By Jason DeRusha, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — On this Good Friday, a lot of us are thinking about getting ready for Easter Sunday. Jason DeRusha hits “Reply All” to Easter questions.

Emily Larson in Minneapolis asked:
What does the Bunny have to do with Easter?

The story traces to the 13th Century. Eostra was the goddess of spring and fertility, and they had feasts in her honor on the Vernal Equinox. Her symbol was a rabbit who laid eggs– because of the animal’s high ability to — well — fertility people.

Darlene in Eagan wondered: Why do we hide Easter Eggs?

The first story about a rabbit laying eggs and hiding them in a Garden for easter was published in 1680. By the 1700s, when German immigrants moved to Pennsylvania Dutch country, they brought that tradition here.

Speaking of Eggs: How long is it safe to keep those hard-boiled eggs?

Friend of the Good Question, nutritionist Sue Moores says you can only keep those eggs for one week!

Sue also wants you to remember the two-hour rule. If you have them sitting out, or hiding in the yard, you can only keep them out of the fridge for two hours!!

Tim from Minneapolis emailed to ask: Why do we eat ham on Easter?

Lamb would have made more sense. That’s probably what Jesus ate at the Last Supper. But the ham tradition is more about timing in the days before refrigeration. Pigs would be slaughtered in the winter, then salted, smoked, and they were ready to go in spring. Ham was pretty much the main meat that was available to eat for Easter.

Toby wondered: What’s the history of Peeps?

Peeps really took off in Bethlehem — and not the one you’re thinking. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

A Russian-born immigrant named Sam Born invented Peeps in a little candy shop in New York City. In 1953, he moved to Bethlehem, created a machine that mass-produced Peeps. And Shazam. Peeps took off.

Comments (17)
  1. Anna says:

    You should of said on the TV to only keep them out of the fridge for two hours because now people are going to be eating bad eggs, that they have hid around the yard or house.

  2. Richard says:

    Easter is not about Rabits bunny, eggs etc. It’s about the Lord of Jesus Christ has risen from dead to save us .

    1. Suzie Q says:

      Not really…but OK.

  3. Rusty Shackelford says:

    Bobo1 and Bobo 2. Eat the darn egg, it strengthens thier immune system. Rich, no one is going to whip themselves with rope anymore, this gets the kids involved.

  4. TheBunnyMan says:

    Really? I’ll be honest I get them all confused. We do something for his birthday during the winter solstice too right? I tell you, nothing makes me feel more tied into history then celebrating the same ancient pagan rituals that my ancestors did over 8,000 years ago… I think the new names we give to the holidays really helps keep things fresh since we no longer need to mark those important dates for our planting and harvest. Happy Equinox to all!

    1. lea says:

      You’ll feel much differently when you meet the love of Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit. Ask Him (Luke 11), open your heart to Him, He’s waiting to hear from you, just like the Bible says He is (Revelation 3:20 is just one of those verses). Then your flippant attitude will change to one of extreme gratitude.

  5. gus says:

    It’s only another Hallmark holiday!!!

    1. St Paul says:

      Good one Gus!!! Are you Bruce from Alaska??? Sound like him!!

  6. Ed says:

    People eat ham rather than lamb for the reasons noted. But there is also the factor that sheep are seasonal breeders. At latitides like this it is possible for sheep to give birth as early as January, but the practice always was to breed them so the ewes would be giving birth just as the pastures started to have ample forage. So the traditional lambing season was abouit right now. No “spring” lambs would be ready for slaughter at Easter, only nearly mature ones from the year before..

  7. Jude says:

    I would rather live my life believing and then dieing and finding out there isn’t a God, than live my not believing, dieing and finding out there IS a God.
    Bunnyman.. what pagan rituals are you practicing today that your ancestors did 8000 years ago?

  8. Regular Person says:

    A little tolerance of others by the Jesus people would go a long way. If you are a Jesus person, go to church and leave the regular people alone. If we want to have chocolate rabbits and colored eggs we can. It was a relgious person who started crtizing others in the second comment. Nothing in the article said anything about God, it was about Easter. Most people think of Easter as a family holiday of dinner at Grandmas and having fun with the kids. That was what the article was about, Easter traditions.

    It seems that no matter what the topic or subject the religious people have to make it about them. Stay on topic would be a nice thing. These people (and it appears the same few posting on many article) seem very ridgid in their thinking, if it itsn’t about God it is wrong and if a reader is not a Jesus person they are put down.

    Most “religious” holidays are adapted from local/regional beliefs/customs of the people the “Christians” conquered. They adapted the customs so they could enslave the locals without having to kill too many as a means of forcing them to accept the “Christian” beliefs.

    1. dee says:

      Are you serious? Easter IS about JESUS! Without Easter, there would not be Christian faith. Easter is about Christ rising from the dead. He arose on Easter. That is the true meaning of Easter. The eggs and candy and Easter baskets, while fun for the children, are all pagan traditions. We must teach our children both, the true meaning of Easter and the fun activities are just that, fun.

  9. Jerry says:

    Regular Person and Bunnyman, you are the ones not sticking to the topic, your reactions are rad! Regular Person, your intolerance is the most evident of all. Rich didn’t criticize anybody, just stated his beliefs about Easter, and lea and Jude just responded with their beliefs after Bunnyman dropped his sarcasm in there. There aren’t many people who don’t know the religious origins of Easter, so the response wasn’t that far off the mark. Believing or not is a personal choice, and nobody is denying you that right. Personally, Jude’s safe rather than sorry response might be the way to go!

    I’m so sad these responses always turn into hate and non-tolerance sessions – started out as a fun “Good Question” and you bitter ones take all the fun out of the discussions. I’m not reading them anymore! “Minnesota Nice” indeed!

  10. Garrett Getterz says:

    Why is it when you buy a ham it’s precooked, but turkey isn’t?

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