1. Rachel says:

      It totally sucks. I can’t even get a job working at a department store. But I’m the IDIOT for quitting a job I really hated back in June. Little did I realize how tough the job market really is. First time in my life that I’ve repeatedly been told I’m overqualified. Have now been counseled by a headhunter that I need to dumb down my resume and accept the fact that I will never make anywhere near what I was (which really wasn’t THAT much). Argh.

  48. john lennon says:

    mcdonald’s will hire the 50,000 but only after firing half of their crew, the corporation will implement e-verify on more states, getting rid off of illegals, also many who won’t pass various test based on knowledge and performance requirements will be fired. the new ones will only get from 3 to 5 hours a day, no benefits unles you wanna pay a big part of your check, well and of course no this the american job we all wished for? i would like for e-verify to be used on ag. jobs. and then wait to hear how many americans would like to have the so called illegals back..haha such irony.

    1. Smashicus says:

      How is it that before Big Agribiz took over, small farmers and their families did all the work without illegals? We don’t need illegals, we need more people owning small farms and working the land.

    2. Old McDonald says:

      John, As an ag producer I use E-Verify. I do not hire anyone who needs a translator. Yes I pay a bit more, but it is worth it. I know many others who do the same. Everyday I have US Citizens show up at my door asking If I have work. If I have someone show up who needs their kids to translate I tell them no. You need to read and Speak English if you work for me. I have no need for illegals and I don’t knowingly hire them. IF I find an illegal in my workforce they are FIRED!

      Get over yourself. Not everyone wants illegals in this country.

  49. john lennon says:

    i know so, i worked for five years as a manager, sick of it and not going back. XD

  50. AmShank says:

    “Cheney said, for some young people, a first job at McDonald’s can turn into a life time career”

    Just as long as they don’t eat the food…makes for a short career.

  51. pokey5735 says:

    Will they be American citizens?

  52. hi says:

    what about the 500,000 jobs lost daily back in 2008? those have yet to be replaced

  53. Bud says:

    Now that’s the economic recovery we have all been waiting for.

  54. gret says:

    where I live, So CA, you can’t speak english to be hired there

  55. adm454 says:

    This what happens when we go from a manufacturing to a service econonmy. If those 50K were working in the factories of years ago, they could own a home, support a family and buy a new car every few years. What can McDonalld workers afford to do? Live with their parents or share a cheap apartment?

  56. keanu says:

    What happens to the people who already have a job at mcdonalds? Do they lose hours and eventually get no hours?
    Wouldnt that remove the point of hiring 50,000? Wouldnt that be more of Replacing 50,000?

    1. BigBoa says:

      Yeah but think of this…. if the 50,000 they get rid of were mostly part time, they probably won’t qualify for unemployment…. if they hire 50,000 OFF of unemployment,,, Obozo will be able to talk about how the unemployment numbers are falling like a rock without a parachute….

  57. Aunt Jane says:

    I hope everyone knows this hiring is because they were exempt from Obama Care!! Now they can afford to hire!

  58. randy says:

    although mcdonalds may be a great training ground for the illiterate students the federally run schools are now producing, these jobs are strictly part time. mcdonald’s along with many other companies are now going to a strictly part time or close to that workforce.after time some may be asked to go into mgt. training, but those jobs will be few. does anyone ever drink that fake orange juice they serve there?

  59. Joe Pane says:

    Only 14,000,950 jobs left to create….

  60. R. Woods says:

    50,000 new employees’s at McDonalds, 50 million more fat ass Americans waddling around the streets. A recovery we can believe in !

  61. Dave says:

    I highly doubt any of the new hires will speak English if my past experiences at McMexicans holds true

  62. Blueraider says:

    Would love to see the breakdown of people who apply…how many are collecting unemployment now vs how many are really hard working people looking for secnd jobs to afford gas, food, etc. that is costing us more do to Obamaeconomics

  63. nostromo says:

    I think there is a large segment of the unemployed who think they are too good to work at McDonald’s and would rather collect or go on welfare rather than start out building the skills necessary to move up the employment ladder.

    1. nostromo - not says:

      I can see you’ve drunk the Koolaid. I guess you’ll see when you lose your job.

  64. Rocco says:

    Soros Media Matters people – this is your chance to get out of the house and get a real job that pays big $$$!!! The sunlight will do wonders for your pale skin.

  65. Matt says:

    I got fired from McDonald’s when I was a teenager. It was for two reasons: 1) I sucked and 2) the job sucked. Add those things together and you get termination.

  66. bryan says:

    MCD probably hires and fires 50,000 every year. This is a stunt and is MCDs payback to Obama for the waiver

  67. Jim says:

    Great marketing tool, but hardly a real story. There are more than 13,000 McDonalds in the US alone. The 50,000 number for wanted low wage, typically teenage, workers is hardly surprising.

  68. tonyl says:

    The economy is growing more Jobs at McDonlads. This is really sad. This is now the new norm for US jobs. It shows the fast food consumption is up and we are getting people to work for minimum wages. That’s a sign of downward spiral.

  69. B says:

    I am sure the pay will feed a family of four.

  70. Sid says:

    Excellent example of what an Obama Care waiver can do for jobs. Imagine how many jobs would be created if Obama care was eliminated!

  71. Thomas says:

    If there ever was a place that represents the USA and all its empty nutrition, it’s McDonald’s.

  72. Shish says:

    I thought McDonalds was a stricken food…stricken off the list of MOOCHELLE”S approved organic food you are supposed to eat.

    1. Marge says:

      The only list that McD’s was stricken from was the list requiring companies to provide their employees with healthcare. You kiss Obama’s hiney and you are rewarded handsomely. Michelle’s organic food is for the have’s – like McDonald’s CEOs and the like. The rest of us can eat fries.

  73. TC says:

    Probably the only place you’re remotely qualified for, given your English proficiency. Oh sorry- no. McDonald’s has higher standards. To the car wash with you!


      Here come the applicants –

  74. Raving Lunatic says:

    Wow this is recovery in action. It is great that McDonald’s received an exemption from Obamacare otherwise the would have to offer health insurance to the 50,000. However, how are they going to handle the future obesity problems caused giving the 50,000 a shift meal. Maybe the Obama Administration can issue an executive order making Obesity in the 50,000 cover through worker compensation.

    1. Roger says:

      Obama’s not going to have their health problems covered at all. Better they die early than burden Obamacare. Yes you better believe it – Obama’s all about population control by whatever means.

  75. Big T says:

    McDonalds hiring 50,000 as an indication of a bad economy. When the economy was good, customers were moving away from “bad” food choices. We are all collectively lowering our standards because as a nation we have less disposal income.

    Like or not, McDonalds is a low cost food provider. It’s sometimes less expensive than going to the the grocery store.

    1. Chicago Nick says:

      You’re absolutely right, and I like McDonalds as a business and a food choice, once in a while. But when people are getting ‘broke and broker’ (sic) a dollar for a burger to feed yourself is an attractive choice even I’ve had to make many times in my up and down existence in this economy of the GhettObama Kenyan born poser, who still hasn’t proven he’s even eligible to be in this office.

      We know he’s not, but the ludicrous, partisan mad dog UNION THUG leftists put party and self over their country time and time again s many did when they ran to Canada when the Vietnam war started and these people are now running the country in many places, we know we’re they are because their states are in full societal and fiscal collapse at this very minute 🙁

      Their votes were proven a waste the second Obama moved into Libya. He ‘s now a definitive fraud through and through and the people supporting him at this juncture are sick. Nothing less.

  76. lukuj says:

    This can’t be good news for the First Lady. It means that McD’s food is selling instead of lettuce, seaweed, and raw veggies. She needs to think of a way to undermine this quickly – other than the regular destructive policies of her husband.

  77. The Don says:

    Drudge report describes this as an indication of ‘recovery’! No it’s an indication that people will still drive 5 miles, spend $30 and drive 5 miles back with the food to feed their family than spend $10 on a home made nutritious meal for their children and then everyone wonders why the USA is full of obese people.

    The view from the rest of the world is that the US tourists are fat bloated people with ill manners and arrogance.


    1. Chicagop Nick says:

      What’s funny too and I sent him a scathing email just now on this, McDonalds announced this weeks and weeks ago and he has it blaring on his website right now as a “HEADLINE”….slow day over at the pool today I

      I mean I like the guy, I’m a conservative and what he’s done over the past decade and half, but I’m sick of this one lame 1000 link website driving the news cycle all day every day frankly.

      You know he’s being payed now for these links or he wouldn’t survive since we all know he has no ads on his site to speak of and makes no public appearances or tv radio gigs so where’s his money coming from?

      There’s no ‘stipend’ from the “internet” for mere visits each day. The only way that works is if he was selling ads, so he must be being payed by all the news providers, he MUST BE>

      1. Harold K says:

        Drudge is no fan of Obama and his use of the word “Recovery” in the headline will be taken by many as a poke at the administration. Nobody believes that low-level jobs like flipping-burgers at McDonald’s is a sign of our country bouncing back. We need more manufacturing jobs — jobs that pay a living wage. Unfortunately, for decades our friends in Congress have made it easy for large US-based employers to move well-paying manufacturing jobs overseas (e.g., General Electric) and pay zero taxes to the IRS. Obama has no plan to revive our economy.

  78. Esteban Corderon says:

    What does “…..I worse place on Earth to eat and work” mean? Care to elucidate?

  79. Chicagop Nick says:

    I wonder how many welfare recipients and deadbeats sucking off the government teat aside from the disabled and elderly who can’t work are in line for these jobs?

    I’d bet ZERO. ABSOLUTE ZERO even.

  80. OBAMA = FRAUD says:



    1. Harold says:

      Alex Jones had a guy on his Internet radio show (Info-Wars) yesterday — a former military officer with a very distinguished record of service — who delved into Mr. Obama’s ties in Chicago. He learned a lot about Mr. Obama by interviewing many people who knew him and his family. In fact, he learned so much that he is now leaving the US for fear of having his life taken.

  81. Wheee says:

    Oh hey! Are these part-time, low-paying jobs, too??

  82. wheeee says:

    Oh hey! Are these part-time, low-paying jobs, too?

  83. jimlewis says:

    Since the Government changed the way unemployment is viewed. These 50,000 jobs will fall under manufacturing. This will look like a recovery on paper. And poor pay and lousy food does not make for a recovery.

    1. Harold says:

      Amazing! Assembling a hamburger is considered a manufacturing job in the USA and not a service job. It seems government will do anything to mislead and appease the public. Lies work up to a point. But then people get madder and madder as the obvious lies and half-truths keep coming. Where this will lead is anybody’s guess. I tuned out the mainstream media years ago because they mouth — without question — the deceptive information faxed or e-mailed to them from government agencies.

  84. AnnyMsMn says:

    Well, of COURSE they are hiring. They have a health care wavier. Small businesses will now have to absorb THAT cost…at this rate, all small business owners will be part of the 50.000

  85. Zeppo says:

    Who wrote that story, the Obama administration?

    “Look, Mickey-Ds hiring 50,000, the job crises is over” but read on. Last April, in the depths of the recession, they hired – (surprise) 50,000 people.

    “McDonald’s usually staffs up for summer. A spokeswoman said last year, McDonald’s hired 50,000 employees throughout April.”

    Now what’s left over from last year are those coming to work late.

  86. Pollyanna Jones says:

    Every time I go to Costco I see at minimum a couple of people with garbage bags or shopping carts full of cans they picked up around town. I’m sure this goes on in all towns and cities around the country. To beef up the employment numbers, these people who work off the books need to be included among the unemployed. Larry Kudlow can then see “green shoots” in the increase in the number of employed and tell everyone the recovery is alive and well. Snow shovelling was another job that the government neglected to count. That would have added a few hundred thousand to the job rolls during the winter months. We’re on the move now. Jobs are being created, they’re just not being counted. Personally, I found President Obama’s State of the Union address — in which he mentioned this is our “Sputnik moment”, very inspiring. Especailly how we all need to go back to school and study the right things that will enable us to be productive and innovative in a rapidly changing world. The luckiest among us are the illegal aliens like those who live in my town. They get welfare, food stamps, free cell phone, free medical care and a roof over their heads all courtesy of the US taxpayer. They can even go to college at taxpayer expense. They have nothing to worry about and can even wire their money made under the table back home to their families. If you haven’t figured out that I’m more than a little disappointed in my country and that I’m being sarcastic, I’m not surprised. The sheeple in this country fail to accept the fact that our nation is fast becoming a disaster, especially for the middle class — and recent college grads with thousands of dollars in loans but no jobs in sight. The job situation is getting worse, not better — despite what the media is putting out there.

  87. DUGinFLA says:

    I’m sure someone has mentioned this, but McDonald’s received their little waiver from the Obama Admin so that THEY don’t have to pay for Obamacare. Why not hire 50,000 people? Strangely (and I went to McD’s today), McDonald’s will be the reason why we need more healthcare.

  88. Red Burton says:

    These must be the “shovel ready jobs” Obagumby and Crazy Uncle Joe have been promising us for the last 18 months. Awesome!

  89. Mark Carlton says:

    50,000 low-paying, dead-end jobs? BFD.

  90. Ted says:

    An economic depression – that’s what has changed. You know the economy is is dire straits when 280,000 people apply for 50,000 minimum wage jobs with no benefits. Hope no one gets a grease burn. With no healthcare benefits, no doubt McDonald’s will fire the chap and move on the the next person waiting in line.

    1. Ken says:

      herp-a-derp – you have no idea what you’re talking about.

      1. Bucko says:

        @Ken — please elaborate. One might get the impression you’re having a conversation with yourself. If you can’t elaborate and address a discussion with at least one point of topical substance or at least a little cleverness, then please try talking to the empty room rather than posting detached one-line statements on teh Internets.

  91. titus says:

    Flipping each other’s junk food? Grate recovery.

  92. slim says:

    Obummer will laud this as success, jobs in the service industry puts 50,000 illegals to work nationwide.

    When we see manufacturing jobs come back to the US instead china then we might have something to be happy about.

  93. Working_Poor says:

    Huge corporation$ bring publicity to themselves by opening part-time, low-paying salaries and proclaiming themselves as heroes.

  94. mepatri says:

    Recovery? What a joke. This is indicative of a worsening economy, as more folks realize they need cheap food, or even of people realizing they “need a break today” from all the hassle. Come on, since when is McD’s hiring an indication of anything regarding the economy? It’s not just about jobs. It’s about GDP, housing starts, inflation rate, and yes, jobs, but not jobs in just one industry, especially the cheeseburger industry. Those indicators are DOWN. Also, if those McD’s jobs are being filled by people who used to be executives in business, or academics, or other once upon a time professionals, we’re in big trouble. I’d rather “have it my way” and see the real indicators go up.

  95. edward says:

    Wow, raising the bar!!!!! This is it, the culmination of our educational system… go Obama Go! The destruction and demise of a once great country is going according to your schedule…lol

  96. Working_Poor says:

    Huge corporation$ bring publicity to themselves by opening part-time, low-paying salaries and proclaiming themselves as heroes!

    1. Alex says:

      You haven’t seen anything yet. What until the dollar crashes and banksters come running to the “rescue” with a worldwide currency. They most certainly be the “heroes” then, just as they planned.

  97. robert smith says:

    You Ofumduckers need not get overhead fryed on this one.

    See. The ordinary folks can only afford to eat at McDonalds.

    We don’t have disposal income to eat at the places the Ofumduckers can eat at with your SEIU $100,000 per year jobs paid for for by the likes of me.

    Good Grief. I am fed up with this crowd of Marxists.

  98. Boat52 says:

    We are descending the depths of stupidity if folks think this is news worthy and exciting..

  99. Rob says:

    Together we can ruin 2012 for Obama before he ruins America.

  100. Dustoff says:

    Didn’t Micky D’s get a waiver from O-bummer care. Hmmmmm .
    So that’s what made the jobs take off.


  101. GozieBoy says:

    Don’t you love the way the state-controlled MSM polishes up this turd event as a panacea of recovery: $50,000/yr jobs (!), launch pad for the famous and super wealthy, “really great atmosphere” (smells like burgers, I guess), life time careers, etc.

    These are minimum wage burger flippin’ jobs, for crying out loud. Thank you, drive through!

  102. topcat says:

    This is the ol “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours”. Remember, Obama gave McDonalds a waiver on his Obamacare. In return, McDonalds will boost their hiring so Obama can toute how his jobs program is so successful……….vote Obama in 2012.

  103. DANBURY says:

    Within a month this should lead to landslide home and vehicle purchases. The depression is over! Hallelujah!

  104. Frontierland says:

    Yeah, and they’re all illegal immigrants…

  105. keith wren says:

    50,000 new employees at McDonald’s ?? Looks like Mechelle Obumer has the country going in the right direction with her influence on our health!

  106. Hank Warren says:

    Soaring unemplyment and off-shoring (leaving only McD’s jobs), yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  107. GozieBoy says:

    McD’s hires at least 50,000 a year. And then loses 50,000 a year. It’s called bottom rung, part time and casual labor. These used to be for school kids, but kids today can no longer compete for these much sought after jobs with our large and growing pool of highly educated and experienced executives and PhDs recently made available by the Obama economy.

  108. glen8894 says:

    I thought they were all privately owned franchises, were they forced to hire people they may not need in order to prop up the numbers. The same thing is going on at Lowes. Walmart etc but they just stand around and hours are cut to make room for the new hires.

  109. Drider says:

    Let me try to process this.McDonalds gets a pass on the “LAW” of the land,Obamacare.
    They intend to hire 50,000 new workers that will more than likely be entry level, part time jobs for students to help them pay for their school loans, loans that now tally up into the 1.2 trillion dollar range so that when they are finished with their stint at McDonalds and education.
    Then they can go directly to the unemployment line being the “livable wage” jobs are few and far between AND pay back their school loans using what I can only imagine to be government handouts.
    All of this is taking place as small companies are still struggling to find cash and customers, you know, the small companies that don’t have access to waivers from Obamacare that will more than likely break them or to massive amounts of taxpayer money that the banks,insurance companies and unions suck up.
    I’m sorry, epic fail on the headline of “recovery” on this obvious quid pro quo between McDonalds and our current administration.

  110. Rob says:

    ….Or are the new hires replacing illegals who fled the USA last fall ?

  111. Ruth says:

    Are these the wonderful jobs Obama is promising??? At $3.92 cents a gallon for gas right by me. I will have to work just to get to work and what will be left over for food… the cost is sky-rocketing. Here is the “Hope” this Obama is talking about, All I can say is people better get out and vote so this guy doesn’t get re-elected!!!

  112. Larry says:

    This is no “recovery” as Drudge put it. It is evidence of a bad economy and no jobs. Poor people, such as myself, eat at McDonalds because it’s cheap. When the economy turns bad and there are more poor people, more poor people eat at McDonalds, so they hire more employees. it is the exact opposite of what Drudge claims.Woo Hoo, a Mcjob that doesnn’t pay as much as my unemployment. Like, I am gonna get a job there so they stop giving me unemployment so I can’t pay my bills and then lose my Mcjob. When should I start getting excited?

  113. tnmccoy says:

    A company which sells fatty foods to the lower earners is hiring its usual 50,000 for the summer, and you call that recovery? I call it grasping at straws. Burger flipping isn’t much of a job for too long. There’s a big turnover, so those who are hired probably won’t be there long. Besides, if you get a job like this with McDonald’s and quit from disgust a few weeks or months down the line, you can draw unemployment for even a longer time. Recovery? Hardly.

  114. lcky9 says:

    I hope they ask what political party they belong to before hiring them… after the bad mouthing the Progressives and Democrat food police are giving them and their happy meals.. they should hire only REPUBLICANS and INDEPENDENTS or the children of such.. the Dems want to make this a class war fine.. l

  115. clayusmcret says:

    So McDonalds, a company that is increasingly attacked by the left as one of the great evils of America, is going to pull obama’s incompetent backside out of the french frie grease?! Now THAT’S funny.

  116. rc1964 says:

    great,,, $7.25 an hour against 4 buck a gallon gas and rising food prices…

  117. Tea for 2 says:

    A big thank you to the Republican Party for creating all those minimum wage jobs for the unemployed.

  118. R. Castro says:

    This is DEMS trickle up poverty at its best! So.. the 45% not paying Federal taxes can get their tax credits or welfare checks and go to McDonalds and pig out. These same people are likely over weight, out of shape and in poor health. So…not only do I pay their taxes..I have to pay for their unhealthy life styles.
    Maybe when gas gets to $8.00 a gallon they will have to walk? Of.. forgot.. we will paying for gas vouchers for the poor next….. How’s that Hope and Change?

    1. Joe Lunchpail says:

      I’m sure you didn’t take the mortgage interest deduction – the single biggest middle income piece of welfare in the tax code.

      1. R. Castro says:

        Hey Joe.. Yep…I did take the mortgage deduction and I still payed $80K in taxes.. Did you take a look at Obama’s deductions? He had $50K for in foreign tax credits. How much did you pay in taxes? Yea.. that’s what I thought.

  119. hre says:

    oh yea that is going to fix the unemployment

  120. mandiej says:

    I make 40,000 a year and I can’t afford to finish college.

  121. Joe Lunchpail says:

    It is amazing how many redneck conservative hicks have computers. Aren’t you too busy beating up your wife, telling racist jokes, chugging beer and sticking your head in the sand to jump on the computer? Aren’t there some minorities to harass, intelligent people to point fingers at, someone to blame for your pitiful life?

    Learn to spell Obama, ‘cuz he’s going to be around until 2016.

    1. Rachel says:

      Thank God, someone reasonable is posting here. Obama is not responsible for the economic environment, the Republicans are–hello?. If he loses in 2012, which I desperately hope does not happen, it’ll be interesting to see how the Republicans “fix” things. It can’t happen overnight or even during a four year term, but I truly believe Obama is making some headway. Not an easy task.

      1. R. Castro says:

        Rachel.. you have no clue what it takes to run a company and to create high paying jobs. The DEMS were in control of congress during Bush’s last years.
        Obama can’t run a snow cone stand much less LEAD this country out of the huge mess it’s in. Both parties are to blame. The first thing we have to do is quit spending 1.3T dollars more than we take in. You can tax every rich person 100% and still not balance that deficit. Goverment is not the is the problem and it is getting worse the more they do!

    2. R. Castro says:

      Yea.. so are high taxes, high unemployment, high gas prices and high food prices… Sign me up for 4 more years of dat!!!! WHooo HOOO

  122. Omni says:

    Finally the dream has come true. 50,000 highly paid green jobs. Viva Obama!!

  123. Omni says:

    ****************Finally the dream has come true. 50,000 highly paid green jobs. Viva Obama!!

  124. StraycatStrut says:

    Did you know Obama got his start working at McD’s in Chicago.

    1. Rusty Shackelford says:

      And now he is the biggest crook in America.

  125. Rusty Shackelford says:

    Hey Liberals, you can’t ALL work at Starbuck’s. Get out there and whip me up a McLatte before I go to work. Do something useful besides complaining how life isn’t fair for YOU.

  126. Jennifer says:

    People can say McJob and make fun of McDonald’s but which company stock has risen consistently since this “depression” and is actually hiring more workers to take some of the load off of the government trying to pay unemployment benefits? McDonald’s. Which company is a step aehad of the rest when it comes to innovation and sells more burgers a day than any other restaurant? McDonald;s. Politics and personal opinions aside, McDonald’s is a growing company in good times and in bad. I intend to stick with them, they have made me alot of money!

  127. Jo Denny says:

    Oh wow, I think that is totally awesome!